Pets & The Ascension Process

I’m an animal lover, always have been. For the majority of my life I’ve been more fond of animals than most humans. I expect that to change via the ongoing Ascension Process however, but animals have always been profoundly special and dear to my heart. I know many of you feel exactly like this too and for the same reasons.

Around 2001-ish we got a second kitten. We already had an adult cat that was my best friend at that time. As soon as I found the new kitten and brought him home I could tell he was very different from the older cat. Because I’ve had kittens/cats all my life, I’m pretty familiar with how they act, why, and their energies and ways etc. But this new kitten (in 2001) was so obviously different from all other cats/kittens I’d had that I was quit surprised.

After some inner level questioning I discovered the new kitten was, for lack of a better term, an “Indigo” kitten/cat. Yep, a higher vibrating feline than all the previous felines I’d had throughout my life. I was ecstatic because this meant we all had made many HUGE transitions to a much higher vibrational level. This new kitten was so much smarter, faster, more sensitive, more compassionate, more aware of everything and everyone than any previous feline I’d known and loved. It was really great and exciting having encountered my first “Indigo” kitty.

Years later I had a dream and saw another tiny baby kitten and knew this meant  he was soon to come into my life physically. A few weeks after my dream I was driving past the local pet store and sensed it was time to stop and check out if they had any kittens for sale. Within a couple of minutes I located the Kittens For Sale cage and sure enough there he was, my wee baby dream tuxedo kitten. I bought him on the spot and he’s been my best friend for the past four years now. He too is one of the higher vibrating new pets (feline) and is so very sensitive to all the ongoing ascension energies and constant changes, food, sounds, and such. I feel bad for him when he has difficult periods, just as I do, just as you do. When the ascension energies are extra difficult, he has trouble eating and keeping cat food down. He eats more cat grass than any cat I’ve ever known. If it was up to him he’d be a herbivore kitty!  And he isn’t impressed with lower vibrating humans any more than I am either and he hides when they’re even around my house outside.

But when we’ve adapted to the latest higher level of higher energies and all feels pristine and perfect again, he’s the best entertainment around. He runs through the house so fast it’s scary! His nick-name is Dash Incredible. He plays tag with me and he also tries to talk to us. Yes my cat is actually trying to say human words which I suspect many of them will be doing more and more thanks to the ongoing Ascension Process. His best words to date are, I want!’ He says it as clear as can be and every time we just stare at him, burst into laughter and give him any damn thing he wants.  We never taught him to say that or anything else. Notice how both the dogs and cats have been doing this talking over the past few years now.

Just as it is with us humans, our higher vibrating pets, our “Indigo” dogs and cats and whatever else experience the ongoing ascension symptoms, energy level changes, energy shifts and intense adjustment periods. They too are carrying more Light than ever before and they too are living through the ascension process just as we are in our ways so be respectful of their struggles, symptoms, constant adapting and adjustments.

Also know that when one of our beloved pets doesn’t want to remain in their current body and do any further ascension related business (for whatever their reasons), they’ll simply check out of that physical body. To them it’s no big deal or trauma like it is to us emotionally. Know too that in many cases they want to check out for a while but return in another body that more comfortably matches the current higher energies. They upgrade or trade-in for a new model in other words. So don’t cry your heart and eyes out when one of your much-beloved pets decides to exit that physical body — die. In many cases they return later in new and improved physical bodies that better match the higher frequency energies to continue living  more of the ongoing ascension processes right by our sides. Aren’t they just the most amazing, generous and loving souls?

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June 29, 2009

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Animal Angels Exiting 3D

There’s been another increase lately of certain animals leaving the planet—animals like blue whales, gray whales, different birds and many more.

Over the past week the local TV news has reported about 4 or 5 blue whales and yet another gray whale that have been discovered floating dead along the southern California coast. They claimed that the blue whales “…swam into boats…” if you can imagine such an absurd thing! Suicidal, kamikaze blue whales killing themselves by running their bodies into boats! How stupid do they think we are? Evidently that stupid.

Last night I had another potent psychic experience that was as usual very hard to get through emotionally. Just prior I was having a wonderful High Heart moment of deep love and gratitude towards my cat who was asleep under the bed covers with me. Suddenly it happened as it usually does  and I clairvoyantly  see different images of people doing profoundly horrible things. Things to other people, or as in last nights case, horrible things to cats and dogs.

I’ll spare everyone the heartbreaking details of what I saw last night as I’m sure you painfully know already the blatant cruelty and evilness that far too many humans subject animals to—in most cases their own pets. It’s unthinkable to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that this sort of thing has been and still is a common Dark occurrence on planet Earth.

When I have these types of awake psychic and/or dream state experiences it’s for different reasons. One is that I need at some level to personally witness and emotionally feel what torture, murder and profound fear feels like. And secondly, when this happens my higher Heart takes that residual negative energy in and feels it, lives it, and then transmutes it. Old stuck lower or negative energies permanently gone. This is what many First Wave Lightworkers do because we’re very good at it because we’re energetically wired for it. We’re good at cleaning, clearing and transmuting lower, stuck, negative, Dark energies so they simply are no more. We’re Energy Transmuters or Cosmic Janitors. Romantic huh?

As some of you have probably read over the years, many of the different whale species have long been the beings who’ve cared for Earths oceans, which in turn, is caring for humanity. What we call our pets, our cats and dogs and all the rest of the wonderful verity of animals, they too have been here on Earth to teach, help and love us! We think it’s all about us loving them but the picture is much larger and more complex as usual. Never forget that the majority of constellations in the heavens above us, are animals!  Not George, Kathy and Frank, but the Ram, the Bull, Crab, Lion, Fishes, Scorpion/Eagle and so on. 😉

What’s happening even more quickly now is that these ancient Caretaker higher beings in Animal forms, are leaving the planet because their work and time here is ending. The ascended/ascending humanity or new Cosmic Humans will take over the responsibility of being the sole planetary Caretakers now. The old role of the 3D animals is also changing and many of them will go back to their Homes in higher dimensions.

I understood my experience last night to be about transmuting, what I was capable of, the old lower negative tortures and murders of many cats and dogs by humans just within the USA over the years. It was a horrible experience but I have the satisfaction of knowing that a huge chunk of free-floating negative energies caused by human actions upon animals has been permanently transmuted and cleared. It’s not only certain physical Caretaker animals leaving the planet now, but also, the entire energetic history of abuse and murder of animals by many humans.

I have that silly TV commercial for some house cleaning product running through my head…“Life’s messy, clean it up!” The Starseeds/Lightworkers/Forerunners/Wayshowers are and on multidimensional levels.


October 2, 2007

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