Evolving Brain Glands & Smelling Nonphysical Scents

Pituitary3 Pineal3

The current evolutionary Ascension Process is causing our entire physical and energetic bodies to evolve, and quickly. Included in this of course is our brains, brain glands—the physical endocrine system in the brain—and the energetic Chakras in our brains and bodies to evolve as well because all these systems are interconnected. One doesn’t evolve without all others doing so too.

A couple of years after the start of my physical, biological evolutionary Ascension Process in early 1999, I suddenly began smelling what I 100% believed at the time were actual physical smells of burning fireplaces and/or burning incense or a combination of both at the same times occasionally. This would come on so quickly and strongly that the smells I was smelling, seemingly right in my face, nearly choked me and often made my eyes tear. After experiencing this for a month or so, I went in physical search of the nearby neighbor with the heinous smoking chimney. Needless to say, I found nothing that I could blame this miserable smelling/choking business on. There were no smoking chimneys, no local fires, no burning incense, no nothing just me smelling incredibly amplified and in-my-face scents of certain things burning and smoking heavily.

It took my actually trying to find the physical reasons for why I was smelling and choking on what I interpreted as physical chimney smoke and/or invisible burning incense smoke to finally realize that what I was smelling was actually nonphysical. Normally I could/can tell, can discern what’s causing what, but this business seemed entirely physical to me so I needed to discover that it was not physical at all but a nonphysical side effect of living the Ascension Process. Once I made this discovery I could, and did, access my own Higher Awareness to figure out what was going on and why.


What I perceived back then was that my brain glands—Pineal (Crown chakra), Pituitary (Brow or Third Eye chakra) and Hypothalamus primarily—were going through rather tremendous compressed evolutionary processes which were the cause of my occasionally smelling what seemed to me to be burning chimney smoke and other times burning incense smoke up close to my face. This I could deal with much more easily than if it had been a physical neighbor with a smoking chimney!

I found it interesting that since I started smelling these two scents around 2004, they never changed but remained the same two primary smells, until 2016 that is. The only other highly amplified olfactory problems I’ve had occasionally throughout the Ascension years have been when I physically cooked something. The smell of what I’d cooked would stay in my nostrils for days or weeks sometimes. You start worrying about your sanity after not being able to smell anything but sautéed onions or whatever you cooked for two weeks straight. Horrible, just horrible. The fastest way to drive someone mad I’m sure!

The evolutionary changes taking place inside my physical brain and brain glands, including the matching energetic changes that always goes along with all Ascension symptoms/side effects, have caused both physical olfactory amplifications to the point of near madness, and smelling what was my brain and Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus glands evolving and mutating, merging, connecting etc. into something very different and vastly higher functioning and more complex. The first issue was nonphysical and energetic and had/has to do with my/your/humanity’s current compressed evolution. For most people these early brain and brain gland changes are “smelled”, are perceived as strong physical smoke and/or burning incense except they’re nonphysical.

I’m not talking about the physical olfactory senses, nor am I talking about Clairolfaction/Clairofactance/Clairolfactant — the “psychic” ability to smell nonphysical etheric and/or Astral scents. What I am talking about is caused by our current highly compressed and rapid evolution. Many people are smelling their brains and brain glands seemingly on fire and smoldering, producing great amounts of smokey scents. Of course, our brains and brain glands aren’t physically on fire, but it is them quickly evolving into more complex organs (along with many other organs throughout the human body) that function multidimensionally while fully conscious and in-body. This Ascension Process commonly causes side effect of smelling nonphysical smoke and/or nonphysical burning incense.

 Smelling horrific burning rubber mixed with strange chemical smells is common when a demon is attacking you. That smell is unfortunately memorable and completely different from the Ascension related side effect of smelling nonphysical burning smoke and/or burning smokey incense smells.  Two very different things, sources and causes so please be conscious of these major differences.

At different times in 2016, these two primary nonphysical scents I’ve smelled for the past twelve years have changed somewhat. Now I’m sometimes smelling smokey scents I can’t define because they don’t smell like anything I’ve ever smelled before. They’re not terribly pleasant scents, as the nonphysical burning incense was, but are strange combinations of scents sometimes with or without the smokey scent mixed it. When this started a few months ago, I automatically inquired within to See what was changing in there now and perceived those new areas of my brain and trinity of brain glands already mentioned, were changing even more and have been Rewired together in NEW higher, more complex ways. This is why I’ve smelt strange new nonphysical scents this year after them predictably being smokey chimney-like smells and burning incense smells for so long. No, I’m not smelling demons or any other etheric negative being. I’m smelling my own inner chemistry, DNA, Chakras, electrical systems, inner energy grids, central nervous system, brain and brain glands evolving into something very NEW.

All is good, just evolving, and dramatically at this point. Don’t go into fear if/when you start smelling nonphysical scents or when those scents change into different ones. If you’re honestly concerned, then see a trusted physician. Otherwise, know that what you’re smelling and experiencing is caused from you naturally evolving, right along with so very many other people all experiencing the same symptoms and side effects and other unusual anomalies smelled, seen, heard, felt and known.

Denise Le Fay

September 2, 2016

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13 thoughts on “Evolving Brain Glands & Smelling Nonphysical Scents

  1. Since the September 1st eclipse, I have been experiencing quite a bit of the kundalini energy and for me, more in the crown than usual. I have had different configurations of head and vibrations, i.e. High Heart with Womb (yep, this happens sometimes), Heart with Crown (lots more crown than ever before), all the above paired with any configuration of solar and sacral chakras and root. It has been super intense. Brings up deep issues, hopefully to be cleared, in the outer world with family, etc. I have felt sick and dizzy with it sometimes. I will wobble on my feet a bit. I feel like someone has punched me. I feel like my head has been toasted. None of this is new, just traveling around more. It can still bring up very angry feelings. Luckily, they leave pretty quickly. No particular smells lately, although I have certainly experienced that too. Everything just feels so accelerated. I am expecting the last several months of 2016 to be massively changing and that’s saying a lot because my entire world has changed in the last year. I barely recognize myself anymore.

    All we can do is take it day by day.

  2. Angela,

    I’ve been aware of SHC– Spontaneous Human Combustion for decades, but what I’ve been experiencing for a long time, and many other people have been too, is absolutely NOT SHC. It is what I’ve explained it to be and what you’re talking about is something totally different and unrelated to the Ascension Process altogether.

    Are you familiar with Kundalini? With what’s called inner Kundalini FIRE? If not you may benefit from reading up on it in relation to the Ascension Process because that is the cause of the inner heat, inner energetic, trans-mutative “Fire” that people feel when they’re going through an evolutionary process. They do NOT burst into actual physical flames such as what you’re talking about. SHC is something else and is wholly unrelated.

    In addition — to better express this Universal evolutionary Ascension Process, “Global Warming” as it’s called, is the Earth (and our entire solar system for that matter) going through this same process that naturally caused some heat from burning off lower frequency density while simultaneously evolving into and embodying much, much higher frequency Light energies. All that friction causes everything and everyone to heat up for a while.

  3. Did You Ever Consider That It Might Be-“Spontaneous Human Combustion??? A Few Years Ago On Youtube- A Living Man Had Smoke Coming Around His Upper Shoulders??? I’m Sure Denise That You Are Aware Of True Stories With Photographs Showing Individuals With Only Certain Parts Of Their Bodies That Have Cremated Themselves & The Rest Of The Body Was Intact? I Have Been Questioning This Phenomenon For Many Years!!!
    For Consideration-Please Respond-Thank You-“OK”

  4. Seana,

    I did the same thing; ran around the house looking for something burning and never found anything — inside or outside. It’s all in our heads! 😉 I couldn’t resist! 😀

    I’m confused… I’m still in southern California, or are you talking about something else entirely?

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