Original Hippies, Starseeds & Other Ancient Wonders

monterry pop festival 67

(The June 16-18, 1967 Monterey Pop Festival in Monterey, California)

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just that I’ve been so focused on finishing my new book, maybe it’s because of my (and many other people’s) recent Lightworker Strike and the subsequent changes in The Plans that things feel so quiet now. It’s nice to feel that higher level quietness and energetic pristine quality that it always is. After these past few summer months, it feels real good to have reached a gentle quiet patch finally. What a summer so far!

The energies have been popping all over the place since early June. There’s been so many earthquakes all around the Pacific Rim over the past month alone and yet, despite having more quakes (and more fires) all around where I live, we’ve not been directly affected by one of them. I’ve not even sensed all the earthquake and magma action like I usually do. How nice for things to be so quiet for me personally on that level and also finally on the financial “fallings” of California. The Terminator has other things to deal with now, like making another movie now that he’s learned he can’t get his way in politics like he thought he could. So the mega egos and quakes and all around “falling” continues all around me, and yet, it’s quiet and calm in my little patch of reality again.

Due to the recent changes of The Plans for Starseeds/Lightworkers helping the masses get on-board with the ascension process, things feel to me like we’re in rest mode which is FINE BY ME!  I’ve talked in the past about how I sense what our next step is within this ongoing process, and that is to create anew. Basically it’s time for far more letting go of old familiar and habitual ways of doing things. It’s time to really expand beyond what we’ve been used to all our lives on this planet and expect, and create, much higher ways of living and being on Earth. To do that we’ve got to let go of more of our belief systems and limitations and really know that these changes can and will be unrecognizable compared to what we grew up in. That is a very good thing! Changes like no money because everything is free to everyone because everyone does what they’re good at and honestly loves doing and providing. You need something, you take it for free, and when someone else needs something you’ve created, then they take it for free. We exchange, we share, we provide everything for each other and there’s no money at all. Do you remember living in a world like this long ago? What’s coming will be  better and more rich and creative and honest than anything before here.

Because I’m the age I am, I was a teenager during the 1960’s and graduated from High School in 1970, one year after the 1969 “Summer of Love” and Woodstock event. I lived through the First Phase of this planetary/humanity change that was ignited during the decade of the 1960s, and I personally experienced the patriarchy doing it’s best to crush us and the process in any ways they could way back then. Here we are fifty-plus years later and there are current planetary transits—the Saturn/Uranus oppositions in opposite signs to what they were in the 1960s—that are Phase Two of what was initiated with and through many (but certainly not all) of the Baby Boomers/Hippies/Starseeds in the 1960s. The “establishment”—aka the patriarchy and most everyone else—believed they’d silenced not only the hippies and the “peace and love” movement but also the dawning Aquarian Age and higher consciousness that came in with the 1960s. Stupid egoic bastards thought they’d rule the world forever! However, it/us didn’t go anywhere and we’ve been here doing what we’ve always been doing—invisibly changing reality for the better via the evolutionary Ascension Process.

The current “falling” is Phase Two of what very obviously began in the 1960s. What most people aren’t aware of  is that underneath the 1960s hippies, peace and love, anti war, and free everything business, amidst the massive numbers of original hippies were the real deal—real Starseeds, real Forerunners who were capable of physically housing within their bodies, minds and hearts those intense higher frequency astrological and cosmic energies and NOT overdose on free drugs, NOT go insane or become mental mush from excessive drug taking, NOT get sidetracked in endless sex and fun, NOT sell-out, NOT be killed off, and NOT be beaten down by the global patriarchal system and its members. Guess who those “long hairs”, those original “hippies” are today? They’re most of the planetary Spiritual Ascension teachers, authors, lectures and channelers and if you’ve noticed, we’re all around the same age. We’re in our late fifties and early sixties now and guess what many of us are still doing? What we’ve been doing all along—Lightworking, “System Busting”, Forerunning, and continually overriding the lower old negative energies and consciousness while simultaneously creating anew via the NEW higher Light Energies and HighHeart Consciousness.

peace and  red love


August 15, 2009

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