Summer 2009 Ascension Changes

I’ve been noticing many highly positive changes for the past few weeks now but wanted to wait until I was personally sure about what I was feeling before I said anything.

Since Feb. 1999 it has been incredibly physically painful for me to leave my higher vibrating house and go out there to shop or do anything. It’s been extremely painful, sickening, toxic, frustrating, repulsive and down right annoying out there as it increasingly is for anyone whose evolving/ascending/shifting. Over the past ten years some of my extreme ascension symptoms have lessened making going out to do the shopping and other necessary things a bit easier for me. Some days were a tiny bit easier and less painful, while other days where 100 times worse and I honestly wondered how I was going to be able to continue doing the monthly shopping if this kept increasing.

I’ve noticed that the last two times I’ve left my house and gone out there to do grocery shopping since July 2009, I haven’t been in as much physical pain as I usually am when I go out into the lower frequency world. I can’t express what a miracle this is after ten years of ascension hell! The first time I felt this improvement in late July, I thought it was just some unusual anomaly. But, every time I’ve gone out during August it’s been the same; reduced physical body pains and pressures.

On top of this minor miracle was the almost opposite contrast of coming back home, and once here, becoming extremely exhausted and weak. Not painful, just profoundly tired, weak and deeply lethargic and it all feels rather nice in comparison to my years of feeling hyper and electric from so much higher energy running through me constantly. The other major change that’s happened just in July and August 2009, is that I’m able to sleep after the past ten years of not sleeping longer than 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time, and only getting maybe four hours sleep per night. I’m still waking up a couple of times a night to use the bathroom but now I’m able to go back to sleep and stay asleep. This too is a major miracle after so many horrid ascension years of not sleeping or feeling rested.

So, what’s happened recently to cause these huge important changes? The 2009 Summer Solstice and the three Eclipses and the “Lighworkers Strike”. What’s happened recently in July and August 2009 is comparable to that mega release and shifting process that happened back in November and December 2008 when many Lightworkers finally got to energetically move back up a few stair steps to where we had been  already. We’d gone back down a few stair steps only to hold the Ascension Exit Door open for yet another year in hopes of getting more people to finally get on-board the Ascension Process. Once that phase was completed many of us automatically shot to the surface—absolutely desperate for higher frequency air—because we’d been drowning and crushed from the dense pressures down there for over a year.

This current Summer 2009 ascension shift is energetically similar to that past huge release in late 2008, yet it’s much more vast. This September with all its 9’s plus the 9-9-09 date, will finalize and anchor in this monumental Summer 2009 shifting phase. Everyone will settle and find their current energetic footing once again as we all do along the escalator stair steps during these extra-large ascension shifts and releases.

As I mentioned, my physical pain level has greatly decreased recently and again that’s because we’ve been released (through our Lightworker Strike) plus there’s just much less lower dense stuff within me and you now to have to deal with every time we inch or leap forward vibrationally. The less lower dense stuff/junk/ego control/emotional issues/polarity/karma etc. we have within us, the less painful, difficult and lengthy these ascension aches and pains become. I know this is true because I’ve been living it, suffering through every inch of it, struggling with it, and lightening my personal load constantly too just like so many of us have been.

The ascension process becomes so much easier and its cycles so much shorter and faster because we’ve already done SO much inner work and transmuting. The more we transmute within ourselves, the easier and faster these different ascension cycles or phases happen or feel to us, so hang in there, and know it does indeed get easier and shorter in duration. Don’t forget it is an ongoing PROCESS and the more Crystal or clear energetically we become, the less painful and miserable we feel continuously housing more Light within ourselves and our new vibrationally matching bodies.

I’ve also felt like I’ve moved to Neptune or something in that it currently feels like  we’ve shifted or relocated to new and vastly more empty areas. I actually like this feeling of living with no neighbors for light-years in all direction, but I also know that this too is another phase and I’ll eventually have to RE-learn the Aquarian and 5th dimensional Group thing once again. Being Lightworkers or “System Busters” took us shockingly out of our higher familiar 5D and higher Group things and into isolated, fractured, seemingly insane and unsafe ego centered 3D. But now we’ve reached the point in the Process where we’re ascending/evolving/shifting back into the higher dimensional 5D and Aquarian Age Group energies once again. We’ll still have our hard-earned Leo/Solar wisdom’s, gifts, talents, and thing that is our “passion”, but now it will flow out of us and back into the higher Aquarian 5D Group. So don’t worry if you haven’t as yet consciously figured out exactly what your Gift or Passion to give to the Group is. It will naturally unfold within your awareness and then you and I will wonder how we ever forgot it in the first place.


August 23, 2009

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Putting The Pieces Together

We’ve got the third Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon coming on Wed. Aug. 5, 2009 at 13° Aquarius 43′ at 5:55 P.M. Pacific time. Just thought I’d mention those triple 5’s because it feels dimensionally important. It feels like this Aquarian Lunar Eclipse will really anchor the last stage of what’s been going on since before the summer Solstice (2009). This has been another one of those extra important and huge transitions again and all I can say is… finally!

Things have changed, no, I mean really changed. After I went on My Lightworker Strike (here) and informed the higher folk (who are just many of us at  higher nonphysical levels) that I was all done waiting, and enduring, and not having a Home on Earth for so damned long, and that we had to make changes and come up with a New Plan NOW…things are reflecting this all over the place.

Like I said in another post – #1) we’ve done the “System Busting”, #2) and then we did the Lightworking and transmuted all the lower Dark, stuck energies both within ourselves and left over by other people in locations around the planet and across time, #3) now we’ve reached the phase where we Create anew. We’re very much now (as of this 2009 Summer’s Solstice and all 3 of the Eclipses) at a new phase within this ongoing ascension/shifting/evolving process. We’ve reached the point now were we’re having to re-learn, remember how it feels and works at higher, non-polarized levels or dimensions. We’re reached the point now were we’re having to really realize that it’s us who are the creators of the new Earth reality. Us, not some other people, but us. I understand how linear and old lower 3D that sentence may sound but I meant it very differently.

I’ve been experiencing what Lee Carroll and Kryon call “quantum” consciousness or being over the past few years. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution] Because I’ve been living with it, learning how it feels, how it works and doesn’t work, getting familiar with it again, but as Denise whose gone through Phase One of the ongoing ascension process, I think I understand what’s just happened to us this summer (July 2009). We’ve entered what might be called, just to make this easier to communicate, Phase Two. It’s just a term to help us locate ourselves within this ongoing process of ascension/shifting/evolving however. So what might some of Phase Two entail? I don’t fully know, but I do sense it has to do with us waking up much more to what we now are.  I sense we’ve now got to learn how to CREATE but in a very different way than the past lower 3D ways. Not by the sweat of the brow, but by the Light and Love within our High Hearts. Sounds so fluffy and you people know I’m not remotely “fluffy”. Fluffy is still from the lower ego self and polarity or polarized consciousness.

You know how we’ve all been experiencing different layers of synchronicity or as I so love, coinky dinks over the past few years?  😀  Guess what “synchronicities” really are to us who’ve lived through our ascension energy transformations I mean? They’re us functioning in 5D and not 3D. They’re us increasingly being and perceiving from a quantum state which is very much what the higher dimensions are all about. When you’re in what Kryon calls “quantum” consciousness, you’re closer to your own Higher Self and accessing much of its massive, nonlinear, quantum knowledge. I’ve called it Spherical Consciousness and they’re all the same thing. When you’re in quantum consciousness you are very much in 5D and intimately feeling how it works at this new higher dimension. And when you’re in quantum-ness as a being, you’re in your High Heart where everything just flows with the natural currents of the higher dimensions and Source or the All That Is.  Being in a quantum state of being and consciousness is “heaven on Earth”, and “bliss” and all those other terms we’ve all heard so many times by so many people.

My god how the energies of the Age of Aquarius/Uranus and Leo/Sun are manifesting in and through some of us already (within 5D) is stunning and so beautiful! Can you sense how we can now create a new world from our quantum being-ness and quantum consciousness? From our higher, non-polarized, totally nonlinear Triality consciousness and being-ness? This is the beginning of some of what exists within this new Phase Two for us and what we’ll be creating now and in the near future. Shine your hard-earned Light and get familiar with how things feel with nonlinear, quantum states and Spherical Consciousness. This is the New Age of Light and what we are and what we Consciously Create in it will make the Universe smile. We’re the new and improved Lemurians and Atlantians and super ancient Stellar Egyptians and so very much more. Lets create like we never have before. Let’s create a new higher world that matches who we are now and our higher Light and Heart.


August 3, 2009

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