A Clairvoyant Vision

December 29, 2008 I was shopping in our local Super Walmart store (have groceries) when I suddenly had a clairvoyant vision. I cannot count how many times I’ve had psychic visions over the decades while out in public and how it puts a serious crimp in my style to be seen by other people during this process. There is nowhere to react, hide, or get angry, cry, or just stare in shock and amazement at what I’m seeing, feeling and knowing. (Clairvoyant visions for me are all three things at the same time. In other words I don’t just clairvoyantly See images or video type clips in my mind’s eye, I emotionally feel and know certain things very deeply while I’m simultaneously Seeing. A lot of information and intense emotional feelings happen, or more accurately, are lived in a few short seconds by the seer.)

In many cases I’m clairvoyantly seeing/feeling/knowing/hearing/smelling some pretty unpleasant things, and because I am in some public place like a Super Walmart, I have to try desperately to look on the outside as if everything is normal. For those of you who’ve often wondered why many psychics, seers, clairvoyants and sensitives look, talk, move and act sort of strange or choppy sometimes, it’s usually because of what we’re seeing and feeling and living through in  those moments we’re perceiving them. Of course at the same time I’m trying to not fall apart emotionally (if I am in public) or break the psychic connections. Psychic Multitasking in other words. I for one haven’t perfected the art of looking cool or clever while clairvoyantly Seeing and Feeling certain highly unpleasant events, situations and people etc. In many cases I want desperately to yell out loud some huge profanity in the middle of Walmart, or a dark movie theater, or at the gas pump or the bank or wherever this happens to me. Fear of being arrested or hauled off for some type of mental evaluation usually forces me into what I call Stone Face Mode.

On the inside I’m often freaking out, in a mild state of shock (depends on what I’ve Seen and Felt), wildly disappointed, profoundly relieved, sickened and deeply repulsed by some humans perverted actions or very angry. This December 29, 2008 vision happened so suddenly while I was pushing my shopping cart down one of those 1/4 mile long isles in Super Walmart, and of course there were other shoppers fairly near to me when this happened, so I went into Stone Face Mode as best I could. I try my damnedest to look as if what’s happening to me on the inside isn’t visible on the outside. Sometimes I pull it off, other times I fail miserably. Sometimes I start crying because the psychic vision with all the accompanying emotions and knowings are overwhelming. This vision caused me to tear-up instantly over what I was Seeing, Feeling and sensing despite my serious attempts to look like nothing was happening to me.

I can hear many of you thinking to yourselves, “Alright already Denise! What did you see in Super Walmart anyway?!”

Understand that just because I clairvoyantly saw, felt, smelled, heard and knew this it does NOT mean it will absolutely happen in THIS reality. In decades past I’ve experienced probable realities getting shuffled, torqued and twisted around for any number of reasons so as to not manifest in this reality in a way that would kill or profoundly traumatize great numbers of people. Okay, that was my version of a disclaimer. I will say that due to its intensity, vividness and even temperature and smells I believe that this clairvoyant vision will indeed manifest in this reality. I should mention, I live in southern California, but this type problem will be everywhere in varying degrees for varying periods.

I saw empty shelves in Super Walmart food section. 95% of the overhead lights were off, the heater/air conditioning was turned off due to the store not being able to afford to keep them on any longer. I smelled stale warm air and a dirty, uncleaned Super Walmart store. There was only very old food scattered here and there on some of the endless shelves. I saw that the food section of the store had approximately 33% foods available compared to normal. By foods I mean fresh green produce, all meats both frozen and fresh packaged, all boxed foods, all canned foods, everything. Long isle after long isle in Super Walmart was empty with nothing there to buy to eat. There were only a couple Walmart employees in the entire store. There were no delivery’s being trucked in. I didn’t psychically see any other area of the store in this vision, only the food or grocery half of it.

empty stores-empty Seeing and feeling this I began to tear-up over the realization that the “falling” will indeed manifest in increasing severity over the next couple years I sense. So many things will simply be no more. So much will literally disappear and disappear rather quickly. I am NOT sharing this clairvoyant vision, this probable near future reality to induce fear or panic. I’m sharing it to let you know what is most likely coming and to make whatever changes and adjustments, adaptations and preparations that you feel you should now. I’m also NOT suggesting we frantically start hoarding food, water and toilet paper and such, but I am saying it would be wise to have extra of things that are important to you and your family and pets etc. Be smart about this and think very honestly about what is really necessary and important to you and yours. No fear, just being smart and prepared for whatever may be coming over the next two years (2009–2010) via the falling of the old systems and its reality.

Now that I’ve shared that I want to add quickly that on the heels of this disintegration and death process of the so-called Great Land-of-Plenty, there is and will continue to be a rapid ascension evolution of much of humanity. So as the proverbial shit is hitting the proverbial fan, humanity will quickly and naturally grow Higher Heart Consciousness so that much of this “falling” and passing away of the old lower world reality won’t be nearly as horrible as it sounds at first. By the way, did you know that Light is a food source?


January 3, 2009

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