Third Trimester Recap

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Third Trimester: June 20, 2013 to September 22, 2013

Right at this particular moment, the past three months of the summer quarter period (here in the Northern Hemisphere) has been one long, difficult, weird, continual hot flashing sprint/tumble/dodging our ways through weird Astral debris towards the Finish Line. At least that’s how I feel about it all at this exact moment! Give me a couple of hours and it will all change for the 98 gazillionth time.

Honestly, all of 2013 has been one astonishing ongoing and oftentimes shocking clusterf*&^% in many ways with many people and situations… interspersed with growing periods of 5D High Heart centered bliss-ness. Just how long can one remain in Duality while evolving beyond it? Did we honestly think this Nine Month extension period after 12-21-12 was gonna be a calm, happy walk in the park? No, but most of us weren’t anywhere close to being ready for how fast, how intense, how utterly bizarre and extreme these Nine Months would actually be individually. Good gawd I can’t wait to cross that 9-22-13 Finish Line to the old everything finally! (Please notice that I said the old everything, meaning the past Evolutionary Cycle and Team Dark being top players in it. Once we reach and cross the Equinox/end of these Nine Months on September 21-22, 2013, the NEW Evolutionary Cycle fully begins energetically and physically minus Team Dark in the majority of timelines and worlds. Do you realize the degree of positive change just NOT having Team Dark running the earth show is going to be?)

One…more…week…to…go. Only ONE!

A week from September 14-15th is the Equinox of September 21-22, 2013 around the world. One week from today. If you were consciously aware of how long and how many lives and different timelines and dimensions you have been working towards this, towards what’s about to activate fully in physicality and elsewhere, you’d be giddy with excitement. Lots of nonphysical Team Light Beings very much are! However, most of us Team Light incarnate “ground-crew” are so profoundly exhausted at this point that we’re glad to still be inhaling/exhaling, but that too is about to begin improving dramatically. (Please notice I said begin and not fully and completely overnight miraculous improvements across the board. That is possible however so don’t close the door to that potential happening to you, but more likely is that these improvements will unfold over time… and rather quickly at that.)

So expect to begin feeling less crappy, less exhausted, less beat-up, less war-torn, less blocked, less restricted, less despised etc. Expect starting to feel stronger, healthier, more invigorated, safe, empowered, understood and so on. Expect that and much more because we’re about to cross the third and final invisible energy threshold into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle on a NEW earth world… without Team Dark controlling it. Stair Steps remember? The first unseen energy threshold we crossed was the October 28, 2011 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline; the second one was the December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline and collective human belief systems connected to it etc.; the third one is the end of the Nine Month period after 12-21-12 on 9-21-22-13. Three is a triality Stair Step charm! ▲

Pay attention to whatever phenomena crosses your path this week especially, but much more importantly, focus your High Heartmind on what YOU want for yourself, your loved ones, for humanity, and for all life on earth this week leading up to the final threshold Shift Point of 9-21-22-13. It’s a rare, highly important week so use every minute of it to Consciously Create what YOU want now and simple continue to override the lower insanity of the separating old negativity.

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September 15, 2013

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96 thoughts on “Third Trimester Recap

  1. Kyra R,

    This is about us learning to no longer enable the negativity in ourselves and in our lives, our world etc. This is why the Ascension Process makes us feel INTOLERANCE and RAGE even over these horrible things, beliefs, habits, systems, actions etc.; we’re evolving beyond that lower frequency and consciousness range and we HAVE to exist in a place that’s a match to us and us to it. This is why the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is happening. Everyone needs a place that’s a frequency/energy match to them now.

    Don’t feel that you should or need to feel “love” and “light” etc. for these lower negative things, actions, people and their beliefs etc. You don’t. Those living this Ascension Process and feeling this just need to be aware of these changes and why we’re suddenly feeling INTOLERANCE for the negativity and so on. This is a natural part of the Ascension Process and the main reason why so many of us crave Nature and being alone while we’re going through these huge evolutionary changes. It’s just too painful to be around the old lower negativity in any form or person while one is evolving so much and so quickly.

    ♥ Hugs,

  2. Thank you. I needed to hear that. OMG the insanity today. One. More. Week.

    And yes, I can see the bigger picture, but I am so ready.

  3. gina,

    Happy Birthday Equinox girl ♥, a very powerful B-Day this one. 🙂 It will be the start of great NEW things.

    Birthday Hug,

  4. hi denise,
    i can relate to feeling different every day. my birthday is on the 22nd and i am hoping that i will wake up that day and feel amazing! not just for cake and drinks, but for peace and joy, two things i have been lacking lately. been feeling cross and tired and hopeless lately. i look forward to your posts, they make me feel better…so thanks! love you, my light sister. hang in there! gina

  5. I wonder what kind of a week this is going to be – this last week before the 21st. Mine started out today with feeling very low and despondent and trying to process the intense losses, burdens, sadness, betrayals, hardships, attacks from the Dark, and loss of hope of the last six years. And trying to find and reach some peace over it all. No amount of positive thinking could shift me out of that state. Going outside now to meditate to search for that peace and closure.

  6. Dear Denise
    Thank you so much for your post. Great words of encouragement and a reminder of where to put our focus-which is what and how we want the world and our lives to be. I had interesting dreams last night where I was at some sort of graduation, was being told I had done really well, and was filling out paperwork for a new mission and meeting with higher energies nutting out who I was, what I’d done and what I wanted to study next. Very unusual. Woke up feeling discombobulated. After basically living my life in an energetic war zone since I was two and a half, and the last 10 intense years of daily processing/turmoil/exhaustion, it’s going to take me a little time to get used to living in a world where team dark is not harassing me and ruling the time line I’m in. I am really looking forward to everything being easier tho! I liken the way I am feeling to when troops come back from a tour of duty, it takes time for them to get used to not fighting and working so hard just to survive the day. For all of us Light Warriors I hope our tour of duty ends with lots of good times and loving support from the universe as we transition to this new place in time and space where who we really are can be expressed in the wider community and our potentials realised.Wishing everyone much love, luck and divine grace in the coming days before the equinox. Meadow X

  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you, Denise! I am so very looking forward to this next stair-step change. I feel (finally!!) so ready to Do (my life purpose, my laundry-anything but keep being in this bed!:-) but still so physically unable to do much of anything that it is rather odd. I have been very heartened by how many people I’ve been hearing being more kibd, discussing the shift of consciousness, or the new world anytime I get out to a dr or grocery store. For years it seemed like the bulk of humanity planned to hit the snooze button for another millenia. If I didn’t already believe in the power of unseen energetic changes to produce visible change on Earth I would now;-) Thank you for all you do, Denise. The effects reach so much farther than might be apparent.

  8. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for this post. And Thank You So Much – as always, for your love & dedication. I’ve been sequestered in my family’s home since last August. After serving/working/fighting over a vortex of negative energy for 13 years (since Feb. 1999) – the Unseens haven’t allowed me to return to work. I simply would not have survived this year without your site. There is just no possible way. And I would not have survived without our Transitions family here – our fellow rock stars… Sending you all waves of love & gratitude:


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