5D High Heart Rising, Shen Ring & Shenu

                                               #1 image – 5D HIGHHEART RISING

This was an image my sister Yasmeen Harper drew for me and I first used in The New High Heart Consciousness is Rising

This image of the 5D HighHeart (or High Heart) Sun Rising was what I’d been clairvoyantly Seeing in relation to our ascension/evolution out of the dense bottom three 3D chakras with the Solar Plexus as the highest ego expression and sense of identity within that frequency and consciousness range for the majority of humanity — and our ascending/evolving Crossing the Bridge up into the 5D HighHeart individual integrated unity frequency and consciousness range of the HighHeart (Thymus) chakra. I’ve been feeling and seeing this great and grand evolutionary process and shift unfolding within my upper chest HighHeart area (and also in my head, skull, brain, Crown and Brow chakras and brain glands) very intensely since 2010. In 2012 this growing 5D HighHeart business has increased rapidly and it’s accelerated tremendously since July 2012.

Off and on during September, October and November 2012, I’ve had increased pains and pressures caused from this shifting process in my upper chest area radiating out both the front chest and out the back and spine in that HighHeart area. At times since September it’s been very intense, exhausting, debilitating to the point that I have to sit and rest while my physical heart pounds in my chest and I feel like I’m being hollowed-out by higher frequency Light Energies in this entire area. There is nothing wrong with my physical heart, this is another energetic evolutionary Ascension related process and symptom that many of us are having now in this new and rather different way.


The Shen Ring represented to the ancient Egyptians, eternity, divinity and protection; multidimensional eternal protection for the pharaoh and everything the pharaoh ruled. The Shen Ring is associated with the solar disk, and also with the Milky Way galactic symbol of the serpent biting its tail.

  The Shenu—later called Cartouche by others—divinely and eternally held and protected the name, the identity of royal persons. Shenu means encircle.

I started with these three seemingly unrelated symbols/images because I’ve had slightly different and more intense physical pains and energetic pressures (off and on) from my diaphragm up into my chest and upper chest area and my spine in this same area since September 2012. I’ve had these pains and pressures in this location for decades before this date but since September it’s gotten more painful, and at times very intense.

In the past I’ve written about the different ascension symptoms connected to the lower 3D Heart chakra (physical heart), and also the 5D HighHeart chakra (Thymus gland in upper center of chest) and how we often feel sudden intense, uneven heartbeats, racing, thuds, thumps, radiating heat or cold, mild inner movements and/or inner body vibrations in this area, and greatly increased overall pressures in our entire chest, heart, and corresponding spine and back area. What I’ve felt in my body, plus what I’ve clairvoyantly seen since September 2012, has been a bit different and that’s the reason for this article.

These current ascension related pains, pressures and changes many of us are experiencing in our hearts/High Hearts/upper and lower chest, spines and backs within this area are directly and intimately connected to the ascension-related pains, pressures and changes we’re experiencing in our heads, skulls, brains, the trinity brain glands—Pituitary, Pineal, Hypothalamus—face, sinus area, eyes, jaws, and of course our Crown and Brow chakras. Because of what I’ve clairvoyantly seen I felt it important enough to write about and share because it was rather beautiful and meaningful to me, and I suspect it will be to many of you also especially if you’ve had a “past life/lives” in ancient and/or very ancient Egypt.


During the times when these 2012 chest, heart, spine pains and pressures sent me to my recliner chair or bed to survive another wave of ascension transformation pains, I try to use those times to perceive whatever I’m capable of perceiving through the pains and pressures. A few weeks ago when this heart, chest, spine pain was rather severe and I was forced to my chair to ride it out I clairvoyantly Saw some ancient Egyptian symbols appearing within and also over my physical body. I’ve had this experience in years past too with other ancient Egyptian symbols, but these symbols and information have to do with some of us Crossing the Bridge now in 2012.

The Crossing the Bridge has taken on a more complex meaning to me over the past few weeks. I’ve recently understood that Crossing the Bridge is also about the process many of us Forerunners are living through now that has to do with our evolving, ascending and energetically Crossing the Bridge from the old lower 3D duality frequency with its Solar Plexus chakra and ego (plus the bottom two chakras below it) as the perceptual lens on “reality”, up to the 5D HighHeart chakra and unity frequency which is rapidly becoming our NEW, loftier base of operations and consciousness lens on “reality” and Home Station.

While resting (enduring!) in my chair with my heart pounding and my upper and lower chest area and spine feeling like it was a huge empty circular space being cleared out by higher Light Energies (often coming in through the top of my head/Crown chakra and partly radiating out my Brow chakra like a giant-sized “L” shaped beam of Light), I clairvoyantly saw a large Shen Ring appear over my entire chest area. I saw it this way but it was inside my body as well and not just on the front surface of it. (When this happened I recognized the symbol but didn’t remember what it was called and had to look it up a couple of days later.)

The bottom horizontal bar or line of the Shen Ring was positioned across my physical diaphragm and sat atop my Solar Plexus chakra. This horizontal bar was exactly where the pain in my spine and back was and radiated out horizontally under both shoulder blades at the time. The highest point of the Shen Ring was positioned exactly where the intense pressure was in my upper chest that radiated up towards my throat and lower jaw. Keep in mind that the horizontal base bar of the Shen Ring in this case is representative of existence in dense 3D duality physicality. While in it we experienced 3D life in the lower frequency world by going out in different directions on this horizontal line. This horizontal Shen Ring bar is also a demarcation point between the lower frequency 3D Solar Plexus and all that went with it, and the major evolutionary ascension up to the higher frequency 5D High Heart and all that goes with it. Once we ascend/evolve Cross the Bridge into 5D High-Heart unity consciousness, we re-discover how much easier it is to intentionally traverse the multidimensional vertical frequency line, which is in this case represented by the Shen Ring circle of eternity, divinity and protection.

As I was Seeing a Shen Ring superimposed on top of my physical body—inside it and behind it—I understood that as we evolve/ascend and Cross the Bridge into full 5D HighHeart unity consciousness, our 5D HighHearts become our NEW higher true “Self” and that we are indeed eternal, divine and divinely protected eternally. Obviously this is a very dramatic shift out of the old 3D dense duality Solar Plexus (all three of the bottom chakras) and ego sense of self. Here’s what I clairvoyantly saw as best as I’m able to reproduce on my computer.

                                      #2 image – SHEN RING OVER 5D HIGHHEART

The #3 image and layer I clairvoyantly saw of the Shenu pictured below was the last image symbol superimposed over the #1 and #2 images. At this point all three of them were simultaneously superimposed over my chest area, heart, spine and back areas were I was having rather severe physical pains and energetic pressures.

The Shenu started at the same place at the physical body diaphragm and top of the Solar Plexus as did the Shen Ring and the High Heart Rising image, but it extended up much higher because it held, contained, protected and encircled other things. Those other things are our higher or upper Chakras which I understood at that time to represent our higher royal identity or name(s).

This third image symbol has the old 3D yellow Solar Plexus chakra and ego-based sense of self existing below the horizontal line of the Shenu or Cartouche. In other words, on the old 3D side of the Bridge. Remember what the ancient Egyptians believed the Shenu to represent and do? It encircled and divinely and eternally held and protected the name, the identity of royal persons.

Interesting isn’t it that once we ascend/evolve out of duality density and our Solar Plexus and two lower chakras below it and the ego as sole sense of self, we find ourselves to be ‘royal persons’ and have our higher frequency identities and names divinely and eternally held, contained, encircled and protected.

                                   #3 image – SHENU ENCIRCLING UPPER CHAKRAS

And lastly, nearly twenty-one years worth of 11 11 “Gates” or “Portals” or Stair-steps out of 3D duality across into 5D unity completes today, November 22, 2012 — 11-22-12.  A couple of weeks ago I was impulsed to go to the website nvisible.com just so I’d see this one sentence there:

‘The Doorway of the 11:11 opened on January 11, 1992. The final 11:11 activation of the Eleventh Gate will be on November 22, 2012.’

I was supposed to see that January 11, 1992 start date because I vividly remember how radically and completely my life suddenly began changing in early 1991 due to the start of my Uranus Opposition at age thirty-nine. By November of 1991, I’d quite my three jobs and had zero income coming in to pay my apartment rent and bills. I’d ended all the classes, contracts and performances that I’d worked so hard to create over the years and had to move in with my mom a month before I turned forty because of all this and very suddenly and happily returned to a private, isolated life.

All of these sudden drastic changes started for me in January 1991, and my old busy and public life was finalized and exited by November 1991 because everything was about to change and never return to the way it had been earlier. Of course, I had no conscious idea in November 1991 that by January 11, 1992, the first of eleven 11 11 “Gates” would begin and unfold over the years and complete long in the “future” on November 22, 2012, our today! Another aspect of me knew I had to quickly exit my very public life, move into my mom’s house that unknowingly to us both became my Ascension Process Safe House starting November 1991, because I was back on the higher Spiritual Clock again and there was much to accomplish and live through in a relatively short number of years. What a monumental understatement that was!

I included this 11 11 completion date with these other symbols, images and happenings because it’s directly connected to the current Crossing of the Bridge; the intense pains and pressures we’re having in both our hearts/chests AND our heads/brains and corresponding chakras; and the growing pressures caused from the Separation of Worlds and Timelines. Because November 1991 and January 1992’s start of the 11 11 transition into unity energies were so life-changing and meaningful in my life personally, I expect that their completion today will be even more meaningful. I expect many of us are feeling this milestone and shift today in our individual unique ways. More of these Ascension related completions and alignments are occurring now and isn’t that just wonderful. Next up, December 2012.

Denise Le Fay

November 22, 2012

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