Ancient Starbeing/ET Portraits

Last year I mentioned that my sister, Yasmeen Harper, was working on three portraits of the Starbeings from my (our) 12,600 B.C. past/simultaneous life in Egypt; the 8D Orion, the 6D Sirian, and the 5D Pleiadian. Those three portraits—plus 22 other illustrations—all went into A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution. I’ve added these three Starbeings portraits because I want everyone to be able to see them as they were in that Egyptian past/simultaneous life. This is what they looked like once they had down-stepped their energies enough to enter 3D physicality way back then.

For more information about each of these Starbeings and other ETs and related information,  go to the LIBRARY section and click on Starseeds/Starbeings/ETs.

Fig. 3.12. The 6D Sirian

Fig. 3.11. The 8D Orion

Fig. 3.13. The 5D Pleiadian

I’ve placed the three Starbeings portraits in this order because that was how the three of them always stood when they were together and interacting with us Starseeds in 12,600 B.C. Egypt, and also with me in this life and time now (clairvoyantly and telepathically). When they stood in this position with the 6D Sirian always on the viewers left, the 8D Orion in the middle, and the 5D Pleiadian always on the viewers right, they were holding all three stellar systems energies and different dimensions in place for the viewers (as they are in the physical sky) which tripled their individual energies and was profoundly potent. This is the reason I’ve placed their portraits in these positions and I’m sorry I couldn’t place all three of them side-by-side and on a slight angle (exactly as these three star systems are in the physical sky) for the full effect. Enjoy.

Denise Le Fay

February 26, 2010

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After working like a deranged, sometimes lost, oftentimes confused crazy woman with ascension related periods of stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks brain fog since March 5, 2009, my latest book A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution is on the market as of January 2010.  I spent ten hours yesterday frantically reducing the resolution of  the 25 illustrations in it just to get the file small enough to be able to offer it as an Ebook. But I and the great publisher at got it done and you can now check it all out at the book’s page link below.

You can read about 45 free random pages in A LIGHTWORKER’S MISSION, plus view a few of the illustrations by clicking on the Free Excerpt From The Book link once you’re at the book page below. And with great happiness and relief I am proud to announce that it is available as both a paperback AND Ebook at Happy reading and illustration viewing everyone and thank you all.

Denise Le Fay

January 15, 2010

An Ascension Symbol

In 2008 I clairvoyantly saw a beautiful symbol or glyph that represents the new 5D Aquarian Age integrated and ascended “Earth Angel”. I’d been asleep and as I was waking I both saw and felt this brightly glowing symbol in my mind’s eye.

At the bottom where it was dark were two Piscean Age fishes representative of the past astrological age. They not only represented the past 2,100 year-long Piscean Age and all that went with it, but the two fishes also represented polarity and were facing in opposite directions on a 3D horizontal energy plane.

Out of the dying Piscean Age is born an ascended, much more light-filled, NON-polarized, unified individual 5D being of Light. This part of the symbol represents one who has energetically ascended/evolved/transitioned out of the lower two polarized (age of the) fishes and horizontal plane, and is now functioning within the vertical plane of multiple dimensions with increasing multidimensional and spherical consciousness.

The farther up this center unified symbol your eyes travel, the more brilliant Light it carries within itself. Near the top of this new symbol I saw the higher being that is the large center symbol, is almost entirely made of higher frequency electric-blue and then white Light. Brilliant light that radiates outward from it in all directions. The entire center vertical loop of the symbol represents the ascended 5D human of Light/Lightworker existing within the new Age of Aquarius within higher dimensional frequencies. It represents energetic and physical evolution/ascension out of lower polarized 3D consciousness and energies, and a new existence within a higher frequency state as a higher vibrating being carrying vastly more Light within itself.

Ascension symbol 2007-2013 copyright

I want to thank my sister Yasmeen Harper for drawing this for me so accurately and beautifully. I’m very happy to be able to share this clairvoyant ascension symbol vision with everyone finally.


May 6, 2009

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Spinning Part 2

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the basic Belly Dance movements and steps. I intend to reveal simple but ancient knowledge and awareness with these images and to show the viewer that there’s far more going on with ancient Dances than first thought. This ancient language of symbols has always been there in plain sight but modern man has been blind to it all. Every time I used to step out barefoot in front of an audience to perform Belly Dance, I did so with the same intention; to subject the audience to specific energies. To trick them into viewing and feeling something very different than what they were expecting from a common Belly Dance performance. With the current consciousness expansion process much of humanity is living now, it’s time to explore these ancient truths, the Cosmic Dance Steps of the Goddess.


As you view the different symbol images below, understand that they are the Belly Dance steps! The ancient invisible patterns that Belly Dancers trace with different parts of their bodies. Native American Indians, Islanders, East Indians, Aboriginals, ancient Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures have danced, walked, stomped, hopped, undulated, swirled and spun to all of them for ages and ages. These ancient shapes are the geometric language of the Goddess and the repertoire of dance steps of Belly Dancers over the ages. From the different shaped orbits of planets in our solar system, to the spinning orbit of the earth tracing a huge circle around the sun, to the spiral arms of the spinning Milky Way galaxy, to the way the elements move in physicality, it’s all the same thing…the same sacred cosmic dance steps! It’s just that the ancients knew this where we’ve forgotten, but that’s changing fast now.

  The INFINITY symbol is one of the main belly dance movements. It’s traced with both hips or only one, forwards or backwards, parallel to the floor or upright as in the pictures. The hips, torso, the head, the Veil, the wrists and hands are all used to trace the Infinity symbol in belly dance. Unless you know what the dance movements and steps really are, they just look like a female dancing around in unique and sensual ways.

    SPIRALS and MULTIPLE SPIRALS are another basic dance move done with the body or in combination with other props such as a Veil or Veils or Fire or Feathers etc.

The CIRCLE is danced with both hips, one hip, the torso, one shoulder or both alternating, the wrists alternating, or the whole body in one large circular movement.

circles   circles-within-a-circle

Smaller CIRCLES within one large CIRCLE is danced doing fast tight small spins while traveling in a larger CIRCLE. This is really the movements of planets and orbits of earth around the sun and galaxies around the multiverse.


HALF CIRCLES are traced with both hips or off to the side with only one, the torso, and other traveling steps across the floor.

UNDULATIONS are a basic dance movement that can be done with different isolated parts of the body or combined into one full body movement from head to toe.

The sharp ANGLES are both traveling patterns and also stationary staccato hip, torso, head and hand accent hits. So there’s all the soft curving rounded shapes and also the intense sharp ANGLES.


 The TRIANGLE is traced with the hips, the chest, or the feet in larger traveling steps. The points of the TRIANGLE are usually accented with a hard hip hit or snap.


SQUARES are traced with the hips, the torso and the head. They’re also danced out on the floor and the corners are accented with hard hip hits.

There’s more but you get the picture. So next time you dance or watch someone else dancing, remember that the dance steps and movements come from these sacred geometric basics. When danced they have a wonderful way of easily connecting you up with the larger cosmic movements and patterns we’re all dancing within.

 Denise Le Fay

December 30, 2007