Rage & The Ascension Process


One wouldn’t normally think of RAGE and ASCENSION in the same sentence. However, the two go together and often very intensely for many of us living through the ongoing ascending, evolving, shifting process.

I’d never felt rage in my life prior to the start of my Ascension Process so it was a shocking and almost embarrassing feeling to have suddenly. There I was all the sudden, raging and hating certain people, certain systems and belief systems with such intensity that I wondered who I’d become overnight. It was a totally foreign feeling for me, and I wasn’t much impressed with it.

But I learned over time that RAGE was just one more aspect of the ongoing Ascension Process that many of us really need to go through. The big question is why of course. So many people believe that if something and/or someone is “spiritual”, then it/they are going to manifest in that ancient stereotypical Christian colored package because that is all they’re familiar with after the past 2,100 Age of Pisces years. Many people expect ascension and its many symptoms and feelings to be kind and gentle and turn the other Piscean Age cheek type of business. Let me tell you, they’re in for a huge surprise!

RAGE and INTOLERANCE go hand-and-hand with the Ascension Process and it’s normal so don’t panic or feel terrible. Many of us need to realize that if we don’t finally become enraged over the negativity, the corruption, the greed, the insanity, the lower negative everything and everyone — even lower aspects within ourselves — nothing changes, improves or evolves.

To help us reach that state where we simply cannot and will not stomach or endure or continue being co-dependent with and enabling of all lower negative things, people, situations, beliefs and systems etc., the Ascension Process gives us intense RAGE and INTOLERANCE of all those systems, objects, beliefs and people still vibrating much lower. This is good, this is positive, this us evolving beyond those old lower patriarchal systems, greed and ignorance. The rage Ascension Process produces is a symptom of our evolving beyond those lower frequencies and consciousness. Don’t beat yourself up over this as it’s a normal aspect of your ongoing stair-steps of the Ascension Process. Feel what you’re feeling, but more importantly, know why you’re feeling it and then be ready to release it all back into neutrality.

Remember the story about Jesus “going postal” in the market/temple all over the money changers? Exactly.

Denise Le Fay

August 11, 2009

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No LOWER Energies Tolerated HERE!

I’ll never forget when, a few years ago, another new ascension symptom arrived. In all honesty I was very confused at first why I was feeling this way when I never had all my life prior. As I discovered later, it was a perfectly normal and highly important ascension symptom. What I’m referring to was the sudden and totally unexpected arrival of utter INTOLERANCE for so many things. Things like lower vibrating people, egos, polarized consciousness, lower vibrating energies and awareness in just about everyone and everything.

Suddenly foods, almost all products, building materials, clothing, all chemicals, egos and assholes, deception, evilness, physical locations steeped in lower vibrating energies, and simply lower vibrating consciousness in anything and everyone, myself included became intolerable. For a few years back then, I often said that I even repulsed myself! Such is the very personal, profoundly honest and often intense phases of the ongoing ascension process however.

Because I reincarnated as a Starseed Lightworker, a “Systems Buster” (to borrow Karen Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians ever so perfect term), and remembered and felt it from age five, I learned early on that I needed to live my life well below this worlds patriarchal radar. It was NOT time yet for me to come out of the higher vibrating Light Closet publicly. This is one main reason why Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds/”Systems Busters” etc., usually reincarnate in this life and time with serious amnesia. It’s literally a safeguard if you’ve reincarnated many decades prior to the beginning of the ascension process…for the first small groups it began physically in 1999 and 2000. These things are also time-coded prior to our births anyway. A decade or so later, here we are now halfway through 2008, and much of humanity is currently being triggered or activated by these higher cosmic ascension energies. That is if they wish to stay in body and go through this Process physically.

I’m not nor have I ever been a “religious” person. Religions for me were way up there in the top 3 or 4 of the Most Horrible Things on Earth during the past few thousand years. So very much evilness and darkness, total control and dis-empowerment of humanity has been done in the name of someones religion for thousands of years. Because of this it was vastly easier for me (thanks Dad, Mom, and my own Higher Self and Co.) to not get sucked into the Collective religious dis-empowerment belief systems that have existed throughout the Age of Pisces.  I could easily feel it all however with my Pisces ASC but have been deeply repulsed by the great distortions and misunderstandings in many religions since early childhood.

However I remember watching movies on TV many years ago about the story of Jesus, his supposed life and so on. There was one scene that affected me deeply and that was when Jesus manifested his utter INTOLERANCE in the “market” all over the “money changers” I believe they were called. You see the powerful symbolism portrayed in his violent actions and heated emotions? Not so very different today for many of us “System Busters”, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Path Pavers?

Because of this, other memories and current connections to higher levels of awareness, I recognized many of the archetypes that were present via the Pisces/Neptune energies of that Age and how they’ve been so horribly distorted to control and suppress humanity globally.

So when my utter INTOLERANCE for any and all lower vibrating things and people started, it was easier for me to not get hung-up in that “turn the other cheek” christian Piscean Age distorted BS. I understood that we Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds etc., would be switched ON first for the obvious reasons and that we’d increasingly be aware of and feel everything and everyone who was/is still vibrating at a lower frequency; existing, functioning and perceiving reality within their polarized ego selves only. In other words they’re still trapped within that 3D polarized box and lower vibratory world and reality and we’d see it and feel it clearly and painfully.

I learned when my utter INTOLERANCE got activated a few years ago that I was NOT supposed to tolerate lower frequencies in people, places, objects, materials and products, foods, chemicals, egos, situations and belief systems. I was reincarnate here now to “Bust Planetary Systems” that need to die away now. Tolerating lower things, egos, dysfunctional lower energy situations and belief systems, is very Piscean Age “CO-DEPENDENT” behavior and consciousness. Being an “ENABLER” of the very things, consciousness, ways and belief systems etc. that you and I as Lightworkers reincarnated here now to totally break down and transmute, is out of the question once a certain inner frequency level is personally reached. That however is very Aquarian sounding isn’t it?  Hence the profound necessity for this ascension symptom called INTOLERANCE of any and all lower frequency things on earth now. This is so NOT about “turning the other Piscean Age cheek…”, but about not “enabling” any of it to continue on. Out with the crusty old patriarchal dinosaurs, consciousness and Piscean Age (and much older) Collective, and in with new and vastly higher frequencies, consciousness, and human light-filled beings existing within a higher non-polarized dimension filled with Heart consciousness. Sounds very high Leo and Aquarius doesn’t it?

Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds always reincarnate in large numbers at each astrological Age change or TRANSITION. We always have for the purpose of “System Busting” the old ending astrological Ages energies, archetypes and consciousness while simultaneously carrying within ourselves the new astrological Ages energies, archetypes and consciousness in our bodies, high hearts and consciousness. Needless to say we’re usually not very popular people with the diehards of the previous Age and belief systems!

The huge difference now is that it’s not only an astrological Age change, but so very, very much more.

So again, the old lower vibrating energies, ego based people still functioning with polarized brains and consciousness do NOT want me/you/our energetic kind in their old little dying reality boxes. (My July 30th, 2008 blog entry “PRIVATE CLUB: No Higher Energies Tolerated Here!”) And obviously, me/you/our energetic kind who’ve been personally living the ongoing ascension process for many years already, do NOT want them or their polarized box reality and awareness around us either! (the reason for this blog entry.) The big difference is that they can’t come up energetically unless they’ve lived the numerous and ongoing steps, layers and many alchemical phases that the ascension process naturally is. Until you experience this repeatedly for yourself, it is a hard one to understand that it is literal. It is extremely physically painful and draining in all ways for higher vibrating beings, including many of us now, to go back and function within a vastly denser and polarized dimension/reality/world for very long at all. We can do it but it’s not fun and extremely exhausting and even painful physically.

There are no shortcuts in the DIY, “Do it yourself” ongoing Ascension Process. We each must walk up the transformational energetic and alchemical stair steps, one at a time (since 1999 each stair step symbolically and numerologically seemed to equal one physical year), the many levels and phases with the ascension process, to literally be transformed in all ways. If you haven’t started this energetic process as yet, if you haven’t’ been triggered or activated inside your physical body and consciousness by these higher cosmic energies that induce this incredible process called ascension, know that you most likely will be very soon.

The first few groups have passed up that first flight of 9 stair steps (years), reached the second floor landing back in Dec. 2007 which was the Zero Zone energies I posted about back then. We turned a huge corner energetically in Jan. 2008 and began up another flight of stair steps on the symbolic second floor. Humanity has recently stepped foot upon that first number one stair step on the first floor. Because time’s being increasingly compressed (our faster spin, our housing more higher dimensional Light etc.) this ongoing ascension process will increase in wild and unbelievable ways….thank goodness! What took me and others these past 11 years (notice the number is an 11) to live through and transmute, much of humanity will now burn through in months and a few short years, if they desire to remain in body physically and go through ascension physically that is.

Until all of humanity is at least on the same energetic page, we will continue to be in our different frequency states/realities/consciousness/awareness/worlds. Many of us are here, far more of them are still back there in the old lower falling world and reality we all grew up in together. When we hear real footsteps coming up from the first floor stair steps, then it’ll be time for real conversations, guidance and sharing of what we’ve already been living and being with these other people. Until then, we’re here and they’re still there and both groups have one hell of a frustrating time tolerating the other group.  Just imagine how grand it’s going to be on the other side of this one.

Denise Le Fay

August 4, 2008

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PRIVATE CLUB: No Light Energies Tolerated Here!

Occasionally I’m impulsed or called to go back into lower vibrating forums (where angels fear to tread) for the single purpose of dashing in, writing a couple of posts, thereby holding up a lit Lantern for anyone there who’s ready to see it, who may resonate with what I’ve posted, or who were already looking for something vastly higher, and then get the hell out as fast as possible! I do not want to go back down into those types of lower vibrating “spiritual” forums at this point and normally I don’t unless I’m called or drawn there for very specific reasons.

You know some of those forums with the words “SPIRITUAL” and/or “LOVE” in their names? You know how they instantly manifest the polar opposite energies every time you, me, or anyone posts anything that they don’t believe in? You know those certain “spiritual” forums where they preach, rant, endlessly debate for pages and pages, intellectually masturbate over every topic, and instantly, viciously, attack anyone who thinks or perceives differently than they do? Someone who actually has the nerve to post about it on their energetically closed circuit forum! Those so-called “spiritual” forums where a few forum members and even Mods/Admins attack anyone who actually is vibrating faster than they are and is using something other than only their left brain intellects to perceive other levels, dimensions and states of awareness and being. There’s nothing more repulsive to me than when people use their tiny left brain intellects to try and investigate their right brains! It does not work that way no matter how many decades or lifetimes you try to make it so.

See and feel all their “SPIRITUALNESS”?  See and feel all their “LOVE”? Feel their intellectual patriarchal beliefs, egos and lower vibrating energies repeatedly trying to bludgeon you and your Light/Information, hammer you endlessly into a puddle of bloody mush?  Feel their  real Spiritualness and Love? All that is nothing more than the lower old world version of what they honestly perceive as true spirituality, knowledge or wisdom and love. Repulsive, scary and profoundly sad isn’t it?

This situation is exactly like an addict who’s stoned or drunk out of their skulls, but they honestly believe that no one is aware that they’re stoned, drunk, both and/or addicted! Or like someone who’s mentally ill but knows without any doubt that they are perfectly sane. These sorts of people honestly believe that the rest of us are so stupid we just do not see that they are drunk/stoned/mentally/emotionally ill/or still vibrating at a lower slower frequency! Self delusion. Grand and terrible self delusions. The truth is that far more people do see that you’re stoned or drunk or existing at a lower vibrational rate than you’d ever suspect. But how could you possibly know any of this being so self involved, so self-deluded, so disconnected, and so utterly NOT about “SPIRITUAL” and/or “LOVE” anything? The rest of us see this as clearly as we see everything else plus, we know why you’re still the way you are; why you still perceive what you do and why you do. Because we’ve walked through the transformational Alchemical Fires and have become more than that ourselves. You might reread that sentence again.

At the end of every Astrological Age—especially this one—the new higher incoming energies, consciousness and human carriers of it get attacked, killed off if possible, beaten and battered, distorted, lied about and so on by the people who fear actual spiritual change and growth. Remember the last Age change and how it supposedly went then? Today isn’t any different.

Another aspect of this is how quickly that dark violent gang mentality comes rushing in when a vibrational outsider posts something that’s beyond their forums lower vibrating Members Only Club frequency. Certain forum members and Mods/Super Mods/Ultra Fab Group Mods quickly rally around the vibrational outsider to literally take him/her/them down as quickly as possible to show the other forum sheeple members how “powerful” they are. “Off with his/her/their heads…” the call goes out across their forums and the alpha Mod Pack quickly comes in to kill off the real Light.

“Hey…we only intellectually preach and debate about things here! Nobody can come in here and actually claim to be living them themselves! What the hell do you think you’re doing here huh? Who the hell do you think you are anyway? Get the fucking hell outta our closed-off and totally energetically controlled Spiritual Forum Club!”

Of course none of them openly and fully says that to me or you. No, they dip their verbal negative shit in sweet sounding pious religious and/or “new age” poison and then sling it at me/you/us in open forum posts, PMs and emails. All the while feeling ever so “spiritual”, smug, and holier than thou. You’re going extinct and you don’t even realize it. We know who you are even if you don’t.

Denise Le Fay

July 30, 2008

Dark Reactions To Light

Many years ago I had a lucid dream of a very horrific scene from one of my past lives. It’s something I’ll never forget as these types of experiences, these types of dream memories remain with you across time and space.

It took me a while to cope with and then integrate this particular past life experience and just because it came to me while I was asleep, certainly doesn’t make it any less potent than if I’d been wake and remembered it. After a few months had passed I started to understand why I’d suddenly remembered that particular past life event. I discovered that it was directly connected to me and my ongoing ascension process in this life and time. Remembering certain intense traumatic past life scenes, is usually tied in with something happening in our current life, and that’s the trigger to remembering it…whatever it may be.

This (dream of my)  past life memory and event was set in England prior to the French revolution. I was around 15 years old when this deeply disturbing event happened that I and my Uncle saw. He and I had been in town doing some business but as we were leaving the town center, we happened upon this monstrous, dark event. There was one foreign man standing in an open area there in town and, because he looked and felt different, he’d unfortunately attracted a crowd; a crowd of ignorant, fearful, violent, and very negative people.

He was from Persia I believe, and wore his native clothes, head coverings, jewelry and long dark beard. His skin was darker than all of ours and that alone was perceived as a serious threat by many of the locals. Far more importantly, he was an Initiate and also what we’d today call a “Lightworker”. THAT was really what subconsciously frightened, enraged and disturbed that particular group of local townspeople. The fact that he also looked and dressed very differently than they did simple added to their hatred and fears. This image (below) is the closest one I’ve found to my personal memories of this past life Persian Initiate/Lightworker and that’s the reason why I’m using it. I’ve searched for another image, another drawing,  that was closest to my memory of the Persian but couldn’t find anything. Some may be able to read the energies moving through this past and present event.

As my Uncle and I were walking towards our carriage, we heard this group of townspeople yelling at and ridiculing the Persian man for being different. They had encircled him and were throwing rocks, sticks and anything they could find at him. They were furious over his being so different, both on the outside and inside. He felt repulsive to them and they hated him for it and wanted him dead. They continued lashing out at him both verbally and physically. The Persian was a good foot taller than all of them but never did he fight back physically or verbally. He stood calmly as they all crowded in around him even tighter, quickly becoming a violent mob.

It was at this point that I became truly frightened for the foreign Persian mans safety. I’d never felt that type of fear in that life until that day, that hour, that moment in the center of town. I frantically pleaded with my Uncle to help the Persian or to at least get help elsewhere to breakup the rabid mob. He told me to be quiet and not draw the mob’s attention to us or they’d turn on us as well at that point. I was shocked and horrified, and felt terrible guilt for not being able to help the Persian at all. My Uncle held my arm tightly and wouldn’t let me move or speak loudly. The two of us stood there and watched the group of townspeople quickly turn into an insane, bloodthirsty mob. There were a few other townspeople like my Uncle and I, who also stood frozen in fear watching the mob attacking the Persian Initiate.

The mob of townspeople literally tore at the Persian with their bare hands and teeth, ripping away chunks of his flesh. He struggled against them and their blood-lust but never struck anyone. At this point the Persians eyes met mine and we connected in those few last seconds in a way I’ll never forget. I recognized him, he recognized me from across the town center as he was being ripped apart by the blood covered mob. Like talked to like in those last short seconds and the Persian told me telepathically,Do not fear, do not panic, remain silent as I’ll leave my body soon and will feel nothing of what they do. We are what we are and they hate and fear all of us who carry the Light. It is often how Darkness responds to the presence of  Light.”

And then the Persian was pulled down by the mad mob and thankfully left his body. The mob continued tearing his physical body apart until it was unrecognizable as a human man. They remained, like wild beasts, covered in his blood and the rest of us saw and felt a darkness we’d not felt until that day. My Uncle quickly dragged me to our carriage, shoved me inside and screamed at the driver to go. End of past life memory scene and dream.

Here’s a quote from Kryon from last year I think it was.

“Some of the oldest souls on the planet are afraid. The last time they became enlightened on this planet, they stuck out, and were killed for carrying their light. They carry that history around in their DNA and their Akashic Records.”

The Light simply is not leaving this time… the Dark is. 🙂


May 29, 2008

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Past Junk But On A Higher Rung

Here we are 4 months into the new 1 energies that 2008 (2 + 8 = 10 = 1 ) manifests, so how is it showing up in your life so far? Have you noticed anything in this current phase that resembles any of YOUR old past junk? I call it “junk” only because it usually feels highly unpleasant and is something, or a cluster of  somethings, we’d rather NOT have to deal with. In truth discovering the “junk” is our salvation but we’ll get to that in a second.

What I’ve become more aware of in 2008 (= 1) is that strange situations have been moved into place so as to trigger certain emotional reactions within ME. At first I do some ranting, huffing and puffing, stomping and cursing over these blatantly stupid, incorrect and unfair situations because I’m living this ongoing process too just like everyone else. But, because my brain does not totally fall out my ears during the initial phase of my “junk” encounters, I eventually calm down emotionally and begin digging deeper for answers as to why the situation has resurfaced again.

After I do some honest internal digging I always discover what I needed to discover; deeper layers of some past “junk” still in me. Amazing! You do years and years of inner work on different issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., only to have the cycle roll around again to a 1 year energy like now and have some of those old lower issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc., resurface via some seemingly NEW situation. Now here’s where the painful, unfair, pissygoddamned “junk” situation/situations is really the ways and means to even higher ground and greater Self.

If someone or a cluster of someones had NOT come along and triggered-off YOUR hidden deeper past layers of “junk” for you…just think how stuck you’d be! So bless their little egoic stupid cruel selves for igniting any deeper past traumas that I didn’t even realize were still in me! See how  our “junk” and other assholes usually go together?  Now say it with me everyone…“Thank you assholes for triggering MY old past junk therefore assisting me in clearing even finer deeper layers of past issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. within myself. I hope I’m able to do the same for you.” Now face the Sun and smile real big.

Isn’t this fun?! Well it can become fun when I discover those deeper layers and stop obsessing over the trigger, aka  the cluster of assholes. Seriously, once I figure it out it becomes a fairly easy and quick fix for me. It’s the not understanding and emotional reaction phase that nails me every time, as some of you good souls have seen first hand. Won’t it be wonderful (for all of us) when I/we no longer need an external trigger to pour salt in some old wound I/we’d thought I’d/we’d dealt with years before?

Point is I’m seeing many of us currently being triggered in whatever form/forms that goes straight to any of YOUR/MY “junk” the fastest now, thanks to our having entered another rung of the spiral represented by the 2008=1 energies, not to mention some potent planets (Pluto and Saturn with Neptune turning Rx  May 26th) in retrograde now too. So rant and rave if you need but follow that with a deeper inner search  for any similarities to past issues and/or situations YOU may still have, despite all the previous inner work you’ve done.  If anything is still there, know that it’s vastly less potent and scary than the previous 1–9 year cycles worth of “junk”.

For us to continue the ongoing ascension process, we’re now going to be moving into and then through whatever issues/wounds/fears/hates/traumas etc. faster than the previous 10 year cycle. We’re not working within the old lower dense 3D energies and world now and this will be reflected by our burning through any situations and inner cleanings and making adjustments in record “time” now. In other words, often same ol’ shit just much less potent because we’ve already cleared the biggest and worst of it in the past round so fear not. It can be resolved incredibly faster than ever before now if we don’t fall into the old lower frequency trap of fixating on the trigger aka assholes or whatever form the trigger takes for you.

As always the key is to feel and deal so you can move through it asap and get to whatever is next, if anything at this point. Happy 1 energies everyone and use it well.


April 26, 2008

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Being Released & Letting Go

The past 10 days to 2 weeks have been amazingly intense on many different levels and my personal life, physical body, my location here in burning, purging southern California have been reflections of this latest energy shift. It hasn’t been easy or fun, they rarely are, and this ones been huge. Today is the 3rd and final exact conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center (GC). This is like plugging in an electrical cord to the wall socket to access the energy. Today the GC will download through Pluto, Lord of The Underworld sitting at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and that current/Light/transformational Energy will literally plug into humanity and Earth. This influence will continue for a few more months, but today it’s exact and downloading into us.

With the wildfires burning So Cal, the eye of the hurricane became much smaller for me. I live in about the only county in So Cal that didn’t burn! These fires (some are still burning) surrounded us here, and when the winds stopped, the smoke came in and stayed. Today is the first day that I can’t smell or see smoke and can safely go outside and breath without a particle or dust mask.

As a sensitive it’s near impossible for me to NOT feel and be aware of the variety of emotional energies other people give off. The trick is to NOT get pulled out of my little eye of the hurricane energetically or emotionally every time I feel these types of things. Easier said than done sometimes and with most of So Cal on fire, people dying, loosing homes and property and beloved possessions for over a week, this has been difficult for all.

But it’s a lesson for me, and for many of you, as to how to maintain energetically and emotionally every time these dramatic dismantlement’s of the old happen. We’ve got to learn how to NOT get sucked back down into it all just because we’re sensitive/psychic/empathic etc., and, it’s in our physical backyards! We’d be no help to anyone if we energetically ‘fell’ every time reality shakes, quakes, burns, floods, changes and falls — and it’s going to be doing this a lot more than it has already.

Usually when we do stay a bit longer in the lower frequency world, the people there don’t want to hear what we have to say or what we believe. So both they and us feel frustrated and highly uncomfortable with each other. At this point it’s a no-win situation for both groups with us trying to remain where we don’t energetically belong any longer. WE have to Let Go some more, and they have to Release US some more.

Another large aspect of this latest shifting, changing, and adapting has to do with certain well-known public male teachers. Some men who have been for years now, lecturing, writing books, having their books turned into movies, teaching and touring about these planetary and human consciousness changes and numerous other things.

It’s wonderful and very helpful that these males (and the many others I’m not familiar with) are doing what they are; helping to awaken more and more of humanity with what they’ve personally experienced and learned. But, because they are males living in a patriarchal world, this can get tricky for them and their loyal following. I’ve watched from a distance over the past five years how some of these male teachers are themselves now having to make these same shifts and changes we have been. This means that many, many, of their loyal fans are fast coming up against some huge changes that I sense many are going to have a very difficult time with.

On the Ascension Path one inevitably reaches that energetic fork in the Road where intellectual belief systems dead-ends, circles round and round endlessly and is a huge trap. The new fork in the Road is The Path of releasing the fixated death grip on the intellect and stepping into the Journey of the High Heart. The Ascension Process naturally leads to this, but many people find it very difficult to move beyond their over developed left brained intellects — the old god of the lower world. Thankfully humanity has things like Pluto conjuncting the Galactic Center to help with this.

This is where many of these male teachers and their fans are now. It will be even harder for many of their fans because they haven’t discovered as yet that there is anything other than their beloved intellects within polarized old physicality. Most of humanity faces repeated phases of individually living and transmuting instead of just debating, pontificating and mentally masturbating over and over endlessly and stroking their own egos.

We need to get out-of-the-way and let them live this as we have. They need to let us go so we can do what we’re learning and getting familiar with at another level. Everyone is currently standing on the correct stair step of the moving evolutionary escalator at the moment, so I suggest we all focus on our current individual parts, jobs and level.


October 28, 2007

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