4D Astral Congestion, Noises, Images & More

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I wanted to talk a bit about the recent dramatic escalation of strange 4D Astral sights, sounds, voices, faces, thumps, bangs and abundant other weird images and strange bumps in the night type nonphysical phenomena. Some of you have been seeing, hearing, feeling, perceiving fifth dimensional and higher energies and beings also, but those things look and feel very different from these lower dimensional 4D Astral things. This article is about these other bleed-throughs that more and more people are experiencing at greatly increased rates very recently.

For the past month or two I’ve experienced a substantial increase of nonphysical phenomena. I’ve perceived this increase through clairaudiently hearing nonphysical sounds, voices, and other unrecognizable nonphysical noises while both awake and asleep. I’ve also been experiencing this substantial increase through clairvoyantly seeing all sorts of strange nonphysical faces or “head shots”, full or partial bodies, and/or groups of both humans and nonhuman beings/bodies moving through my higher visual field of perception. I’ve also been feeling what seems to me to be actual physical movements of my house, my bed, the floor under me, or a wall or walls around me moving a bit and so on. Also, strange and sudden shifts and/or slower movements of physical objects by nonphysical people, beings, energies etc. In other words, a wide variety of colorful nonphysical phenomena bleeding through into this dimension, world, and timeline. Sometimes it’s rather entertaining, other times it’s annoying and highly disruptive, and other times it can be downright shocking and disturbing.

One example was the other night while in my bed I distinctly felt the top mattress move and depress slightly as if something had landed on it. My cat was not in the room at that time, plus he’s heavier and I easily know when he has jumped up on my bed. What I felt was a nonphysical something or someone that caused a small area of my physical bed to physically move. (This same night my Mom experienced the same phenomena of her bed moving, depressing slightly from some nonphysical something or someone.)  I’ve experienced this many times over the past nearly 15 intense Ascension Process years, and some of these situations were caused by living humans that were asleep and in their etheric body moving through my physical space. Other cases of the mattress being moving from the bottom up were caused by Team Dark attacks but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

What I’ve experienced — as I know more and more of you are too is what I believe is us perceiving the actual shifting, moving, traveling, dispersing and the breaking apart of and Separation of Worlds and Timelines. I’ve waited and watched for increased clues that this massive and incredibly important change had begun at a physical level and I think many people are experiencing this recent and substantial increase of nonphysical phenomena that’s the start of this huge shifting process. The more sensitive folks have and will continue to experience, perceive, feel, see, hear, and in varying degrees be effected by these mega other-dimensional and other timeline shifts, bleed-throughs, changes and increasing separations. I’ve said a few times over the years that greatly increased phenomena would begin, plus greatly increased higher abilities in more people to perceive them. We’ve reached this point a month or so ago evidently because the wild multidimensional Three Ring Circus has begun like never before.

Another example of this that I’ve experienced for years but has substantially increased recently is sometimes clairaudiently hearing nonphysical human voices talking to each other. Take that but multiple it a thousand-fold and you start to get an idea of what this has been like lately. The old nonphysical borders and dividers between dimensions and timelines is so strange now, so transparent as to be nonexistent that these extreme and abundant bleed-throughs of 4D Astral energies, humans, non-humans, other beings, entities, thought-form created entities, thought-form created realities and objects are literally in the same space as you are now.

One more symptom of this strangeness before I forget is that I now often find myself dreaming while awake and doing other physical things like writing or house work or shopping etc. Now I don’t mean “daydreaming” at all but dreaming like when you’re asleep and out-of-body and in the Astral or higher dimensions dreaming. Needless to say this was rather strange when I first discovered that was what was happening, but now it’s just business as usual. How quickly we adapt. (This is like another Ascension-related symptom or upgrade of suddenly being able to see physical reality when your physical eyes are closed and your wide awake.)

We’re all moving and some of us are heading in one direction while great numbers of others are moving in many other directions and if you’re sensitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient etc., then you’re hearing, seeing, and feeling these multidimensional Grand Central Station-like chaotic shifts and changes. It’s sort of like trying to change lanes or merge into a bumper-to-bumper freeway and everyone is trying to change lanes to get to someplace different and all at the same time! It’s crazy, chaotic and with a high potential for multiple car accidents, road rage and so on. Welcome to the physical level start of the Separation of Worlds & Timelines and it’s only going to get more intense for the next couple of weeks.

From my perspective these past two months have been like there’s thousands of movies and TV shows playing and making noise all around me simultaneously and I’m having to hear and see many of them whether I want to or not. It’s just highly contested territory that I am, you are, we are traveling through now and, at times, the tremendous noise levels and insane inter-dimensional overcrowding bleed-throughs are simply WAY too much to cope with on top of everything else. When this happens I become over stimulated energetically, and sometimes emotionally, and absolutely have to shut down and get very, very quiet in the cool darkness of the day and get my vibrating, electrified, glowing, buzzing, overstimulated, exhausted self back in that HighHeart space and place during this greatly increased wild storm of change and separations.

When you feel yourself sliding out of that higher stable place due to these many different timelines and worlds bleeding through into this world, and/or seeing, hearing, feeling 4D Astral debris and other weird anomalies and strange wormhole type business, get quiet and calm and shut out as much of the multidimensional, multiple timeline Three Ring Circus as you can for as long as you need to get back into your HighHeart frequencies and balance and self-empower once again.


September 9, 2013

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109 thoughts on “4D Astral Congestion, Noises, Images & More

  1. This is just what I needed to read! I have seen strange things and have felt my bed move. I’ve experienced movement of my bed several times these past few years. Recently, one night while walking my dog I saw thousands of little particles in the air (if that’s possible). They looked white and about the size of a very small seed. Initially, I thought something was falling out of the tree I was under. But when I looked around, I could see it everywhere. Thanks for the post.
    Love, light, and blessings

  2. Have been having some difficulty, especially at night with voices which I can’t seem to discern as to its/their authentic origin/source, ie; whether they are 5d or above in nature or whether I’m picking up 4th dimensional weirdness of some sort. The strange thing about them is that they are singing some words to a tune, which is the same tune every time and whoever they are or whatever it is , it is saying the same thing over and over again which is “freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom”, in a sort of high pitched melodious way and it doesn’t seem to stop – pretty annoying when I am just wanting to simply sleep and be left in peace!. God knows I have enough noise going on as it is, what with all of the high pitched incessant ringing in my left ear and the immense pressure and noise/sounds in my brain, pressure in the back of my neck,throat,jaw,mouth and anything else unpleasant and uncomfortable you can possibly experience in that area! Although I find the singing or whatever it is, quite fascinating, as I have never heard anything like this before, it’s pretty ungrounding to have to listen to, especially when I am already in a highly sensitive,aware state of being. Oh well, keep surrendering I suppose ,,,,,,, AGAIN! Thank you for sharing this Denise, Love to you and everyone here. Katerina

  3. Thank you Denise,
    I am experiencing some of that but mostly extreme physical symptoms. Also, my home is in need of rehab (carpets, paint, linoleum, etc.). This does not seem the time to be doing major rehab on my home. As a result I feel that things are disintegrating around me. On the other hand, I talked to my sister today. She and I are opposite. She is politically conservative and belongs a to a conservative religion. Our conversations have most always been stressful. Today I was able to see that she will be going where she needs/wants to go and, for that, I was happy for her and love her. I suppose this is triality (is that a word?) rather than the old duality.
    Much love to you Denise,

  4. I’ve had two nights recently when I’ve gone into my garden and looked at the stars on a clear night and think I’ve seen areas of stars over me just moving en masse across the sky. It’s not been movement of clouds, as they haven’t been there – or have been still. It’s like part of the universe just shifting. Wild times eh! 🙂

  5. Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to share. It’s no wonder you’re so exhausted!

    I have noticed flashes out of the corner of my eyes, both dark and spotlight bright. I’ve also had Beings appear off to the side of my line of sight (gray sort of outline that I perceived with my other senses). One recently gave a straight to the point piece of information that I had not thought of (nor had my Mom) that has been helpful for me recently.

    It sure feels crowded and weird out there lately; I pick up on the conversations that are “connecting” and Light on the bus, and I hear the birds and talk to them more often.

    Much Love, Light, and a Heart Hug,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Since I’m a late comer, (I still keep asking where the hell was I when everyone else was years ahead of me?) I still have moments where I panic and feel I don’t have enough time. I thank you so much Denise….I sit at my computer, and mostly ignore a lot of emails coming in, because I’m just watching for something from Transitions. I have experienced some of these anomalies you mention, although few and far between. The shifting moment, twice now, where my body seemed to jump between timelines…like when your TV messes up during a storm and the picture comes through in little jumbled pixel squares. That’s what I felt like happens to my body. And another, I’m suddenly feeling weak, and then feeling like I phased out, almost like passing out momentarily. Every night when I turn out the light, and get in bed…I no sooner close my eyes and I hear loud sounds, loud jolting cracks, then on several occasions the bed moved like it would if someone were to come and stand beside the bed, and give it a joggle, like with their knees. When that began to happen, I turned the light back on and slept with it on. Then, after a couple of times, I simply said “no” and I relax, saying, “I am not afraid.” I never act challenging…I somehow know better than that. I just simply say no, matter-of -fact like, and put it out of my mind. I can choose to ignore it. I love the saying I’ve heard and seen said so much on the net now….I can just say…..”It’s none of my business.” I can apply all my personal power towards what IS my business. 🙂 Me…moving forward, onward and upward.
    I do enjoy the little silver comets (with tails) that whiz around my vision, close around me. Am wondering if others see these little flying lights around them? And pretty colorful designs all around my peripheral vision that look so much like seeing through a kaleidoscope?
    So grateful to you Denise, and may you be empowered to the max, in this loving service you offer of yourself.
    Be blessed!

  7. Hello, Denise,

    Well, that was a fast response! I’m glad you mentioned the physical building moving, because around July this started for me. I kept getting mad at the downstairs neighbors, wondering what they were up to! Then I realized it was either my feet shaking really badly and this explanation gives me another option. I’ve been able to see physical reality with my eyes closed for at least two years now. And, yes, I’ve been having faces show up when I close my eyes. They’re longer and bigger than they were when I had them before. And, of course, little blinking lights are increasing and the vibrations last night were very, very intense! I can’t imagine being in a classroom with some of these things going on. It’s going to be an interesting two weeks! So far, I’m finding the process fascinating. (These people I see are a little funny.)

    Thanks so much, Denise, for this extremely timely post!

    Love and big hugs,

  8. Thank you for posting this, Denise! I’ve been having SO many strange occurrences, and one early morning last week I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that we had a minor earthquake, because I distinctly felt the apartment shift. But, of course, we hadn’t! I’m glad to know I’m not losing it! Thanks again!

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