Third Trimester Recap

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Third Trimester: June 20, 2013 to September 22, 2013

Right at this particular moment, the past three months of the summer quarter period (here in the Northern Hemisphere) has been one long, difficult, weird, continual hot flashing sprint/tumble/dodging our ways through weird Astral debris towards the Finish Line. At least that’s how I feel about it all at this exact moment! Give me a couple of hours and it will all change for the 98 gazillionth time.

Honestly, all of 2013 has been one astonishing ongoing and oftentimes shocking clusterf*&^% in many ways with many people and situations… interspersed with growing periods of 5D High Heart centered bliss-ness. Just how long can one remain in Duality while evolving beyond it? Did we honestly think this Nine Month extension period after 12-21-12 was gonna be a calm, happy walk in the park? No, but most of us weren’t anywhere close to being ready for how fast, how intense, how utterly bizarre and extreme these Nine Months would actually be individually. Good gawd I can’t wait to cross that 9-22-13 Finish Line to the old everything finally! (Please notice that I said the old everything, meaning the past Evolutionary Cycle and Team Dark being top players in it. Once we reach and cross the Equinox/end of these Nine Months on September 21-22, 2013, the NEW Evolutionary Cycle fully begins energetically and physically minus Team Dark in the majority of timelines and worlds. Do you realize the degree of positive change just NOT having Team Dark running the earth show is going to be?)

One…more…week…to…go. Only ONE!

A week from September 14-15th is the Equinox of September 21-22, 2013 around the world. One week from today. If you were consciously aware of how long and how many lives and different timelines and dimensions you have been working towards this, towards what’s about to activate fully in physicality and elsewhere, you’d be giddy with excitement. Lots of nonphysical Team Light Beings very much are! However, most of us Team Light incarnate “ground-crew” are so profoundly exhausted at this point that we’re glad to still be inhaling/exhaling, but that too is about to begin improving dramatically. (Please notice I said begin and not fully and completely overnight miraculous improvements across the board. That is possible however so don’t close the door to that potential happening to you, but more likely is that these improvements will unfold over time… and rather quickly at that.)

So expect to begin feeling less crappy, less exhausted, less beat-up, less war-torn, less blocked, less restricted, less despised etc. Expect starting to feel stronger, healthier, more invigorated, safe, empowered, understood and so on. Expect that and much more because we’re about to cross the third and final invisible energy threshold into the NEW Evolutionary Cycle on a NEW earth world… without Team Dark controlling it. Stair Steps remember? The first unseen energy threshold we crossed was the October 28, 2011 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline; the second one was the December 21, 2012 end of the Mayan calendar date/timeline and collective human belief systems connected to it etc.; the third one is the end of the Nine Month period after 12-21-12 on 9-21-22-13. Three is a triality Stair Step charm! ▲

Pay attention to whatever phenomena crosses your path this week especially, but much more importantly, focus your High Heartmind on what YOU want for yourself, your loved ones, for humanity, and for all life on earth this week leading up to the final threshold Shift Point of 9-21-22-13. It’s a rare, highly important week so use every minute of it to Consciously Create what YOU want now and simple continue to override the lower insanity of the separating old negativity.

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September 15, 2013

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96 thoughts on “Third Trimester Recap

  1. Dearest Denise,

    Heart Hugs to you for continuing to work at writing articles and responses, and weeding out all the sheeple police for us here. I appreciate it from within my heart.

    One thing I’ve really noticed this week (at least 3 days) is the clock. I’ve kept a written note in my datebook everyday when I’ve seen the 3:33, 12:12 etc. And I’ve been seeing it SEVERAL times a day. The fact I’ve been noticing it this much is really telling 🙂

    A world with health, being understood, with no FEAR in your face, with compassion everywhere in a “coming together” way where it’s needed. I will definitely be spending time this week meditating on this NEW. In fact, if I may share, one night this past week as I got in touch with 1D (after reading the 1D chapter from Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by BHC), it asked me to disconnect across all timelines and incarnations and earths… it asked me to fully connect into our NEW 1D Core. It was an amazing experience, I can’t begin to describe. The NEW Earth Core, I saw a woman laboring, her water had already broken, and I offered her my love and protection of my Light. It was so amazing and wonderful and beautiful.

    My Heart to Yours,
    Much Love, Light and Heart Hugs,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    I have to say THANK YOU!!!
    It’s nice to know, I am not the only one.
    Some of the head shots have been a bit startling for sure.

  3. Third trimester…a week before the date. Do I believe what you said, yes. However, the negative energy
    is lasting up until moments before the changes.
    I have been trying to get my pay from a job I worked 3 weeks ago. Money to make a late car payment.
    I went over again, after many times the man in charge said I’ll call the police if you don’t get out of here.
    I am working for another man from hell, who complains, hollers, and makes negative comments with everything I do.
    I told the woman I took care of this evening, they are doing this to make me crazy again one more time.
    This has been taken place consciously for 4 years, darkness and interference with every step I took.
    Bottom line is I won’t surrender, they know. They have tried everything in every way.

    This whole journey for me has lasted 25 years, but became very severe the last 4 years. I am tired bone tired.
    What friends I have left are tired of helping me, and don’t understand the immensity of this journey.
    I have kept company with those in Spirit and a good friend who is not going through this but is most loving.

    I know it will change eventually, slowly and steadily, however I need R&R, Or a band playing, perhaps a metal for job well done. That makes me very sad for what metal could possible describe that, at times that couldn’t be described.
    After the fact I know there will come a moment in time, when I will say, Job well Done.!!!
    Then probably cry for the tears I couldn’t shed in the mist of the holocaust between the Darkness and the Light. Knowing now that the end is near, the knowingness of the Soul.
    Love and Great Appreciation to those of you who have fought an immense battle.

  4. To be honest .. I can’t wait!! I’m so tired of TEAM DARK and everything they send out! C’mon POSITIVE endings!!

  5. Hello, Denise and all,

    Thank you, Denise, for the reminder of how little time is left until we pass the threshold. I have been so indredibly busy this month, but I woke up this morning thinking, Only one more week! Then I spent the day at a conference with lots of different kinds of people coming together and we had lunch and then all sat at a table together (circular, so we could all see each other) and sang. It was joyful and amazing. I want more of that!

    Love to you all,

  6. Thank you for your articles. The information is very helpful to sort through these times. What ice noticed is that life doesn’t seem more challenging or chaotic. It’s that I’ve changed. I have a much lower threshold for negativity. Friendships I’ve had for a lifetime all of a sudden I can’t stomach. I’ve noticed how much negativity they put out. It used to not really phase me. Now I have to leave the situation or room. I end up crying and being really affected by it, which I am working on. I don’t want the negativity to enter me. I try to stay centered, grounded, and loving, but it can be difficult when the energy in the room becomes thick with low frequencies. I suppose it’s been a year of cleaning up relationships and removing myself from these low frequencies. Thanks again for being a channel for source. 🙂

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