Little Buddha

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With all that’s currently happening worldwide financially, and with what all it is and probably will produce, there’s going to be a lot of fear, anger, hate, increased crime, suicides, murders, and major panic and freaking-out happening across the USA and the rest of the planet as well. If you’re a sensitive, an empathic, an ultra-sensitive psychic person who naturally feels and senses what humanity radiates, and what happens to earth, then this is the time for you and I and all of us to energetically hold our higher own like never before. Do not let yourself get sucked down energetically by the “falling” of modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember why you and I are here on earth again now? There you go, right back into the higher Zone again.

One of my favorite movies is Little Buddha — 1993, Bernardo Bertolucci, Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha Buddha — and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do. There’s one powerful and deeply symbolic scene in it that is exactly what I believe you and I and so many of us are living and individually learning in these lives of evolutionary ascension. As you watch these scenes from Little Buddha, especially the scenes where Siddhartha is going through his personal inner battles and negative onslaughts, pay attention to when he’s able to turn thousands of flaming arrows raining down on him into beautiful flower petals. This is no different from what many of us are going to be learning how to do with the increasing “falling” that’s flashing across the planet now and will continue to over the next couple of years I suspect. Hold…hold…hold and turn those thousands of flaming arrows raining down into beautiful flower petals. It’s a Process for the old lower falling patriarchal global systems, humanity and all of us individually. Remember why you and I are here on earth again now? There you go again, right back into the higher Zone.

Denise Le Fay

October 11, 2008

It’s About Humanity, Not The ETs

I’ve read so many people talking about how they believe, how they expect certain ETs will be coming down vibrationally to 3D Earth soon for a variety of reasons, both good and not so good. I know however that this is about humanity energetically evolving via the Ascension Process, not about ETs energetically moving downward. We’re not going to be “saved” or “rescued” by any higher ETs/Starbeings no matter what fabulous promises many channeled messages claim. That’s just more of the same old dis-empowerment distortions and lies via Team Dark, plus many people not wanting to take any responsibility for themselves. I understand the whys of this, but this is a time for humanity to take back its power and create on its own. In other words, its spiritual grow-up time for humanity.

I’ve had etheric, telepathic and a few physical encounters with some higher dimensional ETs/Starbeings and Lightbeings and they’ve always said the same thing; this is the time, the evolutionary point within the many massive cycles where humanity transitions into being more of themselves. [ For more information see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution ]

The Ascension Process & ‘First Contact’

This is the time when humanity ascends/evolves into a higher vibrating consciousness and matching reality. Humanity has numerous positive ETs/Starbeings/Lightbeings waiting in the higher frequency wings, but they’re waiting for humans to climb the energy ladder back up into more of Home, into more connection, more HighHeart, into more of themselves energetically at a higher level, not to come down energetically to “save” or “rescue” humanity. They’re waiting and watching us and have been for a very long time. Realize also that the majority of Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Path Pavers are Starseeds (seeded from the Stars and systems of the Milky Way Galaxy and other Galaxies also) themselves so there’s plenty of ETs on Earth right now!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen some new-to-me type energy things. I know what I’m seeing is about me and my continuing refining and aligning with higher frequency Light Energies within a higher and NEW level. This is about me moving forward energetically and vibrationally and starting to see and feel some of the many multidimensional Beings, ETs, Starbeings etc. through new 5D eyes and Ascending HighHeart Consciousness. These beings haven’t stepped their energetics down, I’ve vibrated up energetically via the ongoing Ascension Process and that’s why I’m increasingly able to perceive more of Them now. Let me add that this is very different from what I’ve experienced for most of my life prior to the start of my physical Ascension Process (1999) however. Again, this is about humans evolving/ascending and not about higher dimensional beings coming down to the old lower Earth world to “save” and/or “rescue” anyone.

They’re waiting for you, me, all of humanity to energetically arrive back into more higher frequency and higher consciouness “Home” and that Home is within us first and outside of us secondly.


September 19, 2008

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5D & Dreaming

I’ve been realizing that because of all the ongoing inner ascension work we’ve been doing/living/surviving/transmuting, our need to dream is changing. Dreaming in the past, prior to the entry into the Photon band of higher Light, prior to the start of the Ascension Process, we dreamed to deal with our issues, to work on inner things via our night lives. We dreamed as a way to very quickly deal with our fears, hates, frustrations and old unresolved issues; in other words, anything and everything that we needed to deal with and repair. And what was so wonderful about our night lives was that in a dream, or a series of dreams over a few months or years, was how we resolved big inner issues in record time. If we’d tried to work on and resolve those inner issues in waking physical reality, it could have taken many lifetimes.

Another aspect of our past night lives was our trips into the 4D, fourth dimensional Astral plane. Those dreams and intentional sleeping, out-of-body journey’s into the dark lower Astral levels where monsters, devils, demons and negative archetypes reside, among other things. That was often like playing on the freeway; sometimes we’d get hit and hit hard by some very negative astral drivers! Or we’d have nightmares and dream level attacks, chase dreams, fleeing dreams, searching dreams, trying to get somewhere dreams and on and on. Our night lives have been in many cases more busy, varied and impactful than our awake physical lives.

Now with so much Inner Ascension work having been done by many, and much 4D astral plane/planetary Collective transmuting done by Lightworkers/Starseeds and others, even the astral realm is clearing a bit. If we transmute our own Inner stuff, and also help with larger planetary Collective cleanups and trans-mutational Work, then our need for dreaming will naturally and automatically change. What’s existed between 3D and 5D? The 4D Astral plane.

I’m certainly not saying that 5D Beings don’t dream. I’m sensing now that because we’ve changed and are continuing to change, because we’ve moved beyond the old lower polarized physical consciousness and world that our need to dream as a source of Inner problem solving and energy resolution etc. is or will soon be unnecessary. Now isn’t that saying something about how much humanity is and will be changing!

During the first and hardest phases of my Ascension Process my dreaming simply stopped as did my ability to connect and communicate with my higher dimensional ET friends and family. It was hard to accept at first but I was so profoundly ill and exhausted that just making it through each day and each night, and in many cases each hour, took all my energy and focus. There was no extra energy for dreaming, besides, I was living it all in my physical body instead of getting out of my body at night and doing that Inner Work that way. That’s what Ascension is — living it while in your physical body. Because of all this Inner Ascension Work we’ve been doing, we don’t require nearly as much time, energy and effort spent in our sleep night lives and dreams in the old ways we used to. This and everything else continues to evolve into something very new, different and much higher in frequency.


September 11, 2008

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Channeled Information & Discernment

At this point we’ve most likely all read something that was “channeled” by someone. There seems to be so very many people around the planet now who channel either an entity, an angel, higher dimensional being, Starbeing, ascended Masters, Jesus etc. I find it interesting however that not so many people “channel” their own Higher Self’s profound knowledge.

There are a small handful of people who channel higher dimensional beings or more accurately, a group of beings, that I totally trust for the simple reason that I can discern if the material is distorted or not. My personal experiences, plus my Heart and gut tell me if there’s higher level truth in that material and if there are any distortions in it. You know what I’m talking about; that immediate sense that YES…that IS correct information, accurate and real higher “Light”! And also the opposite sense when your gut and Heart are repulsed and feel ugly and dirty immediately listening to or reading some channeled materials. Parts of your body and being know immediately that something is very wrong with that particular channeled information and it’s doing everything to let YOU know it as fast as possible. Pay attention to this built-in tool in yourself that’s not in your head/mind/intellect.

Because I’ve been a psychic/sensitive/empathic/clairvoyant/clairsentient since early childhood, I’m pretty familiar with deeper level sensing and perceptions anyway. Because of my natural psychic abilities and experiences with both polarities, I knew early on that I personally  would never allow another higher frequency being or entity to “channel” through me. Here’s why and it’s also an important clue about many people (certainly not all, but many) who do channel material but with distortions in it.

I know how difficult it has been (prior to the start of my ascension process in 1999 I mean) to remain vibrationally high enough, long enough, to hold open that higher level awareness and connection to faster vibrating higher nonphysical beings, and then to consciously remember all that you’ve received and/or perceived from those beings at that level. As soon as your consciousness slows back down again to what’s currently considered “normal”, you start to loose or forget certain information that minutes ago was utterly amazing and life changing. It’s one thing getting oneself up vibrationally to reach some higher dimensional beings and information; it’s another thing to remember it all after your decent back down to every day awareness and a lower, slower frequency and dimension. (Our ongoing ascension process is greatly changing this however.)

I also know that great amounts of information is being given to certain people (via “channeling”) who do not have highly developed spiritual/psychic/intuitive abilities and perceptive tools themselves and therefore cannot even discern the very materials they themselves are channeling. They believe wholeheartedly that the information they’ve received is indeed “Light” from a high and positive source and that there are NO distortions in their channeling’s. In other words, many of these people who channel information supposedly from very loving, higher frequency positive beings of “Light” and “Love”, are not actually doing that at all. They believe, with complete honesty, that the materials they are channeling are indeed higher level information and undistorted truths. In my opinion, as someone who can tell the difference energetically, I know that much of these people’s channeling’s are greatly distorted and coming from a lower energy level than they’d ever believe.

With everything that’s been going on with humanity over just the past 10 years—3D earth reality, 4D astral plane bleed through or rather  invasions and outright possessions, ongoing energetic and consciousness changes plus the ongoing ascension process – lies, manipulations, cons, huge distortions and clever traps from every corner of physical 3D, 4D astral and even some negative beings within lower 5D, have been profound. They will continue to be profound too until there’s no more humanity to be able to lie to and manipulate.

We often see this tactic of inserting some real truths into a whole bunch of distortions and flat-out lies to distort and confuse the people listening, reading, and/or viewing the material. Today it’s called “disinformation”. Be it political,  be it channeled material, it’s an old trick to ensnare people and keep them dis-empowered  and fooled. Sadly it works more times than not. So what’s the solution? Personal, individual discernment! We’ve got to learn how to feel, discern, and perceive on our own again. To safely walk the maze of distortions and lies all around us, we must learn to use and trust our own inner ability to  discern. Learn to use and trust our own inner gut/Heart/bodies to discern and read energies. Doing this is more of a body process than an intellectual one, which is why most people have trouble with it. They’ve been taught to distrust their other finer, higher perceptive tools and abilities and rely only upon their intellects. Guess why?  Reading energies and discernment happens using other tools of perception—like it or not.

The next time you’re reading or listening to or watching someone channel some information, try discerning what they’re claiming is fact and absolute truth. Try reading those energies the channeler and their information is giving off and pay attention to how your gut, Heart and physical body react to it. Pay attention to those other portions of yourself that are trying to communicate information to you that are NOT IN YOUR HEAD! There are so many, both physical humans and nonphysical entities, who are doing their best to keep humanity stupid and dis-empowered. Many of them are doing this through certain people who channel and are unaware that the messages they are sharing, selling and preaching are really from the so-called “enemy”.

I won’t name names and I certainly am not aware of the majority of people who channel both honest undistorted material and those who channel lies and huge distortions mixed in with a couple real truths here and there. What I am willing to do is share some of the people who both channel and don’t channel and who I perceive do NOT currently have any distortions in their information. But of course, it’s up to you to learn to DISCERN on your own.

  • Barbara Marciniak who channels a group of Pleiadians
  • Tom Kenyon who channels The Hathors
  • Barbara Hand Clow (does not channel)
  • Lisa Renee (does not channel)

I’m sure there are many more but I’ve not personally discovered them. If I’m supposed to, I’ll be led to them by my own Higher Self as usual. Learn to discern because it’s rapidly becoming a much-needed personal tool of survival during all these evolutionary ascension changes and TRANSITIONS that humanity is going through.

Don’t you honestly want to be able to tell if those ETs and that UFO up in the sky are real or not? Don’t you honestly and personally want to be able to tell if channeled information is indeed true and undistorted or distorted or just not true? Don’t you want to be able to discern or read energies for yourself and no longer have to guess whether someone or something is telling you the truth or not?

Denise Le Fay

August 9, 2008

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The ‘American Dream’ Morphing Into A Nightmare

Well the so-called ‘American Dream’ has been revealed enough finally to see that it’s actually more of a nightmare. The lower falling is well underway across the country and you can easily see and hear the ‘American Dream’ crashing right and left from coast-to-coast, border-to-border. The sheeple people in the USA, and hopefully everywhere else too, are being rudely awakened from their deep, trance-like unawareness about the American Dream and asking, “Where’s my house? Where’s my job? Where’s my money? Where’s my savings? Where’s my security? Where’s my freedom?” Where has that long-promised, wonderful home owning, decent wage earning American Dream’ gone to anyway?

The numbers of people who’s American Dream was to own their own home is, has and will continue to rapidly become a nightmare I’m afraid. In the ongoing failings and falling apart of the old patriarchal world and its lies about the current ‘American Dream’, many more people will be forced to give up their homes and create an entirely different way for themselves.

I read something yesterday saying that the current governor of California is trying to get the minimum wage for state workers reduced to $6.55 an hour. That and so much more of course. Maybe someone needs to tell his royal Hollywoodness that gasoline in California is still around $4.40 a gallon. Not that his multimillionaire heartless lizard-self cares.

Oh well, stand back and let the falling of all that vibrates so much lower continue as needed. Just don’t forget that there’s a higher way, a higher plan being manifest now well above these old lower falling patriarchal layers, leaders and global systems.

Denise Le Fay

July 24, 2008

Dream About Ancient Gods & Goddesses Awakening

I had an important Ascension-related dream in 1985 that spoke symbolic volumes about what was coming for myself and many others. Of course I didn’t know all that at the time however. Here’s my dream:

embossed diamonds

This dream was set in current time (which was then 1998) and I was with a small group of other people I didn’t know. We’d all headed for the Great Pyramid in Egypt because something was going to happen soon. Those of us who’d made it there were supposed to be there for this mysterious event. We didn’t know what it was or what was going to happen, only that we had to be there when it did!

So there we were, this small group of strangers from around the planet, standing barefoot in the warm sand near the Great Pyramid in current day Egypt wondering what exactly was up. We checked each other out and sensed that something very special and positive was going to happen soon. After waiting there for a while, some local Egyptian males dressed in traditional white Galabeyas came popping out from around the corner of the massive Pyramid stones. (I’ve never been to Egypt physically in this life.) They were slowly and laboriously pushing, rolling out multiple huge metal scaffolds into an open area for us to easily view.

We silently watched the Egyptian men push these six or seven huge metal scaffolds out in front of us and a few yards from the Great Pyramid. On top of each one of these scaffolds were two, three, or four large statues of ancient Gods and Goddesses (not only ancient Egyptian ones) laying on their sides. The Egyptian men worked fast maneuvering the scaffolds into place and quickly left the area again, leaving us bewildered foreigners staring up at the numerous massive ancient statues.

We glanced questioningly at each other, then back up at the massive ancient statues of Gods and Goddesses when suddenly the sky overhead started to change. Clouds suddenly blew in and thunderclaps shook the ground around us. The tension was building and we all wondered what in the world was going to happen at the base of the Great Pyramid. What high drama! Suddenly I knew it was the last day of 1999 and this was the activation of something very big and incredibly important for everyone everywhere.

In the next second the massive statues on top of the scaffolds began to wake up and slowly come to life! Those of us on the ground below them watching this strangeness unfold became very excited and happy and we all started applauding. Slowly and carefully these sacred ancients became animated, and as they did, the outer statue crust material around them all fell off, turning to dust on the Egyptian sand below. We small humans watched the giant statues come to life through this amazing Process, with great excitement and fascination. Eventually these ancient Gods and Goddesses fully woke and came down from the tall metal scaffolds each one had been on.

It was at that moment that those of us who had been watching this event suddenly realized that we were the ancient Gods and Goddesses who’d awakened and were the only ones actually standing there!

End of dream.

embossed diamonds

Another very potent, and at the time difficult personal experience that started around 1995 for me was, some of my dearly beloved Star Family from Orion, Sirius, and the Pleiades leaving me! I’d never mentioned this before because I didn’t want to worry or frighten anyone who was still having an ongoing, long-term, love affair co-worker partnership with some of their own higher dimensional Stellar Family and Friends.

What I mean is that these three much-loved Starbeing kinsfolk who’d been telepathically, energetically and clairvoyantly connected to me in this life and timeline from the age of three that I’ve consciously remembered – and also in a “past” life in 12,600 b.c. Egypt that directly connected to this current life – were in the process of slowly retreating from me at the start of my physical, biological Ascension Process.

These three and a few others have always been nearby energetically so I could call on them for further insights, guidance or suggestions whenever I needed. This was normal to me all of my life, but, as the start of my physical biological Ascension Process neared (it activated fully on the physical level February 1, 1999), these beloved Starbeing Family I’d known for so very long began to retreat.

After paying attention to this retreating for about six months I finally telepathically called on them to explain why they were slowly backing away from me energetically. As always they were instantly there and telepathed their response saying that the time had arrived where they had to leave me on my own to live through this very important Process that was coming in about two years. At that time around 1996, and later in February 1999 and for a few years after that, I didn’t consciously know about the coming Ascension Process.

They told me that nothing would ever cause them to intervene in any way with my going through this coming Process. They said I had to go through it on my own and without any support or guidance. It would ruin everything if they did and they would never interfere with a soul’s growth or mission, such as the one I was preparing to begin.

And so my three primary Starbeing Family and support team retreated energetically until I could no longer feel or clarivoyantly See them. By the time my Ascension Process began in February 1999, they were long gone. I love them even more however for leaving me to go through all that I did—and still am all these difficult years later—without them nearby to call on for help or guidance.

At critical points in our spiritual growth and soul work such as the current Ascension Process, we are left on our own for the purpose of triggering us to become more ourselves. I now have more of myself and Higher Self as my “guides” and “teachers” that I access when I desire more information/Light about something. Gods and Goddesses waking up and walking the new higher frequency ascended Earth as new higher Beings of Light — and they are you and me.

I know this is accurate because I’ve been living it for many years and my three beloved higher dimensional Starbeing consultants have indeed moved on also. I’ve seen this retreating of some very ancient higher dimensional Starbeings before thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. Evolutionary Stairsteps for all of us in all of the different dimensions. I’ve also seen that some of us Starseeds who’ve embodied the Ascension Process and anchored the new blueprints for the next Great Cycle of learning will become the new “guides” and new spiritual “teachers” to others, much as my three Starbeing Family were to me. Everyone evolves into new levels and roles at these grand transitions.

As a Starseed there were so many times in this life where the Homesickness I felt was so great and so painful emotionally I didn’t think I’d be able to do what I volunteered to incarnate now to do, but I have, and so have many of you reading this. We’ve all done a remarkable job no matter where we’ve each been stationed during this Universal Ascension Process.


April 23, 2008

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Patriarchal Age of Pisces Death Throes


There’s been a lot of information in the news recently indicating the negativity, greed, and sheer stupidity of those who’ve run this planet…the patriarchy. With Pluto’s entry into the last of the EARTH signs Capricorn on January 27, 2008, this sort of thing will continue and increase quickly now.

  • Pharmaceuticals in the WATER
  • Xenoestrogens
  • Gasoline prices

As any astrologer knows the primary things that Pisces and it’s ruling planet Neptune have to do with are, the planets WATER, all drugs, and petroleum for starters. This past astrological Age of Pisces has used these things half to death not to mention the general planetary, human and animal pollutions causes by it. Now it’s finally being revealed that there’s man-made drugs in our recycled tap and drinking water! We’ve been ingesting these different drugs via our tap water like it or not, need them or not! If this isn’t the ultimate in greed, ego, and stupidity… Pollute the masses with over prescribed man-made pharmaceutical drugs to the point that they’re pissing out those numerous drugs, flushing them down the toilet where that water (and everything else in it) gets “filtered” and recycled and we pay for it all again and again and again! What a System huh? This is what happens with a closed controlled  system; it eventually kills itself off.

The ultimate greed of the drug companies has come back to haunt us all at the ending of the Piscean Age. Those chemicals and toxins are what flows from our taps constantly now despite all the stages of water filtration and purification it supposedly goes through. Pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals are in our drinking water, our oceans and rivers, lakes and streams, like a toxic soup altering everything and not in wonderful positive ways either.

I find it ironic that by the patriarchy trying to kill off the Goddess consciousness in humanity over these past few thousand years, it’s female hormones mainly in the form of Xenoestrogens (environmental compounds – usually petrochemical), that are everywhere now where they shouldn’t be! Like in men…and in our drinking water, our foods, nearly every single product we use and live with. Those Piscean Age petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals that are running wild across the planet turning fish and frogs and numerous other living things into females and/or hermaphrodites.

Don’t ^%@* with the Goddess guys because it just doesn’t work no matter how hard you’ve tried to kill off and stifle females in all those different patriarchal ways for so long now. See, this is the result of your trying to get rid of The Goddess; She comes back in all these distorted greedy man-made patriarchal products that YOU’VE CREATED and profited from for decades. Female hormones everywhere…just eat drink and be merry in them all!

Gasoline. Buy another huge gas-sucking SUV America…come on do it, do it now. All you need is a cell phone permanently attached to your head and a huge SUV soaking up gasoline like a sponge and hell, you’re livin’ the American Dream. And you even think you look good doing it too.

But with the death of the Piscean (Petrochemical Pharmaceutical) Age here now, Americans and everyone else who needs this lesson, will be paying more for not only their gasoline to fill up those patriarchal (mine is bigger than yours!) SUVs but, we’ll ALL be paying top dollar for everything. Everything is shipped, driven, flown, delivered from some place to some other place and diesel fuel costs even more than regular gasoline now! (Remember when it was cheaper than gasoline?) Guess what this is going to do to the cost of food? All products in general? That’s right, they all will be going through the roof now. Out with the old lower vibrating System, let it fall away under the crushing weight of its own greed and arrogance. Stand clear of the falling patriarchy and it’s archaic, over priced toxic System and products.

Denise Le Fay

March 11, 2008

The DARK Raging & Screaming Overhead

Today’s been another rough day for me, extra physical pain with more daily life frustrations and stall outs. Mercury is still retrograde so this doesn’t surprise me much but what did surprise me today was what I heard, what I felt up in the sky overhead. I’ve heard and felt this before but it’s a difficult thing to be aware of and still try to go about your day as if every thing’s just fine.

A few months back most of southern California was on fire for weeks and weeks. I posted about this and how horrible it was physically, emotionally and psychically. I was actually physically safe in an area right in the center of all those fires! The fires burned all around where I live and the air was un-breathable and dark for many days but, I was safe.

What I heard and felt during the time of those SoCal firestorms was some very unpleasant negative energies and entities in the air up overhead. I could hear nonhuman screaming and twisting, lashing out, rage and hatred up in the sky over most of SoCal. It was like a flock of Harpies going mad in the air above southern California because the fires were purging all the current and past negativity or lower vibrating energies that had been here for hundreds of years. The fires released all those lower energies and entities and so they flew around up in the sky overhead for days and days, raging and lashing out.

Well, I heard and felt the same type of thing today and it always surprises me; it shouldn’t but it does. What this tells me is that we’re very close to making another huge shift or Transition to the next higher energetic level. This phenomenon increases it seems every time a large group of humanity reaches the point where they’re ready to exit and move on to an even higher vibrating level within this higher dimension. And because of this, whatever negative or lower energies, entities, consciousness, thought forms, emotional energies etc. that are still around get all worked up and lash out desperately because we’re leaving and they and that lower energy cannot follow us. See me grinning?

I’ve worked and waited a lifetime(s) to see and feel this so I hope you’ll indulge me this moment of calm joy over another great separation between those of us on the brink of shifting now and this old lower negative everything.

I’ve experienced this same psychic phenomenon a couple of times many years ago when I finally got myself free from a negative entity. There would be a very loud audible shock wave or repercussion up in the air above my house. It sounds like repeated gunfire way up in the sky above you. It’s a powerful psychic energetic break that reverberates up in the air overhead when the disconnect finally happens. This current phenomenon is the same type of thing but on a larger permanent scale. We’re ascending/evolving and these lower old energies/entities cannot go where we’re going and so they thrash, scream and lash out wildly. Maybe they were created by us hundreds or thousands of years ago when someone murdered someone else or harmed another in any number of ways. I don’t know for certain, but I do know that when I hear, feel, and psychically see these old entities it means we’re on the brink of yet another very vast shift within our ongoing ascension/evolutionary process.

So please do not focus on what sounds like horrible invisible demons up in the air because that’s NOT why I shared this. I did so because I know what it symbolizes and that it means something profoundly wonderful. It means we’re leaving, we’re moving on again, and it means we’ve gone so far in this ascension process that we’re existing well beyond all of this lower negative and Dark stuff. Smile happily and wave bye-bye to it/them all.


February 14, 2008

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Because my natal Sun is 1° Capricorn, transiting Pluto is currently sitting on my head, and, He’s going to be there for a good long while too. Okeydokey, I figure it can’t be any worse than what all I’ve lived through over the past decade or so. If anything it’s the cherry on the top actually, and I need to relax and go with the flow. Heck, it should be easy at this point right?

At the moment I may not be the best person to be talking about this, or, I really am in the deep Plutonian Capricornian groove and have an extremely up-close, intimate viewpoint because Pluto is sitting on my face now! Hummm, I can’t tell yet as it’s all pretty weird and transitional at the moment. Good I sense, but very weird. Hey, what’s that strange, dank smell anyway and where’s it coming from?

I hear Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, banging and poking around in The Basement with a flashlight yelling back to me, “Look, see that moldy pile of ancient fear, trauma, anger and confusion over there in that corner? Get in there kid, ya gotta clean it ALL out now. It’s all gotta go gotta go gotta goooooo. This ancient filth can’t remain no matter what so get in there and get every little crumb, every tiny bit. It’ll be worth it kid, trust me.” Pluto smiles, nods and winks at me from the doorway of the basement while pointing the flashlight over to a far dark dank corner.

I’m thinking,“Do I have a choice at this point? Not really so just get on with it. But I’ve already cleaned out The Basement, my Basement, a few times! Damn, there’s always more. No rest for the weary. That silly TV commercial song is playing in the back of my head… ‘Life’s messy, clean it up!’

“Stop talking to yourself about how tired you are and how much you’ve already done and just get in all the corners real good. That rotting ancient mess has been down here for Ages n’ Ages and it’s really putting a crimp in humanities style so hurry it up kid!”  Pluto yells from the bottom of my solar plexus while tapping the back of my spine with his flashlight.

“Hey, most of this old stinky crap isn’t even mine so cut me some Lightworker slack here okay Darth Vader?” Pluto’s ignoring me, reading some decades-old tattered wet newspaper headline laying at his feet, something about mass murders in Chicago. Grunt sniff damn-it.

” Where the hell’s the broom? Hey, shine that light over here at least will ya?!”

I remember being very young and my parents taking me to Knott’s Berry Farm where I saw my first little goat. (This was a very long time ago, like 1955-56ish when they had some goats and seals and such there.) I was too young to realize that I was a Capricorn but I sure tuned into the little goat that special day. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I stood there watching every move he made, how his legs and hooves moved, the sounds he made, his mouth, his tiny straight teeth. I was instantly infatuated with him as any Capricorn sun kid would have been.

As I watched him playing, jumping and running around in his pen I noticed that he’d stopped to eat something laying in the dirt. I strained to see what he was eating and when I spotted it I was shocked and very scared. That happy, jumping, bouncing little goat was eating an old metal soup can and a cardboard box! I was mortified that he’d die from eating the horrible trash someone had put in his pen. Oh god no, he’s going to get sick and die aaaaahhh!

Then the magic happened as it usually does. I suddenly get a different perspective and it all instantly falls perfectly into place. I understand from a higher level and then all becomes right and wonderful with the world again.

There I stood watching my new little beloved goat friend eating the TRASH and I understood in those few seconds that, That’s what goats do. They eat trash and transmute it into life-sustaining food. I smiled with my new higher expanded knowledge as I watched the little goat eat the cardboard box and chew and chew on the old beat up metal soup can. All was good and perfect in the Universe again. Happy happy day, no dead goats!

So that’s what goats do. It’s also what Capricorn mountain/sea Goats are capable of doing, not only for themselves but for everyone else too in such times as this evolutionary Ascension Process. Now with Pluto in Capricorn—last of the Earth signs—things are really going to take off in those old lower world, high drama sorts of ways where many people aren’t sure if they should be seriously worried or celebrating finally. I like this, I like this a lot. Bring it transiting Pluto in Capricorn, bring it all right here, right now.


February 3, 2008

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Is Everyone Ascending?

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Last week I ventured back to two “spiritual/metaphysical” forums I used to post on but left because it was more of the old square peg in a round hole problem. It was not pleasant to say the least, trying to go back rarely ever is. Typically, when Light vacates an area the lower rushes in and urinates all over everything like an animal hurriedly scent-marking its territory.

Many years ago I discovered a series of 5 channeled books called The RA Material: The Law of One by Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, and James Allen McCarty 1984–1998. The RA group used a term I’d never heard before but it really impacted me. It was Harvest’ and they used that word to describe what we today call Ascension.  Harvest meant that when the time cycle was right, ALL of humanity would have the opportunity to be harvested. To vibrationally transform and ascend out of lower frequency dense Duality physical 3D via these evolutionary cosmic Light energies and dedicated individual Inner Work, and utilize the Harvest, utilize the Ascension Process.

But, does this mean that everyone on Earth is going at this time? Are all seven-billion-plus humans incarnate now going to utilize and ride these higher cosmic waves of transformational, evolutionary energies up and out of what’s been lower vibrating 3D Earth for so long? No. Not from what I know and remember about this Process. The potential for ALL to do so exists, however ALL will not do so at this time — they rarely ever do.

Harvest, Ascension, especially this time on Earth is about using what’s available. No “right or wrong” or “better than” with this, only individual choice. The entire crop does not get harvested and end up in the same place, only the ones that are in the correct condition do. Same with this evolutionary Process of spiritual, energetic Harvest or Ascension.

For many years I’ve psychically seen different probable realities that may be birthed out of or fractured off from what’s happening on Earth now through 2012. No one and only straight line here, but multiple potentials. In other words, the possibility of different worlds and realities will become available so that everyone will have a matching world or place and like-frequencies to continue learning and evolving within. Free Will and all that.

So no, I do not believe that all of humanity will go skipping into the higher frequency Light together between now and 2012, or beyond. What I do believe is and will continue to happen is that more people will be activated by these evolution inducing energies, enabling them to make the huge frequency and consciousness and physical body transformations and shift to a much higher frequency world reality. Others who are polarized vibrationally in another direction still will continue resisting until they disappear in one way or another from our perspective and vice versa. Remember the big mystery about how the ancient Mayans and certain others simply seemed to disappear overnight?

In my opening paragraph I said some things about how many people still existing within the lower frequencies function because they’re still a match to it. There’s another aspect to some of these repulsive, cruel, vicious people who attack people like me (Volunteer, Forerunner, Embodier, energy Pathpaver) for what I, we say, what we know because we’re living it. I understand not believing what you haven’t yet experienced yourself, but too many of these people go far beyond that. They go for blood, they go for the guts and they rip and tear and with great, egoic joy. The whys of this particular lower behavior is what I’m talking about here.

We’re the ones who have a hard time understanding and relating to negativity and/or evil because we came here from dimensions that do not have ANY of those frequencies or consciousness. In many cases we run into people who so perfectly carry those lower negative energies and consciousness to teach us about Duality and contrasts while we’re here on Earth in it. And they keep teaching and motivating us over and over until we get whatever it is that we individually need to learn and to finish why we’re here in the first place. Time is short.

So even though they’re repulsive, vicious, cruel and I never want to encounter one of them again, I always recognize when I’m being taught something so I use the Gift they have given me. Use what’s in your face to continue your learning and evolution.

Denise Le Fay

November 15, 2007

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