Pleiadian Teachings From Ancient Egypt

I’ve written a bit already about my past life memory of the 6D teachings from the Sirian Sacred Architect in ancient Egypt. In this entry I’d like to share a scene from this same past life in Egypt of 12,600 B.C., but with the 5D Pleiadian teacher and what he taught us. After this I’ll share about the 8D Orion, what he was like, his physical appearance, and what he taught me that I remember. But first, the 5th dimensional Pleiadian and his particular teachings.

(The Pleiadian star system is located about 26°–28° Taurus. Think of all the different cultures across the planet and the ages who’ve had the Sacred Bull or the Sacred Cow as a primary deity or symbol. There is the clue to some level of connection back to the 5D Pleiades and Pleiadian ET beings.)


[From A Lightworker’s Mission by Denise Le Fay, Artist Yasmeen Harper – Fig. 3.13. The 5D Pleiadian ]

The classroom was a large stone rectangle filled with chairs for the 35 or so students. We all enjoyed going to the different Stellar teachers classrooms to learn about their home dimensions, the energies and consciousness in each, and what each of them would be passing on to us, their young star seeded  students. Today was our class with the 5th dimensional (5D) Pleiadian.

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll add a brief recap of what this Pleiadian physically looked like in that Egyptian past life. He was about 6 foot 2″, had long straight blond shoulder-length hair, sky-blue eyes, and Caucasian skin that always looked very tanned. His body shape was identical to the drawings and wall art of ancient Egypt—wide square shoulders with a narrow waist and hips.

He entered the classroom wearing his usual floor length robe that was covered in different gemstones. It was his unique trademark and it literally radiated a collective energy that was impossible to ignore. It pulled you into it and made you wonder how soft flowing fabric and rock-hard gemstones could feel so warm, loving and inviting. But that was what the Pleiadian being was all about—love, creativity, and beauty.

As he made his way to the front of  the classroom, all eyes and hearts were magnetically drawn into him and his multi-gemstone robe. He stood for a few moments just radiating and bathing all of us with his 5D energies of warm golden love, creativity and deep compassion. It was like smelling a beautiful scent fill a room and nearly intoxicate you. That was the natural way of the Pleiadian—to fill every inch of you with High Heart beauty and total inner balance.

After a few moments of us taking in his Pleiadian energies, he began his class. Today he was going to show us how colors, gemstones, and tones can energetically alter ones different bodies  and consciousness. How they can align or scatter energies and how to sense and read those energies. The Pleiadian used colors, gemstones and tones, like artists use paints, oils and brushes to create beautiful drawings and paintings.

He led the class to the side of the room, where another series of small stone rooms were. Each of these small rooms (about the size of a small closet), had different colored lights that shone down from overhead. One by one, each of us would enter one of these small, light-filled rooms to experience being showered in certain colored light. We were to sense what each different color did to our physical and etheric bodies so we’d learn how to use specific colors (and tones and gems) to heal and/or make whatever adjustments to ourselves or others when needed.  It was surprisingly easy to feel the energetic differences between the colors and how each one made you and your body feel.

Once we’d gotten very familiar with each color of light energy, the Pleiadian then taught us how to visualize and project a color or colors out to places, people, animals, buildings, our own bodies etc. In other words, he first taught us about colors/gemstones/tones, and then, the different ways in which they individually  affect different things. He taught us how to heal, transmute, alter, direct and focus the energies from colors and gemstones and different sounds or tones. Those were the Pleaidians primary 5D tools and what he taught us Starseeds but, underneath all those teachings were the real Pleiadian Teachings and they were High Heart, Love, Creativity and multi-leveled Beauty. Anything and everything the Pleiadian did there had all of those higher dimensional elements in it—without exception.

Denise Le Fay

June 12, 2008

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Ancient Egyptian Astrological Amulets

I’ve remember two “past lives” (actual simultaneous) in ancient Egypt for many years now. My first incarnation was around 12,600 B.C. at the beginning of the Age of Leo, I was a male, and 3 higher dimensional or ET beings from 3 different Star systems were present then.

My second ancient Egyptian “past life” was a few  thousand years later, and this time I was in a female body, and the three main elder Star or ET beings had left Earth long before this incarnation.

This particular past life memory is from the second female incarnation in Egypt.

I remember having an adult, full-sized, life-like statue of myself that was used as a dressing stand for clothing, jewelry, wigs and such. It was a fast and easy way for clothing to be measured and cut by the artisans who created the clothes we all wore. If you were busy doing something else it didn’t matter because there was a life-sized statue of you in your outer bedroom for the clothing makers to measure from. When the new outfit was finished, it was placed on your statue along with a correct wig if desired, and the appropriate collar and cuff jewelry. You could then make changes if necessary by viewing “yourself” fully dressed from all angles. Clever, and a very helpful setup actually.

Another common jewelry accessory that most everyone had and wore was their individual Natal (birth) chart. Ones astrological birth chart was calculated, then the metal and gemstone artisans would follow that blueprint and build one or more beautiful full-sized neck collars that was your personal Natal chart. They’d replace the planets with the appropriate matching gemstones, and place them all in the correct astrological Houses around the neck collar.

In other words, your Natal chart was recreated in gold metal strips and mesh primarily, but also with accents of copper and silver metal where needed. Then the matching gemstones for each planet were placed exactly where the planets were at your birth in the correct Houses all the way around the neck collar.

You not only had a very powerful astrological gemstone Amulet that was your Natal chart but, as was always the case with the ancient Egyptians, you were also wearing a beautiful unique piece of artwork that was readable by everyone else.

The ancient Egyptians (and other ancient cultures) were multidimensionally aware and because their consciousness naturally functioned this way, everything they created and built reflected this multidimensionality as well. It would never enter their minds to create and build something and have it represent only one disconnected thing! No, to them everything was many things and they were all interconnected and alive.

For the astrologers, look at your Natal chart and visualize the center hole cut out for your head to fit through. Visualize gently bending your circular Natal chart over your shoulders and there’s your ancient Egyptian neck collar—your living astrological gemstone amulet.


September 26, 2007

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