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If those of you who frequent TRANSITIONS have read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010) and honestly enjoyed it, I’d greatly appreciate if you would write a Book Review/testimonial about it here. You can help me by also adding your book review/testimonial at the book’s page at, Barnes &, Yahoo! etc. also.

I want to thank each of you for helping me by writing your book reviews here and elsewhere.

In deepest gratitude,

Denise Le Fay

9 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Denise Le Fay is a “Breadth of Fresh Air” and a Warrior for Truth within the Spiritual Community! “A Lightworkers Mission” offers an Expanded and Enlightened view about what is really been going on in our World, the Universe, how the Human Race has been, continues to be affected by these “goings on”. The Author addresses issues that have been long misunderstood and/or avoided by many in the New Age Community, and she does so with Deep Sincerity, Integrity and Great Wit and Humor as well! A Lightworkers Mission is a Real Wake Up call! So it might be wise for readers to take this very important, oftentimes complex information and personal experiences disclosed here very seriously. However, at times Denise Le Fay also had me rolling on the floor with laughter!! The style in which she shares these experiences and oftentimes shocking Truths is not only palatable, she also makes each story interesting, compelling and so much fun to read! There’s also sense of intimacy and compassion one begins to develop with and for the author. She becomes your close friend, someone you trust and want to hang out with! A Lightworker’s Mission a must read for anyone who desires to move beyond the usual “New Age” Pie in the Sky vision and take a step into the Worlds of Reality we will All eventually be made aware of! Or…just read it without any particular intention, except to Enjoy these Amazing Stories!
    In my book… A Lightworker’s Mission and Denise Le Fay are simply “Out of this World” 🙂 … in a very very Positive way!!!

    Sandra Credendino, (Intuitive/Empath, Healer, Inspirational Writer/Poet, Author, Artist, Songwriter/Singer)
    September 8, 2013

  2. I am also a first waver and this book is the best book to answer All my questions. I resonated with Denise monk which let me know I truly seen mine and others. I love this book. I’ve read it over and over. It’s like my best friend. Thank you for all the answers to my questions.
    Love & Light & Blessing ❤
    August 2013

  3. Denise’s, A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution, is a must-read for those who are familiar with Denise’s work at her website TRANSITIONS to bring an understanding to the experiences she underwent that qualify her to be the superb Mystery School Teacher that she is.

    But perhaps more importantly, as we traverse and conclude this harrowing, yet exhilarating ascension process, this book will bring to readers, especially Indigos and Crystal Kids, the information and knowledge they need to fully comprehend the challenges of the Forerunners, those Starseeds and Lightworkers who volunteered to come to Planet Earth to open and raise the frequencies for the next generation to enjoy. At the same time, it will definitely, and I mean definitely, confirm for us all what we have been up against, while at the same time support our knowing that we are not alone as we face and plow through the rigorous demands of our work.

    Heartbreaking at times, gloriously invigorating at others, I was brought to tears and to heights as Denise and her indomitable Mom took me through their years at the Portal House. I can say that lesser Souls would not have survived.

    The writing is excellent and the wonderful illustrations by Denise’s sister, Yasmeen Harper, combine to bring this book to life. Thank you, Denise for never backing down and as a result producing this heart-opening and very necessary work paving the way for many to understand and to follow. Your bravery cannot be denied.

    Gratitude and Love,
    February 2013

  4. Denise,

    I just wanted to send an email telling you how much I LOVED reading your book “A Lightworkers Mission”. I was interested in finding information on the Feline Star beings and came across your website when searching on Google. I was automatically “Guided” to buy the ebook of A Lightworkers Mission. My name is Mark (30 yrs old). I am a pleiadian Starseed among many other things. So for me it was fascinating to read about the Work that the First wave lightworkers have done for the planet to allow the journey for souls like me to be a much easier path. My own Spiritual Teacher in Australia is around your age and is also a First Waver. What an interesting life she has had also. Much like yours in some ways.

    I received many profound insights, revelations and understandings that were just hiding beneath the surface of my experience waiting for the last piece of information to complete the learning. I have grown and stepped up in frequency through understanding and reading your book. How refreshing to just read of a down to earth individual sharing there extraordinary experiences without preaching or trying to teach me anything. I have learned so much more from this book than other so called “Spiritual Ascension” books.

    Anyway, Thank you so much Denise. Much love

    June 2012

  5. My review of A Lightworker’s Mission:The Journey Through Polarity Resolution

    I have just finished reading this amazing book. Denise really tells it like it is and I like that. It has been so refreshing to read a book that says it like it is. So many “aha!” moments for me and I really related to a lot that she wrote about. Even though some of mine wasn’t, and hasn’t been as horrific as Denise’s.

    I am so glad I came across her website and her book I truly believe that, as they say, there are no accidents, and that I was meant to read this book cause now I have a much more insight and understanding as to my journey thus far. And I realize that I am not alone in this. I truly recommend this book.

    16 June 2012

  6. I just finished this GREAT book by Denise! It was very interesting and easy to read because, as we all know she has such a great, catchy writing style. It was a real page-turner! I feel this book is an absolute essential for all LIGHTWORKERS because Denise writes of situations many of us have probably experienced and have had no other person to relate to regarding these and now here we read them in this book and end up knowing ourselves so much better! SO, I highly, highly recommend this book!

    May 2011

  7. A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution

    You should read this book if, like me, you’ve begun to get some serious spiritual indigestion from all the New Age candy floss that tells us that in order to change the world, all we have to do is sit on a mountain top and think positive thoughts. If, however, you want to deepen your understanding about the nature of reality – especially what it truly means to be a Lightworker in these intense times – then this is definitely a ‘must read’.

    It’s not for the fainthearted. Denise tells it like it is. She writes from the heart and from first-hand experience. So when she writes about ‘the dangers and darkness, confusions, doubts, pain and tremendous struggles of being a First Wave Lightworker within a profoundly dark, polarized world’ you know this is no intellectual theorizing. She’s been down the mine and seen the coal face.

    How she has survived is beyond me. But I’m glad she did because the message in this book is one we definitely need to hear.

    July 2010

  8. Denise Le Fay’s latest book, “A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution”, is totally enlightening and eye opening on many levels. I found reading it reminded me one of my favorite author’s, Anne Tyler, because when you first read Tyler’s books you think, “These people can’t be for real, they are too quirky, too odd,” and then you read further and start recognizing people you know (and maybe even aspects of yourself) in Tyler’s characters. That is what I found with Denise’s book. The events, ecounters, people/ETs and situations she faced in her own ascension started to take on a very familiar aspect. There were many personal “aha!” moments where the final understanding of a situation, event or encounter suddenly made sense or brought about a new understanding and the illusion dropped back even further just through her relating her own personal experiences. This is not the standard airy-fairy, blitzed out, all is wonderful and pure metaphysical book. Denise tells it like it is for those of us in the trenches wondering what is happening to us physically, psychically, and emotionally and if anybody got the number of that Mack truck that just hit us! For all the truth (good and bad) in the book it gives us hope and assures us we are not alone and we are not crazy. I highly recommend this book if you are a Lightworker seeking to “get it” on a higher level.

    March 2010

  9. My review of A Lightworker’s Mission:The Journey Through Polarity Resolution

    This book charts the journey of a first wave lightworker and all that goes with it. The author’s job is one of transmuting the incredible amounts of dark energy on the planet, which has been building up for many millennia due to the countless numbers of negative actions done by many people.

    The task of doing this is beyond measure in my eyes. When you read this book, you will wonder how the author survived her ordeal, but she has, her courage and sheer determination are incredible. At a higher level a ‘soul contract’ was agreed, this the author always knew. Failing wasn’t an option as you will find out if the ‘clean up’ work wasn’t completed by the author and many of the other first wave lightworker’s…….

    This book also has many positive and amazing encounters with beings from other dimensions outside of our 3-D one.

    Also, the book contains a great selection of hand drawn illustrations of beings from the various dimensions outside our own, 2-D, 5-D, 6-D, 8-D. The energy and feel of the drawings are very potent indeed, I’m sure they will trigger some memories in some who see them…..

    When reading this book, I suggest you have an open mind with no preconceived ideas on what you think/believe.

    This book is not like other’s of it’s kind, don’t expect airy fairy new age, this is a first hand account warts and all, of what happens when agreeing to change human history for a new way of living. The time of ‘light’ is here souls of earth.

    A Lightworker’s Mission:The Journey Through Polarity Resolution is highly recommended, you will not be disappointed.

    Stuart Wisdom
    February 2010

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