Can You Believe It’s August 2013?!

Sunset African style

I’ve done my best in 2013 to be consciously aware of the Ascension related evolutionary shifts and changes I am going through this year. I’ve always done this, however, I really wanted to be consciously aware of this particular 2013 leg of the Ascension Journey where we’re about to ‘Break on through to the Other Side’ to borrow a great old Jim Morrison/Doors line.

Some of what I’ve experienced and perceived so far in 2013 is pretty impressive to this current version of “me” living this Process. To other aspects of the Greater ME it’s merely business as usual so don’t get all worked up or hot n’ bothered over any of it! These different perspectives are, at times, truly hilarious and great equalizers. There’s nothing like that look your Higher Self occasionally gives you that tells you to knock off the emotional Drama Queen routine. It’s like being a kid and getting busted by a parent and it forces you to discharge all the imbalanced emotional stuff in an instant. Perspective.

When I honestly review the great evolutionary ascension leap we’re making—regardless of which Stair Step one is on today—it’s damned impressive. We’re evolving/ascending from a profoundly restrictive, intensely dense, repulsively polarized, monstrously controlled world controlled by Monsters unseen and seen, in an extremely narrow band of frequency and consciousness to… something so much better it’s hard for many to comprehend or even imagine. Some people understand this, they get it at deeper inner levels but most people haven’t a clue that such a profound level of evolutionary leaping has, is and will continue happening for many years.

It’s a very different thing intellectually knowing something from actually living it body, heart, and soul. Example: for years we’ve read wonderful Ascension related information about this phase of the Process that many called being in the birth canal’ or being ‘in labor within the womb of the Great Mother’ etc. Then finally in 2013 we entered this Process body, heart and soul at another level than we’d ever experienced and now we know what it actually feels like being intensely pressured, squeezed and struggling within the energetic ‘birth canal’ in real ‘labor pains’. Now we know because we’re living it all the way down in the physical dimension in and through our physical bodies. It’s not ethereal or intellectual but a hardcore Process we’re going through physically and because of this it’s very different and much more extreme feeling, deeply personal, extra emotional, and profoundly exhausting.

September 22, 2013 Equinox – End of the Nine Months

A lot of people are very curious and/or very concerned about what will or what will not happen with this next upcoming important date— 9-22-13. I know many people were hugely disappointed when the physical external world didn’t instantly transform into what you and I wanted it to on December 21, 2012. I knew better and I still wanted everything to transform instantly back then too! However, what we all must bear in heartmind is that things would instantly transform in much more obvious and dramatic ways if we did this via the old method of physically dying and leaving one’s physical body! Poof, you’re out of the physical dimension; poof, out of your physical body; poof, the heavy physical density is gone; poof, you’re in a nonphysical dimension; poof, you’re in one of your nonphysical bodies; poof OMG things feel so much better!

But because we’re remaining in our physical bodies in the physical dimension on this physical Earth and living through the Ascension Process THAT WAY, it takes more linear physical time to do so. Why? Because the sudden and profound impact of going from one very dense low-frequency state into a much higher frequency state would literally kill our physical bodies, instantly burnout our central nervous systems, fry our intellect and most likely fracture our psyches in horrible ways. To prevent all that and worse we’ve HAD to do this entire Ascension Process in incremental Stair-steps over and over and over year after year after year.

It simply takes more linear time in physicality to carefully, methodically, and incrementally move our selves, our consciousness, and our energetic and physical bodies through this monumental Alchemical Evolutionary Ascension Process when remaining in the physical body in a physical dimension in a physical world in linear time. We can (and we all have and it’s perfectly okay) bitch n’ whine n’ complain about this Ascension Process and all the linear time it takes and how hard and painful it is. Stepping out of the physical body at death is fast and easy compared to remaining in it and hauling it with you up all these different energetic Stair Steps to literally Alchemically transform it from dense 3D Lead into Light-filled 5D Gold! That is painful and that takes some linear time but in the end we’ll be very, very, glad we went through all this.

Today is August 2, 2013, and it feels to me at this moment like something really big and reality-changing is about to happen in this physical dimension and physical world. I sense this whatever all it is I’m feeling now is both wondrous and horrible. Horrible because some things we’re used to in the old world are going to start disappearing very fast now and that could cause some panic, some discomfort, some anger, some fear etc. Wondrous because more of the NEW is able to manifest here now; not all the NEW mind you, but a good bit more of it. Stair-steps remember?

The months of June, July and August of 2011, 2012 and 2013 have energetically been so hard, so intense and difficult, and now in early August 2013 it feels to me like really big changes are about to transpire on this physical level of “reality”. This is not saying that they haven’t been for the past 25 years because they have, but this is different, and different in those simultaneous wondrous and horrible sorts of ways. No fear my friends just being honest about the current shifts I’m feeling at the moment.

September 22, 2013 is another major cutoff point in the Ascension Process just as 12-21-12 was. But in this case after the Life Review everyone experienced during December 21, 22, 23, 2012, we’ve all had these Nine Months to very intensely and under severe compression pressures, Work on whatever it was that each of us was shown we needed to and wanted to Work on within ourselves during our individual December 21–23, 2012 Life Reviews.

Now at the end of those Nine Months—which is the 9-22-13 Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere—great numbers of people will choose to physically die for whatever their personal reasons. This has nothing to do with anyone not doing it “right” or doing it “wrong” but with the fact that many people cannot stay in their physical bodies on the other side of September 22, 2013 in the dramatically increased, higher frequency Light Energies because they haven’t done the necessary transformational Inner Work that causes them and their bodies, brains, central nervous systems, psyches and consciousness to match and comfortably cope with existing in the NEW higher frequencies or Light Energies.

On the other side of 9-22-13 many people will opt-out and die, will exit their physical bodies and have another more traditional Life Review, then a Rest and Recuperation period for a bit, and then they’ll reincarnate in physical bodies that are a better frequency match to the NEW. There are of course other options but the point is that a lot of people will be dying once we cross the September 22, 2013 Equinox cutoff point. And again, none of this has anything to do with anyone “failing”, “missing the Ascension boat” or doing it “wrong” or anything else; it has to do with personal choice and many people simply do not want to go through the difficult transformational Process of remaining in their current physical body and energetically ascending, evolving it now.

Because many people are going to be hoping for and expecting all sorts of positive and wondrous changes and improvements post 9-22-13, which will happen just maybe not as fast as we’d all like, please know that instead of immediately seeing the Earth transform into an other dimensional Crystal City heaven on earth type situation, instead you may see a lot of people suddenly and very quickly dying and the rest of the old negative patriarchal global systems also dying off just as quickly.

See, this is why I don’t always share what I See, what I perceive because 1) I worry it will scare the poo out of some people and 2) I absolutely don’t want to create fear in anyone and further muck up reality with more fear-based energies and thought forms and 3) we’re not all going to end up in the same timeline on the same earth world and so on. We are diverse beings individually and because of this “reality” is even more diverse to accommodate each one of us.

If you get scared, worried, or confused about this 9-22-13 shift point I want you to honestly think about how well you can remember your last dream; your “past lives” on earth and on other dimensions and other worlds etc. Very few can remember their dreams so don’t worry about systems changing here and people dying and leaving now for new horizons that are a better match for them individually. Big changes are coming and soon but they may not immediately be the wondrous changes you/me/all of us reading this have worked so long and so hard for. Why? Go back and reread the paragraph about linear time and Stair Steps and why it has to be this way for those of use remaining in these current physical bodies. This is normal for physicality and even though it seems to these versions of “us” in physicality living through it all that it’s taking for EVER to happen, it’s happening incredibly fast from higher levels of being and perception. Just ask your Higher Self.

Another reason I sometimes don’t tell everything I know and perceive is because of those Stair-steps. Everyone is not standing on the same level of awareness, understanding, development and Ascension transformation at the same time and this is perfectly normal. However, because of this I withhold certain information sometimes—as I know certain other Ascension Teachers do too for the same reasons—and those reasons are primarily to NOT say something that the majority would misunderstand and then create more fear and negative thought forms that us Lightworkers would then have to help clear and/or transmute! I’ve known for a while that a lot of people are going to be dying suddenly after 9-22-13 but it most likely would have created more fear, worry, confusion, anxiety, chaos, and even guilt in some people if I’d shared that information back in January of 2013. So I withhold certain knowledge I’ve perceived until it feels correct for me to share publicly.

Despite there being what looks, feels and seems like it’s a big negative or big unpleasant thing is actually in this physical realm a HUGE sign that those positive NEW changes are physically here now. The weird thing with this Process at this point is that the positive manifesting and the negative disappearing are happening simultaneously, which gets difficult to wrap ones brain around sometimes. The collapsing of the old patriarchal world with its corrupt, elitist, greed based, dead-end systems are falling apart simultaneously to the NEW energies physically manifesting here now… especially after September 22, 2013.


August 2, 2013

gold hammered copyright Copyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and you include this copyright notice and live link

93 thoughts on “Can You Believe It’s August 2013?!

  1. Thank you so much for this Denise. I’ve also been getting a HUGE hit for the past few months about people dying at the 9-22-13 mark. I also understand your hesitation on reporting some of this info. Thank you for having the ability/energy/courage to speak about these topics. I’ve also been getting a huge HIT that my father may die post 9-22-13 – he’s a very negative, 3D soul who does not want to ascend or acknowledge “spirit” in any way. I keep getting messages from the “Higher Ups” that he’s not really contributing anything to this process down here – and they’ve tried absolutely everything to get him to “jump on board”. They’ve used me to try to “awaken” him (for 37 years) – uuughh. Archangel Michael gave up on him about a month ago… According to the info. coming to me, the ship is finally leaving the station by 9-22, and by October 1st – there will be no turning back for him. The irony is, when he does leave his body – he will finally learn many lessons and come running to me to apologize. Meanwhile, my sister & mother will have a meltdown because they “fear” death – and won’t understand that he’s in a “better” place. Sigh…I’ve been preparing myself for this for awhile. Hopefully I’m making sense here. Thanks for allowing me to share this. There’s so much more to share – but I’m incredibly pooped. July was a toughie – it really kicked my ass. But I also feel that the new moon of August is bringing in another bright wave of light. HUGE heart hugs to you Denise. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And huge heart hugs to all of my fellow light workers/stars. Love you all so much.

  2. Denise,
    Thanks for your honesty in your most recent post. I think I am beyond fear of dying physically at this point and trust that we each will go where we are most comfortable to continue learning. I went for a job interview in dreamtime 8/1/2013 and was asked by the interviewers, “What would knock my socks off?”, or bring me joy (in reference to my next assignment / life’s work / service). After careful consideration I decided that I would like to be able to commune telepathically with all Earth’s: creatures, plants, minerals, elements (air / water/ fire and stone), elementals, fairy realm, angelic realm, planets, stars and ascended masters. I do not know if I got the job, but I awoke feeling an incredible sense of excitement and anticipation for the fun ahead. I hold that joy in my heart and see where I end up. Cay

  3. From one Lightworker to another, thank you for making it public. We are going through all these changes, may as well be aware of it and be willing to understand, analyse and feel good. With Love. Annie

  4. Denise,

    Thank you as always so much for the explanations and information! I know you feel the need to withhold some things for the better of the majority, but I’m not afraid of these changes, I’m genuinely excited for them. I am like a sponge with all this news, soaking it all up and can’t wait for more to unfold.

    I noticed a huge shift in my mood yesterday but simply attributed it to my solar return. All of a sudden I’m less worried and more hopeful. I’m so grateful to hear this will continue, even if it will be slower than I would like. Fifty yards to the finish line, I can’t give up now!

    I do think my husband will pass away, and it will be hard, but it will ultimately be for the best as he has held me hostage abusing his power over me for years. I love him and I will miss him, but I know now that this is not what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like and it’s only preventing my growth. He doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated and I deserve better. I feel like that was my major life review lesson over the past nine months. I’ve wanted out of this relationship, but God/Creator/the Universe has held me in place, keeping me unemployed to force me to learn this valuable lesson. I know by leaving this relationship behind I will attract much greater things now that I’m at a higher vibration.

    I don’t think I will die, but I’m ok with it if I do. My higher self knows what is best for me. I don’t fear death at all anymore because for so long now I haven’t felt like I would be missing out on anything by dying other than lots of pain. These past few months I’ve thought I don’t want to continue to live if life is going to stay as stagnant as it has been. I do realize though that many people enjoy life in the 3d world and the thought of death may scare or sadden them, I am just not one of them. I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things.

    I’m so excited for these changes to manifest! It’s true I don’t want to live in the 3d world anymore but I DO want to live in the new 5d one. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings,


  5. Dearest Denise,

    Wow! Where to begin? Thank you for your wisdom; I know from my own experience that it truly is important to “hold your tongue” (what an odd phrase now that I look at it!) at times… the trick is knowing when to and when not to. It’s not an easy thing to learn and it can be done =)

    I feel a paradox, and yet not at the same time: sadness for so many (and I read/felt MANY in what you said) passing quickly… at the same time relief that I can breathe, perhaps truly for the first time. Since you and I believe Barbara and many others have mentioned feeling “claustrophobic”, I found that to be true for myself. Buses have felt “extra” crowded this year, even being “alone” in my apartment I feel like people are still “too close” to me. I have been aware of having “big energy” for years, which is why I haven’t gone to the mall in years… too many people walking IN my energy. This is way beyond that. No judgement on others’ choices, no judgements on myself for how I feel… just typing outloud here. I remember this has been sort of talked about before December last year, almost peripherally… that in some cases and scenarios, huge “natural disasters” would drastically reduce the population, but I don’t feel that anyone really paid that close attention… the attention was more on “where we wanted to go”. And perhaps in the shuffle, this fact was “forgotten”, because who honestly wanted to “think” about it… especially at that time. Still, no matter the scenario, lots of people will be lost… because we’re going to different spaces/places. And wouldn’t we honestly rather truly be with others who we growing as we are? Live in “true” synchronicity? I hesitate to type harmony as I’m more aware of how words are spelled (“harm”ony).

    I have noticed what you’re writing about: huge breakthroughs of Common Sense are finally being “allowed through” (on the political stage), at the same time the screeching/screaming children who don’t want to share their toys are stomping their foot repeatedly… only this time everyone sees that it’s a only a child, and that they’re only repeating themselves, and they just want their way and don’t want to share. And they’re not giving into the tantrums anymore. They’re walking off the job to strike in numbers. They’re pulling together to say NO. I see people physically going at each other.. just outside my window last week even (!), and others just doing their best to fly under the radar and cover their heads.

    We all wish that it’d finally be rainbows, and crystals, and something out of a sci-fi show where we wouldn’t have to have any person do menial work any longer and focus on our creativity. Just before I saw you’d written a new article I was laying here thinking to myself, “6 more weeks. I can live with 6 more weeks of this sciatic pain… I can!” And now I’m thinking, “Ok, what happens when 6 weeks pass and you’re still in this pain that just won’t leave?” Either there’s a lot there that’s having to be released, or I haven’t found how to let it go… or the tools just aren’t HERE yet. My feeling is the last one…. goodness knows I’ve tried everything my heart/instinct has brought to my attention to try.

    I treat this as another piece of information (I’m sure some may take this as me sounding quite heartless). The bottom line is as it was before knowing this information: focus on the inner work, find that inner balance, keep the neutral observer in compassion, allow what comes up to become resolved and move out. And beyond that… remember… no one ever TRULY dies… we are, all of us, Eternal BEings!

    On another note, my 40th birthday is on the 31st of this month. I’ve been having a feeling for a while that it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks. Not sure in what way; life has been hitting with constant bricks until this past year, with the removal of my ptsd/fear/anxiety. And this year, I truly feel like celebrating with my neighbors, best friend, and a freshly made/bought tiramisu! I haven’t celebrated in the past… now I wish to this year. =)

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  6. Dearest Denise, great timing of course. Just want I needed to read today. I quoted your stair steps to a friend this morning. I admire your courage in sharing your truth and guiding so many on this rocky path up the mountain. Bless you dear one. Hugs and love, Gwen

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