In The Zero Zone

April 5, 1995 (4+5+1+9+9+5 = 33) I had the most important and clear dream message from my Higher Self I have ever had. Some of you reading this have already heard this story so please indulge me as I retell it. It was a simple clean image of a black background with large white letters and numbers. It looked like this:




It meant I would begin a very intense process of repeated deaths D (D is also the first letter of my name) so that I would become 1 unified being at age 47 . Not that this whole process would happen in that one year but that the process would being at that age for me. My birthday is at the end of December so I turn a year older and 9 days later we enter the New Year. I thought I understood what this dream message meant and I did – just not how deeply and intensely physical this process would actually be. I turned 47 in late December of 1998, and February 1, 1999 my physical/biological Ascension Process suddenly began. What that was like is another story; this article is about numbers and cycles of numbers. Energetic stair steps we’re walking up faster and faster with each new cycle. After the 9th step is the landing so to speak, the 0000000 zero zone, where we enter another phase of death “D” and must turn off to reboot before we can come back online in the 1 energies as very differently vibrating beings in a very different vibrating reality.

In numerology you add the numbers together to end up with a single number unless that number is a “Master” number such as 11, 22, 33 etc. So the rule is – add up all the numbers and then reduce them by adding that total together again and reduce again if necessary until you end up with a single number or a Master number. That single number is the energetic influence at play. Example: 2007 2+0+0+7=9. 9 is the energetic influence of the year 2007. Here’s a look at the past years and their overall number energies.



1987 = 25=7 (Harmonic Convergence Aug. 1987)



000000000 zero zone




1993=22 or 4


1995=24=6 (April 5, 1995 was my dream message)



1998=27=9 (Winter Solstice Sun begins closest alignment to Galactic Center & I turn 47)

0000000 Zero Zone

1999=28=10=1 (First few days of Feb. my “D 1 47” ascension process started)


2001=3 (Winter Solstice Sun completes alignment to Galactic Center at end of year)





2006=8 (Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center)

2007=9 (Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center)

00000000 zero zone

2008=10=1 (Jan. 2008 Pluto enters Capricorn, last of the Earth signs)

2009=11 or 2




You can clearly see how this cycles or rather spirals around. We used to go through these flat 1-9 3D pre-ascension cycles only to repeat them again because we hadn’t changed energetic elevation at all. Now however we’re climbing each numbered stair step to reach the 9th one and enter the powerful landing or 00000 Zero Zone where we disconnect enough to then come back in shortly with the 1 but, at a higher level on the spiral because we’ve evolved, ascended up many more energy stair-steps.


December 18, 2007

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Dealing with the Negative DARK Again

I rarely write my personal WHOLE TRUTH here. Don’t misunderstand me, I tell the truth, I just usually don’t tell it all for important reasons. Why you may be asking? Because I never felt it necessary to burden or frighten some people with how truly horrible, extreme and Dark things really are sometimes from my perspective. However, I’m going to talk about some of it today for different reasons. Some of you, and you know who you are, need to know this finally so just suck-it-up and deal with it.

It used to be ALL the time because there was NO LIGHT on Earth for most of my 55 years here. But, due to the numerous cosmic changes and Lightworkers intensely doing what They do over these past 10 + years, the LIGHT is what lives here now – not the Dark.

For the past 3 years I’ve rarely felt, seen, smelled or had to intensely and directly deal with the Dark again, and I really, really, REALLY enjoyed this new safe freedom. It’s starting to feel here on Earth, like what HOME always feels like. Of course there were periods where it, the Dark, would literally come floating in, pass through the inside of my house, and out the opposite end. I’d just smile because IT was on the move and hunting for a place to land again. Its days of IT being the primary energy on this planet are ending rapidly now, with only these pockets of Dark floating by, searching, every now and again.

Until a couple of weeks ago that is.

I could not believe—after these past three blissful years of being free of 98% of the Dark for the first time in my entire life—that IT was back again in such a horrible, wild and insane way. It was and still is up in the air above our whole town. It’s been loosed via the SoCal firestorms and It’s hanging on and on and on... The only time I’ve gone outside (ground zero for the southern California purging) over the past 2 weeks is to get the mail from the mailbox and water the plants as fast as I can! The Dark, the sense of evil and pressure was and still is today, so heavy that you can’t stay outside where IT is up there in the air above all of So Cal.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve repeatedly smashed my hands, arms and fingers against the door frames when I try to walk through doorways in the house. Also my inner head is moving, turning in a slow spin like falling out-of-body while conscious. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just weird and you feel like you’re falling but you’re not physically. I’ve had diarrhea for most of the month of Oct. I’m sure you’re glad I shared that one! I’ve had repeated unpleasant dreams, I’ve lived with nearly constant physical pain from head to toe, I’ve had serious trouble focusing mentally again, I’m forgetting the names of simple everyday objects like sink, orange juice, and chair. I’ve psychically and emphatically been feeling much of what other people are feeling due to their fears and pains caused by these fires. I’ve been really frustrated and pissed off again. I’ve also been feeling and sometimes seeing old unpleasant psychic impressions of dirty deeds done by people who’ve lived in southern California over the past few hundred years. Murders, rapes, greed, fear, hate, brutality, thefts, insanity…the usual stuff produced by lower vibrating humanity.

Sound familiar? Can you relate to any of these lovely symptoms? (Your mileage may vary slightly.) That’s what they all are — symptoms. With the firestorms across most of  So Cal (and like I said, many are still burning today, the air is bad again, and more Santa Ana winds are supposed to be coming this weekend) all the Dark lower vibrating residual energies/consciousness/emotions etc. that have existed here since humans – are being purged by the fires. Then the Lightworkers, who are usually all sensitives/psychics/empaths anyway, transmute it through themselves, through their very physical bodies. These big chunks of purged and up and about Darkness doesn’t just float away and dissipate nicely. No, what can be transmuted is, by Lightworkers. That’s what Lightworkers do.

So if you’ve felt like you’re losing it yet again, feeling like you’ve aged 60 years in 2 weeks, been unbalanced, head gyroscope like twirly and out-of-body, sick and in emotional and physical pain, coping with more Dark than you’d ever want to have to deal with AGAIN; then know that you, like me, have been transmuting the latest old Dark energies that these fires have brought up and out. Give yourself a hug, give yourself a break because you’ve done far more than you and I even realize on a conscious level.

The Sun’s in the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio/Pluto has to do with the cycle of birth-life-death-rebirth and lots and lots of letting go of any and all things that must currently be released and/or transmuted. Well done to those who’ve been working with this latest and ongoing purge and transformations. We’ll get a rest and re-balance period after this one and before the next one arrives, wherever that may be on the planet.

For those who don’t live this, you might consider giving those of us who do a break and some room to do what we’re supposed to be doing/living now. Thanks and it just may make more sense to you later on.


October 29, 2007

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Being Released & Letting Go

The past 10 days to 2 weeks have been amazingly intense on many different levels and my personal life, physical body, my location here in burning, purging southern California have been reflections of this latest energy shift. It hasn’t been easy or fun, they rarely are, and this ones been huge. Today is the 3rd and final exact conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center (GC). This is like plugging in an electrical cord to the wall socket to access the energy. Today the GC will download through Pluto, Lord of The Underworld sitting at 27 degrees Sagittarius, and that current/Light/transformational Energy will literally plug into humanity and Earth. This influence will continue for a few more months, but today it’s exact and downloading into us.

With the wildfires burning So Cal, the eye of the hurricane became much smaller for me. I live in about the only county in So Cal that didn’t burn! These fires (some are still burning) surrounded us here, and when the winds stopped, the smoke came in and stayed. Today is the first day that I can’t smell or see smoke and can safely go outside and breath without a particle or dust mask.

As a sensitive it’s near impossible for me to NOT feel and be aware of the variety of emotional energies other people give off. The trick is to NOT get pulled out of my little eye of the hurricane energetically or emotionally every time I feel these types of things. Easier said than done sometimes and with most of So Cal on fire, people dying, loosing homes and property and beloved possessions for over a week, this has been difficult for all.

But it’s a lesson for me, and for many of you, as to how to maintain energetically and emotionally every time these dramatic dismantlement’s of the old happen. We’ve got to learn how to NOT get sucked back down into it all just because we’re sensitive/psychic/empathic etc., and, it’s in our physical backyards! We’d be no help to anyone if we energetically ‘fell’ every time reality shakes, quakes, burns, floods, changes and falls — and it’s going to be doing this a lot more than it has already.

Usually when we do stay a bit longer in the lower frequency world, the people there don’t want to hear what we have to say or what we believe. So both they and us feel frustrated and highly uncomfortable with each other. At this point it’s a no-win situation for both groups with us trying to remain where we don’t energetically belong any longer. WE have to Let Go some more, and they have to Release US some more.

Another large aspect of this latest shifting, changing, and adapting has to do with certain well-known public male teachers. Some men who have been for years now, lecturing, writing books, having their books turned into movies, teaching and touring about these planetary and human consciousness changes and numerous other things.

It’s wonderful and very helpful that these males (and the many others I’m not familiar with) are doing what they are; helping to awaken more and more of humanity with what they’ve personally experienced and learned. But, because they are males living in a patriarchal world, this can get tricky for them and their loyal following. I’ve watched from a distance over the past five years how some of these male teachers are themselves now having to make these same shifts and changes we have been. This means that many, many, of their loyal fans are fast coming up against some huge changes that I sense many are going to have a very difficult time with.

On the Ascension Path one inevitably reaches that energetic fork in the Road where intellectual belief systems dead-ends, circles round and round endlessly and is a huge trap. The new fork in the Road is The Path of releasing the fixated death grip on the intellect and stepping into the Journey of the High Heart. The Ascension Process naturally leads to this, but many people find it very difficult to move beyond their over developed left brained intellects — the old god of the lower world. Thankfully humanity has things like Pluto conjuncting the Galactic Center to help with this.

This is where many of these male teachers and their fans are now. It will be even harder for many of their fans because they haven’t discovered as yet that there is anything other than their beloved intellects within polarized old physicality. Most of humanity faces repeated phases of individually living and transmuting instead of just debating, pontificating and mentally masturbating over and over endlessly and stroking their own egos.

We need to get out-of-the-way and let them live this as we have. They need to let us go so we can do what we’re learning and getting familiar with at another level. Everyone is currently standing on the correct stair step of the moving evolutionary escalator at the moment, so I suggest we all focus on our current individual parts, jobs and level.


October 28, 2007

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Animal Angels Exiting 3D

There’s been another increase lately of certain animals leaving the planet—animals like blue whales, gray whales, different birds and many more.

Over the past week the local TV news has reported about 4 or 5 blue whales and yet another gray whale that have been discovered floating dead along the southern California coast. They claimed that the blue whales “…swam into boats…” if you can imagine such an absurd thing! Suicidal, kamikaze blue whales killing themselves by running their bodies into boats! How stupid do they think we are? Evidently that stupid.

Last night I had another potent psychic experience that was as usual very hard to get through emotionally. Just prior I was having a wonderful High Heart moment of deep love and gratitude towards my cat who was asleep under the bed covers with me. Suddenly it happened as it usually does  and I clairvoyantly  see different images of people doing profoundly horrible things. Things to other people, or as in last nights case, horrible things to cats and dogs.

I’ll spare everyone the heartbreaking details of what I saw last night as I’m sure you painfully know already the blatant cruelty and evilness that far too many humans subject animals to—in most cases their own pets. It’s unthinkable to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that this sort of thing has been and still is a common Dark occurrence on planet Earth.

When I have these types of awake psychic and/or dream state experiences it’s for different reasons. One is that I need at some level to personally witness and emotionally feel what torture, murder and profound fear feels like. And secondly, when this happens my higher Heart takes that residual negative energy in and feels it, lives it, and then transmutes it. Old stuck lower or negative energies permanently gone. This is what many First Wave Lightworkers do because we’re very good at it because we’re energetically wired for it. We’re good at cleaning, clearing and transmuting lower, stuck, negative, Dark energies so they simply are no more. We’re Energy Transmuters or Cosmic Janitors. Romantic huh?

As some of you have probably read over the years, many of the different whale species have long been the beings who’ve cared for Earths oceans, which in turn, is caring for humanity. What we call our pets, our cats and dogs and all the rest of the wonderful verity of animals, they too have been here on Earth to teach, help and love us! We think it’s all about us loving them but the picture is much larger and more complex as usual. Never forget that the majority of constellations in the heavens above us, are animals!  Not George, Kathy and Frank, but the Ram, the Bull, Crab, Lion, Fishes, Scorpion/Eagle and so on. 😉

What’s happening even more quickly now is that these ancient Caretaker higher beings in Animal forms, are leaving the planet because their work and time here is ending. The ascended/ascending humanity or new Cosmic Humans will take over the responsibility of being the sole planetary Caretakers now. The old role of the 3D animals is also changing and many of them will go back to their Homes in higher dimensions.

I understood my experience last night to be about transmuting, what I was capable of, the old lower negative tortures and murders of many cats and dogs by humans just within the USA over the years. It was a horrible experience but I have the satisfaction of knowing that a huge chunk of free-floating negative energies caused by human actions upon animals has been permanently transmuted and cleared. It’s not only certain physical Caretaker animals leaving the planet now, but also, the entire energetic history of abuse and murder of animals by many humans.

I have that silly TV commercial for some house cleaning product running through my head…“Life’s messy, clean it up!” The Starseeds/Lightworkers/Forerunners/Wayshowers are and on multidimensional levels.


October 2, 2007

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