Evolving Beyond the Dark

This article is specifically for the people from around the world who’ve emailed me over the years with the same horrible, difficult problem; they’ve been activated by the Ascension Process which causes them to “wake up” more spiritually, energetically and consciously and due to this they’re suddenly experiencing attacks from negative, low-frequency nonphysical, nonhuman beings, entities and living humans or Team Dark as I often refer to all of them.

As humanity continues evolving beyond the old lower frequency blueprints of the last Great Evolutionary Cycle—that fully expired on December 21, 2012—all that was doesn’t want to lose its control, power, food and fuel sources which has been living and dead humanity on Earth for thousands of years. I’m not going into detail over the old lower energies, players, duality, consciousness and such in this because I and others have already written much about it all. What I want to focus on in this article is why so many people experience negative Astral, psychic, and often physical attacks from different Team Dark beings and humans both while awake and in-body and while asleep and out-of-body.

Very simply put, Team Dark doesn’t want any human to escape the dense and narrow frequency range they have existed within for so long. If you and I escape that lower frequency range, which is exactly what we’re doing thanks to the natural Divine evolutionary push from the NEW Evolutionary Cycle and its NEW energy blueprints/templates/codes etc., then who are Team Dark going to sustain themselves off from? And so they attack humans when they sense that person is “waking up”, is naturally evolving due to the current Ascension Process and therefore will literally rise in frequency and rate and “ascend” out of that lower frequency range and consciousness into a much higher one that they cannot enter, touch or influence in any way whatsoever.

As most people begin the natural, evolutionary Ascension Process, at some point within it they will encounter repeated attacks from Team Dark simply because they’re starting the Process of moving out of range from them and so the battle is on to stop, prevent, or at the very least derail the person from being successful with this and escaping/evolving beyond their influence. Think of this miserable, dangerous, difficult situation as Initiatic because it is.

What many people don’t understand is that these levels, stages and phases within the Ascension Process are literally Initiatic and Alchemical and are extremely important and highly valuable personally. I won’t water this down and say any of it is easy because it’s not. It’s often painful, difficult and downright miserable in most cases and yet, by an individual actually LIVING, EMBODYING these Initiatic, Alchemical processes they are forever physically and energetically changed by each one of them… which is the point to the Ascension Process. One must individually be transmuted, transformed from top to bottom, from the energy bodies down to the physical body by these higher frequency Light Energies to literally have their DNA, dualized brain halves, consciousness, energy bodies and physical body integrated, unified, evolved and “ascended” up to the next frequency range and level(s). Not one bit of this is accomplished in the human intellect left brain or ego, but all the way down into every cell, organ, nerve ending, every thought and emotion because that is what Initiations and Alchemical processes do; they transmute and transform one thing into something very NEW, different and into a higher rate of frequency — like 3D Lead to 5D multidimensional Gold.

Of course Team Dark doesn’t want that to happen and so they attack, derail, sidetrack, make sick, make weak, confuse, interfere, manipulate and attack some more in an attempt to prevent each of us from breaking through that Energy Ceiling and evolving beyond them and our lower consciousness, lower reality world, ways and systems. Only those who’ve gone so far from Source/God/All That Is would believe themselves to be more powerful than Source/God/All That Is! They are not and never have been so don’t give them any more power or focus than you need to during these changes. Realize, understand what’s happening to you and why and that there is some real work and effort involved on your part to break through that old lower Energy Ceiling and evolve yourself, body and soul, up out and beyond that level and range and into a unified, integrated frequency range that’s not remotely like the old lower 3D one.

This can be done, has been done, and is being done today by millions more people around the world and it will continue so no fear, just take advantage of the natural evolutionary Ascension Process Light Energies pushing us all to evolve now. Do the work, make the effort so you can honestly remember that you actually are an aspect of Divine Source/God/All That Is on a very exciting journey for individual Self and for unified Source as they’re one and the same after all is said and done. Don’t become discouraged or sidetracked by the negative tactics and diehard folks and beings of the old lower frequency world and ways. Keep in your Heart the knowing that you are Divine and have the Divine Right to evolve and live free at a higher level of being, consciousness and reality now, today. Use the tests, the Initiations, the Alchemical processes to propel you to the next higher level and don’t give a second thought over the lower old negative biting at your behind on the way up and out.  ❤

Denise Le Fay

November 22, 2014

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copyright black white Copyright © Denise LeFay & TRANSITIONS, 2014. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL https://deniselefay.wordpress.com and Copyright Notice is included. 

15 thoughts on “Evolving Beyond the Dark

  1. **Bless you** Denise for this extremely timely post, the last 2-3 days have been God-awful brutal in terms of the conditions in the “Field” and I am left feeling like a war casuality in the trenches of Normandy.

    With yesterday being the 51st anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, I was seeing/experiencing the attempts from the Dark Side to over-ride the Camelot frequencies of hope, love, Truth, and the Round Table : : whoa, my poor Body Physical is just trying to keep up with what my spirit KNOWS is the final “battle” ensueing right now.

    My very deepest gratitude goes to you dear Sister in Light and Heart, for your patience, perserverence, courage, intelligence, wit and humor, you are Truly a Lioness at Heart, and have been for so long
    holding the Flame of Love so Bright, a Sacred Torch to us all.

    Much love to you and your mom,
    daphne’/kachina*blue*star* in Cambria, CA

  2. I have not been sent your transitions blog for a long time. I cannot find out how to subscribe (or really resubscribe) on your web sit. Could you add me to your list so I can get your insights again? Thank you so much for your service to me and the world. Carolyn Vale carolynmarievale@gmail.com

  3. Carolyn,

    I added the Sign Up to receive email notifications from TRANSITIONS button. Just click on it Carolyn and follow directions and you’ll once again receive email notifications whenever I write something here at TRANSITIONS. 🙂

    Last month during the wild intensity and dramatic changes that have been unfolding for us all, I perceived that I needed to occasionally write certain articles at TRANSITIONS for the folks just starting to “wake up” and be activated by the Ascension Process and also for those who’ve been living it for a few years but have recently been activated to a whole NEW degree and far more intense level. HighHeartLife is for the Forerunners of the Forerunners, the Forerunners, Lightworkers etc. and those folks who’ve been living and anchoring the Ascension Process from day-one doing what all they have–and continue to–for All. I’ll be writing at both blogs now, occasionally. ❤ ❤


  4. I apologize I am not highly literate on the internet with facebook and the like so did not even know how to post on there. Anyway I am knew to all of the well, not really new I have been searching for about 10 years or so and am still going around in circles and feel like I am completely lost as to what to believe or trust about all this ascension process and how to achieve it and where to go to or what to do to raise your frequency and why what for and how do you know ALL of this and more and now I am even questioning if there is even a God or whatever you call it. I am sooooo confused can or would you direct me in the right direction if possible? I don’t seem to dream anymore, I have never had out of body or a spiritual experience, I just know of all of the experiences I read about or hear and I feel like I am just really being left behind, yet I also feel like I have been on a long arduous journey all my life, help “sleepless on earth” wanting and waiting to “WAKE UP FULLY’

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