The Transition of All Transitions


Earlier this year I wrote about how I’d been clairvoyantly Seeing changes within 2D every time I’d do the part in Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield” technique where you visualize going down to the Earth’s core (1D) to connect with it. Every day since January 2012 I’ve been clairvoyantly watching this amazing Ascension related event, and the repeated counter measures from the Negatives, happening in the second dimension. 2D is the extremely dense layer and frequency range that exists between Earths 3D surface and Earths 1D core. The second dimension (2D) is the dimension of the Elements and Elemental beings and intelligences. Underground chemicals, minerals, crystals, radioactive intelligences etc. of the 2D “telluric” realm and the different Elemental beings. Also, many Negative/Team Dark beings have long worked down there to distort and use 2D energies and beings for different negative agendas in that dimension and others as well.

It’s really been educational for me watching this fully physical and multidimensional energetic Sandblasting of Earth unfold over the past nine months of 2012. When I’m able to see other-dimensional beings, happenings and major transitional events such as this one, I much more easily understand many of the other Ascension related things happening across multiple dimensions including those going to soon happen and why.

Starting in January 2012, what I saw every time I tried to connect with the 1D Earth core was a thick, dense crust of dull dark red-black colors or complete blackness blocking it from view from within the second dimension. For the first couple of months this year I couldn’t clairvoyantly see the Earth’s core at all due to this extensive layer of negative distortions and energetic structures the Negatives/Team Dark had built down there by stealing and using the original energies and systems. The Negatives/Team Dark have excelled at stealing God’s cable TV and dismantling parts of it to use for themselves as pirated food, fuel, building materials etc. to continue building more energy stealing systems; trap and use whatever humans including certain Elemental beings; create and maintain their 2D energetic prisons and energy food/fuel factories and so on. Some very dark, negative stuff in other words down in the second dimension thanks to the actions of some Team Dark members! Not all of this negativity has been contained only within in the 4D Astral, and you need to remember that old pre-ascended 3D Earth was sandwiched between Elemental 2D and Astral 4D and Team Dark/the Negatives have used both dimensions to manipulate 3D humanity and control, feed, and maintain themselves for eons. This battle has always been a multidimensional one because humans are multidimensional beings.

However, every few days since January 2012 I’ve been seeing 2D changing in appearance. It’s gone from being totally black or that dark red-black color and density barrier, to increasing amounts of brilliant white and yellow-white Light from the 1D Earth’s core showing through within 2D. Every day when I’d go into the second dimension it looked different, which I found wonderfully amazing to witness in this way. One week it would look like the Light radiating from the 1D Earth’s core was replacing the Negatives dark crust and other structures and barriers down there. Other days and weeks the darkness would fight back, trying to quickly repair the damage done to their dark 2D prisons by the Higher Light and Light Beings and Lightworkers doing this particular energy work in 2012. Other days the Earth’s core would look somewhat like a giant Yin Yang ball with half of it covered in Darkness and the other half of it showing its natural Light. All year I’ve been watching this frantic battle by Team Dark trying repeatedly to push back the waves of Light literally breaking up and removing their old dank crusty barriers and other vile 2D distorted structures. Nothing can withstand the force of Source cleaning up “hell”! Happy, happy times indeed, despite how very physically painful this phase has been and still is for many sensitive people.

Then on September 7, 2012, while doing Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield”, as I entered 2D to pass through it to connect with the 1D Earth’s core I clairvoyantly saw that there was zero darkness down there! I saw only brilliant Light radiating out from the 1D Earth’s core which looked much like the Sun, and now easily illuminated all of 2D in a way that it probably hasn’t been able to for eons. The Negatives and their barriers and other structures and distortions they’d built in 2D long ago were gone! What this tells me, as best as I’m now able to see and perceive, is that all of these longstanding Team Dark second dimension distortions and systems, hell-like prisons and locations of misery containing trapped humans and other beings, elemental beings, hungry demonic beings etc., have finally been excavated to the degree that they and their structures are no longer down there sucking the life-force out of whoever and whatever they can! Do you know what this means? What it indicates? It’s profound and profoundly positive in its implications and is comparable to having transmuted and removed the majority of the multidimensional human Collective “Hells” and “Underworlds”. Just sit with that thought for a moment and really FEEL it. Is it any wonder why the summer of 2012 nearly broke some of us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers? Your next thought should be about what is energetically coming in to replace what’s been removed! More about that in a moment.

One physical side-effect of this latest event is some more earthquakes due to Earth and 1D, 2D, and 3D all needing to energetically readjust to the energetic Sandblasting exorcism of the Negatives and all they’d created and done in those dimensions. These physical Earth realm earthquakes are and will be as disaster-free as they can be, yet some minor damages and loss of life will happen. All is in Divine order however, even the deaths of those people who wish to exit now in this way with 3D Earth and 2D exorcism-like transformations.

I also suspect some volcanic activity may be activated due to this profound Ascension related 2D change, but again, they will happen in as out-of-the-way locations as they can to prevent further destruction and trauma to humans and animals. All things considered, it has been truly amazing to what degree these planetary “Earth Changes” have happened because they were going to be SO very much worse had we not transmuted as much density and duality as we already have.

Another side-effect of this 2D clearing is that the sensitives and ultra-sensitive people have been feeling and/or will be feeling these major 2D energy changes right in their physical and energetic bodies rather severely. Why? Because we 3D humans have all 2D Elements in our physical bodies. We also have had many deliberately kidnapped 2D Elemental beings that Team Dark intentionally trapped in our 3D bodies to use for their own agendas and all of this multidimensional mess needs to be corrected and balanced now too.

The Negatives/Team Dark have used many 2D Elemental beings to affect 3D humanity and humanities physical bodies and consciousness. The 2D Elemental beings have been as ready for their kidnapping from 2D into 3D human bodies to end as much as we humans want these multidimensional atrocities to end. It’s not only been a situation of many dead humans across time being trapped and held in different 2D prison camps created by Team Dark/the Negatives, it’s also happened with some 2D Elemental beings having been kidnapped from their Home dimension and unwillingly trapped and held in many 3D human bodies too. Plus, there’s all of the 2D underground Elements that certain humans have forced to the surface of 3D over the decades to make money, create weapons, to use as fuel sources, through the bomb blasts of wars around the world that rip holes in the surface of Earth exposing all sorts of things to both 2D and 3D, to control reality and so on. Plenty of inter-dimensional readjustments and corrections have suddenly been happening during the summer months of 2012 and will continue to as needed both internally and externally.


Earth’s magnetic field has been and continues diminishing during the Ascension years because its main etheric job has been to hold the energy blueprints or templates for humanity, consciousness, life and reality (duality etc.) on Earth throughout the past Evolutionary Cycle. It held those agreed-upon energetic blueprints, templates, structures, beliefs, focus, frequency etc. for all souls who entered physical incarnations on physical Earth during this past Evolutionary Cycle so there would be a cohesive world reality school for learning specific things such as duality in 3D, existence within linear time, polarized consciousness and increased density for all who incarnated into it during that cycle.

But, as we’ve worked our ways through the compressed Evolutionary Ascension Process at the end of one great Evolutionary Cycle (the 26,000 yearlong cycle plus longer ones), the magnetic field around Earth that held the old blueprints for humanity and life on and in Earth for that time has been rapidly fading away like a dying battery in a flashlight. As Earth’s magnet field lessens in 2012, those old blueprints and templates for 3D Earth reality at that level of development, consciousness, frequency and timeline within that Evolutionary Cycle are literally disintegrating. Why? Because their time and use within that cycle is completing and coming to an end this year.

I’ve been more aware of the effects of this particular transition in 2012 than any previous year and its felt rather strange to me, but oftentimes in a wonderfully freeing, expansive and non-restrictive way. I’ve found myself needing to relish the sort and very rare time of this huge transitional phase where we’re no longer bound by the old blueprints of the ending cycles and haven’t as yet fully taken on or embodied all of the new blueprints either. Other times this unique transition has felt to me like the 3D floor, ceiling, walls and everything else are disintegrating all around me…because they are! To egos having the 3D Earth Play Book suddenly disappear is terrifying, chaotic, and unnerving. To those more expansive and aware people it feels like freedom, removing the dense and violent shackles of duality, and profoundly wonderful evolution…because it is!

My physical body has felt the magnetic field diminishing greatly in 2011, and much more so in 2012. It often causes me to feel very weak physically with weakened muscles, no strength or stamina, severe exhaustion, an increased need to sleep more, rest more, to disengage rather dramatically and let go of, release most everything so this major transition can happen faster and easier within me, my bodies and consciousness. Earth’s magnetic field and us need to go to near zero or flat line to release the old blueprints as that great Evolutionary Cycle completes and be as clear of them and transparent as possible which allows the new higher frequency blueprints to easily and instantly replace them as we transition into the new Evolutionary Cycle.

Do you see how all of these topics/events are connected and all indicating the same thing? Once this Evolutionary Cycle completes (the important completion 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 portals) and we arrive at the first Spring Equinox of 2013, many of us who’ve been leading the Way will be the first to feel the new Evolutionary Cycle with its higher frequency blueprints and templates fully activate throughout the new Earth Grids, Earth’s magnetic field, the Sun, space, our Rewired bodies, brains, nervous systems etc. Not everyone is currently aware of this major transition and change, nor will they be aware of it come 2013, but it will be in place and functioning nonetheless. It will be a case of everyone adapting to the new energies and cycle while simultaneously getting rid of all of the old from that point on. It won’t all transform overnight, but everything will be wired and running the new higher energies, not the old ones, and that will make our spiritual jobs so much easier.


With the accelerating culmination of the past Evolutionary Cycle and completion of the 25-yearlong Ascension Process this year, and the unfolding release of the old magnetic field energy blueprints (and energies running through the old Earth Grid systems etc.), those of us who’ve needed to be Light WARRIORS while embodying Light in a profoundly Dark, quarantined world of duality, are currently making another big transition. Many of us have been shifting from being Light Warriors during this planetary and species Ascension Process, to Light Masters in the coming new Evolutionary Cycle in the ascended Earth world. The reasons for this job change are due basically to the first and second topics above.

Don’t misunderstand me as I’m not saying that all of Team Dark/the Negatives within multiple dimensions are now totally gone. Based on what I’ve been Seeing and perceiving in 2012—and very intensely this summer—Team Dark/the Negatives have been evicted, dislodged, displaced, unearthed, blasted out from under the different multidimensional rocks they’ve been existing/hiding under for eons. And because they’ve never experienced this before, there’s plenty of rage, confusion and chaos throughout multiple dimensions. Finally, this is the Ascension Process now fully and completely manifesting within the physical dimension. It’s taken a while but it’s now fully and completely anchored in this physical dimension and world and many of us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Wayshowers have worked and waited years, decades, lifetimes to reach this powerful point within the Ascension Process and experience this transition firsthand.

This event and transition however has been much like shaking a large hornet’s nest which sends the insects angrily flying out everywhere, panicked, pissed-off and lashing out at everyone and everything. Said another way, the Negatives/Team Dark that have existed all along within the different dimensions (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D) are now angrily, and with great shock and confusion because they believed they’d continue living as they have forever (as parasites/vampires off of humanity and other-dimensional beings), are flying around in this dimension to a degree that even unaware, non-clairvoyant people are and will increasingly see clairvoyantly and be personally affected by. I’ve had more “regular” people tell me this summer about the paranormal phenomena and other-dimensional beings or entities they’re seeing and these people have not had clairvoyant abilities before this. The old barriers between dimensions are currently nonexistent which means more and more “regular” people will be increasingly experiencing and seeing different types of unusual multidimensional phenomena. Do you see why many of us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Indigos are and will be needed to educate these shocked and confused people about what they’re actually seeing, what they’re feeling and having to deal with now and why?


As transiting Saturn leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 5, 2012 (Saturn in Scorpio from Oct. 2012–Sept. 2015), the Saturnine energies will shift dramatically from Libra’s inner/outer balancing and integrating to outing and exposing all the long-hidden (underground, Underworld, 2D & Astral 4D) Darkness and negativity, negative people and their actions, Beings, entities, demons, Dark negative events, actions, plans, lies etc. to mass humanity. The Scorpio/Pluto Underworld and its many negative inhabitants and their actions and plans will begin being exposed very quickly to mass humanity because Team Dark/the Negatives and their actions cannot stay hidden or unconscious in mass humanity any longer.

To people like you and me this will be somewhat fun as the masses wake up to the many multidimensional Dark beings and humans and many of their actions that we’ve known about and been dealing with (getting attacked and/or killed by) for decades, lifetimes even. But for the masses in general, this will probably be a shocking and difficult time of having to consciously know more about reality, about multidimensional reality, and how dark and negative life on Earth has really been. This however is just more of the overall waking up process that’s required for humans ready to evolve a bit more. Many will come to need our knowledge and guidance about these issues, and much more, so be ready when this presents itself to you.

All-in-all plenty of beings, people, blueprints, energies, beliefs and old structures etc. are now exiting/entering very strongly in the physical dimension because it’s time for it. Out with the old and in with the new. But while we move through these potent and reality-changing transitions where the old blueprints evaporate basically overnight and the new higher frequency blueprints replace them, be flexible and willing to change even more within yourself and your spiritual work. Be patient a bit longer as we traverse this important planetary reboot phase. The great and good is coming but first this intense shift must happen so please hang in there. ♥


September 10, 2012

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New Insights

I’ve mentioned that I’ve experienced some of the old lower negative coming back into to my space, my life, my reality (off and on) since April 2010. Now that may sound much worse than it really has been, so please do not go into fear or worry about any of this. I’ve got to be able to talk about the the Dark, Team Dark/the Negatives, the unpleasant side, the negative polarized stuff and not have anyone get scared or “fall” back into the negative muck-zone vibrationally because I’m talking about it. After reading so many of your blessedly wonderful and wise Comments lately about this Dark negative topic, I can clearly see that I don’t have to worry about scaring many of my readers; you’ve been there yourselves and fought for your lives and sanity for years or decades already, so I won’t restrict myself talking about this particular aspect of the Ascension Process.

I suspect some of the changes I’ve personally been experiencing recently have to do with the many astrological sign changes that have happened since June started. More is coming this month too, so I’m getting increasingly excited about these new energy or astrological costume changes. One of these insights I’ve had in June is how much we really are (while in physical form I mean) big Drama Queens and Drama Kings! Honestly, it’s part of being IN physical bodies IN a physical dimension and feeling things so intensely and knowing that we could, at any moment, die in one way or another.

Being non-physical spiritual beings that come into physical bodies existing within a physical dimension reminds me of those great scenes in that movie Meet Joe Black where Brad Pitt plays Death and enters the body of a human so he can have his holiday vacation. Remember those wonderful scenes where Brad Pitt playing Death tastes food (peanut butter) for the first time? And when he falls in love, when he has sex for the first time? Great scenes of a non-physical being experiencing physicality in the flesh for himself for the first time. And of course, how attached Death became so quickly to the flavors and intense sensations that only life within physicality can produce in those specific ways. Once in a physical body in a physical realm, we all become Drama Queens/Kings over something here! We enjoy the polarity, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the love and the fear because we know as non-physical spiritual beings that there are not a lot of other realms or worlds where we can FEEL so directly and intensely as we do on earth in physicality.

In part, I bring this up because *****  ***** told her readers (repeatedly) that bliss and heaven on earth was right around the corner for all of us. She and others told their readers that things didn’t need to unfold in the uncomfortable and harsh ways that they now are on earth; that this transformation and dimensional shift could have been accomplished so much easier and less painfully than it now is. She and any others who’ve said that may have been right but that’s not how this has been unfolding unfortunately. I’ve never ever Seen or perceived that this massive and multidimensional species, planetary, cosmic ascension and dimensional shift process would be a walk in the park. I’ve sensed from childhood that this was going to be just as dramatic as any entrenched 3D human could ever hope to experienced while in a physical body and life on evolving physical earth. It is the E-ticket ride of all E-ticket rides anywhere in the cosmos, and as we’re all experiencing personally, it is not for the faint-hearted, the wishy-washy, the fluffies, the gullible, the deluded, the unaware or weak. This has been and still is brutal, dangerous, difficult, painful, horrible and frightening more times than I’d like to admit but that’s what it takes for us to get ourselves, humanity and earth out of the Dark Ages, extreme global negative, totally controlled nightmare that its been in for many thousands of years. I doubt Lead feels blissful while it is Alchemically transforming itself into Gold but there’s nothing wrong with that. To me it’s just an aspect of the overall Process and it will not last forever, even though it seems like it will from where you and I stand today.

Seriously, how much fun and excitement would there be—not to mention the ability to proclaim proudly like an old war veteran to the multiverse that “I was there!” — if Starbeings or Angelics or whoever just sprinkled fairy dust down on earth from above and made all the Team Dark negative beings and humans disappear? How would that maneuver affect your spiritual Drama Queen/King-ness? Would you feel satisfied, or feel like someone just prevented you from becoming a conscious creator with plenty of hard-earned notched in your cosmic spiritual lesson belt? Would you even want to take part if there wasn’t going to be at least some high drama here n’ there during the Process? Naw…I doubt it honestly! We like to feel and know that we’ve really, really tasted that damned 3D peanut butter and got our monies worth, don’t we? We like feeling and knowing that we’ve really kicked some serious Dark negative multi-D monster ass and helped to get things rolling towards the Light. Hey, it’s who we are and what we do, and many of us would be bored out of our freaking skulls if the Process wasn’t something that caused us to FEEL and KNOW that things are really, really evolving and transforming.

So yeah, there are these patches and phases where we’re getting the full effect of our physical E-ticket ride and we cry and complain that we’re never ever doing this again, anywhere, for anyone goddammit…at least I occasionally do! Then the Dark negative shitstorm eases up again and we relax and feel a bit better…and then it all starts up once more because of those energy stair steps remember? We’ve all got to do this thing in steps and phases otherwise it would destroy our bodies and minds.

I realized during Phase One of the Ascension Process that the First Wave Lightworkers (especially) were attacked by the Dark negative aliens and beings in an attempt to stop us doing what we were at that point. I honestly think the Dark side of the Force, the Dark tee-shirts, Team Dark, the negative non-physical aliens, beings and entities believed they could easily pick us off one-by-one and fairly quickly put a stop to this whole Ascension and “System Busting” Lightwork Process we were doing then — and in many cases they almost did! However, now this ongoing Ascension and breaking free from the negative Dark energies and controlled consciousness they know it’s happening very fast now and they’re making constant and rapid changes within their systems to maintain their hold and control over this world and its inhabitants. They’re going to continue lashing out at us because of who we are and what we’ve been doing and being energetically all along. But now in Phase Two with time speeding up/collapsing in on itself, the Dark negative beings are working faster and more frantically than ever before to not lose everything and everyone they’ve controlled for so long. We need to remember that until this aspect of the ascension Process is completely done, these negative stuck Dark beings will continue to try to take us down…or out completely. No fear though.

Dec. 3, 2004 I briefly and unintentionally left 3D and went to some location within 5D where a small and very happy and excited group of blue beings greeted me. They told me many things while I was in their dimensional layer, and one of those things was and I quote, “…the negative people and non-physical beings will soon begin to devour themselves energetically…” due to us Lightworkers breaking up their strangle-hold on humanity and old 3D earth from within that system, which will naturally cause their food source to disappear. In other words, these wonderful 5D blue humanoid beings were letting me know that we were really close (in Dec. 2004) to energetically vibrating fast enough to be able to see them and many other higher-dimensional, non-physical positive beings (aka reentering Universal Society). But that we were also very close to the negative Dark beings freaking out like never before because of all this and, like a drowning person going down for the last time, they would be lashing out at people carrying Light because we are the enemy.

The moral of the story is—because it was really a story about Duality — it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, but, much better is finally around the corner. Yep, heaven on 5D Earth because we plowed right through the multi-D Team Dark negative stuck Beings and 3D humans. Now aren’t you really feelin’ pretty darned good and proud of all you’ve accomplished personally and collectively while under constant heavy fire from the Dark Side of the Force?  🙂


June 10, 2010

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