Free Excerpts

September 2008 a book manuscript of mine was accepted by, Inc. and then the mad dash really started. Wow—from accepted to physically manifested in about 30 very fast, short days! I’m positive I was in a state of shock during the entire confusing process because I sure didn’t know what I was doing through most of it. But, after 23 years of waiting, The Temple Of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory was finally birthed into the physical world and remarkably fast. I can clearly hear Master Hotei laughing hysterically from very far, far, away…

So what is The Temple Of Master Hotei about? It is based entirely upon a past life memory of mine. The great part is that even if you don’t believe in past lives, reincarnation, multiple timelines, multiple dimensions and so on, it’s still a very warm, unique, humorous and heartwarming story about spiritual lessons, profound respect, and eternal love between a young male disciple and his spiritual Master Teacher and so much more.

The two main characters in the book are Master Hotei and his initially very young male student (age seven) Ivory One. Another highly interesting aspect of this book is that Master Hotei is more commonly known as the Laughing Buddha. That large, jolly, generous, loving, jovial and very wise ancient Master we’ve all seen statues and pictures of. That is who Master Hotei is. The other very interesting thing is that I didn’t know this for many years after I’d written the book manuscript! Like I said, the entire book is based upon a past life memory of mine, and I’ve had numerous amazing synchronicities, conscious re-connections with Master Hotei in this life and timeline, plus further discoveries have unfolded decades after I wrote the original book manuscript in 1985. [Revised Edition was published July 2013.]

Another interesting and possibly controversial aspect of my past life memory is that it also deals with an intentional and fully conscious death; the highly conscious state after the death or complete separation from the physical body stage, and a seemingly brief meeting with what were known to me/Jade One as the “Lords of Humanity” or “Ray Lords”. I can’t say much more without ruining the unexpected end of the book for you but hopefully I’ve roused your curiosity enough to purchase the book and take the unique journey with Master Hotei and Ivory One/Jade One for yourself.

This book isn’t strictly about the distant “past” as you may first believe but is also very much about what we’re living through right now in this timeline via the Ascension Process. There it is again—the blessed sounds of Master Hotei laughing far, far, away…

At the first link below, you can read two free chapters from The Temple of Master Hotei to give you an idea and emotional feel of what the book is about. As you read them, please remember that the entire book is about my past life with Master Hotei—the Laughing Buddha.  Nothing in it was embellished or enhanced for the simple reason that Master Hotei was far more than enough all on his own! I hope these two free chapters cause you to wonder about the other chapters enough to consider buying the book at the second link below. You will not be disappointed if you do. Thanks very much and enjoy.

Denise Le Fay