The 39-43 Age Group & Ascension

I know many of you reading this are in the 39–44 age group and are either just entering your Uranus Opposition transit, are smack in the middle of it, or are completing it. The astrological Uranus Opposition transit happens only once in our lifetimes and this period has been called by society, the mid-life crisis. It is indeed a transit of intense and sudden changes or crisis, but if you are a person who has already been living the Ascension Process, then your Uranus Opposition transit (transiting Uranus reaching the exact opposite sign and degree to your natal Uranus) usually becomes something vastly more potent than just the urge to buy a red sports car or get a divorce! The “crisis” runs much deeper than that and is a very important coded trigger event.

I’ve found that most First Wavers and many Second Wavers were coded (before incarnation) to have certain major astrological transits—such as the Uranus Opposition—propel us into even deeper levels of ascension related transformations. They were periods in our lives where we automatically were triggered, activated by our Higher Selves to shift even further and enter a higher level of our personal missions and service work as Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Forerunners etc.

Besides the Ascension Process, the once in a lifetime Uranus Opposition transit is a powerful, life-altering tool to make personal transformational changes that would normally take decades, if not multiple lifetimes to accomplish. In other words, I believe that the Uranus Opposition transit has been meticulously located in YOUR life within the current Ascension and dimensional shifting Process to better aid you in making these evolutionary transitions. I’m not saying that this whole process is any easier because of this, but that your Higher Self has carefully crafted and designed your living through this Ascension Process with as many safeguards, additional astrological transit triggers, backup plans and spiritual booster rockets as you/me/each of us needs to make the evolutionary ascension jump.

From higher non-physical levels we don’t care at all about how painful, difficult, unattractive, crazy or even dangerous this Process is. We’re here in physical bodies on Earth now to get the transformational evolutionary job done and the rest of it just doesn’t matter. Of course down here in the misery and stunning, beautiful brilliance of The Process itself, we feel a tad bit different about it all, which is typical so don’t beat yourself up over it. My point is that many of you who are age 39–43 or 44 are also living through your extra important Uranus Opposition transit where you and your life are probably right in the middle of one hell of a big multidimensional makeover! Just know that’s what it’s there for and let go of whatever is making you crazy or feels like is suffocating you and your soul now. This is the time to let go of whatever and whoever in your life that’s not moving forward as you are. It may be a job, a mate, a home, a career from many years ago, but if whatever it is is not in alignment with your Higher Self’s spiritual agenda, then know it’s time to kiss it goodbye and let your Uranus Opposition transit help transform you into the new higher and greater version of you.

Uranus Opposition symptoms are very much like Ascension symptoms so it’s hard to tell what’s causing what. I experienced many dreams from 39–43 that were very archetypal, powerful and personally insightful that helped me greatly to better understand certain aspects of myself and how I was changing. Know too that Uranus Opposition often triggers kundalini energy risings which, during the Ascension Process, feels like repeated hot flashes along with plenty of other rebellious emotions and deep, inner crazy journeys through your as yet unresolved lower, stuck junk in your Inner spiritual trunk. Uranus Opposition forces one to excavate all of your lower frequency, stuck emotional and energetic stuff within yourself, and the kundalini hot flashes are the Alchemical Fires that literally burn away your past density and help get you really free to enter another phase of your life. So hang in there and let The Process do all it does, even if it turns you a bit wild and weird for a few years! That is the Uranus Opposition energies transforming you while also living through the planetary Ascension Process, just as your Higher Self planned all along.


April 18, 2010

My Hatchet Man Nightmares

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I had a series of really horrible nightmares from early childhood all the way through to my Uranus Opposition (which we all go through from age 39–43). In other words, this recurring theme-dream of a very dark, scary, vengeful male stranger chasing me with a hatchet and killing everyone in his path wasn’t fully resolved until I was about forty-two years old. That’s a long damned time to have some deep inner issue chasing your backside through the astral planes! Oh how long and hard we run away from the very things that would actually free us.

As a young child this recurring nightmare started with this unknown man chasing me with a hatchet and if I ran to my parents, or neighbors, or friends… he just killed all of them. So soon there was guilt added to this very scary repeating theme nightmare. Over the years it was always the same; unknown hatchet man chasing me all over the place and killing anyone in his way that I led him to while running from him! He was always very close behind me, but never got close enough to hurt me.

Then the extremely potent Uranus Opposition transit to natal Uranus arrived at age 39 and this lifelong issue within me HAD to be faced and resolved finally. Was I consciously aware of any of this at the time? Heck no. So the dreams started up again with the same old scary and very angry hatchet man but now I was finally getting really tired of running from him. So instead of my decades long constant running away from him, I stopped and turned to face my Monster Man for the first time in my life. He didn’t know what to do when I did this, which I found very interesting. He was as habituated to chasing me as I was of running from him all my life.

Over a period of three years during my Uranus Opposition transit, I finally stopped running in these repeated theme nightmares, turned and faced HIM, and we tried to come up with solutions that worked for both of us. That is a lot of what the Uranus Opposition transit does, or rather forces people to do, and we should be profoundly grateful for it actually. I was shocked and very confused however about why He was so angry with me. During those 3 years of dreams/nightmares/inner work  I discovered that my scary Hatchet Man chasing nightmares were really about a rejected, abandoned, projected, unaccepted and unloved male aspect of MYSELF and how He had been trying to return Home to me since early childhood in this incarnation. I was shocked, saddened, and humbled when I discovered this truth halfway through my Uranus Opposition dream plane integration and resolution work.

Eventually I had another dream during this three year period where I told him he could, and get this symbolism, “Live in my basement for now,” which he joyfully and instantly accepted and moved right into “my basement”. At that point of this resolution and integration process, this was all I could cope with emotionally; letting HIM back into ME in small, safe incriminates without freaking out or running away again. It took me nearly three full years during my Uranus Opposition to become able to completely re-absorb this very angry rejected male aspect of myself who had been chasing me since about age nine in dreams.

The next step in this inner alchemical dream plane process was another dream where I found myself in a kitchen with about 8 or 9 neighbors, males and females, and none of them were happy about the “crazy hatchet man” who’d moved into MY basement! They were in fear ‘for the whole neighborhood.’ Amazing because all of the “neighbors” and the “neighborhood” was actually just more extended aspects of ME. Because this primary version of me (Denise) had accepted HIM back into myself, that old fear, projection and dis-connection was now spread out to other aspects of me who suddenly feared that the Hatchet Man would somehow now get them. See how our inner issues are dealt with by many aspects of ourselves when it’s too scary to be dealt with directly? In so many cases the different characters in our dreams are really all different aspects of US playing different roles for us.

In this one kitchen dream I told all of my neighbors that the crazy murderous Hatchet Man was not going to run loose anymore because I’d let him back into my basement to live. In other words, they were all safe and didn’t need to worry about him because I’d finally accepted him and allowed HIM to be reintegrated back into ME. End of that dream.

The next dream a few months later was the very last one I had with my enraged, murderous Hatchet Man. In it he and I talked face-to-face in the light of day and I told him I was finally ready to let him ‘Move up from my basement and now live in my Heart.’ At hearing that he smiled at me and instantly and permanently disappeared. I reabsorbed HIM into my Heart without any fear and that act caused me to become much more of ME. End of 35-yearlong nightmare chasing and fleeing dreams with my  Hatchet Man.

One simply must have all of the rejected, projected, Dark, feared, hated, evil, unloved and unaccepted aspects of themselves totally discharged emotionally and fully RE-integrated to be able to move vibrationally to higher, purer, vastly more unified and integrated, less dense levels of being and consciousness. Believe me, it’s far more exhausting and frightening running than it is to just stop and embrace whatever that needs to come Home and be Loved again within us, by us. This is another huge aspect of the Ascension/Evolutionary Process many individuals have, are and will be repeatedly living through. Fear not, just do it, and the sooner the better for you.

This brings us up to 2009 when the planet has entered the phase of integrating its age-old projected, unloved, unaccepted, rejected aspects or symbolic “Hatchet Man” energies. It’s time for real consciousness change and it’s going to happen in very different, sudden and dramatic ways now than what the masses believe or expect. It is compressed spiritual species and planetary evolution time. Get ready for the big ride now, not later, and if you honestly desire a Higher Heart way of living and being, then you too will easily survive the 2009 Storms of Change. Again, fear not, just finally do it for Self and All. ❤


January 9, 2009

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