Negative Etheric Barricades

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I’ve debated whether to share this particular information or not. As the weeks rolled on since it happened, I’ve felt it did need to be shared, so here we go. Maybe you can relate to this negative etheric stunt, tactic, this attempt to stop me/you/us from doing what I/you/we’ve been doing all along anyway.

If you’ve been a TRANSITIONS reader for many years, you know that I stopped writing here around the Autumnal Equinox of 2013, and created another blog, HighHeartLife at that time. There were multiple reasons why I did both those things then, just as there are multiple reasons why I’ve started writing again occasionally at TRANSITIONS recently (late 2015). In between book writing, I intend to continue writing at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife because information for both levels and stages are still needed and helpful I feel.

TRANSITIONS came under nearly constant negative assaults by nonphysical Team Dark (TD) beings and living, human Portal People also. Portal People is my term for humans that are easily used, influenced and directed by nonphysical TD to do negative things wherever TD wants to create more chaos and suffering etc. Nothing new about any of this, I’m just saying that I had to constantly keep TRANSITIONS protected, clean and clear since I created it in 2007, and doing so became increasingly difficult over the years as TD increased their attempts to stop me from writing here. I’m certainly not the only one whose had to deal with this in years past online and everywhere else for that matter.

When I stopped writing here in late 2013 and focused mainly at HighHeartLife, I didn’t work as hard or as often at keeping TRANSITIONS energetically free of the negativity like I did before. If I wasn’t here and wasn’t here writing about what I always have, then TD wasn’t here attacking me or others either. However, when I started writing here again a couple of months ago, I experienced something interesting and that’s what I want to share with you only so you can recognize it for what it really is and what it is not if you see and/or feel something like this too. Discernment as always.

A couple of months ago I was here at TRANSITIONS working on an article and after an hour or so, I suddenly clairvoyantly saw something I’ve never seen before. It was obnoxious, invasive, loud and nasty and it wanted to be seen and felt very clearly and it was.


I saw a black and white only etheric “news ticker” or etheric “crawler” or etheric “slide” as they’re called on our TVs, but this was located in the upper left-hand side of about 1/3 of my internal mind’s eye vision. It flashed very fast constantly in an invasive, in-your-face, blinding sort of way. It looked like alien black and white geometric symbols or glyphs and made no sense to me other than I had the immediate feeling it was an etheric barricade to prevent me from writing anymore at TRANSITIONS.


While I was writing I continued seeing it and I tried closing one eye to see if that changed it in any way or made it disappear, it didn’t, so I tried the other eye and a few other things. Even with both eyes closed I could still see it flashing in the upper left-hand side of my inner vision. Both eyes open I could see it, both eyes closed I could see it, but it was the insane migraine it immediately caused me that told me it was a negative etheric, energetic Do Not Cross barricade put in place here by TD probably quiet a few months ago.


It was all I could do to finish writing that article and publish it because the migraine-like headache and nausea seeing and feeling that etheric barricade caused was severe enough I needed to lay down for a bit and clean and clear again. After about an hour the migraine headache and nausea went away, which actual migraines don’t do that quickly.

After all this, I blasted out any and all residual negative etheric devices, tools, barricades, human created negative thought-forms, tidbits etc. because this sort of TD business is not allowed or endured any longer. Now I simply hose down the place with Light (whatever and wherever that may still be at this point) and everything is clean and clear and faster and easier than ever before. If repeated attempts on my life, my sanity, my very soul haven’t worked, some negative flashing etheric alien and/or human created crime scene tape transmission certainly won’t. But, this is how we learn about how the old lower frequency Duality business works at the end of TD’s reign of terror. After all I’ve been through because of them, this was almost laughable in its desperateness and that’s an important reason why I’m sharing the experience with you.

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On a much higher note, we are once again in the middle of another potent energetic Light sandwich of two eclipses and the March 2016 Equinox falling between them. Because of this, many are most likely feeling some extra pains, aches, the old Ascension Flu body chills and aches, head pains and pressures, extended periods of inner ear ringing, periods of dizziness or sense of spinning/rotating/falling/lifting off etc. and any number of other Ascension related side effects. Never forget however that these aches and pains are indicators that you are in another intense phase of evolutionary Ascension so use this time positively for yourself and for ALL. ❤


March 15, 2016

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16 thoughts on “Negative Etheric Barricades

  1. Yes! Yes! I agree! This is what I too have been thinking! I have to find a way to transcend the negative energy! I got this idea from a book entitled the Celestine Prophecies- where soldiers were looking for these people to terrorize, but they just couldn’t see them. The spiritual seekers vibrated right out of their sight! Ever since then, I’ve been like, “I want that superpower!”

    At the time I had no idea how to get it. But yes slowly I am trying to develop these abilities by doing exactly what you are suggesting! Focusing on me and keeping my vibrations clear and pure, so darkness can’t see me. I am so enjoying all of the information you have here and I’m delighted that it’s actually in a format that’s pretty easy to understand. These concepts are so new to my consciousness- at times, the way it’s presented by other writers – it’s a bit much to take in and process. But it really does seem to make more sense than all of the traditional information about life, the world and the nature of reality, where I have always felt that something was wrong, off, hidden.

    Well thank you so much for this amazing advice! And I’m definitely benefitting from all of your hard work keeping the light workers informed!

    Thanks so much!

    Amber Lisa

  2. Amber,

    Negative nonphysical beings/entities etc., USE living humans–what I’ve termed Portal People–that exist in low frequency energies and consciousness themselves. Like attracts like as the old saying goes. People so easily become the ways and means for negative nonphysical beings and energies to manifest and cause misery, fear, wars, humans killing other humans, males hurting/killing females and on and on and on in this physical world. Humans are their tools and until humans “wake up” and evolve out of this lowly negative frequency range where these beings have existed for so long, humans will continue being manipulated to harm and/or cause as much pain, suffering, chaos and negativity across Earth as possible. And because the negative energies that humans create–emotional, mental, psychic, energetic, physical–these nonphysical negative beings continue feeding off from all these human generated negative energies. This is why the negative beings want to cause as much pain, fear, hatred, chaos, suffering etc. as they can; it’s their only food and fuel source! This situation is totally parasitic and the only way out is for humans to evolve. This is what the Ascension Process is causing.

    People believe that they can “love” Team Dark–my term for all negative beings/entities etc.–out of that negativity, that they can help them. In a world of Duality, doing this only causes the dark, the negative to fight back to protect themselves from that horrible, terrible, filthy love and/or light. When we of the Light are attacked by these Dark beings our first thought and action is to try to protect ourselves from them! Such is Duality…

    What I’ve learned, the long and hard way, is that the ONLY way to really “win” with this business is to focus on oneself and learn to continue embodying more and more and more Light Energies so that one literally evolves or “ascends” beyond old lower frequency Duality altogether. When we each do this, we literally move beyond the frequency range of Team Dark beings/entities/demons etc. This whole business is exploding all around humanity now because it’s time for humanity to evolve. It’s also amplified again right now because we’re two days away from the September 22, 2016 Equinox which means a LOT of even higher Light Energies are incoming and Team Dark always gets very defensive when this happens and they do their best to stir up as much negativity and chaos before and during these powerful positive influxes of Light.

    Bottom line is to just stay focused on yourself now and on increasing the Light energies you can embody. That is how the negative are “defeated”, not endless face to face Duality battles that do nothing except get you beat up and wore out or worse! I hope you’ll keep reading here as there’s a lot of helpful information about this and other Ascension related topics.

  3. Wow. I have been under attack since 2013, when I decided to take my spiritual work to the next level. (The spiritual work is teaching people to respond to domestic violence with love and forgiveness.) In the very last, of many extremely negative experiences- I encountered a negative energy -linked to a corrupt place) that was so intense I felt as if it was literally attempting to kick my head off of my body.

    And prior to this experience I never truly believed in ghosts or demons or energies (I thought perhaps it was possible, but was not entirely sure.) That experience made it very real for me, however. When I spoke to other people working in the same space about these experiences, they were all like “Yes! Yes! I am experiencing that too! I know what you are talking about!” In this case, the experiences, the energy was linked to the place. In the area where I worked, it was absolutely suffocating and you could almost see/feel the negative energy overtake, oppress and possess people.

    My brother told me that I was not battling people, but that energy that I sensed. He told me how to combat it- with music, good feelings, etc. It worked and it didn’t. The more positive I became the more angry the negative energy got, until I was ultimately kicked out of the place (by the negative energy .) I was disappointed because I went there to do my work, and now could not.

    I say all of that to say this…given all these past experiences- and this has been ongoing since 2013, a lot of negative testing energy focused on me… I am feeling bealeagured. How to continue in the face of this siege? When this started in 2013, I thought I was being ridiculous by entertaining the idea that I was engaged in some kind of spiritual warfare…but ever since I decided to go big, or go home with the spiritual message of love and forgiveness that I want to teach in my work…I have been flooded with lots of negative and positive energies- I’m sick of all of it at this point! I want some tranquility and peace! I do know how to defeat the negative energies- with love, kindness, does work. But I am so sick of even engaging this energy at all.

    Well…that was quite a rant on my part. Thanks so much for sharing, so that people like me don’t feel entirely crazy and alone!

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