Transmuting More Layers


It’s always amused me how many people believe they’ve transmuted everything within themselves because they had a rough few days or weeks! It takes a whole lot more than just a few days, weeks or months to peel away the numerous layers of accumulated stuff from having involuted into physicality. Sorry but the evolutionary Ascension Process isn’t something that can be accomplished over a  weekend!


In the mid-1980’s a male friend shared an unusual dream he’d recently had. I thought his dream was very insightful for the mid-1980’s, and was impressed by its clear-cut symbolism. His dream consisted of him struggling to climb up a huge steep mountain while dragging along all of his prized possessions in heavy suitcases. The farther up this mountain he climbed, the heavier his many suitcases became, making it increasingly difficult and dangerous to keep trying to drag them up the steep and rocky terrain.

Once he’d reached the halfway point up this huge mountain, he knew he wouldn’t make it if he did not LET GO OF his many suitcases that contained his hard-earned and much-loved possessions. And so, after tremendous physical struggling and painful emotional deliberation over his precarious situation, he decided it would be worth it to release his many suitcases containing his prized possessions and continue climbing that mountain free of them all. If nothing else, just putting the suitcases down would make the rest of his treacherous journey up the mountain that much easier and safer he decided.

I so loved and respected that man in those short fifteen minutes it took him to relay his spiritual dream message. What a profound truth his dream was and is for so many of us decades later, crawling, exhausted and bloody up that steep mountain, many still clutching one or more of their increasingly heavy suitcases containing precious personal 3D belongings.


Belly Dance with veil

         (Denise Le Fay 1991)

One of my passions in my earlier Denise life—my life prior to the biological start of the Ascension Process—was Belly Dancing. I spent years mastering the dance steps and intricate body isolationss, the wondrous joy of spinning well, the foreign music and rhythms, mastering zill playing (finger cymbals), designing and making my own costumes and lastly, the fine art of performing and eventually performing well. (The photo above is me from a very long time ago. Time has marched on, and on…)

After nearly twenty years of doing this and loving all aspects of it, once I had mastered all the physical, emotional, mental, psychological and energy manipulation aspects of Belly Dance and performing, within a few short months I needed to retire completely at the ripe old age of thirty-nine (the famed Uranus Opposition)! There would be no lengthy phase of basking in the ease and comfort of mastering performing Belly Dance or anything else. I had achieved what I’d set out to do, had learned all I needed to from it on multiple levels and it was simply time for me to set those much-loved suitcases down, full of colorful exotic goodies and continue climbing the Ascension Mountain.


What’s that old  Piscean Age religious line…? “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of god…”

In mid-July 2010 I was suddenly lam-blasted by the necessity of releasing another of my “personal suitcases”. This particular suitcase contained my original passion and earlier Lightworker Service work through TRANSITIONS. In much the same way as my Belly Dancing career (and others), I’d reached the point where I had to let go of how I’ve interacted with TRANSITIONS and why. Once again I’d reached another level of Retirement from an old way of being, of Lightworker Serving, and of intense focus and creativity. Literally overnight in mid-July 2010, I went from TRANSITIONS being my primary place of Service, creativity and passion to zero interest and no one was more surprised by this than me.

Because I still had some personal issues, energies, emotions, Phase One and Phase Two habits and past Service Work patterns stuffed inside my ancient First Wave Lightworker Pathpaver suitcase, I’d taken far more care of it than I had of my physical body and that had to end now.

I’ve known since early 2006, that this day was coming for me (what’s happening in summer 2010 to many of us) and that there always comes a point where I (you, each of us) must yet again let go of and release some particular suitcase(s)  to continue climbing up the evolutionary ascension mountain. More accurately at this point, to die some more and pass through that minuscule eye of the needle portal to the Other Side totally 3D baggage-free.

This suitcase contained my scant remaining Phase One and Phase Two ascension survival  items, a couple personal comfort goodies, and a few old habits that at this point I desperately needed to offload. I simply could not do this however until I was triggered to do so, and I was triggered in a sudden and dramatic you’ve-got-no-more-choices-about-this type of Uranian way in mid-July 2010.

Now, midway through August 2010, I’m still adjusting physically to having dropped this particular suitcase like it was toxic, which it had become, and as I said in an earlier post, come fall 2010 I know I (and some of you) will begin the very first stages of re-learning how to be and create consciously as suitcase-less beings.


Obviously, plenty of times which brings us back to the seemingly endless un-layering, transmuting and then offloading stair step (mountain climbing) process that ascension is. I’ve said this before but it took some serious Multi-D doin’ and plannin’ to get our  high frequency Light selves down enough vibrationally to fit in tiny, dense, physical container bodies within a dense, polarized physical 3D world. Once here we immediately began collecting plenty of suitcases and stuffed each of them full of our fabulous and colorful travel souvenirs because that’s what it’s been about in pre-ascension 3D physicality; collecting precious soul souvenirs from all the lives, timelines and countries you’ve lived, created, learned from and died within.

But, as it is now with the ascension/compressed evolutionary/Age change process, we do this process in reverse. We must now be baggage-free and clear enough that nothing gets snagged and caught on us as it flows past or as we flow past it. Wheat from the chaff. We must be suitcase-free on all levels, even the earlier and familiar Phase One and Phase Two Lightworker/Path Paver/Wayshower/Starseed levels. Once we’ve reached this new state (lets call it Phase Three for now), we will finally be ready on all levels to be the 5D conscious creators and Aquarian group co-creators of our ascended new earth world.


Thirty-six years ago I asked my elder esoteric Astrology teacher where the most important point or area was in my astrological birth chart. Without skipping a beat he swiftly pointed his index finger at the very center point of my natal chart—where there was NOTHING—and tapped it in Master Yoda-like fashion. I looked at him and did the typically neophyte reaction and nodded in agreement—because I really did understand—but nonetheless asked him again where the most important point in my natal chart was! He looked me in the eye and gently shook his head and smiled then pointed out one particular planet and house in my natal chart.

Point is and always has been that, in the end, the most important point is in the center where there seems to be NO-THING. No precious travel souvenirs, not even any suitcases, just the reduced, refined, purified, integrated and greatly enhanced YOU. Once we have nothing left in us but calm, honest unattached contentment we’ll have access to it all and most likely won’t give a damn one way or the other! Ha, Mastery and Conscious Creating anew draws near.

Denise Le Fay

August 19, 2010

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Spinning Part 2

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the basic Belly Dance movements and steps. I intend to reveal simple but ancient knowledge and awareness with these images and to show the viewer that there’s far more going on with ancient Dances than first thought. This ancient language of symbols has always been there in plain sight but modern man has been blind to it all. Every time I used to step out barefoot in front of an audience to perform Belly Dance, I did so with the same intention; to subject the audience to specific energies. To trick them into viewing and feeling something very different than what they were expecting from a common Belly Dance performance. With the current consciousness expansion process much of humanity is living now, it’s time to explore these ancient truths, the Cosmic Dance Steps of the Goddess.


As you view the different symbol images below, understand that they are the Belly Dance steps! The ancient invisible patterns that Belly Dancers trace with different parts of their bodies. Native American Indians, Islanders, East Indians, Aboriginals, ancient Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures have danced, walked, stomped, hopped, undulated, swirled and spun to all of them for ages and ages. These ancient shapes are the geometric language of the Goddess and the repertoire of dance steps of Belly Dancers over the ages. From the different shaped orbits of planets in our solar system, to the spinning orbit of the earth tracing a huge circle around the sun, to the spiral arms of the spinning Milky Way galaxy, to the way the elements move in physicality, it’s all the same thing…the same sacred cosmic dance steps! It’s just that the ancients knew this where we’ve forgotten, but that’s changing fast now.

  The INFINITY symbol is one of the main belly dance movements. It’s traced with both hips or only one, forwards or backwards, parallel to the floor or upright as in the pictures. The hips, torso, the head, the Veil, the wrists and hands are all used to trace the Infinity symbol in belly dance. Unless you know what the dance movements and steps really are, they just look like a female dancing around in unique and sensual ways.

    SPIRALS and MULTIPLE SPIRALS are another basic dance move done with the body or in combination with other props such as a Veil or Veils or Fire or Feathers etc.

The CIRCLE is danced with both hips, one hip, the torso, one shoulder or both alternating, the wrists alternating, or the whole body in one large circular movement.

circles   circles-within-a-circle

Smaller CIRCLES within one large CIRCLE is danced doing fast tight small spins while traveling in a larger CIRCLE. This is really the movements of planets and orbits of earth around the sun and galaxies around the multiverse.


HALF CIRCLES are traced with both hips or off to the side with only one, the torso, and other traveling steps across the floor.

UNDULATIONS are a basic dance movement that can be done with different isolated parts of the body or combined into one full body movement from head to toe.

The sharp ANGLES are both traveling patterns and also stationary staccato hip, torso, head and hand accent hits. So there’s all the soft curving rounded shapes and also the intense sharp ANGLES.


 The TRIANGLE is traced with the hips, the chest, or the feet in larger traveling steps. The points of the TRIANGLE are usually accented with a hard hip hit or snap.


SQUARES are traced with the hips, the torso and the head. They’re also danced out on the floor and the corners are accented with hard hip hits.

There’s more but you get the picture. So next time you dance or watch someone else dancing, remember that the dance steps and movements come from these sacred geometric basics. When danced they have a wonderful way of easily connecting you up with the larger cosmic movements and patterns we’re all dancing within.

 Denise Le Fay

December 30, 2007