Being A Sensitive In Phase Two

More and more people are currently getting blasted on multiple levels (physically, psychically, emotionally, mentally) with the new Phase Two learning of how to maintain the higher 5D energy state and level they’ve reached via Phase One of the ongoing ascension process. On its own that statement doesn’t sound all that difficult, but when you add in the massive numbers of people vibrating both slightly below us, and those many more very much below us, then this becomes the rather large learning issue for us now.

I’ve been a sensitive/empath/clairvoyant/clairaudient/claircognizant all my life and I’m learning this one right along with everyone else now, and in all honesty, I’ve been a bit concerned about how I was going to handle the people/masses reacting to both the dying old lowly patriarchal global systems AND the escalating global Earth changes. I mean, I hate holidays because I can feel the masses of people radiating all they do at every damned holiday and it usually isn’t pleasant. So the holidays for me are hiding and trying to deflect the stupid shit, the frustrations, the wounds, the resentments, the fighting, the ego battles and power plays from throngs of humanity I don’t know or have never seen as they “celebrate” the old lower world holidays.

But what’s happening now is a new twist to this ultra sensitive business and makes perfect sense if you think about it. Especially now in Phase Two of the ongoing ascension process as the “Earth Changes”—to use Gordon-Michael Scallion’s great term—make huge increases in intensity and number around the planet. Everything is speeding up and compressing even more now in Phase Two, and this is perfectly represented by the stair-step Mayan pyramids. We’ve reach the top and last stair-step, which is the highest and smallest level or phase  symbolizing this increased compression and tremendous speed up of The Process.  Another of our current learning’s is how to exist within the eye of the storm of  planetary change and not get torn apart by it or “fall” energetically back down into lower fear-based levels, and how to maintain all that we’ve worked so hard to achieve within ourselves and everything else during Phase One.

If typical holidays affect me as they always have, then how the hell am I (and all of the rest of you super sensitives and empaths out there who’ve transmuted so much during Phase One) going to be able to survive all that we will be feeling and sensing from the masses who are increasingly living in fear and intense concern over the falling, dying, of the entire planetary patriarchal systems AND the Earth Changes?  How do we feel all that we do but not get sucked out of our higher frequency level by what we’re feeling? How do we remain and maintain within the eye of the storm of planetary change and hold the higher 5D frequencies that we have become ourselves?


I’ve long believed that our DNA will continue to be reconnected via  potent cosmic and solar  energy wave transmissions (because that’s what they’re for) and that during this ongoing process we will be changed even further and this topic won’t be an issue in the way it might be to many of us today. From High Heart consciousness one knows the whys to many more things and it is a calm, peaceful, deep  and crystal clear knowing.  It is not lower ego-based, high drama, wildly emotional fear-based thinking, it is the opposite of that—it is you functioning from your integrated, ascended 5D High Heart and knowing, seeing, feeling and understanding much more of the Big Picture.

When you know, feel and perceiving from you High Heart, you know from soul levels why things are happening the way they are. You know why people chose to die or exit their bodies in some Earth Change, and you know that it is perfect and was carefully chosen by them for not only their own continued learning and soul growth—but because we’re far more creative and multidimensional than just that—you know that their death in that Earth Change are also to teach and help their families and loved ones with certain issues or learning’s, to also help their community, and the rest of humanity and the planet. With High Heart consciousness you know these things and more, and everything is so right, so perfect, loving, generous and amazingly creative at higher soul levels and it is stunningly beautiful and complex.

Many of us sensitives and empaths who are re-learning how High Heart consciousness functions and feels now needs to remember that there are no accidents, there are no mistakes, there are no “wrong or right” ways to the dying and seeming chaos that comes with great  species and planetary changes like what is now unfolding. If you’re reincarnate on Earth now, then you very much wanted to be here to participate in this rare ascension/evolution/dimensional shifting event and you knew before you birthed yourself here that it was going to be intense. Many returned so they could get the 3D shit scared out of them in one form or another, because no place else like physical Earth provides such intense polarized experiences and feelings.  A life on Earth in a physical body is like riding  the most intense amusement park ride in the universe! Others came to experience the death of their body in an ascension-related Earth Change event. So, knowing these things at higher High Heart levels of consciousness should help us who feel and sense much more to not “fall” back down into lower levels of knee-jerk emotional reactions. Each one of us has our part to play in this great Process for self and for all. That in combination with the continuing reconnection and activation of our DNA, and the accompanying expansions of our higher consciousness and abilities, we will  simply know exactly what to do or not do and why for self and all. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing, hold on and maintain the higher energies that you’ve become, and feel, know and be. It is perfect even in its seeming craziness and chaos. We’ve done this before and are very good at it.


May 11, 2010

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