Remember the Three-Day December 2012 LIFE REVIEW?

Because there’s been a few people writing Comments (under another article) about the changes and increases in intensity since the March 20, 2013 Vernal Equinox and entrance into the Second Trimester of the “Nine Months”, I thought I’d say a little something about this now. I’ll write a recap for the Second Trimester near the end of it, but because so many have been getting hit and hit hard with multiple physical Ascension symptoms and/or other life-changing events, it sounds like we all need to remember our 12-21-2012 Life Review with Divine Consciousness.

All of my life I’ve had conscious memory of what it’s like when we physically die and then go through what some cultures call the ‘Three Days’ period of leaving the physical body and traveling to and through the fourth dimension (4D) Astral plane and beyond. Although I’ve never traveled abroad physically in this life, I suspect this after physical death process is much like what it must be like going through Customs and other important check points and such when one is leaving one country and wanting to enter another and again another country and so on.  There are Stair Steps, procedures and transitional points to the after physical death process and one of the later stages of it has to do with us having a heart-to-heart meeting and talk with our High Self and Divine Consciousness.

This heart-to-heart meeting with our High Self and Divine Consciousness is a Life Review that more accurately could be called an Overall Soul Review. As I describe it next, please realize that it is far more complex, huge and Divine than words can describe. Also, this process is completely free of all emotions; incarnate human emotions such as fear, fear of more pain, fear of loss, fear of death or dying, guilt, sadness, anger etc. This entire 12-21-2012 or Three Days Life Review, and the after physical death Overall Soul Review(s), are the most honest and to the point sort of business meeting you could ever imagine!

So there you are after having traversed the Astral plane, gone through a few Customs check points, and eventually worked your way towards the higher frequency area where you and your Higher Self have the heart-to-heart meeting with the Boss, Divine Consciousness. You’ve done this many times and it’s no big deal in the way that incarnate humans might think or expect it to be. It is a big deal, but at higher frequency dimensions and states of Beings such as this, it’s just business as usual with a lot of extra awareness about a lot of things. So you have this higher dimensional meeting and with zero emotions whatsoever you honestly — because there is nothing else but utter, total, and complete honesty at these higher levels — review what you’ve done, what you’ve learned, what you’ve mastered, what you’ve almost mastered, what you really want to master, what you avoided and all the reasons why and so on. Nothing is not discussed or overlooked at these review meetings with Divine Consciousness, nothing.

You and your Higher Self and Divine Consciousness review these past incarnational issues and without any emotional attachments, fears, anxiety or anything else other than an unquenchable soul desire to get it right, utterly honest decisions are quickly reached about what you/You/YOU need to do next. No crying, no resentments, no fears, no guilt about how hard, painful, difficult or scary going back down vibrationally into another incarnation might be. Not one feeling or thought about any of that at these higher dimensional, higher frequency states of being exists to you/me/each of us. None of it. The ONLY thing that is important to each of us at higher dimensions and levels of being and consciousness is that we individually get it right — whatever that is for each of us in whatever life/lives/timeline/timelines. Period. Soul only desires to get it right whereas when we find ourselves back in physical bodies on a physical world again where things are painful, difficult and scary it’s a different story for sure. However, to each of us at higher states of our being and awareness, none of those lower frequency emotions, concerns and fears exist or matter. Not a one.

After the Soul Review, and in this case our alive, living in-body 12-21-2012 Life Review we begin the stair steps preparation work for our return journey back down vibrationally into physical reincarnation. We have our latest spiritual Soul Curriculum in heart and hand and that is all we want to accomplish once we get back into physical density and a physical body again. We need, we want, we greatly desire to complete The Mission and get it right so we’re able to move to the next Mission and the next and the next…

From the Three Days of 12-21-2012, 12-22-2012, 12-23-2012 after we each had this very rare and special physical level alive, living in-body we did not physically die Life Review, we’ve been going through intense changes internally and externally. Changes in our bodies, hearts and minds, in our external lives such as our homes, our jobs, our daily physical routines etc. Some have suddenly found themselves homeless, jobless, money-less, shocked, exhausted beyond belief and confused, and all of this on top of the already long-running physical, mental and emotional Ascension symptoms! My gawd how much more of this can we endure?! As much as you/You/YOU and Divine Consciousness discussed during the Three Days Life Review of December 21 through 23, 2012. I know, I’m going through it too in my own unique ways with my own unique Three-Day Life Review Soul Curriculum in heart and hand and it is, at times, painful and difficult.

Why is it so miserably hard and painful now after fourteen-plus years of brutal physical, biological Ascension Process symptoms already? Because we’ve got “Nine Months” left, actually only six months left now because we’ve just entered the Second Trimester on the Vernal Equinox of March 20, 2013 before the Separation of Worlds and Timelines begins. Said another way, what each of us — you/You/YOU — Reviewed with Divine Consciousness at some point during the Three Days, is in full effect now and we’re each feeling the accelerating pressures of it in our own unique ways. This is us carrying out what we/We/WE and Divine Consciousness discussed during the Ascension Process related rare Three Days LIVING Life Review and it can be or is at times more difficult, hard, and scarier than ever before because so much is changing, being changed and/or finally being dealt with and therefore transmuted into something NEW. This is us living and embodying whatever it was that each of us became aware of during our personal alive Life Review that took place at some point for every living human during the Three Days of December 21, 22, 23, 2012.

I mentioned in a Comment elsewhere recently that over the past few years I often am laying in my bed at night and hear repeated gunfire only a block or two away from my house. When this happens — and it’s been increasing since 2011 — I lay in my bed in the dark and intentionally, energetically deflect falling physical bullets from physically hitting my house and/or any of us in it. While this is happening, I’m simultaneously aware of small groups of higher dimensional Light Beings, Beings of Light grouped in small circles up above me (from my perspective in this physical dimension) watching me, watching you, watching all of us and waiting excitedly with profound LOVE and joy in their hearts for all of us and for what’s coming next.

800x800 colored beingsNonphysical Beings of Light, Light Beings hovering overhead while simultaneously certain physical humans kill or try to kill and/or intimidate other humans by firing their guns at them. How’s that for the current dualized extremes we’re all packed in together living side-by-side? Separation of World and Timelines? Yes please and as soon as possible.

These remaining six of the Nine Months will only increase the growing extremes on Earth between people and groups of people and this is a natural side effect of the building pressures of the NEW energies, blueprints and Evolutionary Cycle preparing to begin. Those that must and will go their different ways (in different worlds and timelines that are a frequency match to them at this time) will increasingly resent the rest of us going our ways and vice versa. Six more months of the Nine Months after the Three Days Life Review. We can, are and will do this and more. Use this remaining time very wisely as it’s unfolding so fast. Stay in your HighHeart and know that you’ve got this even during those times, those minutes, hours or days when it doesn’t feel like it at all. I had about five hours yesterday afternoon that I thought I might not physically survive, but I’ve felt that so many times over these Ascension years and here I am still Working towards fulfilling my individual Soul Curriculum. Hang in there everyone and help another when you know it’s right to, lay low when needed, and be private and isolated when you know that is the thing for you to do at that moment.

Denise Le Fay

March 27, 2013

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Messages From A Dead Spiritual Teacher

brown leavesMany years ago I discovered a very unique old man who was a talented astrologer, gemologist, numerologist, tantrist, occultist, and all around really cool Elder Teacher dude. I took my first astrology classes from him back in 1974, but we remained friends for many years until his death. We remained friends well after his physical death too, and that’s what this story is about.

Like I said, I learned how to erect natal charts (by hand, around the campfire, drawing in the dirt with sticks and using little rocks for the planets…) by hand waaaay back in 1974 from this wonderful old man named Louie. This was way before computers so I learned how to do this old school which was cool actually. He taught his astrology students how to do the math, make the time changes and all that, but he would not interpret our charts for us. He insisted that we each learn how to do that for ourselves. He taught the basics but expected you, if you really were serious about learning natal astrology, to do the majority of learning on your own. I respect Louie tremendously for that.

One day after I’d gotten my natal chart finished, I asked him the typical neophyte astrology question: “What is the most important part of my chart?” He answered my question by tapping the very center of my natal chart…where there is NOTHING! He replied, “That, right there in the center…that’s the most important area of everyone’s natal chart.”

Thank you Master Yoda.   th_yoda2

There are lots n’ lots of other really interesting “Louie” stories I could share, but this one has to do with how he got some astrological information to me many years after he had died. I’d wanted to do my mom’s natal chart for a long time, but because she was born at home in 1929, no one paid any attention to the exact birth time. So I was stuck, and stuck for many years over her natal chart.

One night about eight years or so after Louie had died, I had a dream where I only heard his distinctive voice. He told me in this dream that my Mom’s Asc./”Rising sign” was either 12° Virgo or 26° Virgo. In this dream I replied…“Thanks so much Louie and it is really great hearing from you.”

So a few days later I got my astrology books/charts/graphs/time conversions tools out and tried creating mom’s natal by hand using both of these degrees and Asc. Amazingly, well not really, the only two times that Virgo was rising on the month/day/year/location she was born was either 12° Virgo or 26° Virgo.

Thank you Master Yoda!

With little difficulty I was able to discern which of these two Asc. degrees was mom’s and now I have her natal chart.

Now, going back in time to about two weeks after Louie’s physical death…

My sister knew and loved Louie too and at the time of his death she was living in another state, so I hadn’t called her at that point to tell her he’d left his body. Louie and I had been living in the same town and state at his physical death, and my sister was living out-of-state.

One afternoon I got a phone call from my sister and she was very concerned and shook up. She’d been taking a nap and had a lucid dream and Louie was in it. In this dream Louie had given her a bloodstone (gemstone) and told her that she needed to wear it to help her with physical problems she’d been having at that time. So after the two of them chatted in her dream, and she thanked him for the gemstone gift, she woke up. She got up and did some things and then went back to sleep a second time about a half-hour later.

In this second event, she had another quick lucid dream with Louie. She told me that in this dream he was suddenly there again and he said to her, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I died and am not in my physical body any longer.” End of second dream and my sister wakes up extremely upset and calls me on the phone to tell me about her two weird Louie dreams.

After listening to her tell me about these two dream experiences over the phone, of course I had to tell her that indeed, Louie had died a couple of weeks earlier. She took it well and was very glad that he’d stopped by to personally give her that bloodstone gift (message) and then to remember to come back a second time, just to tell her that he’d died. But…that was Louie through and through. A wise old Elder Teacher who had many students, who loved him very much.

Denise Le Fay

October 22, 2008

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