Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift

Expiration Date & Paradigm Shift


“How close are we, in any given moment, to any of these timelines? I suppose what I mean is, is it normal now to feel the effects of one timeline if one is not currently on track to experience it, or is “feeling” this timeline an indication that one will indeed experience it? I’m not sure if I’m resonating with the Severe Earth Changes timeline at the moment, but I keep experiencing bouts of intense fear and panic about some big catastrophic event like a magnetic pole reversal, although I’m doing my darnedest not to focus upon it. It seems to pop up randomly, and I become paralyzed for an hour or two, until I latch onto something else–reading and connecting with the energy of The Temple Master Hotei, for example. :) And then it is as if I never experienced such debilitating fear, until it rears its ugly head unexpectedly a few days later. This all feels bigger than me somehow. Is something happening now, in another timeline, at this moment? I suppose everything is happening Now, but is something big and horrible “close” to us at the moment, perhaps that stunt the Powers are attempting to pull?”


This was in Comments under another article but because it’s such an important question I wanted to give it the focus and individual space it deserves. Thanks balsamicmoon for asking it. And thanks too Beth for the positive nod to The Temple of Master Hotei .  ❤

Because I’ve known balsamicmoon – Beth online for about ten years now, I’m familiar with why she’s sensing, perceiving and emotionally reacting to a future timeline where there are dramatic Earth Changes. In my 2013 revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei  I talked in the Introduction about this and other related life/death/ascension lives and timelines and us here now living the Ascension Process. This alone is a multi-layered topic and one I plan on writing much more about from here on out.

Balsamicmoon had a male “past” life in late Atlantis and was alive when the great physical disaster–the Downfall of Atlantis–happened. That male “past” life “self” of hers felt tremendous personal guilt and responsibility for what other Atlantians did that helped cause the physical disasters that destroyed their lands and much else. Her “past” life male self died from the horrific destruction that took place in Atlantis and the surrounding areas at that time. This traumatic “past” life event and its death has bled through into this current life and timeline, and balsamicmoon has struggled for years to untangle this particular past life energy knot. This is why she now feels and often responds to other Earth worlds that do experience escalating and serious Earth Changes.

In other words, balsamicmoon in this timeline resonates unusually well with other timelines and Earth world realities that do experience more severe physical Earth Changes due to her “past” life in Atlantis when it went below the sea and that past life male self died because of it. Balsamicmoon resonates with the other timeline(s) where much larger and more severe Earth Changes DO happen, primarily because of her Atlantian male “past” life death and lingering guilt and huge sense of responsibility in her current life and this Ascension timeline.

Many of us are experiencing very similar sorts of past life bleed-throughs into our current lives in this timeline because of the Ascension Process and how we’ve been pressured–especially over the past 25 years–to finally deal with, feel and heal any and all “past lives” unresolved, not yet integrated stuff. Why? Because the Ascension Process and the ending of the entire massively long Evolutionary Cycle requires that we transmute and clear-out our past karma which is unresolved energies that are typically stuck emotional energies from both this current life and certain “past” lives as well.

Back To Multiple Timelines

Balsamicmoon asked how close we are at any point to these other timelines, and can we feel them, can we be effected by them and so on. Because this happened very recently, it’s still fresh in my mind so I’m going to use it as an example of this.

On August 1st and 2nd, 2013 I felt a large global push and attempt by the human Team Dark members to Bait & Hook as much of the masses around the world as they possibly could. This of course isn’t anything new at all, quite the contrary! However, in 2013 these old tried and true Team Dark tactics of Bait & Hook, and/or Lisa Renee’s great term ‘Smash & Grab’  on humanity are NOT working like they always have before the Expiration Date—12-21-12. There are very important reasons for this which is the primary message behind this article.

I reused my image above in this article as a reminder of where we are now within this Process of compression before, during and for the Nine Months after the Expiration Date. Many timelines with their very different realities and Earth-like worlds have been squeezed together, compressed closer to each other than usual due to the Ascension Process and this great transitional period. Cosmic Awareness has called this time we’ve lived and are still living the ‘Hourglass’  and you can read or reread it here.


We’ve been in the most intense phase of this great transition for a while now but certainly during these Nine Months in 2013! We’ve literally been in the bottleneck area of this ‘Hourglass’ where multiple timelines and worlds have been and still are today all squeezed in close together as we all move through this bottleneck space. For anyone that’s sensitive, empathic, clairvoyant, able to consciously shift from one timeline to another and another and another etc., this current period of us all squeezed together trying to move ourselves and our worlds and timelines through this Nine Month bottleneck area have been able to much more readily feel, sense, See, and be effected by some of those other worlds and timelines all packed in around us and vice versa.

Because of this unusual close proximity of many very different worlds, Earth-like worlds, non-Earth worlds each with their different timelines ALL compressed in close to each other now, some of us are feeling, sensing, seeing, hearing, smelling etc. some of those OTHER worlds and timelines from our world and timeline. This is what I felt and saw attempted on August 1st and 2nd 2013 when Team Dark tried to Bait & Hook people with a new fear about familiar “bad guys” on the “other side of the planet” getting ready to do more “terror” type activities to some humans.

These old patriarchal Team Dark jerks tried, I repeat tried to Bait & Hook the global masses with what they did and said on and around those days I mentioned, but, and here’s the really great difference and point to all this — it didn’t work because it couldn’t hook into anything or enough people to anchor into this world and timeline which was exactly what they were trying to accomplish for their own reasons.  Why didn’t it work this time in 2013 when it always has before? Because there’s so much Light in this timeline we’re in now that the Dark could not hook into and anchor on to this Earth world and timeline. They tried, people panicked briefly, then it all fell flat and continues to disintegrate. This type of old familiar Team Dark tactics are not and will not be able to work anymore in this Earth world and timeline. It will in another or other timelines but not this one for the reasons mentioned. The shoe is finally on the other foot and it feels great!

The next thing I want to share that’s related to this topic of multiple timelines was something that I’ve been extremely aware of because I’ve clairvoyantly seen it, felt it, been aware of it for many years already. It too is one of many timelines still trying to bleed-through and Bait & Hook into this particular Earth world reality and timeline but won’t and for the same reasons — there’s so much Light here now that it cannot hook into and anchor on to this timeline. It has however succeeded fully in another timeline(s) as a primary or core belief system and absolute “reality” there. “IT” is humans greatly desiring to have more and more machines put into their physical bodies.

A few days ago I watched a 2013 TV show talking about this and there were many (primarily males) people talking about how they cannot wait to be able to have machines replace certain physical body parts! This subject is one that’s already well-developed in another Earth world and timeline that, in my opinion, is very Dark because those people can’t wait to shed more of their humanity and become more heartless, less humanly conscious and aware, less human generally and more machine-like.

This potential reality has been crammed down humanity’s throats and minds for decades via TV shows and big screen movies about bionic body parts, computerized brains, nanobots and so on. This is Team Dark doing everything possible to remove more of humanity from humans and Nature from the Earth world. It’s a very dark, very negative, totally controlled Earth-like world and timeline and it has broken my heart for many years… but to each his own.

So we have other Earth-like worlds in their timelines that, during these Nine Months after the Expiration Date (12-21-12) are all squeezed in near each other with some of them trying very hard to bleed into this world and timeline and take over or derail it. Those who are more sensitive to these other worlds and timelines that are compressed in around us now are feeling, seeing, sensing some of them and no doubt being rather confused by it all.

What I want those of you that are perceiving, feeling, clairvoyantly seeing one or more of these other worlds and timelines to keep in heartmind now is that you have the ability, the responsibility, the personal power and awareness to exist within which ever Earth world and timeline you want to exist within now and tomorrow and next week and next month etc! This is another learning aspect of the Nine Month extension period we’ve all been given; to realize that what we focus on mentally and emotionally is what we’re naturally and energetically drawn to and vice versa. If you want or don’t want machine parts in your physical body and that’s what you’re focused on knowingly or unknowingly, you’d better become conscious of your consciousness and what it’s focused or fixated on because that’s the “reality” and timeline you’re attracting via your very mental and emotional focus.

I do not want anything to do with any reality that worships machines over evolving human consciousness and spirituality and so, even though I’ve long seen and been aware that this other world very strongly exists in another timeline, I do not focus on it and let it go its own way. By doing this I’ve acknowledged that it exists and am not suppressing or denying anything, but am consciously choosing to NOT be involved in any way with that world or any others like it. I intentionally focus elsewhere and on what I DO want to be involved with.

What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with High Heart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.

I also focus on the NEW ‘Planet A’  which is a nonphysical 5D Earth-like world reality. I also occasionally focus on a much higher level of being that exists far beyond Planet A but I know I’ve got more work to do here first.

Just like 12-21-12 was a cutoff point and Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle, the upcoming 9-22-13 date is another cutoff point and end to the Nine Month period. At one level of awareness both dates seem and/or look like nothing at all happened physically. However, the deeper level truth is that both of these dates—12-21-12 and 9-22-13—are very much cutoff points, major Shift points for all of humanity and Earth and life on many, many other timelines on other worlds.

Many of you may not be able to perceive, see, feel, sense or know this immediately (and some of you have and will) but you will increasingly over time. You’ll find yourself seeing and feeling how much has already and continues to change for the better here on this Earth world and timeline and that’s when you’ll know for yourself that these two dates were in fact major Shift points. I’ve talked before about how important it is in physicality for these major changes to unfold slowly over time so that we don’t break under the intensity of it all, but even with time these huge positive changes are happening faster now than I’ve EVER seen in this incarnation and that is great, great news.


August 9, 2013

Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may NOT use this article in custom-made YouTube videos. You may copy and distribute this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL https://deniselefay.wordpress.com and Copyright Notice is included.

158 thoughts on “Feeling Surges from Different Timelines

  1. Denise, great information. Are you saying that after the “bottleneck” the timelines will get separated enough so that we won’t be feeling the crossover of timeline realities so much? That things will ease up for us and get better as we focus on the reality that we desire? Then what happens after the 9-22-13 point? Thanks

    Sorry, just found the August article about after 9-22-13

  2. Just Wow! Compared to the last post you made *which was fine!* This topic was just amazing! How can I put it? I wrote out loads of questions while reading this post and then found myself deleting them because you answered so clearly everything I wanted to know! Thanks!

    So my biggest concern was pretty much; how do we end up in a timeline and what contributes to this? You have clearly explained that it is our focus, mental and emotional focus which draws us towards an appropriate timeline.

    I can’t wait for time to pass now because Most of us on here (all, except maybe a few who come on here purposefully to attack) are working towards more love, more soul, more heart!

    I loved this bit in particular:

    “What I do is focus on and intentionally direct my imagination towards is the NEW Earth world with its timeline that I see is totally free, balanced, sane, and run by wise empowered spiritual individuals with High Heart as the core reality and all humans and animals are treated with respect and all is shared equally with all. None go without anything. This is the NEW ‘Planet A/B’.”

    What I want is so similar! I want a world where everyone is highly aware and evolving in consciousness. Where our main focus besides evolving ourselves is to just help others who need help freely! A world where the power is coming from love, forgiveness and just a genuine desire to help others! Not from revenge or mad power struggles to control others or in any way undermine their free will.

    The thing’s I hate the most right now are control, manipulation and covering up the truth, of mass abuse to innocents and repression of personal power! I want to empower people, not smother them in lies.



  3. Thank you Denise 🙂

    There is a great book by Jennifer Hoffman on this subject, called “The Atlantis Legacy” about healing the energetic imprints from Atlantis that are coming up for clearing now, very helpful…

    Blessings and Love to All 🙂

  4. Dear Denise and all,
    What has become increasingly and recurrently apparent to me over the past few months is that, at this moment, it is all about one’s personal efforts towards soul growth. Our roles as caretakers ends now. Attempts to rescue and drag along stragglers is no longer applicable. We are each on our own individual path as far as soul choices and free will are concerned. I have repeatedly had to remind myself that it is not my choice, but my husband’s (or my daughter’s) as to where they advance in this lifetime/timeframe. I continue to give them to Source every time I catch myself trying to save them or keep them with me. I must trust their higher selves to know best. Drop that burden Venus Squared, as it was never yours to carry. Love, Cay

  5. Hi Denise,

    Thanks for this timely post. I too have been feeling like balsicmoon. In fact, I’ve been getting what I would call ‘death’ signs. And so I started to wonder if maybe I was going to transition out of here. I had a suicide dream where I drank poison in order to leave my body. I also had a dream that Manhattan was under water. So I’ve been having the sense that something big is imminent. After reading this I’m now wondering if what I sense is my death in another timeline. I have two questions: Do you think that major events in different timelines are linked? So for instance, the sinking in Atlantis could somehow be linked to the shift point here of 9/22/13? (That’s just an example). Secondly, do we automatically have fragments of ourselves in each timeline? Do you exist in the machine world or have you ‘left’ that timeline. Can we leave timelines that don’t serve our highest self and in a sense ‘consolidate’ our Selves? (Like my committing suicide to leave my body dream). Won’t we ultimately unify all these? Or will there always be other timelines? Ok, I guess that’s more than 2 questions :). I hope they make sense. This is really helping my process right now, so Thanks!


  6. Dear Denise,
    Thank you again for making all that information public.
    I have visited many other timelines. The “me” in those places never felt fully complete or real (by comparison to me here, I suppose). However, now, as we are so far involved into the changes, it makes me experience a kind of vertigo, if I move to fast, go to bed or get up, etc, but it is exactly like the ground is removed from under my feet, and it takes more and more time to come back to this reality, which I know, and I have chosen to experience my ascension from here.
    It is very uncomfortable, but I do not fear it as That too shall pass (my favourite quote for the past 38 years) , and it proves to me how we are all doing it uniquely and individually. As you expressed to, you chose to do it from this reality and I think, we will be asked or geared towards the one better suited for our needs…

    My view of our next step which I call the Tethrial ( a blending of our Terrestrial and Etherical worlds) is very much as you also describe, and the knowledge that it is only another step in many more to come, but each one more superb than the others. What is our meaning of superb, though ? For me, Peace mostly and laughter. I can’t wait, but I thank you for helping along my way and I thank me for believing in you and others like us.

    With so much Love Annie

  7. Thank you so much as always for the information, Denise. I always get so excited lately when I get an email that a post from you is up. I am so excited and grateful for the changes that are about to take place. 🙂

    I was pondering the silliest question the other day, wondering what would happen if I kept trying to manifest a new timeline for selfish reasons (I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I still view my own happiness and unconditional love as selfish) that my Higher Self did not want for me because if I was too happy it would stifle my growth, (temporarily forgetting my Higher Self and I are connected and it only wants the best for me) and I started researching how to jump timelines so I could escape my painful situation without harming anyone else. The article I found is a few years old so many of you may have already seen it, but in case you have not here’s the link: http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines.

    The article seemed to follow Denise’s philosophy that whatever timeline we want to manifest we must focus on it, thinking about specific details and feeling the emotions this new timeline will bring, then releasing the thought out into the universe so it can come back to us physically. Basically, focus on what you want to happen, believe it will happen, and be grateful it is going to happen, and it WILL happen.

    Midway through my meditation I felt some guilt because in Tom’s article he said not to try to manifest anything that would hurt anyone else. I felt bad because, in my new timeline I was focusing on, my current husband had to die for me to be free to pursue my own happiness with my twin flame. I wondered how I could get around this conundrum, wanting happiness for myself but at the expense of another, and then it hit me. My husband’s death WOULD be a good thing for him.

    It will be a release from pain and suffering for the both of us. If you have not read my previous posts, he has stage 4 cancer and has been miserable for years, to the point where he is not interested in sex or affection and has not been for years despite the fact that we are only in our 30s. He tries to control me, not allowing me to leave the house or purchase anything to make up for the fact that he cannot control his own fate. It seems like he merely steals his energy from me. I have shown him loving kindness and tried to help him evolve and make him happy, but he simply is not open to any more growth in this lifetime. Consequently, him staying alive is only holding us both back from growing, so now I can see his death as a positive thing, even though there will inevitably be grief involved.

    Back to Denise’s article, I find it so fascinating that many of you can remember your past lives so it’s easier for you to understand why you are feeling the way you do and can use that information to heal. I do not have these types of visions, but I read somewhere that because I have Saturn in my first house, one of my karmic lessons was to let go of all my guilt and feeling responsible for other people’s happiness and safety at my own expense. One site suggested I was in charge of an infantry where many of my soldiers perished and I thought it was all my fault so I carried that grief and seriousness and rigidity into this life. It makes sense as I have always been overly cautious and mature for my age and drawn to older people who help teach me things before I had the opportunity to make a mistake. I know it’s time to let go of my fear and concentrate in my new timeline for the first time on taking care of my own needs so I am better equipped to help others. How can I tell others they deserve unconditional love if I don’t have it myself?

    In my new timeline when I have the money to support myself I hope to get a past life regression to figure out more and continue to grow. I am so grateful Denise offers all of this advice and wisdom free of charge or I don’t know how I would have been able to make it through this rough time. It makes me want to pay it forward and help as many people as I am able to in my timeline once I have the resources to do so and of course also buy and read Denise’s books once I can afford them :). If any of you have links to places I can get more spiritual growth/Ascension help for free, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Love, Light, and Heart Hugs to all!

    VS 🙂

  8. Thank you for so clearly explaning how this period of time is working, this time for me the last three year as been up and down with feeling of connection to the light, and then going into dark spaces, battling within myself to stay in the space of light and love, also strong feeling that I don’t have long to live and this really is the releasing of old wore out ways that no longer serve me. Thank you sincerely Denise. Atea dawn

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