Old 3D Healing Tools Don’t Work For 5D Humans


A recent Comment by an ascension overload sufferer inspired this article. Thanks for it Karen. ❤

Since 2003, I’ve repeatedly heard people say online how they use different old 3D (third dimension) tools, methods and belief systems etc. to help them with their evolutionary Ascension Process induced aches, pains, pressures and related symptoms or side effects of becoming a 5D (fifth dimension) human being in a physical body.

I’ve never understood the thinking behind this or expecting old pre-ascension 3D tools, methods and consciousness to actually help with evolving into a physically embodied 5D human that’s actually a different species. How could such lower frequency tools and methods be beneficial to and on someone that is literally vibrating higher and faster than those tools? They cannot is the short answer and why should be obvious.

The difference between a 3D human body, central nervous system, DNA, brain wiring, consciousness and perceptions with that of a 5D human being and body and all the rest of it is so extreme that they’re not the same species. That was not an exaggeration for dramatic effect but a hard fact. This is highly compressed evolution and we’re living it now in these current lives and physical bodies.

So why and how could old 3D lower frequency, lower consciousness, lower everything healing tools, methods and modalities etc. possibly work on or help anyone living through compressed evolution that’s physically, energetically and biologically changing them into a higher frequency 5D being with matching body, consciousness and perceptions? They cannot, so why waste your money and time on them when they’re not vibrating high enough and aren’t nearly complex and refined enough for a fifth dimensional body, central nervous system, consciousness and everything else.

I realize that for some people some of these old school lower frequency 3D healing tools such as acupuncture, massage, therapeutic touch, crystals/gemstones, reiki and I don’t know what all else, gives them some momentary relief and comfort both physically and psychologically from the brutal energetic onslaughts caused by the evolutionary Ascension Process. I suspect that they help take the edge off sometimes for a bit when one feels like they are frying from the inside out. I’ve never done any of them because I’m a stubborn Capricorn that wants to get every juicy, painful, spectacular bit out of this very rare Ascension Process lifetime no matter how miserable it often is.  But, that’s just me, you do what you want and feel you need to get through this in-body living evolutionary 3D to 5D, carbon to crystalline, physical density and Duality to physical Light and Triality transition.

The real problem with all of this is that we’re still in transition between the old lower 3D we incarnated into and are habituated to, and the NEW incredibly higher frequency 5D (and higher) Light Energies that have been and still are Alchemically baking our bodies, brains, central nervous systems, egos, DNA, consciousness and very realities. We’re all in transition still and because of this we’re not all yet fully anchored into the NEW 5D while we’re still doing our best to shed the old lower 3D from ourselves, our bodies, consciousness and external physical reality. This makes it tough while we transition, while we evolve from the old 3D model, reality, tools, frequencies and beliefs and fully embody the NEW 5D model, reality, tools, frequencies and knowings (they won’t be beliefs because you’ll have Higher Awareness and Perceptions, meaning you will know for yourself).

Soon many Volunteer Forerunners won’t need any so-called external “healing” methods or other people (healers, life coaches, energy fixers, therapists, doctors etc.) because they’ll be able to correct and adjust whatever it is within them that needs it to return to full functioning themselves at that level of being. After that, more and more people will be able to do this for themselves, by themselves, because it simply goes with the evolutionary territory. So-called “healing” and “healthcare” won’t be anything like what we’ve had or have today because 5D individuals will be able to intentionally and consciously correct and adjust whatever they need to within themselves and their physical and energetic bodies on their own.

Until then however we’re straddling two radically different worlds of abilities, beliefs and awareness. The old 3D world was one of complete externalization, disconnect and individual dis-empowerment through global beliefs that they need someone else to solve all their problems, be they health related, spiritual, physical or anything else. In 3D, no one was empowered enough to take care of themselves by themselves. In 5D, everyone must be totally self-empowered, totally Self-as-Source connected within themselves individually to exist within that 5D level of being and reality. This is why this evolutionary transition is so difficult for so many, it’s literally 180° from the 3D world and reality we all incarnated into.

When I feel like my central nervous system is going to explode from overload of 5D and higher Light Energies being embodied by me/Me in this physical body, I absolutely have to lay down for as long as I need to slow down and get out of my head and back into my HighHeart and/or fall asleep and nap. (HighHeart exists in the center of your upper chest well above your physical heart.) The more quiet, private, motionless, thoughtless, soundless time I have, the more these 5D energies are able to easily flow unimpeded throughout my body and central nervous system and then anchor into and circulate through my HighHeart. But, when even this isn’t enough and my body and consciousness feels overloaded with Light Energies that vibrate so fast and high they literally rattle and fry my body and nerves like nothing else, then I fall asleep/pass-out for as long as I can so all this gets embodied and “rebooted” while I’m asleep and out-of-body. It’s an safety measure taken by your Higher Self & Co., so when you suddenly need to fall asleep during the daytime, let yourself do it for these very important reasons. You’ll feel so much better when you wake up, like the latest inner energy storm has subsided, for the moment that is!

Bottom line is that the old 3D tools of any type don’t work on or for evolving 5D humans. NEW 5D and higher ones do, which means there’s a lot of positive change coming and soon. Release the old lower everything including your personal beliefs and old habits as often as you find you need so you can more easily transition into the NEW higher frequency, higher consciousness 5D reality with its matching NEW tools, abilities, consciousness and perceptions.

Denise Le Fay

November 1, 2016

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19 thoughts on “Old 3D Healing Tools Don’t Work For 5D Humans

  1. Timely article Denise, thanks as always! The past couple months I often have what I call “anaconda syndrome” where my whole body feels like I’m being squashed by a giant snake hug, ugh! Hurts to walk even, but my dog doesn’t care so off we go… my job doesn’t care, so off I go… I never feel like there’s any reason to go to a doctor, how would I even begin to explain what I know is wrong with me, and why? I just know I have to get through this myself and get through this I will. On the bright side, I also just know that other than physically, my life is getting a little better day by day by day and it WILL all be more than worth it – as I say to my dog Rascal every morning, we can do it! And we do! Hang in there everyone, we’re on the home stretch – and boy do I feel streeetttched! 🙂

  2. Hi Denise,
    None of the healing modalities you mention are necessarily 3D. If they were, they would be mainstream already, instead they are relatively unknown or looked at a strange. Imagine most people cannot even fathom that reiki can be sent by distance since there is no time or space between objects. Even a regular massage can facilitate spiritual healing if the practitioner’s consciousness is high enough. 3D would be going to a general practitioner who still believes that your body is some sort of purely physical form with no spirit inside. Reiki isn’t 3D, it is simply life force energy known by many other names, but the person running it may or may not be 3D. Reiki can “upgrade” with our evolution and the consciousness of the person running it, in other words it has much higher aspects that can come through the practitioner if they have done their work. It is from off-planet which most likely is not a 3D source. Some say it came from the Pleiades which is already 5D. It is still common in off-planet 5D societies to have a facilitator help you maintain your energy field so that it does not succumb to issues. Doing this all on your own is not necessarily the best way. There is power in the healing when the energy exchange between the two people (or more) is balanced. At this time, this is rare. I’ve only known one person who I’ve been able to do an even exchange with and they were unaware of their natural healing abilities. The healing just happened without trying. My hands spontaneously run energy, I do not turn it (reiki, life force, etc) on on purpose. It runs mostly spontaneously for animals. The only person it spontaneously turned on for was the person mentioned above. I don’t really believe in running it for others by intention. A higher source knows when it is appropriate for it to run and to this day it still runs for certain animals and in certain situations. But the wisdom of when it turns on should be left to a higher source in most cases unless serious guidance is received. ❤

  3. Hello Denise,
    Iʻm glad to read this article and agree that 3D healing tools and practices are feeling old and low vibration. Itʻs been an unusually exhausting time of changed sleeping times and deep studying and getting new insights. I often feel that my nervous system is getting fried, too. I am focusing on Sanskrit and Hawaiian chant lately and colored light with Sacred geometry inserts for moving and transforming within my own self and energy fields. It will be curious to see if I still hold onto these things as we all head towards our 5D selves.
    Thank you for your writings.

  4. Thanks for this article!! OHH YES! I relate to this well! I learned the hard way too! Being a naturalist by nature (that was an oxymoron and no pun intended) I figured as long as no drugs are involved or medical practitioners I’d be safe!

    Intuitive/Empath, Extremely Earth Sensitive, Intuitive artist since a child (Indigo 3, Polarity Integrator, Star Being First Wave Path Cutter, etc, etc,). Needless to say, I’ve been spared little to no mercy when it comes to the Physical aspects of Ascension. It kicked in bigtime 12 yrs ago.
    However, at that time it was unbeknownst to me that all this pain, bazaar sensations, symptoms were due to my spiritual path? Nor did I know about Ascension at all!
    So… I “thought” (thinking, logical solutions can be dangerous for star seeds) I might try out some holistic but 3D treatments including Yoga, Massage, Accu-pressure, Reflexology, Cranial, group Meditation, had a few Reiki Sessions, other Energy Healing, and even took and completed Reiki Practitioner course.
    Well…From my own personal experience, all I have to say about this is NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!
    Even a simple massage and/or any one of the above can put me in bed, flat on my back for days to weeks, integrating, my CNS going wonky! It just never dawned on me that I could be absorbing, integrating the energies of the facilitator…So if she/he happened to be having a bad day, was holding negative energy, anger, had a fight with spouse the night before, hungover, etc, etc, I’d have hell to pay for it in addition to the bill! On the other hand…the practitioner most probably went home happy that night, feeling great, totally unaware they’d had a free healing session, at the expense of my life force energy! Oh well, that’s how it goes…we are here to serve. However, I now choose to know how, why, where, when, what and who I’m serving, use discernment whether or not its really my piece? And…if so, to make sure that my own body is stabilized, strong enough at the time, and to then be prepared and protected beforehand!

    But in any case when it comes to finding some relief for my Ascension symptoms I have learned that I do myself a huge favor to stay close to home, as far away as possible from any 3D person, place, thing, activity. I just grit my teeth, accept that it is what it is and hibernate…or hide under the covers, And, over the years I’ve developed my own practices, treatments, remedies and comforts to help get my body get through it, re-coup until the next wave, (which has often seems like they are back to back!). The good news is my ascension pain is what lead me to found you/ Denise. After searching the web for answers for years to find out what the f… was happening in my body, I started noticing that the word “Ascension” kept popping up? So should I have known what this is? Maybe a diseases I missed in my years of searching for medical answers?? Then I started it being connected with star seeds? DUHH me…Should I have known about this sooner?? God only knew (no pun again) I wasn’t new on the block regarding being on a Spiritual path. I’d even worked with some clients doing soul readings, was receiving downloads and was even considering starting my practice as a healer then. However, I was still somewhat in the closet regarding my spiritual life experiences. Certainly I had a few spiritually orientated friend/acquaintances who also did readings…however they didn’t seem to know about it either, and certainly wasn’t involved with any new age groups! I at least knew that much, and just sensed to stay away from spiritual groups, guru type figures as it just didn’t resonate with me deeply enough. Anyway…Hence Denise’s Transitions Blog appeared… and so it began. I’m now a totally awake, star seed, light worker, continuing in my Ascension, serving and fulfilling my mission here on Prison Planet! The Ascension symptoms are still intense at times, but I get through them a lot easier, without the panic, fear, anxiety about it anymore. I sense we have much greater support now too than ever before…And if its one thing I know about Ascension is that no matter how awful I’m aching the last thing I will do is go for a massage! Thanks again Denise for sharing this!

  5. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for your post and I agree with some of what you’re saying- especially the need to lie down and listen to your body. 🙂 However, releasing blockages in the body/bio-computer is integral to clearing and allowing the higher frequencies to integrate. There are different ways to release energies now no doubt, but for some releases massage, acupuncture or bodywork of some kind, which is intuitively guided and held in higher frequency space, is still very helpful for many. Also, given that emotional blockages are still very prevalent in the collective body, there is still a need to do emotional clearing for many and releasing these from the tissues can be a tremendous help to integration. As always, it comes to listening to your own inner guidance as to what works well for you as you spiritually evolve and the body changes. Yes, it is a movement away from automatically going to external support to learning to self-support. We all need help now and then though, and when we do, it does not mean that we have to give away our power to the practitioner: our Higher Self is always with us and can guide the work through collaborative intention. So resonating with the practitioner you choose and their frequency makes a significant difference.

    In gratitude for the information you regularly provide. In peace, Amâeil

  6. Denise…. thank you for this! I’m exhausted & hurting from all these energies…. your last little bit there, about sleeping??? Definitely time to take some naps!!!!

    Here’s to a siesta or two:))))


  7. Beg to differ with you, Denise. I’ve worked with ascension energies for 30 years and I can tell you that when you have osteoarthritis, it isn’t going to heal by lying down. A balanced approach to 3D and 5D is more appropriate, IMHO

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