2009 TO DO List

  2009 TO DO List  th_todolisticon

  • Continue with the ongoing Ascension process or the constant energy shifts and re-adapting, re-adjusting
  • Keep “Letting Go Of” whatever is required  both internally and externally
  • Stay in the Cosmic Groove and out-of-the-way of the serious compressed “falling” old lower world
  • Get real familiar with being a “Conscious Co-Creator”
  • Keep creating the new higher world from your High Heart
  • Ignore the crazy stuff and people as best you can
  • Be aware and honest about what you really want and don’t want now
  • Forget about the crazy stuff and people as best you can
  • Turn your back on the old lower everything
  • “Let Go Of” more of who you thought you have been
  • Allow yourself to be more of YOU by “Letting Go Of” more and more
  • Don’t worry, don’t look back, keep moving forward in your Heart
  • Watch how much humanity’s Heart Consciousness grows just during 2009
  • Forget about the old lower illusion of needing money
  • Imagine and dream so very much higher
  • Do yourself the favor of staying out of your own way
  • Do not carry the old lower past ways into the new higher, as they don’t fit or work
  • Ascend up those energetic stair steps more and more
  • Transmute and release even more because there’s usually many layers and levels
  • Ignore the crazy stuff and people as best you can
  • Do not forget that the important time is now and not 2012. This is a process, a transition between today and then and it would be wise to use all the available transformational energies present now!


January 23, 2009

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