Negative Beings, Psychic Attacks & Nightmares

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Because I was born a sensitive, psychic, clairvoyant, Ascension ‘Volunteer’ and Forerunner, Starseed, Lightworker, Lightwarrior I’ve always been prone to and aware of what we call negative or Dark or evil beings and energies, what I call Team Dark. To me it’s all lower vibrating consciousness and energies. Do not misunderstand me however because many of those lower vibrating energies and consciousness want to KILL YOU, want to HARM YOU, want to and do feed off you energetically and endlessly want to cause you as much MISERY, PAIN, CHAOS and FEAR as It/They possibly can, especially if you’re carrying Light. So even though it or they can be highly dangerous and even deadly during certain stages of Forerunners/Wanderers/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos lives within lower 3D, they are still just seriously bad-ass lower vibrating energies and consciousness. It is what it is, no more no less but don’t be stupid, naive or gullible.

In the third dimension (3D), Duality was the name of the game with the negative Team Dark (TD) aliens and other beings and entities being the controllers of humanity and human consciousness and physical reality for a very long time. That’s not the case any longer I am very proud to say, but of course that caused a big, angry, panicky uproar in the remaining unseen and seen TD nonhuman beings and TD physical human puppets.

How many of you have read any of Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadian books? If you have you’re familiar with their really great term System Busters’. I’ve always loved that term because it says it all; Forerunners/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Pathpavers are those who come in to (intentionally incarnate) energetically closed off dimensions, planets and entire systems for the reason of energetically busting down that old lower energy and consciousness to either energetically bring in and anchor a new astrological Age, and/or to help with the evolution of the planet and human species through the Ascension Process and dimensional shift such as what’s happening now. We’ve been doing all that and much more over the past decade or so. Why? Because those who volunteered to do this are the ones to clean up, literally transmute the energetic mess and imbalances (Duality) created on Earth by both humans and non-humans before the new and higher can replace it. Our time using the old 3D school with its matching systems is ending, which means the horrible distortions, negative residual emotional energies in 3D and 4D astral and general carnage had to be transmuted by those Forerunners that could, can do that level of energetic Work.

alarm Warning: This next material is rather X-Rated and very Dark so be prepared please.

Some Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers (aka Team Light) incarnate into and work in total negative Darkness in the beginning of the System Busting Ascension Process. Sensitives and people carrying more Light Energies naturally glow in the negative Dark and obviously are immediately and easily perceived by negative beings, aliens and entities (TD) more so than people not carrying, not embodying higher frequency Light Energies in themselves and their physical bodies.

I’ve gone through severe and profoundly difficult periods of Lightwork since 1999, where I had to directly feel, experience and live through actual events that physically happened to other people. It was necessary for me—as it was for many other Lightworkers/Transmuters around the planet—to personally, directly live through and feel certain horrific negative events and emotions etc. that have happened to other humans. Why? Because those negative, dark events and actions leave energetic scars and residual imprints (abundant psychic, etheric trash if you will) that doesn’t simply disappear when the event/action is physically finished. Some Lightworkers/Transmuters feel/felt both what the victims felt and what the perpetrators felt during those negative events and actions. Some Lightworkers/Transmuters dealt with Dark events and actions done in this current time period, other Lightworkers/Transmuters dealt more with negative events and actions created hundreds and thousands of years ago on 3D physical Earth. And some of us have worked extensively in the 4D Astral as well transmuting and clearing out much of the abundant negativity created throughout this past Evolutionary Cycle on Earth.

The majority of the time this transformational Ascension related Lightwork was done in the dream state for the simple reason that so much could be dealt with and transmuted in a relatively short period with the least amount of trauma to the Forerunner/Lightworker/Energy Transmuter. They’ve had to personally experience these negative actions and leftover energies through their bodies to experience it, feel it, see it etc. and then transmute and discharge or neutralize it. Through this intimate direct experience of witnessing, feeling physically, emotionally, and psychologically living certain past tortures, rapes, murders, sexual tortures and perversions of both adult females and males, children of both sexes and animals, also animal tortures and murders, the lower negative Dark stuck energies and consciousness created by those humans AND Team Dark beings and the acts and events, the Forerunner/Starseed/Lightworker was able to transmute those energies. In other words, they did the work of busting that energetic system and past residual negative energies, transmute them and take back the planet energetically while pointing out the energetic “Exit Door” to any living and dead who were ready for a higher way of Light. However, there are still many pockets of lower negative energies running loose everywhere and we encounter them repeatedly through the layers, cycles and numerous energy adjustments of the ongoing Ascension Process.

The other important reason why some Ascension Process Forerunners have this unpleasant job related task is because a direct record of these negative actions done by negative nonhuman aliens, beings and entities on other humans, and done by negative humans on other humans across time in the completing past Evolutionary Cycle. Forerunners personally and directly experience and relive what the victims and victimizers both experienced, felt, saw, heard, tasted etc. because it then becomes recorded through each Forerunner who personally and directly experienced all of them in this way and will be used as multidimensional evidence on every Team Dark being and human that perpetrated the events and actions in the physical and astral dimensions. No one and nothing gets away with anything anywhere, and at the end of each lengthy Evolutionary Cycle such as what we’re living through now in these current lifetimes, some Forerunners/Lightworkers/Pathpavers are needed to personally and directly collect evidence of the negative events, actions and deeds done upon others because it will be used later in higher dimensions.

I had two intentional human generated psychic attacks in 2008 from living people. I also had 3 or 4 experiences of what I call free-floating negative energies come wafting through my home during 2008 also and I wrote articles about some of them, including all the negative energies released and transmuted via the California Fire Storms of 2007 and 2008. I know many non-psychic, non-Lightworker people have and still do occasionally encounter these pockets of free-floating, on the move dislodged negative energies and Team Dark. They are free-floating negative energies and consciousness on-the-run due to all the previous transformational energy System Busting work done over the past 10-11 years or more. Their solid hold on the old lower 3D world has been shaken to the core, broken up, and busted apart. So much of it has been transmuted already but there are still and will continue to be for a while, moving, searching pockets of this horrible negative energy and beings frantically looking for anyone to sink its claws back into again. Because of this ongoing transition, I and some of you still do have these encounters with loose, roaming negative crap that’s looking for someone to destroy or harm in any way it/they can at this point.

I and my Mom both had another of these experiences a few nights ago and it returned the next night even stronger and more focused, but that then was the end of it for us. It’s always interesting and validating for us when things like this happen while we’re asleep at night and don’t know anything is happening with the other person. The next morning when one of us tells the other that we were attacked in a dream (which took the form of a strange and abnormal for us nightmare), and the other one shares that they had a very similar nightmare attack dream the same night, then I’m certain it was focused and intentional negative energy pounding on both of us.

The first night the psychic attack was minimal and weak, so much so I wasn’t sure it even was a psychic attack. But the second night was highly focused and hell-bent on kicking the life out of us both. Because it was the middle of the night and we were asleep, this psychic attack took the form of a nightmare for both of us. A huge clue for me with these type issues is that there’s a patriarchal theme to the nightmare; males killing and/or harming other males and females for whatever sick distorted reasons. In other words, there is a very specific theme and feel to these energies, these psychic attacks and these nightmares caused by old lower energies created in and by long-standing patriarchal distortions. I’ll spare everyone the ugly details and just say my nightmare had to do with another culture and race and how certain gangs within it hunt and kill other people within that physical area. It is territorial, but aren’t they all no matter the race or culture? There was running and hiding and people being caught and killed on the spot by this other gang or group of people. It was modern-day and an actual physical event that happened and is still physically happening today in certain locations in North, Central and South America. I woke myself up right before I witnessed another young brown-skinned man in front of me be murdered by another brown-skinned man or woman.

The second I opened my eyes from this nightmare in the darkness of my bedroom, I clearly saw the tell-tale negative energies right there three inches above my face and head, trying its damnedest to etherically pound my head in! I’ve seen this same negative energy phenomenon repeatedly over the years. This type of negative energy is always much physically darker than the surrounding natural darkness of  night, and it usually is moving frantically and violently around your head, face and upper body because it is trying to pound you into oblivion. This is part of the ongoing process and I can tell you from a lifetime of personal experiences, that it does get to a point where you’re vibrating far enough beyond its frequency and abilities that you finally are vibrationally untouchable. A very, very, long time coming to be sure but it does happen eventually.

The great difference between this recent psychic attack of a few nights ago and the last one of 5 months ago is monumental however. This recent attack could not and did not actually make contact with me enough to affect me physically. Yes it did make contact etherically because it’s so much easier to do that, especially if we’re asleep and OOB (out-of-body), but again, not enough to affect me physically which has always been the case my whole life. I am not sick physically from this recent psychic attack from another pocket of free-floating, dis-connected, lower negative energy, and this is a first for me. Blessed, hard-fought progression both internally and externally. Stay strong, stay aware, and keep moving forward vibrationally everyone. Know that these random encounters with the dying dark Negativity are vastly less powerful than before so fear not and keep moving forward because it is so much easier now than ever before.

Denise Le Fay

January 28, 2009

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Rage of Angels: Energetic Lightworking

Seems like a monstrous contradiction having rage and angels in the same sentence doesn’t it? I’m going to try to accurately express what I’ve just lived through the past 6 days or so. I’ve done this dozens and dozens of times before, but this time I was fully present and acutely aware of each and every phase and step in this Process. And I feel tremendously free and “normal” because of it at the moment.

I’m talking about the type of energetic transformational “Lightwork” I personally do. What I’m designed for I suppose. Like I said, I’ve always done this as it comes naturally for me but that doesn’t mean I have a great time doing it, only that I can do it and do it pretty well.

About 6 days ago something old and unpleasant was suddenly back in my little space and reality again that hadn’t been there for a while. Something I’m very familiar with and totally ready to not have to deal with anymore. It was dark lower energies. It’s like having to go back into “Hell” yet again. You know it’s going to be painful, you know it’s going to exhaust you, you know it’s going to make you feel, look, sound and act like a violent, hateful, obsessive crazy person again, but you also know from past experience that it must be done. I can’t NOT do it.

So what happens from my perspective is that suddenly lower energies are back again and they are all I can see, feel, smell, sense, hear and it makes me full of rage now. Decades ago it caused intense fear and hate but now only rage and utter intolerance. Please understand that this isn’t an intellectual process but an almost cellular one. I couldn’t stop this in myself for anything and believe me I’ve tried. This is a Process and it has distinct phases and steps and must unfold as it does for total transformation to occur.

I usually psychically see lower energy entities in my house, it physically feels as if the lower pressure will kill me, and of course as is always the case, one or more lower energy and conscious humans comes out of the woodwork and are literally only a few feet away from me for far too long. I endure their noise, their stupidity, their lower energies, negative energy attachments, emotions and all the rest of it until I think I’m loosing it completely. Then the Process moves to the next phase or step. That step is where I physically, emotionally and mentally absorbed all the lower energies I can cope with and then transmute them all IN my own physical body.

Again, this is NOT a planned conscious intellectually intended situation. There is nothing noble about any of this believe me! I’m raging and wanting to bash stupid skulls at this point because it’s IN me. I do not light incense, hold crystals, open chakras or call in higher beings etc. I’m trying to not go to jail for doing something bad to someone. 🙄  It just happens in me, through me. Currently this phase only takes a few hours, where 4, 6, 8 years ago it took months and was a constant situation for years. That’s how much progress and transmuting has been accomplished already.

The way I can tell that I’ve reached the nitty-gritty phase of internal transmuting is that I instantly become exhausted and start to get those good old “ascension flu symptoms”. I get the chills, aches, pains in my bones and joints, headache and I want to go to bed and sleep it off. When it’s really intense I do finally fall asleep for a few minutes here and there. I come in and go out in other words. It’s not a nap or deep sleep but that sort of sleeping you do when you’re very sick. It’s a strange state where the lower energies get burned, neutralized and transmuted inside my body and being.

Today this stage only took a few hours. When I woke up and walked through the house late this afternoon I stepped outside to feel the energies and everything that had been so bad for the past 6 days, intensely horrible dark and heavy, is totally gone now. It’s like the neighborhood has been energetically neutralized and is free-flowing and crystal clear again. Needless to say, I feel profoundly relieved and full of peace again because there is NO darkness here, at the moment. This is how the Process works for me, through me, in me and all around me. And, it will happen again and again and again until there’s no more need for me to go through it anymore. Thankfully it’s coming in, transmuting and ending much faster than ever before.


November 16, 2007

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Southern California Purgings

As some of you know I live in southern California and have for most of my life. I’m fine, Mom is fine, cat is fine, house is fine but it sure been very difficult being an ultra-sensitive during such intense energy purgings and clearings. We live in an area that was, for the most part, untouched by these wildfires burning throughout much of SoCal all the way down to Mexico. These Santa Ana winds—aka “Devil Winds”—are common during this time of year. What’s not common is how severe, vast and powerful the wind gusts and fire damages are this time. Here’s some latest stats to put this purging transformation in perspective.

  • 16 different fires in 7 different county’s
  • 1,500 + homes burned
  • half a million people evacuated – largest ever in CA
  • home damages only are over 1 billion dollars so far
  • winds gusts to 100+ mph
  • humidity was between 3% to 9% these past few days

When the first fire started Sunday morning I intuitively knew that much of So Cal was going to burn. It was a horrible knowing and was hard for me to connect with really. But I’ve lived here, right in the middle of all the old lower world craziness that is southern California, in a little patch of higher vibrating energy. It’s all around me but I’m not in it. I knew this prior to these wild fires but they’ve really proven it to me with all this.

A house only 2 blocks away burned to the ground in minutes yesterday. Not because of these other fires but because of something burning inside the house. Point is that the 40, 50, 60 mph Santa Ana winds stopped blowing right then; that one house burned down spewing black smoke straight upward, and after it had burned itself out, the winds returned! The houses here are packed in super close to each other so if the winds had been blowing then numerous other homes would have caught fire also.

Here we are, riding out the different storms, craziness burning all around us from the coast to the mountains to the Mexican border, but we’re fine other than every thing’s covered in dirt, dust, sand and ash! Think about the primary ways that the old lower dense or “negative” energies have been getting blasted. By water and fire. Flooding and Burning. Water and Fire purify and cleanse locations and situations faster than anything and so this is what we’ve been seeing and will continue to see…until it’s not needed anymore.

On the one hand the physical areas on the planet (like SoCal) that absolutely must transmute all lower old world energies will Burn and/or Flood in a literal purging. Look at what and where is burning here now. Numerous homes and lands from the coast to the canyons to the mountains. I love the mountains and the coast but I haven’t been to any in 18 years because they’re so energetically polluted by greed, stupidity, Partying and such. It’s too dense and uncomfortable for me so I stay away.

To cleanse land areas of all these types of lower vibrating energies produced by humans, (and also open some people’s Hearts) it burns and/or floods. (Katrina also purged a lot of very old lower energies in that whole area.) Think of this like having an Exorcism performed by Nature to purge Earth of the lower vibrating human energies. Out with the old lower crap energies from a self absorbed disconnected humanity so the new higher has a clean place to start from soon.

On that other hand we have what’s coming in Jan. 2008 with Pluto moving into Capricorn. I think that will bring numerous Exorcisms of a different type. They will have to do with purging out the old lower world man-made structures that control this planet. All of them. So it’s a two-fold process that’s going on now.

1) The ongoing physical purging of different locations around the planet usually via Water and/or Fire.

2) The soon to begin (Jan. ’08 Pluto in Capricorn transit) “falling” or purging of all the man-made structures and systems across the planet. Structures and systems like governments, corporations, military, medical, drug companies etc etc etc.

If it’s Dark lower anything, it’s going to be Exorcised in one way or another (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) because that time is ending now. Stand clear and stay in your High Heart which is hard to do when so much fear and suffering is all around you. Let The Process purge and transmute all that it absolutely must.


October 24, 2007

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Animal Angels Exiting 3D

There’s been another increase lately of certain animals leaving the planet—animals like blue whales, gray whales, different birds and many more.

Over the past week the local TV news has reported about 4 or 5 blue whales and yet another gray whale that have been discovered floating dead along the southern California coast. They claimed that the blue whales “…swam into boats…” if you can imagine such an absurd thing! Suicidal, kamikaze blue whales killing themselves by running their bodies into boats! How stupid do they think we are? Evidently that stupid.

Last night I had another potent psychic experience that was as usual very hard to get through emotionally. Just prior I was having a wonderful High Heart moment of deep love and gratitude towards my cat who was asleep under the bed covers with me. Suddenly it happened as it usually does and I clairvoyantly see different images of people doing profoundly horrible things. Things to other people, or as in last night’s case, horrible things to cats and dogs.

I’ll spare everyone the heartbreaking details of what I saw last night as I’m sure you painfully know already the blatant cruelty and evilness that far too many humans subject animals to—in most cases their own pets. It’s unthinkable to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that this sort of thing has been and still is a common Dark occurrence on planet Earth.

When I have these types of awake psychic and/or dream state experiences it’s for different reasons. One is that I need at some level to personally witness and emotionally feel what torture, murder and profound fear feels like. And secondly, when this happens my higher Heart takes that residual negative energy in and feels it, lives it, and then transmutes it. Old stuck lower or negative energies permanently gone. This is what many First Wave Lightworkers do because we’re very good at it because we’re energetically wired for it. We’re good at cleaning, clearing and transmuting lower, stuck, negative, Dark energies so they simply are no more. We’re Energy Transmuters or Cosmic Janitors. Romantic huh?

As some of you have probably read over the years, many of the different whale species have long been the beings who’ve cared for Earths oceans, which in turn, is caring for humanity. What we call our pets, our cats and dogs and all the rest of the wonderful verity of animals, they too have been here on Earth to teach, help and love us! We think it’s all about us loving them but the picture is much larger and more complex as usual. Never forget that the majority of constellations in the heavens above us, are animals!  Not George, Kathy and Frank, but the Ram, the Bull, Crab, Lion, Fishes, Scorpion/Eagle and so on.

What’s happening even more quickly now is that these ancient Caretaker higher beings in Animal forms, are leaving the planet because their work and time here is ending. The ascended/ascending humanity or new Cosmic Humans will take over the responsibility of being the sole planetary Caretakers now. The old role of the 3D animals is also changing and many of them will go back to their Homes in higher dimensions.

I understood my experience last night to be about transmuting, what I was capable of, the old lower negative tortures and murders of many cats and dogs by humans just within the USA over the years. It was a horrible experience, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that a huge chunk of free-floating negative energies caused by human actions upon animals has been permanently transmuted and cleared. It’s not only certain physical Caretaker animals leaving the planet now, but also, the entire energetic history of abuse and murder of animals by many humans.

I have that silly TV commercial for some house cleaning product running through my head…“Life’s messy, clean it up!” The Starseeds/Lightworkers/Forerunners/Wayshowers are and on multidimensional levels.


October 2, 2007

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