☼ A Lightworker’s Mission

A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (January 2010) covers over thirty-two years of the authors spiritual and transformational experiences as a First Wave Volunteer/Starseed/Wanderer/Lightworker/Energy Transmuter.


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PART ONE: Portals and Preparations 1972–1979

PART TWO: Interdimensional Lightwork 1980–1989

PART THREE: ETs, Multidimensional Construction, Ascension, Polarity Battles, Polarity Resolution 1990–2004

EPILOGUE: Completing Phase One 2004–2009

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A Lightworker’s Mission also contains twenty-five black and white illustrations of clairvoyantly perceived nonphysical beings—two Elementals, a portal manifested being, Starbeings/ETs, sixth dimensional morphic forms or energy blueprints, ancient ET Lion Beings, ancient ET Bird beings, an 8D Orion, a 6D Sirian, a 5D Pleiadean Starbeing, and much more. Portions of the book and a few illustrations can be read and viewed on the book’s page (links below). Once there, click on the Free Excerpt From The Book link.

A Lightworker’s Mission is available in paperback (529 pages) and please don’t recoil in horror over the large page count! I intentionally used a larger font size for comfortable reading and a lot of small clip art images to indicate story changes, plus the 25 beautiful illustrations throughout the book helped increase the page count. The book is available in paperback at all brick-and-mortar bookstores or can be ordered from them. It’s also available in PDF Ebook format at Booklocker.com.

I know you will find this book highly interesting and unusual, and at times downright intense and disturbing. Enjoy the wild multidimensional ride and thanks very much.

Denise Le Fay

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