1 Matriarchy, 2 Patriarchy, 3 Ascending beyond Duality Into UNITY

Earth was first very Matriarchal, very Mother, very Goddess. Think of Lemuria. As we continued our energetic involution into increasing density and Duality, a Patriarchal half began manifesting. Think of Patriarchal Atlantis. I suspect that with that first major shift into more Duality and anchoring it within increasing density on this planet, earth’s inhabitants began to manifest the beginnings of what today is left brain only consciousness.

However, over these past 20-some years humanity has been living through a profoundly compressed phase of integrating these super ancient archetypal polarities/Duality, energies and ways of perceiving so-called reality on earth. Many people call this the ongoing Ascension Process, the Shift, the end of the Age of Pisces, the end of the ‘nano-second in time’, the completion of a 26,000 yearlong Great Cycle, the completion of one 250 million yearlong Milky Way Galactic rotation. It’s all these things and more.

What’s so wonderfully important to me about this seeming miracle is that humanity and earth are in an ongoing process now that is all about moving, evolving, ascending, shifting, Graduating beyond the past history and dense Duality frequency of this planet. We’ve reached that point where we’re vibrationally evolving, ascending to a higher and more vast level of consciousness; a higher frequency of awareness that is a natural result of spending so much time within Duality in earthly 3D physicality. Many already have, and many more are integrating the first Matriarchal aspects of themselves and the super ancient energies on earth, plus, we’ve been integrating the second Patriarchal aspects, energies and consciousness within self, humanity and earth. Many people have been, are, or soon will be integrating both of those ancient polarized, split-brained old lower planetary energies and shifting, ascending, evolving energetically and physically into a higher frequency state of being well above them both. This new 5D, vastly less dense state of being and new earth reality is about humanity becoming more unified individually and collectively.

One thing I want to stress is that I do NOT mean humanity has been wildly polarized, fractured, and projected but now we’re all going to instantly be non polarized and 100% unified, end of story! That type of thinking is the old lower polarized mind at work. That is the only way polarized consciousness is capable of contemplating some things beyond and outside of Duality. I mean that we are and will be living, experiencing, embodying within ourselves in every way VASTLY more unity, but that does not mean humanity has reached THE end state of spiritual, energetic and conscious “Unity”. Not at all. There are increasing levels and states of Unity just like there were increased levels and states of density and Duality. Energetic Stair-steps down into, and energetic Stair-steps up and out of.

1…, 2…, and then they naturally produce the next level which is the integrated being and state symbolized by the 3 – by triality consciousness and being. The pendulum swung way over to one extreme first, then of course it had to swing as far in the opposite direction into the Patriarchal time on earth and humanity’s consciousness. But finally humanity is graduating energetically up and out of this ancient 1–2 Duality into very different beings with very different consciousness. New integrated, non-polarized, vastly less dense and vastly more light-filled unified humans with brains that are (or soon will be) Rewired, unified individually with functioning High Hearts and High Minds. Higher vibrating 5D humans individually embodying more Light frequencies within themselves will need to exist within a matching reality/world/earth. The one thing naturally produces the other thing and of course there is a timeline with all this and it’s the end of the year 2012.

This is where we’re at right now; the old lower everything is falling away because its time is expiring now. It’s time to Graduate, shift, ascend, evolve, resolve, integrate and dramatically change energetically.

An Ascension Symbol

A week ago as I was waking up I saw in my mind’s eye this symbol and with it came a flood of split-second knowing about all it meant and represented. It’s a new symbol (one of many I’m sure) that represents the new ascended, evolved, non-dualized, integrated, light embodied, less dense 5D human of the new Age of Light.

Ascension symbol

The lower horizontal plane — the two split loops (some might see the two fishes of the Piscean Age) — represent lack of higher vibrational Light, much more density and Duality in the old lower 3D reality and its dualized consciousness.

The vertical more Light-filled and less dense single loop represents an integrated and ascended/ascending human who has physically lived through the first difficult phase of the Ascension Process and personally carries and exists within a higher frequency and state of ongoing expanding awareness. The symbol represents the NEW higher vibrating 5D Light infused human existing in a like-vibrating level and world.


November 27, 2008

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Living on the Cusp of Astrological Ages


It’s common for Starseeds/Wanderers/Wayshowers/Lightworkers to reincarnate during the difficult transitional periods or CUSP between the ending of one astrological Age and the beginning of the next. Lightworkers usually return in larger numbers then to assist humanity in breaking down the old astrological energies, consciousness, world and religious belief systems and so forth while also carrying within themselves the new incoming astrological energies and consciousness. It’s a huge aspect of what we/they have done in past Ages and what we’ve been living and doing in these current lives.

Obviously this sets the Lightworkers/Starseeds at odds with the masses (and vice versa!) still very happy living within the dying old Age and ways. Most folks aren’t fond of change no matter how needed it is and these strange people, these rebels, mavericks, visionaries and global boat-rockers, the “System Busters” to borrow Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadian’s wonderful term, always take a lot of blows for their efforts. But that’s what we do, what we are; beings who bust the old systems down while carrying in ourselves the new energies so it has a place to land and grow.

Another aspect of this that makes it more complex and difficult for us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers etc. is that unless you consciously remembered early on who and what you are, then you probably spent a lot of tough years wondering why you’re the odd man out or the alien here on Earth! Why ‘they’ all think and feel so differently here and how painfully you don’t fit in. Why you see and feel reality so differently than most all of them. It’s because you literally do! As a Lightworker/Wanderer/Starseed you’re carrying IN all aspects of yourself, the new incoming energies and awareness which causes you to see, feel and live from a very different perspective than the masses.

To make things even more complicated there’s many people who are trying to manifest the new astrological Age energies and consciousness but, they’re doing it from within the old Age and its belief systems still. This is where we get what’s been called by some, including myself, “fluffy” or “new agers”; people literally living on the cusp. Many of them talk, write, lecture and teach about certain new concepts and ways but it’s dressed in old Piscean Age Christian mentality still and they don’t even see it. With this we get a bleed-through of both Age’s or Living on the Edge as I’ve called it. Lots of old Piscean Age turn the other cheek type mentality mixed in with ‘love’ and ‘chakras’ and ‘healing’ and such. Wow… stuck between a rock and a cusp!

In other words a damned confusing time for most. Makes me what to scream The Fish are dead, long live the Waves!

And to really mess with all our minds, many (not all of course) of these people are old Atlantians reincarnate here now trying to help and do their parts too. There’s also many older Lemurians back again also and on and on it goes. The planet’s full of aliens and foreigners and they’re us wrapping up ancient issues and energies while housing the new. Welcome once again fellow Lightworkers and Starseeds to living on the Cusp of Ages.


October 15, 2007

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