Old 3D Healing Tools Don’t Work For 5D Humans


A recent Comment by an ascension overload sufferer inspired this article. Thanks for it Karen. ❤

Since 2003, I’ve repeatedly heard people say online how they use different old 3D (third dimension) tools, methods and belief systems etc. to help them with their evolutionary Ascension Process induced aches, pains, pressures and related symptoms or side effects of becoming a 5D (fifth dimension) human being in a physical body.

I’ve never understood the thinking behind this or expecting old pre-ascension 3D tools, methods and consciousness to actually help with evolving into a physically embodied 5D human that’s actually a different species. How could such lower frequency tools and methods be beneficial to and on someone that is literally vibrating higher and faster than those tools? They cannot is the short answer and why should be obvious.

The difference between a 3D human body, central nervous system, DNA, brain wiring, consciousness and perceptions with that of a 5D human being and body and all the rest of it is so extreme that they’re not the same species. That was not an exaggeration for dramatic effect but a hard fact. This is highly compressed evolution and we’re living it now in these current lives and physical bodies.

So why and how could old 3D lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower everything healing tools, methods and modalities etc. possibly work on or help anyone living through compressed evolution that’s physically, energetically and biologically changing them into a higher frequency 5D being with matching body, consciousness and perceptions? They cannot, so why waste your money and time on them when they’re not vibrating high enough and aren’t nearly complex and refined enough for a fifth dimensional body, central nervous system, consciousness and everything else.

I realize that for some people some of these old school lower frequency 3D healing tools such as acupuncture, massage, therapeutic touch, crystals/gemstones, reiki and I don’t know what all else, gives them some momentary relief and comfort both physically and psychologically from the brutal energetic onslaughts caused by the evolutionary Ascension Process. I suspect that they help take the edge off sometimes for a bit when one feels like they are frying from the inside out. I’ve never done any of them because I’m a stubborn Capricorn that wants to get every juicy, painful, spectacular bit out of this very rare Ascension Process lifetime no matter how miserable it often is.  But, that’s just me, you do what you want and feel you need to get through this in-body living evolutionary 3D to 5D, carbon to crystalline, physical density and Duality to physical Light and Triality transition.

The real problem with all of this is that we’re still in transition between the old lower 3D we incarnated into and are habituated to, and the NEW incredibly higher frequency 5D (and higher) Light Energies that have been and still are Alchemically baking our bodies, brains, central nervous systems, egos, DNA, consciousness and very realities. We’re all in transition still and because of this we’re not all yet fully anchored into the NEW 5D while we’re still doing our best to shed the old lower 3D from ourselves, our bodies, consciousness and external physical reality. This makes it tough while we transition, while we evolve from the old 3D model, reality, tools, frequencies and beliefs and fully embody the NEW 5D model, reality, tools, frequencies and knowings (they won’t be beliefs because you’ll have Higher Awareness and Perceptions, meaning you will know for yourself).

Soon many Volunteer Forerunners won’t need any so-called external “healing” methods or other people (healers, life coaches, energy fixers, therapists, doctors etc.) because they’ll be able to correct and adjust whatever it is within them that needs it to return to full functioning themselves at that level of being. After that, more and more people will be able to do this for themselves, by themselves, because it simply goes with the evolutionary territory. So-called “healing” and “healthcare” won’t be anything like what we’ve had or have today because 5D individuals will be able to intentionally and consciously correct and adjust whatever they need to within themselves and their physical and energetic bodies on their own.

Until then however we’re straddling two radically different worlds of abilities, beliefs and awareness. The old 3D world was one of complete externalization, disconnect and individual dis-empowerment through global beliefs that they need someone else to solve all their problems, be they health related, spiritual, physical or anything else. In 3D, no one was empowered enough to take care of themselves by themselves. In 5D, everyone must be totally self-empowered, totally Self-as-Source connected within themselves individually to exist within that 5D level of being and reality. This is why this evolutionary transition is so difficult for so many, it’s literally 180° from the 3D world and reality we all incarnated into.

When I feel like my central nervous system is going to explode from overload of 5D and higher Light Energies being embodied by me/Me in this physical body, I absolutely have to lay down for as long as I need to slow down and get out of my head and back into my HighHeart and/or fall asleep and nap. (HighHeart exists in the center of your upper chest well above your physical heart.) The more quiet, private, motionless, thoughtless, soundless time I have, the more these 5D energies are able to easily flow unimpeded throughout my body and central nervous system and then anchor into and circulate through my HighHeart. But, when even this isn’t enough and my body and consciousness feels overloaded with Light Energies that vibrate so fast and high they literally rattle and fry my body and nerves like nothing else, then I fall asleep/pass-out for as long as I can so all this gets embodied and “rebooted” while I’m asleep and out-of-body. It’s an safety measure taken by your Higher Self & Co., so when you suddenly need to fall asleep during the daytime, let yourself do it for these very important reasons. You’ll feel so much better when you wake up, like the latest inner energy storm has subsided, for the moment that is!

Bottom line is that the old 3D tools of any type don’t work on or for evolving 5D humans. NEW 5D and higher ones do, which means there’s a lot of positive change coming and soon. Release the old lower everything including your personal beliefs and old habits as often as you find you need so you can more easily transition into the NEW higher frequency, higher consciousness 5D reality with its matching NEW tools, abilities, consciousness and perceptions.

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2016

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19 thoughts on “Old 3D Healing Tools Don’t Work For 5D Humans

  1. Thank you Denise I recently went to a Native ceremony and boy did it effect me am still trying to get the old 3D stuff out of my body energy. It was a experience ill never forget. I hope to get through this. I am open to any suggestions you may have. Sincerely Cindy

  2. Exactly Starlight Wonder, we eventually outgrow our old lower frequency “toys” and tools etc. I’ve loved astrology, gemstones and many other related things all my life but I have and continue to evolve beyond them and isn’t that the whole point? 😉

    When we actually start evolving which means changing rather dramatically, we naturally release our old ways, habits, belief systems, expectations and so on because we’re becoming something NEW, more complex and creative ourselves.

  3. I totally agree. Just a few months ago I was very into all of these things. Then somewhere around September I saw my interest in a lot of spiritual matters waning and things I never thought I wouldn’t stop liking now felt old. I took a lot of comfort knowing that I wanted to be a healer but I’m trying to find something that speaks to me. I have no desire to practice reiki anymore, among other practices. Stuff that worked in the past just dont do it now, for me. As the old collective completes itself, why not old spirituality? Doesn’t mean it still doesn’t work for others but for many of us, it just doesn’t.

  4. I knew before I wrote and published this article that it would cause exactly the Comments that have been written, but I wrote it anyway. There are thankfully some Comments by people that did understand what I was saying and why, but unfortunately there are more people that didn’t or don’t.

    I’m well-aware that it’s going to take some linear time for most people to be changed enough by the higher evolutionary Light energies to outgrow the old lower 3D belief systems and concepts of not being able to heal themselves, or anything else for that matter. I’m also well-aware that this evolutionary process can happen in a split second, which would instantly cause people to have Higher Awareness (and so much more of course) causing them to KNOW that they can heal, adjust or correct etc. whatever they may need to within themselves all by themselves.

    But as is obvious by the majority of Comments on this particular article, a lot of people still fight for, defend and completely believe in the old lower ways and beliefs of continued disempowerment, separation and such and that’s their choice and right. It never has been and never could be mine however due to my being a Forerunner/Volunteer. Everything in me is built to help people reach greater personal knowledge and freedom, which is Sovereignty and Self-as-Source personal empowerment, Higher Awareness (Light) and Creativity (LOVE).

    2016 is a 9 energy year which means we’ve all been having to deal with, in a variety of ways, 9 energy issues of COMPLETION all year. Completion has a lot to do with releasing, letting go of, walking away from those things, beliefs, people, situations etc. both externally and internally within ourselves that need to go now. 2017 is a 1 energy year meaning humanity and earth and therefore reality itself will soon be fully within the 1 energies of an entirely NEW and much higher frequency fifth dimensional cycle with the start of January 1, 2017. If you think that defending old habits, old ways, old beliefs etc. is something now, just wait and see and FEEL how much all that is amplified as we enter 2017! Know too that it won’t stop but only continue and spread out to touch more and more things in you/me/each of us and profoundly highlight every single thing each of us needs to release now because we’ve moved up into a very, very different NEW level of being, consciousness and reality. Or, continue defending old lower tools, ways and beliefs and see how the growing pressure will feel inside your body and consciousness.

    There’s so much more “on the table” now than most are aware of, which I’ve always understood, nonetheless, tremendous evolutionary change is happening now and will only amplify like crazy in 2017 in every aspect of ourselves, our lives and global reality. The more flexible and open to all this one can be, the less painful and frustrating these positive changes will be.

  5. Hello Denise,

    Though I agree that a 3D approach to healing is no longer viable, I don’t agree that all modalities will cease to exist in 5D. Though we may often perceive crystals in their 3D form, crystals are multi-dimensional and exist in a 5D form. Hence, they can be a bridge for us to access and stabilize 5D energies (we are becoming more crystalline after all). Modalities evolve as we do. Humans are relational. We facilitate each other. It’s how we grow. I don’t think that is going to disappear as we move forward. Will the practices become more subtle and refined? Probably. I’m excited to see how our relationship to working with various energies will evolve and how that will be applied.


  6. Hello Denise and “followers”

    There are to subjects you mention in the your article. Healing methods and the integration of the Conscious energies ,by vortex, sun and whatever you give name to the energies. Some healing methods can give some relief if the energies blocking some were in the energetic aura. The physical body is not yet transformed but very nice like a child. The problem is the mind-aura stuff, as Denise mention the hole stuff of many many decays evolution. Its to transform the animal state to the human state. When religion and morals , priest and politics came in, what was a necessary state to created the mental, is now ready to be transformed/ released in a more and more getting conscious human way of living . The attributes of a human are all the psychic powers and developing of his senses. There is no any specialty to those attributes is just part of nature. those attributes can be used even fore healing or whatever one needs.. When the human becomes aware of his/her – I AM- he/she will be universal and creative in many fields off creation.
    In a matter of speaking one can say:
    The human nature will grow first in a pre-personalty, to personalty and grow to in the trans- personality. The more conscious a human becomes a ware off the more aspects off his/her being will come fore word. Ever conscious human that blossoms up in his/her trans-personalty will be unique!
    with Love Diana(NL)

  7. Wow this is a great article! I agree especially with Reiki. I’m a certified Reiki Master but feel it’s an old fashioned way of healing. I was given 11 codes from Metatron and told me that they are a new way to offer healing for others in our 5th dimention . I have my first class on November 15th and can’t wait to use them.

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