An Ascension Kundalini Process Story

I received this email July 2017, and its generous author gave me permission to quote it here. This persons name is being withheld, but Thank You D****** for allowing me to share your Ascension related experience publicly. ❤ I know we both sincerely hope that your personal experiences, as horrific as they were, may help other readers who already have, currently are, or will be experiencing varying degrees of the unexpected evolutionary Ascension Process which typically includes sudden and completely unsolicited Kundalini activation in the unaware subject.

“I’m in the middle of recovering from a rather traumatic experience that, I’m fairly certain was/has been a particularly extreme and unpleasant awakening experience, if my readings on the topic and intuition have been any indication. I don’t really have anyone I can feel comfortable talking to about what I experienced and am having a hard time convincing myself I didn’t somehow manage to break my mind or end up slowly going insane in some other manner.

My experience has been so far-reaching and also supremely bizarre at its extreme limits that I don’t even know how to properly do it justice. Right up until about February 2017 or so I was basically what one would call an open-minded atheist or perhaps an agnostic, I was open to many possibilities, but at that point my experiences and  primary beliefs were very firmly ensconced in a standard material paradigm. However, things began to fall apart several months after I began some experiments in dietary alteration coupled with fasting protocols of increasing zeal and intensity.

I started personal experiments in fasting in early December of last year. These experiments followed and also built on what was previously a nearly two years process in progressively more robust dietary alterations that had initially been the result of me attempting to find a way to cure type 2 diabetes that I had been diagnosed with. I actually managed to eradicate the diabetes before I even started fasting, but I couldn’t resist the impulse to test the limits of the human body’s innate healing capabilities that are opened up during a sustained fasting state.

The results were absolutely incredible and caused me to start to re-evaluate my stance on just how ‘stupid’ various religious and spiritual traditions where about how they understood the world and the way the human body functioned. I noticed that many traditions appeared to sync periods of fasting and bodily purification to specific seasonal cycles and that these periods were often consistent across traditions, cultures and geographies, so, in a fit of inspiration I decided to try to ‘observe’ lent as an experiment to see what would happen if I mixed a hyper minimalist fruit/vegetable diet with fasting over the Lenten period. This is when things started to get weird. They didn’t get full off the rails weird at that point, but the initial shape was definitely starting to take form.

Once again, I’ll try to cliff’s notes the progression of things and what/why I took certain actions, but, basically, over the Lenten period and the following months my body, the way it reacted to stimuli and my perceptions of things started to change. I started to have these very intense ‘experiences’, visions, tingling sensations in my body, weird intuitive feelings I’d never had before. At one point, during an experiment in fasting without food or water, I had a series of utterly overpowering experiences that resulted in, among other things, large amounts of parasitic worms being ejected from my body. I had wounds open up and then heal more rapidly than wounds normally heal, strange small objects would be ejected from my skin, I’d get random periods of feeling strange electric tingling sensation course over areas of my body and waves of cold would hit specific subsections of my body accompanied by the hair in that specific region only standing right on end.

All these experiences should have been overwhelming, but it seemed obvious to me that I’d somehow stumbled onto some sort of profound healing mechanism and some sort of important and profound array of spiritual experiences that I didn’t understand, but hat also meant I could no longer pretend that there weren’t actually strange and wonderful powers at work in the world.

Up until that point, the experiences where weird and bizarre, but I could handle them alright, however, the magnitude of the experiences started to get stronger and stronger and a series of events resulted in me ending up spending 20 days in a psych ward. I can’t begin to describe what I experienced in that place, but the problem is a fair bit of what I experienced during the three days leading up to my confinement and the 20 days in the ward itself make more sense within the context of what people like you and other ascension writers have described than any other explanation I’ve been able to come up with. There was a period of several days where I was struggling to comprehend time because it had seemed to become nonlinear and I no longer felt properly anchored in it. At certain periods, time around me seemed to slow down to an absolute crawl even while I appeared to be moving at normal speed. During this period, I could bruise or paper-cut myself quite easily by simply gently brushing into an object.

I was filled with a strange sensation that I was simultaneously being held by hostile forces and that some sort of incredibly benevolent entities were themselves present within the ward trying to assist me. Light and conductive surfaces in the ward appeared to exhibit unusual qualities, I kept being struck with the feeling that my physical body wasn’t quite ‘real’ and that instead I had another body that I couldn’t see that was the one that I really needed to be concerned about and that this body had qualities that I didn’t quite understand. For some reason, I developed a very strong aversion to plastic feeling that making skin contact with it somehow drained energy out of me in a way that was viscerally unpleasant.

Anyway, I’ve already gone on too long and probably taken up enough of your time, but I’m struggling to understand what exactly was going on, because I believe very firmly that some very real things that don’t fit into my old paradigm or any of the normal ones I’m familiar with were occurring, but I have no idea how to go about finding out what, exactly occurred and I can’t even begin to figure out how to find people I can safely talk to about this stuff.

I look at people like you talking about 3D and 5D consciousness, altered perceptions of time and ethereal entities that exist out of phase with the world most of us are used to and as recently as 3 months ago I would have laughed at how crazy it all sounded and now I’m left with the unsettling idea that either I’m crazy, or the world as I know it is a quite different place from the world as I knew it even two weeks before I was hospitalized. I have no idea how to adjust, adapt or properly account for this change in my understanding of reality the strain of trying to integrate it into my life feels like it’s burning me out. I’m afraid to go out into the world and interact with people or talk to my friends, because I no longer feel like I understand how the world works and I don’t know how to engage with them in a way that will seem natural or functional anymore. I used to absolutely adore science and exploring the world in that way and now, it’s like my entire framework for understanding has been toppled like a house of cards and I don’t know which way is up or how to reorient myself in a way that lets me actually live my life effectively.

I’m sorry for this long run on two-part letter, but I hoped maybe you might be able to offer some sort of guidance or insight into my situation. As difficult as it is for me to accept, the framework people talking about vibrational energies and ascension processes put forward makes a ton more sense as a way of explaining the weird stuff I’ve experienced and seen manifest around me than a more conventional understanding of reality would allow for and so I’m left with little choice but to reach out to someone like you, who seems to know what they’re talking about and has made blog entries in the past that eerily match up to my own experiences over the past 5 months or so. This piece in particular was distressingly on point with my own experiences regarding a series of dreams/visions I had around the published time period that were overwhelming and inexplicable to me at the time.”

Thank you for your time,


My own sudden Ascension Kundalini Process activation began February 1999, and was equally as intense in its own ways as this woman’s, but mine was and continues to be slightly different because I’m a Forerunner/Wayshower/Embodier/ a First Everything-er of the NEW Light and NEW higher frequency evolutionary Codes. [For more information about my physical activation see my ABOUT page.]

Pain, fear, trauma, shock, confusion, self-doubt, negative beings, psychic attacks, higher expanded states of bliss and visions etc. are universal when experienced by humans; intense to the nearly incomprehensible extreme and entirely isolating in its outside the accepted reality box that old lower frequency human patriarchal consciousness, society, the Big Pharma medical machine and all other matching frequency realities and humans clings to as the one and only truth.

But such is the Dark Night of the Soul, and when a person is suddenly activated by the current evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) to evolve into much more than what they have been in all ways, it’s a harrowing and usually lengthy process that literally transforms every person that lives it. Physical, emotional, mental, energetic, cellular, spiritual, psychic and consciousness evolution from as low, extreme and negative a level of Duality and Duality consciousness and external reality and life on a prison planet that global humanity has existed in for thousands of years, up to what’s happening in 2017 and beyond, which is Humanities Global Dark Night of the Soul, is serious and difficult for everyone no matter which different energetic Stair-step (level and phase) each of us are currently at within this evolutionary process.

This is not a little bit of evolution, not a little bit of progress and change for people and the global human collective, but a massive unimaginable evolutionary leap from complete darkness and global negativity, duality, separation, dis-empowerment, corruption, distortions, lies about everything, weakness and sickness in all ways up to, humanity evolving from negativity, darkness and total separation in all ways up to Light and Unity in all ways individually and collectively. This great of an evolutionary leap as what humanity, Earth and beyond is currently experiencing requires equally large and dramatic individual and species-wide evolutionary changes, growth, repeated releasing of all old lower frequency patriarchal everything and constant evolutionary expanding into the NEW higher frequency Light and matching levels of consciousness, physical body, life and external reality.

And if that weren’t a big enough evolutionary leap, it’s happening in our current lifetimes, as in just one I mean! And it hurts physically, emotionally, mentally and in every other way one can think of. This is to be expected however when individuals—and now global humanity—experience living the Alchemical transformations personally. In late 2017, this living Alchemical Ascension Process is being experienced by global humanity, ready or not, believe in it or not. Earth too is shaking, quaking, erupting, flooding, burning and being torn apart repeatedly by hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and all types of elemental extremes. This is part of the Ascension Process as well because Earth/Gaia has ascended too and is still living this process. We’re all in this fully now and together.

I could talk on and on about the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP), which is what the Forerunners have been doing since the start of the AP decades ago. We Embody the NEW Light and Codes within in it first in our physical bodies then anchor them into the physical dimension and ascending Earth world for humanity coming along behind us.

However, what’s most important for the people new to the evolutionary Ascension Process and information about it, is that they realize what it is and that it’s happening globally and not just to them like some weird, isolated case of craziness and extreme. People need to know that they’re not alone in all this, which is why Ascension teachers like myself and certain others have written about, documented what we’ve been personally experiencing, learning, discovering and remembering about all of this online for over a decade. Just knowing that these painful and often terrifying physical, astral, etheric, paranormal, supernatural experiences are “normal” during compressed periods of evolution such as what’s happening now makes it easier to deal with. Just knowing too that the old lower frequency and consciousness patriarchal country/countries falling apart now in accelerated ways is due to the Ascension Process makes things a bit less stressful as well.

Evolving—mind you in one lifetime—from a carbon-based, ego-centered human with separated Duality consciousness and external reality and life to, a crystalline-based, HighHeart-centered human with Triality frequency, consciousness and growing external reality and life of Light that exist within a higher frequency and higher dimensional level of being, consciousness and external physical reality is nearly impossible to wrap ones brain around. It gets easier the deeper into the AP one travels however but at first what most people experience, feel, think, dream, see, hear, smell, encounter is so bizarre, so incredible, supernatural and absolutely nightmarish at times while utterly blissful at other times that the whole business is often way too much. Too much until you read about another person’s experiences with the AP and/or the EP processes then the entire “craziness” and severity suddenly takes on a very different meaning. It doesn’t immediately remove all the ultra-weirdness and pains and pressures compressed evolution causes, but it does help a great deal to know that one is NOT alone in all this and that in fact it’s normal for what’s happening to humanity and the planet and beyond now.

When you honestly think about the bottom of the barrel darkness and negativity that humanity has existed in for thousands of years and that suddenly all that begins Alchemically transmuting all their accumulated dank old “Lead” into vastly higher frequency “Gold”, then much of the over-the-top personal experiences of transmutation people go through takes on a different intensity and overall heartfelt respect from the reader of such things. Is it any wonder that most people evolving now suddenly find themselves repeatedly purging their guts, hearts, minds, bodies, bowels and psyches out for months and/or years? Not really. This is one HUGE evolutionary shift we’re talking about and living.

Is it any wonder that some people suddenly experiencing the AP would look, act, sound, talk and behave like they never have before? Not really. I remember the first decade of my AP and how obvious it was to strangers that something was wrong with me” because I looked so strange, red-hot, toxic, angry, sick and borderline deranged at times, not to mention fighting for my physical life and soul at times as well. [Those who go first (Forerunners) encounter the swift and automatic countermeasures from Team Dark — negative nonphysical beings, aliens, entities and Portal People physical humans that are puppets of the nonphysical, nonhuman aliens and beings etc.— in a long attempt to stop us, derail us, drive us mad or kill us.]

At first all this is about clearing out all the accumulated density, negativity and separation etc. we’ve each collected on our lengthy travels through physical incarnations across time on Earth and elsewhere. As if that weren’t enough however, as the old lower everything is being removed from each of us in every way imaginable by evolutionary Light and much more, we also go through the equally painful and confusing process of Embodying the NEW higher frequency Light and NEW Light Codes. So first it’s out with the old lower stuff and very quickly after that, often simultaneously actually, it’s in with the NEW higher stuff so the whole AP becomes one big ongoing mashup of ugly negativity and density being purged while Divine NEW Light and other marvels and glorious freedom enters and you just feel all beat-up and exhausted for a good long while. Again, this is normal so fear not and just keep living The Process as willingly as you’re capable of. Surrender to it in other words because it hurts less to do so and these processes can unfold within you more quickly when you stop resisting or fighting or being in fear and self-doubt over all that you and your body and central nervous system are going through.

Thanks again to D****** for allowing me to share her email with the rest of you. Light is information so the more Light we all share with one another the more consciousness is lifted higher and expanded and everyone benefits from that. ❤

Denise Le Fay

September 24, 2017

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18 thoughts on “An Ascension Kundalini Process Story

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been going through the AP since 2014 and I also have experiencing crazy things like having the feeling that I don’t have a body or that I am behind myself watching me and life infront of me. At some point I thought I was possed beacause I could feel an energy body inside my body that was waliking and directing my physical body. I thought I was going crazy. I went through so many panick attacks and anxiety and pain in my chest. The pressure in my forehead and head is still there after 3 years of buzzing, making it hard to sleep at nights. I actually have to cover my head with something to diminish the pressure otherwisd I don’t sleep. My ears have been pluged for the past 2 years having a feeling that I have a bubble in my head and It’s floating, and also feeling pressure in my throuat. This is something I am very tired of and hope it goes away soon because it affects my hearing and my daily life. I don’t know if anyone else has experience this. If so I’d love some advice.
    For the emotional side things have mellowed down but I can say that i cried everyday through almost 2 years. Plus other things that have been happening. I want to say to whoever wrote the article to be patient and trust that spirit knows what its doing and everything will be alright.
    I also am very thankful for all the information I have found about Kundalini awakening and the AP.
    I’m happy to hear we are not alone, I have felt very lonely and had many identity crisis that made me want to isolate myself because I didn’t know and still don’t know who I am but I’m making peace with this fact already. It bring ease.
    I don’t know what else is going to happen but I’m going to do a yoga teacher treainning in India in Decem and I’m excited and scared at the same time. i have a feeling that it’s going to change me even more.
    Hopefully I can handle things better now.

    Namaste ❤

  2. Barbara Symons,

    Our HighHearts are with you through your hospital procedure today. ❤

    It was sometime in the mid-2000s that while shampooing my hair I could feel bruises all over my skull plus indentations and bumps. I'd never felt them before and thought how my skull felt like the craters and hills on the Moon! It's beyond amazing all of the changes our physical bodies have and still are going through. I also have that low blood sugar feeling most of the time even though mine has been and is fine too. You can feel those days when your body just needs more food fuel because so much Work is taking place in it, and then other days when it's not so much and you don't require as much food.

    About those dark people, use them as you're doing to Master the things within you/each of us that need this now. ❤

  3. Ah. Thank you for sharing D’s story. Tomorrow I go in to the hospital to have an ablation which is a burning of the extra pacemaking tissues of the heart that cause tachycardia. I have been going through AP since 1989 although I didn’t call it that – I called it hell. It is comforting to read stories such as this one and others – they let us know that we are not alone in the process. I still experience the extreme heart episodes and have decided on the procedure just to try to feel some sense of physical normalcy. Now if there was just a procedure to stop the maddening ringing and tones/frequencies in my head, the pressure in my skull and head as it changes shape (forming ridges and indentations), the feeling of low blood sugar even tho my blood sugar is fine, dizziness, headaches, all over body aches. And in general, can I get rid of those dark people that try my ability to forgive and to keep my frequency HIGH!!? Good Lord.

  4. Oh yes.
    It’s a very bizarre, beautiful, wild and at times, gut wrenchingly sickening and terrifying process.

    This letter has basically described my entire life…
    The ongoing fight for Good… GOD
    Multiple realities
    Differential Dimensions
    Attacks from the Darkside
    Psychic phenomenon
    Stifling societal boundaries
    ‘Mental illness’
    Time slips and tricks
    Manifestations of material items from above my head
    Hot/cold numb tingling purging of internalunhealthy filth
    Time loss
    Being shown the future and big picture

    It’s all happening.. All around us… All the time
    Just because one may not see it with the physical eye, doesn’t mean it’s not all there.
    The blind cannot see
    But those who can are often horrified at what they’ve peered into.

  5. Hi Denise
    I started following your blog around 2012/2013. I remember connecting with you feeling extremly alone, afraid and confused. I grew up Catholic and after a hysterectomy in 2012 I begin the ascension process over night. Spirit was there and not going anywhere for me. I must admit the struggle was definatly real for me, battling with my religious background. I thank you for your writing because its with a grateful heart I write these words.
    I eventually learnt Jikiden Reiki, crystal therapy and followed on to become a full-time holistic practitioner in 2014. I completely healed my physical body of dis-ease, tossed out all the medications and proceeded onto a life healed through spirit. Today I write these words as I embark on my next journey to become a school art teacher. I have been a full-time practising psychic medium and holistic healer now since 2014. I help others now by communicating with the spirit world through cross overs and through healing. This letter connects so well with me and I can say for sure this is just the beginning for the writer. My whole life and families life has changed dramatically for the best.
    Teaching others to adjust to ascension in a fun and beautiful way has always been my path and I love guiding others now to their true destiny. Ascension is a challenge but its also exciting and something not to be afraid of. We are becoming who we are meant to be, just like caterpillars changing into butterflies. : )


  6. Wonderful post as always, Denise. Thank you. This lady undergoing her AP towards healing and wholeness has found one of the very best, helpful, adept, and most courageous AP teachers out there…you Denise! 👑❤️

    To you dear lady going through the AP since February, please trust in the process and know that you are held and loved by Source as you journey back to the Light and Love of Home. ❤️

    Yes, as more Light comes in, it drives out the lower, dense, old energies. My AP started back in ’07 and it was more of a steady, mostly manageable stair step experience of releasing and clearing, but oh boy, did it intensify this past June when the HighHeart Energy took up residence in me. I ended up in the ER thinking I was on the verge of going crazy due to super accelerated healing, clearings, balancings, and upgrades. It was truly hellish going through the most intense 2-3 weeks of it when old memories, patterns, emotions were surfacing and releasing. This included old, heavy, dense stuff from my family line, and that was just awful having to feel so intensely as it healed. Super scary, at times. I thank god for my husband and daughter who supported me this summer while not quite understanding or experiencing the AP on this level themselves. I truly can’t fathom how early forerunners like you Denise got through it without all the information we have about this today. You are AP
    Bada$$es 😎!

    As of now though, I don’t feel ill, sick, or crazy, but of course the body will have to acclimate to ongoing incoming Energies. The beautiful HighHeart Energy has increasingly taken up sweet residence in my heart-chest area, and this feels light, warm, soft, peaceful, content, floaty, and just like the heavenly Source-Love that it is. At night, I’m feeling this Heart Energy absorb any residual lurking lower energy stuff, but this is very soft and gentle now. This Energy is starting to vibrate-pulsate a bit. The body now feels light and far less dense so probably (hopefully 🤔) there’s not too much big stuff left to clear. Being in the Now feels increasingly wonderful because there’s nothing out there that I really want or need, and there’s a deepening understanding and trust that Life-Source will continue to move through me as it wants to. It just feels so good to breathe in and out, and feel this soft, beautiful, ****warm*** HighHeart Energy. Having been on the planet for several decades, it feels amazing to bask in and once again feel the heavenly energy of OUR Home! ❤️👑😇❤️👑😇

    Pinch me, is this really happening to US? Yes, it is! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Thank you for sharing this letter, Denise. I’d like to reassure the writer that she is not alone, that a great number of us have been through incredible experiences such as hers, and that what she witnessed happening to herself was more real than what we call “reality.” I’m a couple of weeks shy of the 11th anniversary of events that kicked off my own awakening. Mine was also kicked off by fasting, which I first tried in 2004, and yoga, which I started in 2006-7. These things, as well as interpersonal relations and the dynamics of those relationships, caused my awakening and dark night of the soul. I can’t say that I’m 100% comfortable 11 years in, but there is a way in which the complete leveling of body, mind, and spirit does ease off and one finds a “new normal.” It took me about 5 years to feel that way… and then we experienced 2012, lol. I want to encourage her and others reading to not give up, to not give in, and to keep seeking answers to the questions that come up. The Internet is a great resource and connecting point. Also, stories like this help all of us to remember we are not alone and no, we didn’t just imagine all the craziness.

    Thank you, Denise. Much love. ❤️

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