The Ancient Gods & Goddesses Awaken Part 2

“OMG Denise – I can’t believe you’re writing about this today. And I’ve been meaning to e-mail about so many other things – i’m so glad we’re finally connecting today!

On New Year’s Day 2010 morning, I woke up to a new sun. It was simply different – a white vortex of energy instead of the sun. I immediately saw it – exactly like you wrote about in the above post. i knew others couldn’t see it and was amazed I could – and knew I was in a new dimension. It has never left – every time I am outside I am in awe.

Then I just found this post TODAY – YES TODAY – from Siva Baba when he was in Egypt on Feb 1st:

This is the day of regeneration for the earth-plane. I want to declare that not only is this the day I am born, but also the Golden Age is born.

Up until now, Egypt has remained a land that people visit for tourism. Hereafter, it’s going to be different. People will be able to relate to the Gods and Goddesses in an intimate manner. They are not part of dead mythology. Now they have to be revived.

The Sun Temple (the vortex visited for Baba’s B-day) is one of the oldest temples here- where you can access the Sun’s energy directly. Egyptian kings were the descendants of the Sun God Ra. All the kings had Ra added to their names. The Sun is pure energy and life force- without the Sun there is no growth.

The visit to the Sun Temple will change the destiny of all those who expose themselves to the energy of the Sun. The Sun’s energy is never depleted.

This is an important day for the entire world. I feel a very different energy than I have ever felt before. We are very thankful to all the Gods and Goddesses that we came into contact with their shrines.

Being in Egypt has really opened me up. I never thought there would be so much power here. When I climbed up and stood on the Sun disk, I changed. It empowered me, and in turn I can empower you. As we march towards the Golden Age, all Egyptian Gods and Goddesses will come alive not just for Egypt, but for entire humanity.


That was from Sarah’s Feb. 19, 2010 Comment to my Solar / Light Transmission article. What I found very interesting, was her quote from Siva Baba about the ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses coming back to life now. I’m not familiar with this man or his teachings however and this is the first time I’ve heard about him. If I have this correct, he wrote about his February 1, 2010 experiences in Egypt only a week or so ago. Please correct me if I have these dates wrong OK Sarah?

I’m going to quote from A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution about this very thing and an important dream message I had many years ago. From page 253:

May 27, 1997 I finally got another insight into what is currently happening to me personally, and no doubt numerous other Lightworkers/Wanderers around the planet at this same time. This was actually a reconnection back to a dream I’d had twelve years earlier in 1985. It was evidently time for me to connect more of the invisible dots to get a better understanding about what was currently happening to me and many other Lightworkers globally.

In my original 1985 dream, a small group of people from around the world and myself were waiting in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt in current time. We did not consciously know or recognize each other as “Lightworkers” as we all stood there waiting, but we all understood we were there to participate in something very rare and significant. Previously, we had each been invited to be at the foot of the Great Pyramid in Egypt on the eve of 1999, and so, there we all were waiting for whatever was going to happen.

The next scene in this 1985 dream was of some local Egyptian men in their native, long white galabeya’s suddenly appearing from around a corner of the Great Pyramid. They carefully and slowly maneuvered multiple huge metal scaffolding’s out into an area in front of the Great Pyramid for all of us to view. We took a couple steps back and watched them push a group of these giant elevated scaffolding’s into place in front of the Great Pyramid.

On top of each of these scaffolding’s were what looked to us to be massive statues of all the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods and goddesses. They were all lying immobilized on their sides like frozen gray giants as the local Egyptian men respectfully wheeled them out before us and then quickly disappeared once again.

We stood watching, waiting, wondering what in the world was going on. After a few minutes, there was a loud cracking sound overhead and lightening dramatically flashed perfectly across the sky as if on cue. Next, we could see that very slowly and carefully all the giant statues of the ancient gods and goddesses were waking up, moving, and coming to life way up on top of their scaffolds. (Sounds like a strange take-off of the old Frankenstein movie doesn’t it?) We on the ground all squealed with excitement at the rare and unique event we were personally witnessing. Slowly, every one of these ancient archetypes came to life and stepped down off their scaffold to walk the Earth one again.

The May 1997 meditational insight was entirely about my older 1985 dream. In it, I finally and fully understood that we physical human Lightworkers watching those ancient gods and goddesses come to life and crawl down from their lofty scaffolds, were symbolic of what was happening to us. We were witnessing other ancient aspects of ourselves waking up and coming to life once again so that the great gap between them and these current aspects of us in human form today would be no more. It was a grand symbolic integration process and was directly connected to the ending of 1999, and transitioning into the twenty-first-century. More of my old questions were answered this day, but with further mysteries to unravel as well. After this May 1997 insight, I seriously wondered about what would energetically be arriving with the year 1999 to activate this incredible level of individual integration.”

As I would discover a couple of years after this 1997 insight, my severe physical Ascension Process would begin on February 1, 1999 (the Eighth Wave of the Mayan calendar started on January 5, 1999). That was the beginning date for me to begin this incredible (Phase One) Ascension Process of integration and polarity resolution.

Now that we’ve entered Phase Two of the ascension process on January 1, 2010, our bodies, consciousness, brains, hearts and everything else—including the Sun and Earth—are very much within this new level of the ongoing process. The Sun and the cosmic/galactic energies and Photon Light have increased their intensity to further activate us and our bodies/consciousness to function well outside of old lower 3D frequencies and limited awareness. Soon our old familiar 3D linear consciousness is going to evolve into increasing stages of NON-linear, NON 3D totally isolated awareness. With Phase Two, we are currently evolving into beings that are rapidly becoming multidimensionally conscious, multidimensionally aware and functioning ascended beings. I’ll be talking about this subject a lot during 2010 and how we’re evolving into a much larger, nonlinear, and highly cosmic sandbox now and how the old 3D reality blinders and borders just don’t exist there.


February 21, 2010

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More Pineal/Crystals/Crown Chakra Connections


I am really enjoying finally having time to check out some other websites and play a bit after working and pushing so hard writing my books over the past two-plus years. And because I’m not pushing so hard to finish my new book by the time 2009 ended and we reached Phase Two with the start of 2010, I have been effortlessly connecting with (more) information from other people about what I (and many of us) are currently living through. So, yet again, this post is a continuation of the past three post. If you haven’t read them—Feb. 3rd, 4th, and Feb. 5, 2010—I would suggest you do so you can get a better overview of this current energy/ascension/evolutionary blast we’re experiencing now.

I wasn’t looking or searching for this particular information, and yet, it is exactly where I headed just like I knew what I was doing. That’s often how I connect with other like-information and energies; I simply follow my very vibrationally sensitive nose!  😉  We are supposed to be connecting these new ascension dots within ourselves and what we are going through now, but we’re also supposed to connect and share that Light (information) with others so they too can get a larger view and understanding about what we’re living through now in Phase Two of the continuing ascension process. Another aspect of this that’s much like those wonderful higher dimensional ET coinky dinks, is to show each of us how this Light/information/knowledge is being accessed by everyone who is currently capable of accessing that particular level of energy now. It is a learning within a learning for all of us, so please try to catch all of the different layers and levels of learning in these messages and posts and your experiencing them in multiple ways.

I’m going to quote this information I found today entitled, “Vibrational Upgrade” Feb. 4, 2010 by Shala Mata.


February 6, 2010

“February opens like January on the heels of a powerful full moon, the brightest moon for the entire year of 2010.  The planetary alignments of January along with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse brought in a higher level of photon light that has spun deeply into every area of our vibrational well-being.

To say January was intense is an under statement.  It brought with it a laser beam of awareness into every area of outworn beliefs and energy in our conscious and more importantly unconscious selves.  Feeling disconnected and emotional was common.  Headaches, vertigo, sleeplessness, anxiety, and uncertainty caused us to question our very foundation.

Lower vibrations from the collective are being re-calibrated as we continue our ascension process.  Feeling stuck in low gear is never a pleasant undertaking, and different for each individual.  Once again, our relationship to everything we hold onto was in our face, and not in a gentle way.

2012 and our Ascension is fast becoming foremost in our consciousness for all lightworkers and starseeds.  A sense of urgency is the underpinning energy that moves us deeper into all areas that require a “vibrational upgrade.”  We are being asked by the higher dimensional part of ourselves to hold a clear vision of what we want, how we want to feel, and where we want to be in ALL areas of our lives.

February is the bridge between the two powerful months of January and March.  During the month of January, I felt the stillness of wanting to be quiet and go deep, with that came expansion and contraction that is always part of being still.  Our universe is always expanding, as are we.  During quiet time at the New Moon, I asked the Arcturians to show me what was happening with me and of course others.  They explained that the expanded particles of higher dimensional photon light were activating the crystalline nature of our Pineal Gland.  This activation is part of our ongoing vibrational upgrade or re-wiring that will continue at warp speed until we have reached the levels necessary for our Ascension.  I saw the Pineal Gland opening with a bolt of lightening from within and expanding in an orb of energy and light.

Steve Rother and The Group recently channeled information on the Pineal Gland activation as follows:

“The group speaks of the pineal gland as one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties.  The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was altered.  Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity.  As a result of the physical Re-wire it is now possible to activate the Pineal gland to its original condition and use”

The group was very clear that these crystals will eventually activate in all humans without the need for any activation process.  They were also very clear that there will be many who will offer activations and most of them will work. ”

Tom Kenyon and The Hathors recently spoke of the Pineal Gland activation occurring and offered a free sound attunement at his site.

Clearly, we are all getting the same message that this is a vital and very important part of our evolutionary process, and will continue to support our journey.  As it occurs, we can experience physical disparity in the vibrational bridge between our light body and our physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.  The feeling of moving through mud as one client recently described is accurate as we play catch-up physically.  Feeling dizzy, neck pain, headaches, disconnected, fatigue, anxious are all part of the same upgrade.

I was shown the orb pulsing with geometries weaving in and around the crown chakra and creating a new bandwidth of frequency for assimilation.  Connecting the orb to the holographic space within our heart offers immediate comfort and a feeling of being present in this Now.

During the month of January, we made space for this energy, like removing a heavy overcoat.  February’s energy along with the continued planetary and Galactic alignments will begin to feel lighter as the crystalline nature of our DNA more fully loads into our physical awareness.

The ancients referred to the Pineal Gland as the gateway to the soul, and when connected through the heart will prepare us for the DNA activation that will begin on a deeper level during the 333 (March 3, 2010) corridor of light.  March also brings the Spring Equinox and promises to be a great and powerful month of upgrades and change on a very deep level.

While all of this seems to be out of our hands, in truth we are being taught vibrational mastery.  We are the only ones that can affect our vibrational balance.  Esther Hicks and Abraham write:

“The content of your vibration equals how you feel right now.  And whether you’re thinking about the past, the present, or the future, how you feel right now as you think about the past, present or future – is your life right NOW”

As difficult as these changes feel, we are still solely responsible for how we feel.  Every living being on this planet is undergoing great change as the light continues to increase.  It is natural when we feel change to seek support and comfort from those we hold close, however it is important to understand that they too are undergoing change in relationship to themselves.  It is a very personal and individual change, which often looks different from what we feel we need or is familiar.

During the month of February, we celebrate Valentines Day as a day of honouring those we love, however the most important honour must be within ourselves.  That sacred love you hold for your beloved is you, when that is felt then we are able to offer unconditional love or at least a measure of that to all we have in our lives.

The energy of February will ebb and flow throughout our field, as we step into our vibrational coat of light.  We can expect to feel highs and lows within the context of our personal journey.  We will begin to feel a little more comfortable as our emotions settle and we will able to make easier decisions around change.  Be prepared for outcomes that don’t look anything like what you have thought they would, yet they appear and offer a larger vision or perspective.

Love is the frequency that is our means for inter-dimensional travel.  Love that is unconditional increases the frequency and vibration of everything it meets.  It expands our perception of energy, time and the power that is held within each of us.  Uniting this power through the collective will establish a higher frequency within the grids, leylines, crystals, and energy portals of our beloved Mother Earth.

February will de-frag our hard drive so too speak, which will push us to release the illusion of our ego, limitations, worn our beliefs and expectations of ourselves and others.  Everything is frequency and vibration.  We hear, speak, touch, eat, and move with vibration.  The spin rate of the vibration determines the density of the object.  We are spinning faster and releasing the dense parts of ourselves to become more crystalline liquid light.

Our Lightbody responds to love with the expression of Joy.  This is our birthright.  Every cell in our body craves to express Joy and the only obstacle to that are our repetitive thoughts of fear.

It is a time of great awakening and a time to be kind, gentle, and allowing with ourselves and more importantly, those we love.  Letting go of any expectation and be in a joyful now, connects to our Lightbody and the magical beings we are becoming.

If you are feeling alone, lifeless and unsettled rest assured you are not alone, but know that we have the support of the coming moons in February and our higher dimensional aspects to detach from the dense layers and shine brightly.

The choice is firmly and solely ours causing great excitement at the deepest core of our being.  Take time during February to recharge and centre this new energy as we prepare for further vibrational upgrades – there is much more to come.

Keep shining your Gorgeous Light !

With Loving Blessings in Service”


Coming Out Of Emotional Funk

When I finished re-writing, editing, formatting, and all the rest of the work with my first book The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory last year, I went into a blue funk or a creative form of postpartum depression after giving birth to it. It didn’t last long and I certainly understood why I felt mildly depressed after spending so much time, energy, drive, love and money on one single creative project for so long. Because I’d experienced this in fall of 2008 with my book The Temple Of Master Hotei, I figured I would experience something similar when I finished all aspects of A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution in January 2010. I did—the super-duper blue funk arrived big time as soon as I was done pushing and driving  so hard to get that book finished and on the market by the beginning of 2010 (the start of Phase Two of the Ascension Process). I emotionally crashed n’ burned, which I’m now coming out of and will be back to my normal old determined self very soon.

On September 9, 2009 (the triple 999’s and separation of the two worlds), I was deeply affected by those separation energies on that day. I finished writing Parts 1, 2, and 3 in A Lightworker’s Mission on Sept. 9, 2009. I still had the Epilogue and massive editing and formatting to go through, but on 09-09-09, I was emotionally and energetically ALL DONE writing about my First Wave Lightworker trek through Phase One of the ascension process! I couldn’t believe the timing, and how tight it was right down to the actual day! My problem on Sept. 10th was that I still didn’t want to write or do anything, and I obviously needed to move through that transition and finish the book by the end of 2009.

As is always the case with these ascension related energy and consciousness shifts, in a few days, I settled into the other side of the triple 9’s and got back to finishing A Lightworker’s Mission. My point with all this is that for me, this book and it’s completion perfectly coincided with the ending of Phase One of the ascension process for us First Wavers and other early transmuters with the ending of 2009. I don’t always fully know on a conscious level that I’m working on such a tight timeline, but I typically feel and sense it at other levels, and so, push extra hard when needed to deliver on time.

The 2009 winter solstice  was a doozy—as they have been for the past few years—but this one really rocked a lot of people deep and hard. Time’s short and compressing. Then we had the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Jan. 14, 2010 (which will hold for the next 6 months), followed by Jupiter entering Pisces on Jan. 17, 2010. Jupiter entering Pisces instantly knocked a lot of us on our emotional asses, and many of us felt the blue funk or slightly depressed and extra weird on that day. And here in SoCal, the Rains (El Niño) started on Jan. 17, 2010 too.  Welcome plentiful, abundant Jupiter to watery, emotional, ultra-sensitive Pisces! And, welcome everyone to the start of Phase Two of the ongoing ascension process within a new and higher level of being and world. There have been some casualties along the way, as would be expected, so keep the old discerning and inner sensing fine-tuned and running full-time.

With A Lightworker’s Mission finished and going on the market along with these monumental shifts and changes, my personal creative blue funk or mild depression felt highlighted by everything else happening energetically at the same time. All that tells me is that everything is perfect and right on-track, despite feeling a bit emotionally blue/depressed. Soon now we’ll all be feeling better and settling into being well within Phase Two — the great Conscious Creating phase of this process.


January 22, 2010

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