Blue Ray Starseeds & The Ascension Process

Because I am a Blue Ray, this May 16, 2019 article below by Shekina Rose is meaningful to me, as I know it is for certain others. Thank you Shekina Rose for it. ❤ Being Blue has not been easy on this planet.

Denise Le Fay

May 16, 2019

Who are the Blue Ray Starseeds?

by Shekina Rose


The Blue Ray Transformers – Your First Mission

“The Blue Ray Starseeds is a soul group that came through the Blue Ray of Creation. They are sensitive empaths experiencing the world through their senses of feeling on many levels and dimensions. As children, they may have been very “quiet” and reserved; it may have taken them longer to talk and communicate as they were feeling and picking up on the energies of others.

In their very formative years, they used other forms of communication, a clear sense of understanding and knowing and visual through seeing colors, sounds and symbols. They have the ability to experience and feel situations on multi levels as in the present, past or future happening all at once.

These traits can be amplified in their early years which can make them feel overwhelmed. As they may naturally, energetically internalize the feelings and pain of others, this can contribute to the need to be alone to transmute any negativity, sometimes making them feel isolated and/or alone until such time they learn how to focus the energy, acknowledge who they are and use their spiritual abilities.

Many times, the Blue Ray sensitive empath will try to shut these abilities down in order to “fit in” as it can be hurtful to these sensitive souls to be so open emphatically in the world. Some will divert their energies through downing and blocking their sensitive nature until their soul calls them through events, situations and circumstances that wake them up where they can no longer deny who they are and their gifts to share with the world.

The Blue Ray Transformer 1st Mission transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity

As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity and set the stage for the other Rays to come. Your first mission was to be born in a family where you were to transform the damaged DNA of your blood ancestry line for humanity and the planet. This is a huge mission—to be able to vibrate your frequency here on the planet and not lose the connection through trauma while healing of the family dynamics. Because you are transformers, you have the violet ray of transformation in your aura energy field with your main vibration resonating to Blue. 10:10

Blue Ray, by being a vehicle of transformation, the light of Source would have an energetic entryway of reconfiguration through both directions—past and future timelines—all starseeds, light bearers and new forerunners are here to do this through their conscious alignment to reconfigure the distorted energies by raising their frequency to light and love.

By being born in unhealthy dysfunctional families their 1st mission in transmuting the damaged genetics in raising the DNA code to light is accomplished, as they are innate transformers and alchemist having the violet fire within their field. The main aura colors of a Blue Ray are variable shades of Blue, ranging from aqua to darker blues, always having traces of violet. This is one of the reasons many Blue Rays are mistaken for indigos, as both have the color spectrum of Blue in their aura.

Blue Ray Ascension Updates

Star Seeds and Blue Ray’s you are expanding your rays and colors in many ways of alignment and connections ~ You are still working through the sacred divine feminine you are establish the crystalline resonances through your empath sensitive Nature. The Divine Original Blue Print in the form of the Divine Human template is the ascension Christ vehicle of ascension.

This will create expanded awareness in the way you relate to your world, relationships and environment. Know this is a Holy divine power of light. Be open to receive the enhanced Love of Creation on your new cosmic journey of awakening as creator beings; Love, joy, freedom, magic and miracles await you now. You are beloved. We Love you! I love you!”


6 thoughts on “Blue Ray Starseeds & The Ascension Process

  1. Hi Denise
    and thank you for printing this…I maybe one of the blue raY starseeds and WHEW I am worn out..
    I never talked until I was 6…I just watched them…I sometimes heard…. she is sure different etc. sensitive. colour aware and the other traits mentioned. and yes a very disfunctional family. I love that magic is awaiting us now…something I always believed in.
    Also my rising sign is 28 degrees sag…Barbara Hand Clow (at a course) said that I resonate to the Galactic centre. I have never quite understood the meaning….
    Love to you and hoping your house and pipes are working now..

  2. Hi Penny. 🙂 I appreciate Shakina’s information about Blue Rays and wanted to quote her latest here.

    From our perspective on Earth the Galactic Center (GC) is at 27 degrees 7 minutes (now) so to have ones Rising Sign (ASC) or Sun at 26, 27 or 28 degrees Sagittarius means it’s conjunct the GC. That means that HOME for people with their Sun and/or ASC conjunct the GC is elsewhere and that you’re more consciously aware of being Galactic than earthly and so on. So you’re a Blue Ray Galactic Starseed and probably more. I bet you were “homesick” a lot as a kid like I was.

    Yep leaking water pipes fixed and working more on me now. What a year it’s been so far! O_o

  3. WOW… I just now figured out who I am. This article talks about me to a ‘T’. Thank you for posting this beautiful knowledge. I have resonated with you Denise on Transition since 1998 or so. I didn’t know your name until just recently! I feel we are in the same soul group because our life experiences have been so similar. Peace and light

  4. I was told I am blueray individual by another blueray individual. I am highly empathetic and intuitive. However, I feel lost as though I am barely awakening from a nap but do not know how to completely open my eyes. Does that make sense, is that common?

  5. You’ll continue “waking up” Spring and being energetically activated by these NEW Ascension Process energies, Lights and NEW codes etc.

  6. Yes! This is it right there! and the way each componant of this description has come to me over the years is just a blatant in your face! Time is quickening for sure and personal transformation and cycles have been warp speed rapid and I cannot lie it feels a daunting task but I am embodying my true essence more and more! Stepping up to that front line lol! See you all in the ‘field’ 😁🌻

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