Early 2016 & Multidimensional Events

blue flower leavesI’m sharing this particular information at both of my blogs because it’s that important and needs to be known by as many people as possible. Here’s a link to an article I wrote and published at HighHeartLife (HHL) on February 7, 2016 entitled, Masters Stepping Forward: Team Dark Disappearing.


Red flower leavesNext is a link to a channeled message by Cosmic Awareness (CA) through Will Berlinghof at their website Rainbow Phoenix on the same day. I didn’t know Will had done this latest CA message until someone wrote a Comment at HHL on February 8th mentioning it and the similarities to what I’d written.



None of this (ever) surprises me because, if you’ve read my book The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory, you’re familiar with my past life connection and multidimensional meeting and merging with the Buddha, which, brings us back around to Cosmic Awareness in our current lives and time. I am aware of and connected to that higher dimensional consciousness/being(s) and often write directly from my perception and experiences, information very similar to what CA talks about around the same time, either hours or days before or just after It does. This is one of many explanations to why some of us Ascension Forerunner teachers will write similar messages at or around the same time; we’re all receiving, perceiving, living, participating in and experiencing very similar things at the same time in timeless higher dimensions. When we reenter the physical dimension, those individual experiences and information usually manifests (gets written and published physically) within hours or a couple of days of each other.

In my article above, I’m a bit further down the road with this business with Team Dark, or as CA calls them, the human elite and the nonhuman, nonphysical Archons. We are talking about the same beings and humans however. I’ve dealt with, battled against and done my very best to dodge the near constant multidimensional attacks and interference directed at me for the majority of my life, and very much so since I created TRANSITIONS in 2007 as my place to communicate, teach and share what I know and experience personally with the Ascension Process and related topics.

Anyone who has a higher developed ability to consciously retain the memories of what they’ve done, where they’ve gone, what they’ve seen, felt, heard and experienced etc. while “asleep” and out of their physical body, knows that when you’re more exhausted when you wake up in the mornings, that it means you’ve worked very hard almost all night in higher dimensions. It’s a sort of standing joke among Initiates and such because it simply goes with being more consciously aware of one’s multidimensional nature and being. 

For most of us Elder Forerunner warhorse Initiates from long ago, it’s why we’ve been exhausted the entire time since this Ascension Process started! Just because it’s nighttime and your physical body is in bed sleeping doesn’t mean that YOU are because YOU’RE not! YOU are out working your multi-D Selves like crazy with any number of situations that must be dealt with, built, anchored, created, moved, dead-ended and on and on and on. As your consciousness grows, so to will your ability to consciously remember what you do when your physical body is asleep.

My point was that I’m just a bit ahead of this current battle with Team Dark/the Archons and the human elite that CA mentions in the article above. Don’t get me wrong, I wake up exhausted every morning too, in fact I’d like to be taking a nap right now instead of writing this but this is really important information and it needs to be in multiple locations to help those feeling like the world’s gone crazy… more so than usual I mean!

Instead of getting into this any further, I’m going to ask you to read my article above and then read Will’s Cosmic Awareness message and start putting the multidimensional pieces together for yourself. Pay attention to everything, stay out of fear and worry, don’t buy into the BS and manipulations the elite/media etc. are pushing harder now than ever before. The evolutionary Ascension Shift has already happened; this is just the hair pulling, screaming and crying after that fact phase in the physical dimension. All you have to do is discern the bullshit and deliberate interference from the real Light and that’s easy, especially now with all the extra HighHeart consciousness and energies available on the Earth finally.

Thank you Will Berlinghof and Cosmic Awareness and Co. for your important information above. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 8, 2016

7 thoughts on “Early 2016 & Multidimensional Events

  1. If I could have put what I have been feeling into words…. These would be it! Thank you for sharing this!!!
    I am very grateful that you could pull yourself into the space to do this. For me, I have g en in to napping to calm the headache… & am learning to ignore that nagging ringing;) and something major happened on Saturday with the matrix…wow….

  2. In the past weeks I have been dreaming that I was joyfully collaborating with the current Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. I thought that was odd, but after reading your email I thought: well maybe it makes sense after all! 🙂 Thank you!

    Laurence Envoyé de mon iPhone

  3. Laurence,

    I’ve been doing the same thing with other “heads of state” in multiple countries. This happens more than most would believe. I’ll write an article about this topic soon because many of the Forerunners have evolved into NEW “jobs” of being Guides to certain humans. 😉

    Well done you and thanks for sharing your experience with this. ❤

  4. Justin Trudeau’s Jesuit trained and Jesuit groomed, Anglo phobic, Royalty hating late father has been blamed by English Canadians for destroying the country through the imposition of metric conversion, bilingualism, and multiculturalism, according to APEC (Association for the Preservation of English in Canada) supporters. Let up pray his son is now on the job to correct this alleged damage caused by his father.

  5. Thank you Denise. This is exactly what has been happening to me since Christmas. My dreams always go into overdrive when I travel and I went home, to the UK, for Christmas. However, the dreams have continued and I am so tired every day now. Most of my dreams are about facing up to some dark force, dark light or escaping from something fearful. However, I also had a dream of being somewhere celestial two nights ago, discussing and planning with others in a huge Roman or Greek style palace that felt high above. I remember, on arriving there, expecting others to be surprised to see me but they were not. Is there a way to better connect more lucidly during dream time, to understand the meaning? Is there anything we should aim to fulfill or complete during this time?

  6. Hi Denise!
    I enjoy your updates and posts so much! I just found this because lately I have been feeling this buzzing/vibrating feeling and it wakes me up in the middle of the night but then I end up having an anxiety/panic attack until my husband calms me down because it just frightens me and I get a little bit numb! I usually get directed to anxiety forums when I google this but now that I read this I hope to be more calm and just go through with this feeling until it stops and try to go back to sleep, it really is freaky though! I have been having this since 2009 on and off but lately its more than ever! Thanks so much!

    hope you write soon again I am looking forward to it!

  7. SaturnDust,

    Being a Capricorn, I had a good giggle over your user name. 😀

    I’ve written many articles over the years about this so you might want to read through articles like Inner Body Vibrations and/or Body and Brain Rewiring and the other Ascension symptoms. I can’t remember their exact titles or I’d add links to them here, but you can find them in the sidebar area under Recently Read Articles or something like that.

    The next thing you’ve GOT to feel/deal/heal is your fear over this (and anything else) because fear for any of us at this point within such high frequency Light Energies only amplifies all the lower crap too. Read that sentence again if needed. So, no fear, and knowing that these strange symptoms are due to humanities natural evolution or “ascension” to a higher level of consciousness, being and reality should help you live through them easier and faster as well.

    The feeling of vibrating inside our physical bodies (and many other things too) is an actual sign that we’ve embodied more Light, which means less density. To us this physically feels like we’re vibrating, or sometimes even shaking inside but it’s simply us housing, embodying, being more Light on this physical level. Embodying more Light brings with it all sorts of other “upgrades” or evolutionary positives such as greater consciousness and thousands of other positive things. Keep reading so you’ll discover that this is something to be celebrated and not feared at all. ❤

    We’re going from Saturn Dust to Crystalline Sparkles. 😉

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