You Can’t Store That Crap In Here!

After doing ten years of intense and constant Inner Work—alchemical ascension and polarity resolution work—I know that lower vibrating anything simply cannot remain within me or me in it. If some lower something does get in via something I saw on TV or experienced out in the world, then that lower vibrating crap will manifest in a matter of hours as a dream so that I deal with it and get it transmuted and out of me.

“Hey, you can’t store that crap in here. Didn’t anybody tell ya that? I’m serious lady, that shit won’t work in here no more. It’s gotta go and go now!”

Clearly. But this is how we learn, and then learn some more. We thankfully read these things from other people whose job it is to inform us about these changes; these ascension, dimensional, consciousness, body and energy changes. It isn’t until we personally experience it—whatever IT is—that we know for ourselves how The Process works, looks, feels, functions and so on. And if you’re anything like me, you too have to go through these new higher stages and test the waters (and new consciousness tools and other very cool higher gadgets) more than once, make that more than three times. I just have to know some things much more deeply and intimately than other things is all. I can hear some of you going, “What in the hell is she talking about?”  Let me explain a bit better.

The other day I was resting after many hours of book editing and was just mushing-out watching TV. When I watch TV I always have a second channel prepared in my TV remote so that, if needed, I can instantly switch channels so lower, ugly, negative or repulsive stuff on TV does NOT get inside my cleaned and cleared head or body. May sound silly but I’m telling you, there is certain lower frequency, consciousness and reality stuff that I simply will not view or listen to on TV any more; I can’t because it is way too negative and does not work residing inside me and my cleared and cleaned Inner Temple.

Example: The other day I was watching something on TV and then realized it changed programs and I was now watching some docudrama thing about Vlad the Impaler. I thought it looked semi-interesting at first so I was switching back and forth between this channel and another one, not seriously into either show. Then all the sudden the Vlad channel goes into great detail, I mean way too much graphic detail about exactly how Vlad did his impaling of people. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the channel changed fast enough and some of that super-nasty negativity got in and made me very disturbed for two days. Two goddamn days and one night all because I’ve cleaned and cleared my own inner crap and couldn’t get the TV channel changed fast enough!

So hours later when it’s bedtime and I want and need to go to sleep, guess what’s there in my way? You guessed it, Vlad the Impaler and his monstrous actions. I’m thinking about pink ponies, candy canes, happy puppies, kittens, flowers, book writing, any freaking thing I can to override those TV Vlad images, and it ain’t working, and I’m pissed. But, I learned something very important for me at this time which is — Don’t go there cause your not equipped to cope or house it like you used to. Okey dokey, fine by me, lesson learned.

There is more to that helpful line about how difficult and painful it can be, and usually is, to go back down into the lower frequency world once you have cleaned up and transmuted your own inner stuff/junk/trash/wounds/stuck energies/emotions/polarity/monsters etc. It not only is disturbing and painful but you automatically will do everything to rid yourself of the lower dimensional, lower world nasty you picked up because you glanced back over your shoulder at it again. I’ve had this happen many times over the past few years now and literally, within a few hours after seeing something very low vibrating like this Vlad program, I will dream about it as the way to quickly clear and remove it from my higher vibrating body/mind/heart/self/world and reality. Fuck you Vlad, not in my  world!

“Like I told ya lady, you can’t store that crap in here anymore. It just don’t fit no more now the place is all cleaned up nice.”

Yeah, I totally get that now and thanks for making this crystal clear.


December 2, 2009

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No LOWER Energies Tolerated HERE!

I’ll never forget when, a few years ago, another new ascension symptom arrived. In all honesty I was very confused at first why I was feeling this way when I never had all my life prior. As I discovered later, it was a perfectly normal and highly important ascension symptom. What I’m referring to was the sudden and totally unexpected arrival of utter INTOLERANCE for so many things. Things like lower vibrating people, egos, polarized consciousness, lower vibrating energies and awareness in just about everyone and everything.

Suddenly foods, almost all products, building materials, clothing, all chemicals, egos and assholes, deception, evilness, physical locations steeped in lower vibrating energies, and simply lower vibrating consciousness in anything and everyone, myself included became intolerable. For a few years back then, I often said that I even repulsed myself! Such is the very personal, profoundly honest and often intense phases of the ongoing ascension process however.

Because I reincarnated as a Starseed Lightworker, a “Systems Buster” (to borrow Karen Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians ever so perfect term), and remembered and felt it from age five, I learned early on that I needed to live my life well below this worlds patriarchal radar. It was NOT time yet for me to come out of the higher vibrating Light Closet publicly. This is one main reason why Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds/”Systems Busters” etc., usually reincarnate in this life and time with serious amnesia. It’s literally a safeguard if you’ve reincarnated many decades prior to the beginning of the ascension process…for the first small groups it began physically in 1999 and 2000. These things are also time-coded prior to our births anyway. A decade or so later, here we are now halfway through 2008, and much of humanity is currently being triggered or activated by these higher cosmic ascension energies. That is if they wish to stay in body and go through this Process physically.

I’m not nor have I ever been a “religious” person. Religions for me were way up there in the top 3 or 4 of the Most Horrible Things on Earth during the past few thousand years. So very much evilness and darkness, total control and dis-empowerment of humanity has been done in the name of someones religion for thousands of years. Because of this it was vastly easier for me (thanks Dad, Mom, and my own Higher Self and Co.) to not get sucked into the Collective religious dis-empowerment belief systems that have existed throughout the Age of Pisces.  I could easily feel it all however with my Pisces ASC but have been deeply repulsed by the great distortions and misunderstandings in many religions since early childhood.

However I remember watching movies on TV many years ago about the story of Jesus, his supposed life and so on. There was one scene that affected me deeply and that was when Jesus manifested his utter INTOLERANCE in the “market” all over the “money changers” I believe they were called. You see the powerful symbolism portrayed in his violent actions and heated emotions? Not so very different today for many of us “System Busters”, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Path Pavers?

Because of this, other memories and current connections to higher levels of awareness, I recognized many of the archetypes that were present via the Pisces/Neptune energies of that Age and how they’ve been so horribly distorted to control and suppress humanity globally.

So when my utter INTOLERANCE for any and all lower vibrating things and people started, it was easier for me to not get hung-up in that “turn the other cheek” christian Piscean Age distorted BS. I understood that we Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds etc., would be switched ON first for the obvious reasons and that we’d increasingly be aware of and feel everything and everyone who was/is still vibrating at a lower frequency; existing, functioning and perceiving reality within their polarized ego selves only. In other words they’re still trapped within that 3D polarized box and lower vibratory world and reality and we’d see it and feel it clearly and painfully.

I learned when my utter INTOLERANCE got activated a few years ago that I was NOT supposed to tolerate lower frequencies in people, places, objects, materials and products, foods, chemicals, egos, situations and belief systems. I was reincarnate here now to “Bust Planetary Systems” that need to die away now. Tolerating lower things, egos, dysfunctional lower energy situations and belief systems, is very Piscean Age “CO-DEPENDENT” behavior and consciousness. Being an “ENABLER” of the very things, consciousness, ways and belief systems etc. that you and I as Lightworkers reincarnated here now to totally break down and transmute, is out of the question once a certain inner frequency level is personally reached. That however is very Aquarian sounding isn’t it?  Hence the profound necessity for this ascension symptom called INTOLERANCE of any and all lower frequency things on earth now. This is so NOT about “turning the other Piscean Age cheek…”, but about not “enabling” any of it to continue on. Out with the crusty old patriarchal dinosaurs, consciousness and Piscean Age (and much older) Collective, and in with new and vastly higher frequencies, consciousness, and human light-filled beings existing within a higher non-polarized dimension filled with Heart consciousness. Sounds very high Leo and Aquarius doesn’t it?

Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds always reincarnate in large numbers at each astrological Age change or TRANSITION. We always have for the purpose of “System Busting” the old ending astrological Ages energies, archetypes and consciousness while simultaneously carrying within ourselves the new astrological Ages energies, archetypes and consciousness in our bodies, high hearts and consciousness. Needless to say we’re usually not very popular people with the diehards of the previous Age and belief systems!

The huge difference now is that it’s not only an astrological Age change, but so very, very much more.

So again, the old lower vibrating energies, ego based people still functioning with polarized brains and consciousness do NOT want me/you/our energetic kind in their old little dying reality boxes. (My July 30th, 2008 blog entry “PRIVATE CLUB: No Higher Energies Tolerated Here!”) And obviously, me/you/our energetic kind who’ve been personally living the ongoing ascension process for many years already, do NOT want them or their polarized box reality and awareness around us either! (the reason for this blog entry.) The big difference is that they can’t come up energetically unless they’ve lived the numerous and ongoing steps, layers and many alchemical phases that the ascension process naturally is. Until you experience this repeatedly for yourself, it is a hard one to understand that it is literal. It is extremely physically painful and draining in all ways for higher vibrating beings, including many of us now, to go back and function within a vastly denser and polarized dimension/reality/world for very long at all. We can do it but it’s not fun and extremely exhausting and even painful physically.

There are no shortcuts in the DIY, “Do it yourself” ongoing Ascension Process. We each must walk up the transformational energetic and alchemical stair steps, one at a time (since 1999 each stair step symbolically and numerologically seemed to equal one physical year), the many levels and phases with the ascension process, to literally be transformed in all ways. If you haven’t started this energetic process as yet, if you haven’t’ been triggered or activated inside your physical body and consciousness by these higher cosmic energies that induce this incredible process called ascension, know that you most likely will be very soon.

The first few groups have passed up that first flight of 9 stair steps (years), reached the second floor landing back in Dec. 2007 which was the Zero Zone energies I posted about back then. We turned a huge corner energetically in Jan. 2008 and began up another flight of stair steps on the symbolic second floor. Humanity has recently stepped foot upon that first number one stair step on the first floor. Because time’s being increasingly compressed (our faster spin, our housing more higher dimensional Light etc.) this ongoing ascension process will increase in wild and unbelievable ways….thank goodness! What took me and others these past 11 years (notice the number is an 11) to live through and transmute, much of humanity will now burn through in months and a few short years, if they desire to remain in body physically and go through ascension physically that is.

Until all of humanity is at least on the same energetic page, we will continue to be in our different frequency states/realities/consciousness/awareness/worlds. Many of us are here, far more of them are still back there in the old lower falling world and reality we all grew up in together. When we hear real footsteps coming up from the first floor stair steps, then it’ll be time for real conversations, guidance and sharing of what we’ve already been living and being with these other people. Until then, we’re here and they’re still there and both groups have one hell of a frustrating time tolerating the other group.  Just imagine how grand it’s going to be on the other side of this one.

Denise Le Fay

August 4, 2008

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