Milky Way Energy Bubbles Or Galactic Flares

Over the years I’ve used terms like the Cosmic Surf is up again, and Energy Waves, Energy Pulses, Energy Tsunamis etc. to describe incoming cosmic and galactic energies and pulses of wave energies heading towards Earth and humanity. We’re used to our Sun spewing solar flares, solar eruptions, CME’s, but now we’re hearing about what numerous Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers have known for many years — the Galactic Center of the Milky Way is changing and pouring out massive amounts of energies that are headed towards Earth and humanity. Solar flares, Galactic flares, and of course all this has to do with the Ascension Process and completion of the Mayan calendar cycles now.


January 6, 2011

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“Bubbles of Energy Are Found in Galaxy”

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

“From end to end, the newly discovered gamma-ray bubbles extend 50,000 light-years, or about half of the Milky Way’s diameter, as shown in this illustration.”

Published: November 9, 2010
“Something big is going on at the center of the galaxy, and astronomers are happy to say they don’t know what it is.

A group of scientists working with data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope said Tuesday that they had discovered two bubbles of energy erupting from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The bubbles, they said at a news conference and in a paper to be published Wednesday in The Astrophysical Journal, extend 25,000 light years up and down from each side of the galaxy and contain the energy equivalent to 100,000 supernova explosions.

“They’re big,” said Doug Finkbeiner of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, leader of the team that discovered them.

The source of the bubbles is a mystery. One possibility is that they are fueled by a wave of star births and deaths at the center of the galaxy. Another option is a gigantic belch from the black hole known to reside, like Jabba the Hutt, at the center of the Milky Way. What it is apparently not is dark matter, the mysterious something that astronomers say makes up a quarter of the universe and holds galaxies together.

“Wow,” said David Spergel, an astrophysicist at Princeton who was not involved in the work.

“And we think we know a lot about our own galaxy,” Dr. Spergel added, noting that the bubbles were almost as big as the galaxy and yet unsuspected until now.

Jon Morse, head of astrophysics at NASA headquarters, said, “This shows again that the universe is full of surprises.”

One of the most surprised was Dr. Finkbeiner. A year ago he was part of a group led by Gregory Dobler of the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, Calif., that said it had discerned the existence of a mysterious fog of high-energy particles buzzing around the center of the Milky Way. The particles manifested themselves as a haze of extra energy after all the known sources of gamma rays — the most energetic form of electromagnetic radiation — had been subtracted from Fermi data that had recently been made public.

At the time, Dr. Finkbeiner and his colleagues speculated that the haze was produced by dark matter. The center of the galaxy is home to all manner of wild and woolly high-energy phenomena, including a gigantic black hole and violently spinning pulsars, but cosmological theories also suggest that dark matter would be concentrated there. Collisions of dark matter particles, the theory goes, could produce showers of gamma rays.

But in the follow-up analysis, the haze — besides being bigger than Dr. Finkbeiner and his colleagues had thought — turned out to have sharp boundaries, like, well, a bubble. Dark matter, according to the prevailing theory, should be more diffuse.

“Dark matter has been there billions of years,” Dr. Finkbeiner explained. “If something has been going on for billions of years, you wouldn’t expect a sharp edge.”

He and the other scientists said this did not mean that dark matter was not there clogging the center of the galaxy, but that it would be harder to see.”

“A version of this article appeared in print on November 10, 2010, on page A18 of the New York edition.”

4 Heavy-Duty Transitional Months

After discovering a Red Ice Radio interview of Barbara Hand Clow a couple of weeks ago via YouTube which I posted here, I went in search of the Red Ice Creations website. Once there I found a more recent interview of Barbara on Nov. 11, 2010 which I want to also share. In this interview she mentions the weirdness and intensity of the four-month period from October 2010 through the end of January 2011 and how it’s a phase of intense endings and transitions in preparation for the start of the final Universal Underworld on February 10, 2011.

From the piles of compressed crazy positive and negative, multidimensional and earthly stuff I’ve lived through since Oct. 1, 2010 to today, [see my Oct Nov & Dec. 2010 posts] I could not agree more that we are soul-deep in a profoundly intense and never before experienced four-month period of preparation before the great final takeoff—the entry into the Universal Underworld. Over the past few months I’ve posted repeatedly about this increase before the last big increase begins and how we’ve been working very hard to get energetically up-to-speed so we can more comfortably (that was me being really polite!) transition into the Feb. 10, 2011 Universal Underworld, and then the final Ninth Wave 20-fold increase on March 9, 2011. (My mind shows me a silly but probably highly accurate visual image of a happy dog hanging its head out a car window at 65 MPH. Ears, tongue, lips and fur flapping wildly due to the speed the wind is hitting the dog. This of course is how my Higher Mind shows me big and important information sometimes; in almost insulting cartoon form! It has a sometimes rather sick sense of humor but it is always correct nonetheless. Translated this charming mental dog vision is informing me that we’re in for some very intense and much, much faster energies/awakenings/changes/times beginning soon that will blow our everything back…way, way back!)

I was glad to hear Barbara mention the fact that we’re about to experience the second change-over into another Underworld. If you go back and re-read my old post entitled “D 1 47” (under Ascension Process & Symptoms TOPICS) all of what we’re living through now may make a bit more sense. I didn’t know it at the time, but my D 1 47 activation was us entering the previous Underworld—the Galactic Underworld on Jan. 5, 1999. It was also when my biological Ascension Process started! It makes a ton of sense that, because we’re about to enter the last Underworld—the Universal Underworld—life/reality/consciousness is going to change in MASSIVE ways once again. And as Barbara says in this interview, I also do not believe that the Universal Underworld will affect us in the same way the Galactic Underworld did…praise the freaking Center of the Galaxy!!! However, that does not mean this last Underworld cycle and the Ninth Wave 20-fold increase is going to be a walk in the park either! It will be different, but still very intense. Honestly, how could it not be?

I struggled repeatedly trying to get Red Ice’s cool “player” link to work here but couldn’t make it happen. So, you’ll have to click on the link below and then click the play arrow on the small “player” on the right hand side of that page. It’s also helpful having the Mayan calendar dates and other info there to glance at as you listen to the interview. After listening you may also find the “Links & Sources to the program” on the left hand side of the page interesting too. Red Ice Creations Radio looks and feels like a nice and high vibrating place.


January 3, 2011

Crop Circles Part 2

Because I’ve never had physical experience with crop circles anywhere, I’d like to share some of Stu’s personal experiences and inter-dimensional encounters plus other ET/UFO anomalies that often go along with crop circles. Stu lives in the UK and has crop circles manifesting all around where he lives. Can you imagine?  🙂  Thank you Stu (and Olan) for writing about your personal crop circle experiences and sharing them here at TRANSITIONS.  The unfolding and evolving complexities of these crop circles/crop formations are amazing and how they’re physical manifestations of humanities and Earth’s ongoing ascension process and dimensional shifting process.


“My experiencing the amazing crop formations first hand in Wiltshire UK started back in 2003, so I’m still a new ‘croppie’ in my eyes! I always felt that the formations had an origin outside of the accepted ‘hoax’ view for the majority of the population. I will now talk about some of the exciting and strange events while down in Wiltshire with my friend, Olan.
(The 2 pictures of the ‘vortex’ formation are from 2006, the 2 ‘dolphin’ ones are from 2004 — mine is the dated 31/7/04. The cloud circle picture is from the 2004 event.)
Firstly July 2004—
We decided to climb Golden Ball Hill as we wanted a better view of the ‘Dolphin’ formation in the field below. When we got to the top I started to film the formation with my camcorder, at the time I didn’t notice anything unusual. Olan at this point was lying down checking the sky out for UFOs. He then said ‘look there is a circle in the clouds’! I hit the ground fast, lying on my back with my camcorder. I saw the outline of a circle in the white clouds, so I pressed record on the camcorder and filmed this anomaly for 30 seconds.
When I returned home I immediately wanted to review my footage to see if I had any of the orb/white ball phenomenon flying near to crop formations. These have been sighted many times before and still are to this day. I was very excited to see that I had been fortunate enough to capture 4 white orbs ‘taking off’ from the formation at a high rate of speed. Then when I reviewed the ‘sky circle’ footage I was amazed to see a single orb fly towards the ‘cloud circle’ at a very high speed! (I had to watch this in slow motion.) I maybe wrong, but I haven’t heard of anyone else getting this type of connection with the cloud circle and formations.
So, could the circle in the clouds be a cloaked craft? Do the orbs switch to surveillance after a formation is complete? These are all exciting theories to ponder on! “
Circle 1
July 2005—
Olan & I parked up in the car park overlooking East Field (Wiltshire), we were planning on climbing Milk Hill as this has a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and formations in the immediate area. We were about to start the walk when a lady in a dark business suit just down the road caught our attention. She was wearing high heels which is not the appropriate shoe for the area. The noise of the heels on the road was not right, it sounded like she didn’t know how to walk in them properly due to the heels scraping on the road.
Now the really telling bit! When she walked past us, she gave us a very ‘knowing’ look with a slight grin, it felt like she knew everything about us! For the rest of the day we couldn’t get her out of our heads, even now after 4 years I can still see that look. We then watched her walk up Milk Hill at a speed (remember she had high heels on) that seemed unnatural.
Then a game of ‘cat and mouse’ appeared to play out, us moving our position and car to see where she was on the hill, then us walking up the hill trying to meet her on the way down! This didn’t happen, we never did see her again.
So who or what was she?? Olan & I both now feel this was a humanoid encounter. This is how some ET encounters can play out, subtle things that to the unaware and insensitive observer, will seem like nothing.
Next July 2006—
We were visiting the ‘vortex’ formation in Aldbourne but didn’t know exactly where it was, so we were driving down the lanes trying to find it. As I was driving, Olan was looking around when he said ‘look there it is’. I immediately looked where he was pointing and saw for a second the formation very clear (unnaturally so!) through the hedge in the field not far from where we were.
After we had been in the formation, we went back to the area where we had seen the formation as we wanted to get some pictures. We drove up and down the road with no sight of the formation?! We worked out that with the position of where the formation was in relation to where we first saw it, the angle was impossible! It now appears the circle makers were giving us a big hint on the origins of the formation, funny how this has been likened to a ‘vortex’!
These were great times Olan & I had in Wiltshire, I will always feel fortunate to have experienced such events in preparation for the exciting times now and ahead.”
Circle 2
Circle smaller
Cloud circle