To All The Petty Tyrants, Egos, Bullies & Monsters I’ve Known


Like the painful irritating grain of sand that causes a beautiful pearl to eventually develop…

Like those sad people who attack, blame, shame, bully, project their own fears, wounds, hates, crushed imaginations and spirits and ugly shit on to you…

Like the white-hot fires and repeated hammering that form and shape the metal into a carefully crafted and perfectly balanced sword…

Like the alchemical fires that repeatedly burn away all lower dross Lead within, forcing it to fully transmute all into higher alchemical Gold…

Like repeated terrible storms that tear down everything that needs to be destroyed so that higher and better things can replace them…

I thank each and every one of you who’ve assisted me in becoming the pearl, the perfectly balanced sword, the Alchemical Gold, the New, the higher Being that I was supposed to become in this life and within this time-line. I thank each of you for repeatedly hammering away tirelessly, relentlessly, on my ego self until it broke, again and again and again. Without you playing your roles to utter perfection at exactly the times each of you have, I wouldn’t have been able to so quickly be ripped apart by your sharp teeth and dark,  unaware tongues  so I’d complete my many layered transformations,  my repeated resolving of polarities within me and my environment, and  my birth out from the flames as a newly transformed and higher vibrating being.

You horribly wounded, damaged,  fearful monsters and bullies, you selfish, unresolved, polarized, projecting egoic little shits of the lower world, without you and your perfectly timed and repeated cruel words and actions I couldn’t have so quickly done all that I have. And so,  I want to honestly thank each and every one of the petty tyrants, monster egos, intellectuals, bullies, and dark monsters physical and otherwise for doing your jobs so perfectly for me and for all the rest of us. I sincerely thank each of you.

Denise Le Fay — aka  “Lapis”

May 28, 2009

Behind Door #3 We Have…

At one level it looks as if the world is going mad and falling apart…which it is. But as you probably know by now this is a necessary PROCESS for the old lower energies and consciousness on this planet and for those  nonphysical Puppet Master entities and beings who’ve been involved in maintaining global control and a constant lower frequency consciousness here for so long. This, right now, is the process of all that and more ending and falling finally because enough of us have energetically ascended beyond it. A wide open energy path or door has been created by the Lightworkers for any and all other humans who desire a higher, self-empowered way of being and living. It didn’t exist here before, but it does now.

But I don’t want to talk about this, I want to talk about what is and will continue to naturally be revealed that’s behind/above/around this centuries old dumbing-down of humanity. THAT is the real news, THAT is where the real higher focus and excitement should be tuned into now; not on what’s grabbing, dying, and falling away, but on what’s being created and birthed because of it. Let’s focus on that shall we?

What’s behind the dumbing-down of humanity, the total control and manipulation of global humanity, is the ascension or mega evolutionary shifting of humanity, earth, and much more. As the chaos, falling, the breaking-down of all the old lower frequency patriarchal global systems and consciousness continues, replacing it will be increasing Heart Consciousness, increasing higher Light energies being housed WITHIN individuals, individual NON-polarized unified brains, and such an increase in Light, awareness and consciousness as to nearly be unimaginable today. But I see it; I’ve always seen it, felt it, and knew it was coming and many of you reading this have too in your own unique ways.  It’s why we’re here now to make the transitional jump to light speed!

Despite all the insanity, all the negativity, all the falling, all the frantic last-minute “negative” attacking and distracting tactics being hurled at us via lower vibrating humans who are still controlled and used by so-called negative beings/entities to stop or slow us down; despite all that and more, what’s happening is the birthing of higher frequency humans and earth! And the new higher consciousness/energy/frequency human is an amazing light-filled creature who is and will naturally create an equally amazing higher frequency light-filled world and reality. You see…the two things simply go together and you can’t have one without the other. It will naturally be a world and reality devoid of what we’ve known so intimately within the old lower frequency, polarized, fear-based, and totally controlled earth and consciousness. Until you begin to remember, to see, to sense and know what you really are, minus all these lower old reality distortions and restrictions, it is hard to imagine or believe. But it’s happening now nonetheless.

So I ask each of you reading this to remember to focus on what’s behind Door #3 and just ignore Door #1 and Door #2. What’s really important is Door #3…the Door humanity has totally forgotten about for so long. But it’s Door #3 that’s the real deal now, not the other old lower frequency and consciousness Doors. Just walk away from them, let them do what they must for the people who still need heavy-duty intense high drama to pressure them to awaken and choose a higher frequency way. Just focus on Door #3 because that’s what’s birthing now to replace all that’s falling away and thrashing wildly in fear of change or seeming death. You see, some of the so-called negative ones (nonphysical beings and physical humans) have amnesia too, and have forgotten they’re playing specific roles for everyone involved.

Just remember who you are, remember what time it is, and remember all that you’ve lived and suffered through via your personal ascension process. Now remember the WHY OF IT, and remember that it’s those of us who’ve been at this for longer than the masses who are the ones that need to keep our Heart Consciousness on the Grand Prize; the new higher earth reality we’re creating now. Just remember why you’re here now and how hard we’ve each worked to manifest Door #3 as an exit point for those who are ready to move on.


October 13, 2008

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After all the waiting and waiting and more waiting of Fall and Winter, the emergency brake has finally been released and we’ve got forward motion again. Boy it was a long difficult period and I didn’t always cope real well with being put on Cosmic Hold for so long. I understand the whys of it but it was, nonetheless, a difficult period. But now that we’ve got forward motion finally, and within the new higher cycle, I’m seeing some things in a new light so to speak!

One of the things I’ve personally been having to deal with and totally release now is my lifelong habit of functioning within stealth mode. Now to the people born after 1987 reading this, this may make no sense at first so hang in here with me please. By stealth mode I mean my being born 56 years ago into what was a totally Dark controlled planet. To survive that and not be constantly perceived by those vibrating lower and darker (which was the majority), I learned very early on the fine art of not being seen or sensed by them. I learned how to exist as a Lightworker/Starseed living within in a dark controlled world, decades before the higher Light was going to arrive in full force. I did this by flying under the radar, by existing within stealth mode, doing what I was here to do until it was time to seriously do what I was here to do! That time arrived for me in Feb. 1999 and I’ve already talked about it.

But with this recent forward motion that Spring and other energies have brought in, I’m seeing how long and to what an extent I’ve lived in my stealth mode and all of the side effects its caused. More casting off is required of me now so that I can fully “retire” as I’m so ready to do. It’s funny really because it feels like I’m coming out from some dusky confining dark hole in the ground, out into the full light of day. I’m free again and there’s nothing to fear and constantly override anymore. Nothing and no one to have to be in stealth mode for. I can finally let my wings open up and have a good long stretch in the higher dimensional solar/stellar light. Shake yourself off you cramped, exhausted, ol’ Lightworker because we’re there finally.

I’m making a point each day now to be aware of NOT being in any form of my old lower world stealth mode stance. It’s not necessary any longer but because I’ve done it for so long, I’ve made it and some of those side effects a part of my identity. I didn’t realize to what extent trying to exist but create the smallest invisible footprint possible at the same time, would effect other parts of me. But they can gently and lovingly be released now as I increasingly return to what’s far more normal. It’s time for me to unfurl in all ways and create as large a energetic footprint in everything as I’m naturally capable of.

This post is for not only myself but also for a couple other special old souls I love very much who, like me, have spent many decades trying to be small and almost invisible when they’re really huge magnificent beings. You know who you are.

Do you know how great this is going to feel finally?


March 27, 2008

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Southern California Purgings

As some of you know I live in southern California and have for most of my life. I’m fine, Mom is fine, cat is fine, house is fine but it sure been very difficult being an ultra-sensitive during such intense energy purgings and clearings. We live in an area that was, for the most part, untouched by these wildfires burning throughout much of SoCal all the way down to Mexico. These Santa Ana winds—aka “Devil Winds”—are common during this time of year. What’s not common is how severe, vast and powerful the wind gusts and fire damages are this time. Here’s some latest stats to put this purging transformation in perspective.

  • 16 different fires in 7 different county’s
  • 1,500 + homes burned
  • half a million people evacuated – largest ever in CA
  • home damages only are over 1 billion dollars so far
  • winds gusts to 100+ mph
  • humidity was between 3% to 9% these past few days

When the first fire started Sunday morning I intuitively knew that much of So Cal was going to burn. It was a horrible knowing and was hard for me to connect with really. But I’ve lived here, right in the middle of all the old lower world craziness that is southern California, in a little patch of higher vibrating energy. It’s all around me but I’m not in it. I knew this prior to these wild fires but they’ve really proven it to me with all this.

A house only 2 blocks away burned to the ground in minutes yesterday. Not because of these other fires but because of something burning inside the house. Point is that the 40, 50, 60 mph Santa Ana winds stopped blowing right then; that one house burned down spewing black smoke straight upward, and after it had burned itself out, the winds returned! The houses here are packed in super close to each other so if the winds had been blowing then numerous other homes would have caught fire also.

Here we are, riding out the different storms, craziness burning all around us from the coast to the mountains to the Mexican border, but we’re fine other than every thing’s covered in dirt, dust, sand and ash! Think about the primary ways that the old lower dense or “negative” energies have been getting blasted. By water and fire. Flooding and Burning. Water and Fire purify and cleanse locations and situations faster than anything and so this is what we’ve been seeing and will continue to see…until it’s not needed anymore.

On the one hand the physical areas on the planet (like SoCal) that absolutely must transmute all lower old world energies will Burn and/or Flood in a literal purging. Look at what and where is burning here now. Numerous homes and lands from the coast to the canyons to the mountains. I love the mountains and the coast but I haven’t been to any in 18 years because they’re so energetically polluted by greed, stupidity, Partying and such. It’s too dense and uncomfortable for me so I stay away.

To cleanse land areas of all these types of lower vibrating energies produced by humans, (and also open some people’s Hearts) it burns and/or floods. (Katrina also purged a lot of very old lower energies in that whole area.) Think of this like having an Exorcism performed by Nature to purge Earth of the lower vibrating human energies. Out with the old lower crap energies from a self absorbed disconnected humanity so the new higher has a clean place to start from soon.

On that other hand we have what’s coming in Jan. 2008 with Pluto moving into Capricorn. I think that will bring numerous Exorcisms of a different type. They will have to do with purging out the old lower world man-made structures that control this planet. All of them. So it’s a two-fold process that’s going on now.

1) The ongoing physical purging of different locations around the planet usually via Water and/or Fire.

2) The soon to begin (Jan. ’08 Pluto in Capricorn transit) “falling” or purging of all the man-made structures and systems across the planet. Structures and systems like governments, corporations, military, medical, drug companies etc etc etc.

If it’s Dark lower anything, it’s going to be Exorcised in one way or another (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) because that time is ending now. Stand clear and stay in your High Heart which is hard to do when so much fear and suffering is all around you. Let The Process purge and transmute all that it absolutely must.


October 24, 2007

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