Shiftings & Changes Again

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Here we are again, making the speedy annual Fall pilgrimage up the Energetic  Ascension Stair Steps. That’s not to say that we don’t do this throughout the rest of the year because we do, but the past couple of years now, the Fall 9, 10, 11 and 12 months have been incredibly intense and life changing. It really is a time of Harvesting and then adapting to these inner and outer changes.

Because I had been so busy during the Spring and Summer months working on my new book, (The Temple Of Master Hotei) and then the big rush during Sept. and Oct. to edit, re-edit and publish,  I wasn’t paying much attention to the building Fall Harvest energetic pressures. I was really more in a state of confusion and dismay over the book manifestation in late Oct. and was trying pretty hard to not acknowledge that big shifts and changes that were on the near horizon for me, again. But as always when we hunker down and try to stay where we had been when it is clearly time to move on, it is often a difficult and/or painful transition. It shouldn’t be but it often is.

And to make this years Fall Harvest more stressful and painful for me at least, was the fact that I didn’t really want to leave where I had been for the past 14 months. For the first time I had a little online Family and a place to hang out and share that was safe and sane. What a special rare gift it and they were too.

But by the time transiting Pluto made his great Costume Change from Sagittarius into 0° Capricorn on November 26, 2008, I simply couldn’t resist that powerful rush of new energies and was literally, energetically, shoved out of that familiar and much beloved club. Not by any one person or group of people there, but by Pluto, and one doesn’t screw with Mr. Pluto when He is knocking on your front door! You just ride the white-water on out and try to not freak out too much.

And now it seems to be that period, that phase, where many of us adapt to our new surroundings and wait for the Winter Solstice Sun to reach 0° Capricorn (and my birthday Sun at 1° Capricorn 2′). I suspect the Sun/Pluto conjunction on Dec. 22nd, only hours after the WS (Winter Solstice) (and hours before my birthday), will alter humanity and “reality” in brand new and highly dramatic ways!!!  I now see that this is one reason why I had to go through my recent Harvesting process and hang out by myself  for a while in No Mans Land. What a birthday present this year…PLUTO and me up close and personal for a good long while.  farting goat

Seriously, this should be fun at this point. Last night at 8:18 PM (I’ve seen numbers like this for years now; 2:12, 3:13, 5:15, 7:17, 8:18 etc.) we had another small but close earthquake here in SoCal. Hello Pluto in Capricorn, yeah let’s shake n’ bake the old falling reality so that a new and vastly higher, better world “reality” is available for those ready for one finally. This all-over-the-place post is really about the stages and phases of ongoing TRANSITIONS each of us goes through via the ascension/evolution/shifting process. What seems and feels so horrible one day, is easily seen a few days later as another very necessary change to be able to deal with more of what is coming soon. Things are rarely what they first appear, and we need to get ready for what’s coming with this years Winter Solstice and Pluto/Sun conjunction during it; some of us Mt. Goats more so than other folks.  😉

Denise Le Fay

December 6, 2008

Dream Messages & September 2007 Separation

Early this morning, September 6, 2007, I had 2 separate dreams that spoke volumes to me and probably will to you as well. The first dream I had was a short and to-the-point image of myself and 3–5 other people I didn’t recognize all silently working hard shoveling and spreading pale lavender gravel to create a NEW Pathway. It was our job to create this energy roadway or Path and build it for all the other people coming soon who would use it.

This dream was a symbolic image about my being a First Wave Lightworker and what I have been doing since February 1999, for both myself and all others who would be traveling on our lavender gravel Path living the alchemical Ascension Process.

The second dream message I had last night was about three hours later and it was in a large airport. Airports, airplanes, UFOs and flying in general are common dreams and ascension related activities for Lightworkers, Starseeds/Wanderers etc. I was watching people board the airplane from a distance and was feeling very happy and calm about it all.

The next scene was of this airplane going down the runway and gently lifting off and becoming fully airborne. I watched from a distance and suddenly, after the airplane had lifted a hundred feet or so off the runway, it instantly transformed into a huge translucent multicolored Phoenix bird that carried its passengers to a higher dimension.

It’s obvious that many of us are and no doubt will continue to be having these multidimensional visions, dream images and messages due to the much anticipated separation from the old lower vibrating  3D Earth world reality that’s happening throughout September 2007. The Path was built, the Way made clear, the higher Ascension energies have pushed us hard for many years and now, the final energetic separation from the lower everything. The UFOs and the Phoenix bird airplane are being filled with people who’ve been activated over the past few years and are now energetically ready to exit the old lower and land in the NEW much higher energies. Now the real fun begins.


September 6, 2007

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