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If those of you who frequent TRANSITIONS have read The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory (2008, revised 2013) and honestly enjoyed it, I’d greatly appreciate if you would write a Book Review/testimonial about it here. You can help me by also adding your Book Review/testimonial at the book’s page at, and/or Barnes &, Yahoo! etc. too.

I want to thank each of you for helping by writing your Book Reviews here and elsewhere as well.

In deepest gratitude,

Denise Le Fay


7 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. It was my joy to have read “The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory”. “As I read, I was living it”. For me there is no other way to describe my joy. I couldn’t put it down when I started and this gem of a read helped me through some rough times. I truly relaxed and enjoyed the time of reading and so the pain was less – loved it. Thank you Denise for being true to yourself and writing the first book and then revamping the second printing. Loved the pictures Yasmeen – it is awesome to know that you and Denise work together on this project. I so enjoyed every connection.

    Carolynn D
    September 2013

  2. This Gem of a book is a guide, through the example of a young boy in a different time and space, for those who are on the path of higher spiritual awareness. When opening its pages, there is a powerful energy that teaches and expands your awareness through words and energy as well. This is the New language that some of us are beginning to experience; learning through words and the images and feelings that come through the energy of the words.

    For those who are really sensitive, or are new on this path, I would recommend reading no more than a chapter at a time. Each chapter contains spiritual awakenings, lessons, and the energy behind it all. It can be quite a lot to absorb if one moves through the pages too fast. This journey is meant to be savored.

    I found myself weeping and laughing, and then having to pause because of a new understanding within my spirit. I was in awe of how wise Ivory One, just a child, was. You will find that it is very easy to love him and want so much for him to find clarity in his journey. His journey, becomes your journey, as he learns new complex teachings from Master Hotei.

    Be sure that you purchase the revised edition from 2013 with the new Introduction. There is new information Denise offers that speaks to our current times in our spiritual journey and evolution. If you are able to, I recommend buying “The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory” directly from the publisher to guarantee that you are getting the correct revised 2013 version.

    Lastly, I want to say how real and loving Denise is. She is a true pioneer that is invested in being a guide and example for those who are on the path of reconnecting to Who We Are. She takes the time to personally answer your questions, without sugar-coating it: true honesty directly from her High Heart.

    With Loving Gratitude,
    September 4, 2013

  3. If you have only one book in your spiritual library, purely and simply, Denise’s, The Temple of Master Hotei is the book to have, if only for the wonderful vibes it gives while patiently waiting to be opened and digested! I have now read it twice, and will read it again and again, for the most unusual experiences happened as I did.

    The first time around, I felt known, understood and appreciated for my fears and frustrations, while totally unconditionally loved. The second time around, I realized I was Jade One, that I was learning and had learned well, and then all of a sudden with a feeling of awe, I, at times, became Master Hotei, the one who teaches and yet knows there is more learning and more experiencing to do, because it is the greatest pleasure of Source that we return to Source with all that we have come to understand and therefore integrated intentionally into the All That Is. And then — and then the adventure begins again!

    Every page is a journey into freedom. I wanted to quote just one line and ended up dog-earing every few pages, thinking, “That’s it, that’s the essence of this book”, only to discover that each of those quotes is magical and enlightening and none more or less so than any other. But here is one just to give a taste of the wisdom, honor and love that forms the foundation of Master Hotei’s gardens, temple, and his teaching: “We have focused our conscious awareness upon this realm so effectively that we have completely forgotten that there is also unlimited potential for us everywhere else as well.”

    In keeping with that quote, the ending of the book took me by complete surprise and so I will say no more other than this time it seems we’re taking our bodies with us.

    Thank you, Denise, who, I suspect is Jade One and Master Hotei combined, for bringing into book form your past/simultaneous life as Jade One. Like the stream “who” befriends and teaches Jade One, this book flows with delightful charm, good humor and innate Source wisdom making it a sixth dimensional joy to be with. The Temple of Master Hotei sits by my bedside, the vibes are too good not to have available all the time!

    Gratitude and Love
    February 2013

  4. Denise,

    Hi there! I hope that the computer gods are being kind to you & life is being kind to you as well 🙂 I finished reading The Temple of Master Hotei last night. Thank you for writing this beautiful memory and sharing it. This is up there as one of my favorite books ever. I instantly connected on a very deep heart level. Each night I would read a chapter before I went to bed. When I read “stories” I usually connect with characters. But this, this was a completely different experience. I knew that Master Hotei was real and One like Jade as well. I felt it in my deep heart. I could actually feel the personality of Master Hotei reaching out. I laughed and cried so much throughout the book. I have never had a teacher or guide. But I felt like Master Hotei was teaching me too. I think to anyone else this would sound really strange. But I feel this overwhelming love in my heart.

    My higher self led me to order the book at just the right time. These past few weeks have been HORRIBLE for me. I have felt so empty. Its like someone just dumped all my contents out. But left me with a deep yearning, for I don’t know what anymore. Honestly, looking forward to reading each chapter each night has helped me through some really rough times of feeling so alone that its almost unbearable. (the only being that I can stand at this point is my dog) This book has really given me something to hold on to. And I cannot thank you enough.

    Today I decided to take a little trip to a local shop that i’ve been meaning to go to. Its a shop that sells goods by all local artists creations, pottery, paintings, etc… As I was browsing around I looked up and saw a statue that seemed REALLY out of place. And what do ya know….its was a statue of the Laughing Buddha, with the dragon above his head. I wanted to cry to be honest, and laugh. 🙂 I don’t believe this was a coincidence and thought you would appreciate it.

    Anyway, I hope you are well. I’m just going to keep holding on for the next couple of days. I’m just leaving my door open to the universe. I’ve stopped trying to figure everything out, I’m so tired and I feel like my brain is just done. I’m actually going to read the Temple of Master Hotei again, because there was so much wonderful wisdom within the book and I find great comfort in it.

    Also…I wanted to add this. There is a part of the book where Master Hotei & Jade one are singing and this mantra came to mind what they would sing. So much love to you!!

    Sending you lots of cosmic love!
    November 2011

  5. After reading hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical books over the past 25-30 years I am very selective about what I read. I was drawn to this book as I am so impressed with Denise’s insights here on TRANSITIONS and was intrigued by this unique “past” life bio.

    For the first time in a long while I read voraciously and with delight. It inspires me to know that some of us have such vivid recall/awareness of such milestone lives, and that while I do not have that (at this point) that I know that the difference between Denise and Hotei and me is only one of perspective.

    Through reading this book, I have opened that doorway to consciously engaging in the awareness of my own further opening to the knowing I already have 🙂

    Thank you Denise…Jade One and Hotei!

    October 2010

  6. My review of The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory

    If there was ever a book that was written truly from the heart, then this is it.
    The joy and the many spiritual lessons I got from reading it are beyond words. It is as relevant now as it was when the book is set, time has no meaning……
    Many times while reading it I laughed along with Master Hotei. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, beautifully written, with insight to light the path for the amazing times ahead…….

    Stuart Wisdom
    March 2009

  7. Book Review
    by Yasmeen Harper

    “This uniquely fascinating book is a little gem that holds a big surprise. It consists entirely of the past life memories of the author, an autobiography of a previous existence lived in ancient China, and documented by Ms. Le Fay after a series of unfolding and undeniable recollections. Whether one is a proponent of the doctrine of reincarnation, or one is not, or if one has toyed with the concept but not come to a firm conclusion regarding it, this enchanting story will nonetheless charm and entertain any who accept its invitation to enter the temple of Master Hotei.

    Set in a far gone era of China’s past, the tale unfolds of a young boy named Ivory One. As a small child he is escorted by his father to the enclave of a legendary holy man. The boy is delivered before the massive, cinnabar colored moon gate of this Holy One’s beautiful temple. Behind that gate lay the world of Master Hotei, a wise and wonderful, greatly revered spiritual teacher. Today, the world is familiar with the Master Hotei of this story as the figure of the Laughing Buddha.

    For many years the young boy, Ivory One, lives within those sacred grounds as a disciple and student of the Master. The story takes the reader on a wondrous journey, side by side with Ivory One, as he learns and grows under the benevolent guidance of Hotei. Each chapter unfolds a new life-lesson for the boy, through some ingenious discipline or training scenario devised by the inventive, ever joyful master. With great playfulness he tends to his beloved disciple’s spiritual development through the years. Ivory One’s soul unfolds in ever developing understanding until one day he earns a new name: Jade One. Jade is a highly prized stone of Chinese tradition, the embodiment of truth, beauty and spiritual strength. The reader will be pulled from chapter to chapter in eager anticipation of each new, enlightening experience that Ivory One, now Jade One, encounters.

    We witness the deeply loving relationship that grows between master and disciple, and become privy to the spiritual benefits of such a relationship. Jade One grows to young manhood under Hotei’s protection within the sacred precincts of the temple grounds, until he reaches a decisive juncture within himself. The decision he makes as he stands at this juncture is startling and unexpected, even to Jade One. The story reaches a heart wrenching climax, full of the grief of separation and regret, yet holds the promise of ever new beginnings and continuing cycles of cosmic becoming.

    Spiritual insights are embedded within every page of this book, splendid little jewels offered with child-like simplicity and stunning clarity. It is a treasure chest of the profound truths that every one of us desire to find, but may not be so fortunate as to discover. By walking with Jade One through the temple’s peaceful gardens, beside the wisdom whispering brook, and sitting with him at the feet of his laughter filled teacher, we too partake of the eternal truths so benignly bestowed by Master Hotei. Is this story indeed the memory of a previous life? Is such a thing possible? – more than half the world’s population believe that reincarnation is an unquestionable fact of life. Or is the book just the product of a very creative imagination? However you choose to answer the foregoing questions will have no bearing on the enjoyability of reading this book. You will come away from the experience richer for having had it.”

    Yasmeen Harper
    February 2009

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