1992 Clairvoyant Vision of Changing North America


                               (Artist unknown)

In 1992 I very much wanted to move out of California. I wanted to leave the state and live someplace much more rural, private, and with a less frantic and intense energy. After a few months of frustration over being seemingly stuck here in SoCal, I intended to make a higher level connection to access some insights about where would be a good place for me to move to at that time. Prior to the start of my Ascension Process (Feb. 1, 1999), this was how I typically accessed higher frequency states of awareness and Light Information. I strongly desired and intended to know something and could easily shift my consciousness and frequency up enough to access some of it existing at that particular level. This day was no different. I had a powerful emotional desire to have a higher awareness viewpoint and scan the physical USA to discern where would be a good place for me to move to then. This information, this vision, is what I perceived that day in 1992 because of my intense personal need-to-know.

After making the necessary consciousness and energetic increase, I was immediately shown a minds-eye image of a beautiful native American Indian woman’s bare hand. It was open and poised about a foot above a large colored map of the USA. This female Native American (NA) hand was first positioned at the northeast coast of the USA and a couple of her fingers actually went out over the Atlantic ocean, and her thumb, index and middle finger came inland many miles. Her hand covered a pretty good width of land and a bit of sea in other words.

Very slowly the open hand moved south down the eastern coastline of the United States and I clairvoyantly watched and sensed what this visual symbol was saying. The hand continued down the entire east coast of the USA, across the upper half of Florida, then slowly over all the southern states following the border between the southern USA and Mexico as if Mexico wasn’t there. Next, the hand continued slowly up the western coastline of the USA, moving from the Mexican/USA border north up along all of California, Oregon and Washington. The hand stopped at the USA/Canadian border as it had with Mexico. I took this to mean that the message was focused on the USA only because that was the area I had considered. If I’d considered possibly moving to someplace in Mexico, Canada, or elsewhere on the planet, then I’m certain this hand would have continued to reveal this information in those countries as well.

Once the hand reached the Canadian border it closed into a loose fist and immediately moved right to hover above some states where it remained until this vision ended. Her fist hovered over North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. I then clairaudiently heard this Native American female say that her fist represented “The Heart” and that those four states were “The Heart of the country”. I assumed that physical area was very important to Native Americans of the past and that was why she said what she did about them. This was about energy in those areas more than anything else.

In 1992 global warming was unknown and not within the planetary Collective. I’d certainly never psychically perceived anything about it, but this vision sure indicated where flooding was quite possible at some point in our near futures. In 1992 I never bothered to ponder over what may cause such extreme flooding and so far inland. Because I lived in SoCal at that time (and still do), I thought that ocean water might come all the way inland to where I lived/live according to what this particular vision was indicating. I also wasn’t much impressed with the thought of moving to either of the Dakota’s, Montana or Wyoming. I didn’t feel a strong connection to those states and knew I wouldn’t move there. So… what was this 1992 clairvoyant vision message really about?

From around 1995 on I had repeated clairvoyant visions of the largest, worst, most horrific tsunami coming inland along most of California and destroying pretty much everything. It was one of the most devastating psychic visions I’ve ever seen (and trust me, that’s saying something!) and it repeated for many years which made me feel that it was a very strong probable reality. A few years into my Ascension Process, I finally understood that it had much to do with changing many probable realities and ‘Earth Changes’ that had been very near to happening physically. Due to many people starting to live the Ascension Process in 1999, 2000 and 2001, much of those unimaginably devastating ‘Earth Changes’ were transmuted and will not happen. Lightworking covers multiple categories and levels.

Since the beginning of 2009, it’s feeling and looking like some milder versions of—I repeat some—of these Earth changes have reached the point where they just need to shake, flood, rattle and roll! They won’t be anywhere near as severe and devastating as they would have been prior to the First and Second Waver Volunteer Lightworkers activation with living/embodying the Ascension Process in the early years of 1999, 2000, 2001. Much was transmuted between 1999 through the first-half of this decade so that the Earth Changes would not be as severe and widespread. However, it’s feeling like there’s going to be some excitement again with Earth/humanity/reality/consciousness as this massive transitioning process compresses and accelerates.

Weather, Earth Changes, societies, belief systems, physical systems and structures, human health, human mental/emotional health, consciousness itself etc. are all interconnected with each other. None of these things are isolated or disconnected from all the other things. This is one reason the weather is so schizophrenic-like now. Wildly strange or abnormal one day, then the extreme opposite the next day. Earth Changes? How about Reality Changes and Consciousness Changes! Of course Earth Changes are going to happen in varying degrees because they must. The Ascension Process and its many symptoms are “Earth Changes”  within our physical and energetic bodies and consciousness!

I don’t know if my 1992 vision of massive flooding where that NA woman’s hand indicated is still a physical possibility. To some degree I sense it is—more so in certain timelines than others—but not as severely as I first was shown in 1992. I do sense the earthquake activity will now increase worldwide and that many old lower things will simply be leveled. Fire and water are great natural ways that transmute lower frequency energies in physical locations very quickly. So, as you and I continue to live through our ongoing Ascension Process, remember that Earth and everyone/everything else is involved in this process too… even if they don’t believe in it or aren’t consciously aware of any of it. No fear, just more transitions.


April 8, 2009

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