2010 To Do List

  2010 TO DO List 

  • Don’t forget who is really in charge and creating the new higher world now.
  • Don’t bother trying to recreate familiar lower stuff  in the higher New World, it’s not appropriate, plus you can do better than that!
  • Dream BIG—imagine much higher and much better and do not settle for less.
  • Become more conscious of your Consciousness. Increasingly important as we remember how to consciously create and co-create.
  • Expect seeming miracles, happiness and increasingly greater High Heart Consciousness.
  • Be prepared to become even more different and new yourself. Our evolution/ascension/DNA/consciousness changes aren’t finished.
  • Be prepared to let go of even more of your little self for a greater HIGHER SELF conscious connection.
  • Ignore the increasing of the falling old lower world as it’s not your issue, responsibility, or energetic state of being any longer.
  • Be prepared for New higher (5D let’s call them) Planetary Grid Portals to open and to clairvoyantly see them sometimes.
  • Expect becoming increasingly aware of certain inter-dimensional ETs/Beings clairvoyantly and telepathically, awake and asleep.
  • Because our consciousness is continuing to evolve, expect lower 3D linear “time” to increasingly morph into more quantum or spherical-like “time” and awareness. It’s fun, enjoy it!
  • Deal with the continued ascension symptoms, adjustments and numerous re-adjustments that we will still be experiencing in 2010.
  • Know that money is not the end-all and that higher, much better, no-money methods will begin manifesting. Fear not!
  • Rely increasingly on your evolving 5D  High Heart Consciousness and not our old lower, linear, ego-based 3D polarized intellect/thinking.
  • Don’t expect the old lower falling world systems to solve your old problems. Expect/create/intend far, far above them.
  • You know what you DO NOT want in your/our New World, and so, it will not be there.

Depending upon where you currently are within the long ascension Process (which energy ascension stair step you’re currently standing on), you will either be deep in the early intense phase of ascension symptoms and thinking you’re dying, and you are and it’s wonderful so just hang in there and know it will eventually ease up. Or, you are further along within the Process and have already transmuted much within yourself, and therefore, the ascension symptoms are much less intense now. As it has been all along, this means that many people are still standing on a different stair step energetically within this Process.

Those of us who’ve been doing our Inner House Cleaning ascension transformational work for the past ten years or so now, are standing farther along on our energy stair steps at the beginning of 2010. This means we will be dealing with slightly different energies, responsibilities, consciousness and learning’s than the people who are deep within their Inner House Cleaning transformational phase of Inner Work. With the start of 2010, within the new separated world, some of us have reached the conscious creating and co-creating point finally meaning responsibility has reached a new higher level for sure.  I think during 2010 we’re going to get familiarized (again) with how consciously creating feels and works and get up-to-speed with what You/Me/WE want our New Higher World to look like and be. 2010 is the year for us to get our feet under us in our New World and get familiar with the many New Ways. (2011 however will take-off at a whole new level so we’ve got 2010 to get prepared and acquainted with being in a higher dimensional reality and body first.)

Another aspect of our reaching 2010 within the ascensions/dimensional shifting process, is that we absolutely have to get with the astrological Age of Aquarius and realize how mental (higher consciousness) it really is. Aquarius is an “Air” sign which means it is mental and has to do with consciousness (not intellect in a lower 3D polarized ego-based way) and our new more conscious connection to our Higher Selves; that Uranian wildcard energy that is like sudden enlightenment from On High.  Sounds fun, sounds exciting, sounds like a lot of higher responsibility at a brand new-to-us level. We’re going to have to become much more conscious of our consciousness and what thoughts are wandering through our minds and hearts. Why? Because we could manifest them. Now that is 5D responsibility. Welcome to the fifth dimensional level of the Age of Aquarius!   

I know we’ve all got a lot more DNA and consciousness evolving coming throughout 2010. I get the sense that 2010 for some of us is about getting our feet back under us now that we’re completely in the New World. I sense 2010 will be a year of new and exciting energies/higher consciousness/DNA activations in preparation for the next 20 X faster increase coming in early 2011.  Happy New Year everyone and keep your Heart Consciousness on The New.


January 1, 2010

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How Do I KNOW That?

Over the past few years I’ve been aware that how I know things, how I’m accessing information has changed dramatically. It’s not the old familiar ego-based consciousness, it’s not tiny left-brain intellectual thinking, nor is it even intuitive or psychic perception. It’s higher and much larger knowing of things; it’s not linear thinking. It is Higher Mind, HighHeart Consciousness.

Being a life-long sensitive, psychic, seer I was fairly familiar with how my mind works, how information comes to me and how my mind fiddles and analyzes things. If you’re sensitive/psychic/clairvoyant etc., it becomes highly important that you learn to discern what are indeed YOUR thoughts and feelings in comparison to picking up OTHER people’s thoughts and feelings. I’ve made the mistake of assuming that certain thoughts were mine when actually they were someone else’s, so, I’ve gotten familiar with how my mind works and how I deal with incoming information and so on.

Because of this I was a bit more conscious of my consciousness. When this began changing a few years ago I noticed it immediately. I just knew/know certain things with NO previous knowledge about it whatsoever. Now that sort of thing really makes you pay attention to what’s in your awareness, coming out of your mouth, or on to the written page! It makes you ask yourself, “How did I know that?”

I’ve discovered it’s due to my being closer to my own Higher Self now. Because of this I’m able to access knowledge/Light/information which to “me” seems incredibly vast and amazing. Sometimes I can grab all of it in those few moments and retain it long enough to externalize it to someone or write about it. Much of the time these higher connections with vast amounts of Light/information that my Higher Self has always had at its finger tips, seems to me to be huge chunks of higher knowledge that I often have difficulty expressing at this slower earthly rate. Frustrating sometimes and yet, I know that at another level I DID get it all and often, it isn’t even important that I express it.  Higher knowing is knowing without any emotional excitement (ego) about it and/or  needing to share it with others. This type of awareness comes through the High (ego-less) Heart and not the mind in the way we’re used to thinking of it. It’s an instantaneous knowing something. I know how weird that must sound to people who’ve not as yet experienced this, but when you do, it’ll make perfect sense…in an unthinking way.

I know this is a new way of perception for those of us who’ve been living the ongoing ascension process and it will become the next primary way we all perceive. High Heart awareness that comes from our being vastly closer to (and more aware of) our own Higher Selves and Source. It’s the beginning stages of us perceiving within 5D well beyond lower polarized, dual thinking/consciousness. Triality or Unity consciousness, where that higher third aspect point is your own Higher Self.

So when you find yourself knowing certain things and not knowing how you know, know that you’ve transitioned beyond the old lower 3D linear polarized thinking and awareness and have arrived at the edge of a larger, higher , 5D way of perception. Hello Uranus…hello Aquarius…hello more of Me and everything.


July 3, 2008

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Much Higher Than That!

Like many of you I too read some of the current “channeled” material by a small handful of people. In all honesty I don’t need to read much of it because I prefer to know for myself through my own Higher Self. There is a very small number of people I trust what they say and what some of them channel.

In my opinion there’s tremendous amounts of distortion in much of the channeled material on the Internet now that does more damage than good. Everyone must learn to discern and read energies for themselves and not rely so on what other people and the “beings” they claim to be channeling are saying is absolute truth. Like I said, much of the channeled material has distortions in it because the level of information reached vibrates only as high as the human is capable of accessing. A lot of these people believe they are accessing higher levels and entities than they are. Always be very aware and mindful of this please and discern, discern, and discern some more.

I’ve been realizing over the past year or so to what degree many of us (myself included) need to greatly, greatly expand our expectations for the new higher frequency world and reality we’re moving into. I’m seeing more and more each week how we’re still so limited by our lack of imagination, our lack of higher vision, our lack of understanding how powerful we really are. If this issue is frustrating me imagine how much the other non-physicals, Angelics, ETs and Other Dimensionals feel? We have the potential now and in the next few months and years to create a world from a totally different level of vibration, being and consciousness. We have the ability now to create far beyond the highest and most profound of what we created as ancient ancients in Lemuria and Atlantis at its highest point. Far beyond that…just sit and float with that for a bit and let yourself go to vastly higher places in your High Creative Heart and feel, imagine and sense a much grander existence for yourself and all else.

I’m mildly frustrated at the moment because there’s this belief spreading like the plague on the Internet that the possibility exists for vast amounts of monies to be released to everyone. My first thought about that whole concept is, what in the hell do they think 5D beings need money for? What in the Universe do ascending, evolving beings leaving 3D reality possibly need with money? It’s ridiculous and nothing more than old lower world consciousness. Like the belief about changing the old lower world into one of peace and love; it isn’t going to happen because it’s time is ending and it’s Graduation time. I’m stunned that people are thinking along these lines at this point, and yet, I realize that these people don’t understand what’s happening and certainly not what’s possible. They don’t get it yet. Come on people, think, feel, intuit, envision and expect so much more that just cleaning up the water and air, ending wars and freeing up all the money on the planet. We’re ascending out of that whole old lower world and consciousness now. How many Ascended Masters, ascended Angelic Humans and Starbeings have you heard of that used or desired money? That carry purses, that have bank accounts, wallets even?

I know that as the weeks, months, and next few years pass more of humanity will naturally begin this compressed ascension process which automatically evolves consciousness and perception. Thankfully these sorts of issues about needing money, getting money, living in a world that still uses money will be forgotten like all the other lower old world things that used to mean so much to us. What I’d like others to realize is that we’re ascending, evolving into beings that won’t create a new higher world reality that’s anything like the old lower one we’re leaving. Money and wars and greed and fear can’t exist where we’re going, where many of us are already. It’s energetically impossible.

So as these big shifts happen and old familiar things, customs and belief systems quickly turn to dust, understand that at the same time you and I and everyone else who’s energetically carrying the higher vibrations will have dramatically different awareness. We’ll create in very different ways than we can comprehend at this moment. I’ve seen bits and pieces, I remember the ancient Ways and I’ve felt the Unseen Ones standing aside, waiting for enough of us to more fully remember what we really are and that we can create anything now. If you doubt what I’m suggesting and I certainly expect lots of automatic discernment, then just think back 10 short years ago and feel how far we’ve come. If you’re a bit older as I am, think back 25-35 years and you’ll know how far we’ve come in the past 20 short years alone. Now just imagine the quantum leaps we’re going to be taking this year, next year, the year after that and you’ll start to grasp how really different we’ll all be, and of course, how different reality will be because of it.

More connected and functioning DNA and Light…not money and old lower world things. Sunday January 27, 2008 Pluto enters Capricorn, last of the Earth Signs, and Pluto will greatly assist all of humanity into a totally higher vibrating structure both internally and externally. Far greater things are coming than just spreading the old lower world 3D wealth around. Envision and expect so much more for yourself and everyone because that’s what’s really coming.


January 22, 2008

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