Age of Light, Age of Aquarius:The Evolution/Revolution of Consciousness

As a Forerunner/Starseed/ Lightworker I intentionally reincarnated on this planet nearly sixty years ago to help release humanity from the negative Dark that’s deliberately held it hostage in ignorance and violence and controlled and manipulated it for thousands of years. Because of my age I was a teenager during the volatile Uranian 1960’s, and like some of you reading this, we were the first Aquarian Age Light Group that openly rebelled against “the establishment”—aka the global patriarchy. We were the hippies, the peace n’ love rebels, the “system busters”, the ones who expected real freedom, real peace, love, non-violence, generosity and open sharing with all others. (Sounds a lot like today’s fifth dimensional “Unity Consciousness” doesn’t it? Stair-steps remember?) We young Starseeds, young Lightworkers, young ‘system busters’ were the first Group of Light Infantry on 3D Earth back then. Sadly, not all of us were able to embody and survive the high frequency Uranian Light energies way back then and many were fried by them, others accidentally died from carelessly surfing too close to the dimensional borders, and many others eventually dropped back down vibrationally and rejoined the  patriarchal establishment they’d tried to rebel against. Some of us have stayed on-track however and were able to embody the higher Light energies and never give in to the Dark Ones and their global patriarchal controllers.

Over fifty years later, many of us are still at Work doing what we’ve always done (as First Wavers) except now we’re the elder established Light Group on Earth. We “hacked” the entire third dimension and Earth world. And as the cosmic and astrological wheels turn, other Light Groups are created out of the increasing numbers of Individuals who’ve been triggered by the increasing Light on Earth and the expanding, evolving/ascending consciousness it causes. The few are rapidly becoming the many, and in typical Aquarian/Uranian fashion, the individual (Leo the Lion) people capable of embodying the higher frequency Light energies and High-Heart Unity Consciousness are increasingly rebelling against the Dark controllers and all of their negative systems and tactics. As the Aquarian Age Light Groups and Consciousness grow, they expand around the world like a NEW stellar Sun rising and we are literally changing reality. We are altering reality because this is what we do, this is what we’ve always done.

As I said, the First Wave now elder Light Individuals and Groups hacked Earth and the third dimension decades ago. When the physical Ascension Process began with the start of 1999, we hacked so much more by living the Alchemical Ascension Process in our physical bodies, brains, hearts and beings. Now there are other Light Groups doing what they’re gifted at doing now on different stair-steps. It isn’t what some of us need to be doing now, but what they’re doing is incredibly important and greatly needed by the masses around the world. The global masses need to know, need to see, need to be awakened to the severity and magnitude that the Dark controllers/patriarchy have had on humanity and all life on Earth and Earth itself. Stair steps of Lightwork so ALL benefit no matter which stair step/level/phase they’re currently standing on today within the unfolding planetary Ascension Process. Watch and feel 5D High-Heart Unity Consciousness starting to manifest and reach more of the global masses. Gratitude and respect goes to all who embody Light/Information on the many stair steps for All.

Denise Le Fay

July 19, 2011