2013: The Species-wide stage of the ‘Weighing Of The Heart’

“Denise, I keep on reading from you and the Commenters (thank you for keeping your site going), I barely talk or write at this point but I’ll ask, if you feel like giving an example of what you said here, about imagination and high heart and creating a future – something that I (and maybe others) would be able to understand better, because I’m thinking maybe there could be a way I haven’t considered…
It’s like, for example, I’ve been feeling a lot of pain that I can’t afford (and am not that interested) in going to doctors to “fix” (because I know they can’t really heal it), but if I imagine the body part entirely whole and perfect, the pain tends to stop, but nothing physically changes, it’s still visibly a mess and the pain still comes back. Logic and linearity have flown out the window a while ago, and I do feel these doors to the imagination more open, however very near zero has changed on the outside, and like some others, I’m having those moments of that sort of bitterness about the way life has been all along and wanting to even stop imagining something better.
If you do feel like giving an example of “how” (doesn’t seem the right word) one can do this , that would be great. Either way, thank you so much for being around.
Heart hugs to you and all.

Kaisa – July, 6, 2013″

Thanks Kaisa for your great Comment question. ♥ It helps me to focus on this topic more closely, plus it provides an ongoing conversation under this article for those who might be interested in discussing this topic further in Comments.

I too have been doing this very thing Kaisa mentioned in her Comment above for the past three years now, and in 2013, it’s reached epic proportions of frustration in many of us with amplified confusion as well. I said recently elsewhere that 2013 has been far more difficult for all of us than 2011 and 2012 combined! Lets be brave and talk about why that is.

No one was more big sigh eye rolling frustrated than me when I realized that 2013 was an extension year for humanity with the Ascension Process. 2013 has been an extended gift period from Source/Divinity/”God”/All That Is so that more people would have the opportunity to deal with whatever it’s been and/or still is that they individually need to work on within themselves.

Remember how the ‘Three Days of Darkness’ turned out to be something VERY different from what it was claimed to be years ago? Remember how it turned out to be the ‘Life Review’ process that happened on December 21, 22, 23, 2012 and everyone went through it then whether they consciously remember it or not? Those ‘Three Days of Darkness’ were very similar to what we all naturally go through at our physical deaths and we experience a higher level, zero ego involved, brutally honest spiritual/energetic Life Review with our Higher Self and Source/Divinity—or as the ancient Egyptians called it—the weighing of the heart.

That was what we all went through during the ‘Three Days of Darkness’ of December 21, 22, 23, 2012 or the Expiration Date as I’ve called it. We went through a Process during those days/nights/hours/minutes that were very much like what we go through after our physical death, but, because we’re “ascending” and taking our physical bodies with us, we went through this ‘Life Review’ Process while still in our physical bodies and incarnate on physical Earth. That’s a rare and very big deal!

So what happened next within this Ascension related Process after our IN PHYSICAL BODY ‘Life Review’? What happened next was 2013! And, 2013 has been broken up into the increasingly intense and developing Three Trimesters corresponding with the first three seasons after the 2012 Expiration Date or ‘Three Days of Darkness’.  Said another way, these developing and increasingly intense Three Trimesters in 2013 are the equivalent of us incarnating in another life/incarnation to intensely work on whatever it was that was revealed to each of us while we were “dead” and out of our old physical bodies and stood before Source/Divinity with our Higher Self and had the no frills, brutally honest December 21, 22, 23, 2012 ‘Life Review’.

What’s highly interesting to me about all this is how it’s a species-wide and planetary-wide Process that’s very much like many of the ancients mythological life/death/afterlife/traveling through the “Underworld”/working hard to get it right/ and eventual rebirth cycle stories. But, it’s all of humanity living through this stage of the Ascension Process while in-body at whichever stages everyone is capable of now that is. There’s those Stair Steps again. And Earth is simultaneously living through this Evolutionary Ascension related Process just as humanity is, because we and Earth (and well beyond too of course) are intimately connected energetically.

We have been and still are in 2013 living through the death/weighing of the heart/journey through the “Underworld” afterlife/difficult and compressed Inner Work phase which will help us reach and energetically match the NEW and vastly higher frequency that we’re about to realize we’ve been newly born or incarnated or ascended into. Pretty cool to be individually and collectively living the great mythological stories of old now in these physical bodies in this physical Ascension time wouldn’t you say?

If you view/review just 2013 so far from this perspective, it goes a long way in explaining why life and reality has been such a flaming pain in the everything for most everyone this year! We’re doing our best in 2013 to quickly deal with whatever it was that was revealed to us individually in the Three Days of Darkness’ species-wide ‘Life Review’ so we individually create as clean a slate as possible for ourselves which prepares us to finally emerge out into the NEW with a matching internal frequency.

I realize that this was a long and roundabout way of answering Kaisa’s question, but I felt it was time I laid this information out in this particular way now because once one get’s beyond the gasp and shock stage of it, it actually makes a lot of sense and makes the rest of the Sacred Journey before us easier.

So this is why many of us are not YET able to physically manifest to the degree we’d like to; we’re not quite there yet is all. We’re within the Ascension Process doing the last-minute, nitty-gritty and highly amplified hard Inner Work phase now but we’re so close to being ready to cope with, to handle being able to manifest quickly and intentionally within the physical realm. There’s great and very NEW responsibilities that come with being able to quickly and intentionally manifest in the physical, and 2013 is us working very hard to get there and quickly at this point.

I am old enough now that, like Kaisa was saying, I’ve either got to buy into—emotionally, psychologically, and financially—the old patriarchal world systems to supposedly help my aging physical body, eyes, teeth etc., or, I hang in there and do this difficult last-minute Inner Work and energetically reach the point where I’m capable on all levels of “fixing” and/or “healing” and/or Consciously Creating my reality, body and all, on my own. I’ve been a ‘System Buster’ all my 61 years so I’m certainly not going to fall back into the old lower world and consciousness at this point! Just keep doing what you’ve/we’ve been doing in amazingly amplified and compressed ways in 2013 so far, and what we’ve worked for and towards all along will be realized by each of us. This Ascension Process, plus plenty of positive higher assistance is fully physical now in 2013, so hang in there and don’t drop the ball at this late date in this great and amazing spiritual evolutionary process. ❤


July 19, 2013

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91 thoughts on “2013: The Species-wide stage of the ‘Weighing Of The Heart’

  1. Hello Denise, Thank you for making our journey so much easier as you bust out a path for us to follow. SERIOUSLY I coudnt take it if it was anymore difficult! I really appreciate you taking the time to share this very important information with us (as always). Of course it comes at the most appropriate time. Today I did not even leave the house and barely got out of bed! Of course this year and the intensity continues to challenge/motivate me. I continue to remind myself and others that this is all happening for our highest good. Peace, Cindy

  2. “…Of course WE are walking the Path of the Soul in the Underworld…”


    Thanks ♥ and I’m really glad it all clicked for you. It is amazing isn’t it that we’re actually living the Process ourselves.

    That was great inner/outer timing with your Underworld journey at Teotichuacan recently.


  3. Dearest Denise,

    Much love to you for expanding on Kaisa’s comment. I was so looking forward to your response, “forgot” about it, and “re-membered” when I saw your new article in my email today.

    In many small moments lately, I find myself crying a few tears. No sadness, no anger, nothing I can fully describe. Perhaps it has to do with this process, touching more fully my Selves in harmony.

    Twice this week I had people say to me (not asking, stating to me) that, “You’re a healer”. The first time I paused to take it in, and replied that yes I am. The second time, I had no response except that I hadn’t found my “modality” of healing “yet”. Now having typed that I have to wonder if I was forward in space/time in the first instance, and more in the present now in the second. Whatever the case, I find myself accepting myself as a healer, the Self I see myself as. I can feel that when the time comes, and when I’m prepared within, I will know how to be and how to utilize it to heal others. I have already found one direction to take as a healer just this week, have made the first baby steps to bring it into being.

    I can see some changes I need to make to allow room for things to unfold. I will have to make more room for exploring the energies… or maybe the time will find me as it seems to a lot lately.

    As much as those close to me have been amazed at my transformation these past months, I see it happening in those around me. And I hear through them how people are amazed at “their” transformation. I feel so blessed to witness it beyond my own experience in others.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of words and wisdom, pulling all the thoughts and observations together in a way that we can understand on so many levels. I know that when I read what you have to share, that I already understand it, find I already know it… you put into words more clarity for what we are all sensing these days. I just want you to know how very much I appreciate it. I’m sure you tire hearing it sometimes, and yet honestly, I treasure what you share with us. As we all aspire to rise higher to meet our Selves, and as you are doing so your Self along with us (before us even), you are such a blessing to help us find a bit of clarity within the sometimes seeming insanity. Thank you.

    With Much Love and Light (and Heart Embraces),
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  4. Hello one and all. Denise, thanks a lot! I am new to this site and all the topics it talks about.I’m basically an outsider, but still…someone looking for clarity. So, obviously, this was quite a shock for me! BUT, as far as clarity goes, this is IT. I say so because recently I had become more and more tuned to the practice of consciousness. consciousness, trying to elevate it to Consciousness. When I read your articles Denise….I can feel that transition! And the strength to carry on, on this weird weird trip we call life. How grateful we are to thee!!! 🙂

  5. Dear Denise thank you for your latest post very timely and helpful as usual.

    I had two dreams recently both on the same night following one another.

    The first dream I was climbing a ladder against a house and as I got to the last rung or two I was so exhausted I could barely lift myself up on to the last rungs. I was shouting for help and a window opened and a pair of hands pulled me up and in.

    The second dream was I was on a cliff edge looking down to the sea below at some huge fish swimming there when a voice said these fish are man eating and dangerous. One of the fish started scaling the cliff face to eat me and I felt very afraid in my dream/scary – it felt a bit like Noah and the Whale. I was glad to awaken. Maureen

    PS my whole body at the moment aches from head to toe and knees painful.

  6. Hello, Denise and all,

    I have three things to talk about which are quite divergent aspects of this.

    Here’s one perspective on this transition, which speaks to me.

    What we are going through at this time reminds me very much of a shamanic calling and initiation. (I know you don’t anything that sounds like religion, Denise, but bear with me.) A shaman is called, as we all have been, usually undergoing a shamanic illness until the call is answered. Generally, no one wants to answer the call, because it is a very difficult way of life, but the alternative is terrible sickness or death. Then during the shamanic initiation the flesh is stripped from the body until they are just a pile of bones. From that point, the person begins to rebuild themselves. That is just the beginning. There are several levels of initiation beyond that beginning.

    I see what we are going through as very similar to that process. We are being deconstructed only to begin to put ourselves together again in a completely different way so that we can work in other realms and dimensions with the spirits and beings that exist there. I can do without the hierarchy of shamanic traditions and the silliness of neo-shamanism, but the core of what is happening is strikingly similar to what we are going through.

    I always see shamans as the astrophysicists of the spiritual world, working in multiple realms and dimensions. But it’s only the beginning of what we are doing here. Where we will end up will be far beyond what they shamans (or physicists) do.

    Then, the last three days, I have been working with some artists in a process of flow and tuning in and respect that I see as the embodiment of the way we will work together in the future. They had some ideas and I drew an image and we put it into the space and then constructed and deconstructed it some more and moved in and around it and made sound in it, discussed what it brought up in continually deeper conversations over the next days, all the while listening to each other, allowing each one to do their work, one taking over from the other or contributing another angle or drawing. It ended up being a model for the cosmos and for writing and for administrative work. There are so many levels and dimensions to it, but we’re slowly and quietly working through it in multiple ways. I feel so blessed to be able to do this work at this time with real live people (except one is cyber!). I just see it as an indication of how we will work together and interact in the future. And it’s amazing!

    Finally, Denise, you will not be surprised that I latched on to your description of going to the Underworld. Someone close to me died recently and I had been estranged from them for several years. They decided not to do the Life Review, to try to avoid it and stay a spirit on earth and continue their destructive ways. It ended up becoming clear to me that I had a responsibility to deal with the situation (through a number of coincidences that happened 2 and 3 years ago). I had to wait a number of days/weeks for all the pieces to come together, but it happened at the exact moment it was supposed to and the situation is completed. So, resist as we may, we are going to have to face the Life Review and it is amazing that we are doing it in life and working through all these issues now. What I learned through that process is that we are so responsible for everything that we do in this life, even if we try to hide it or no one believes what we have done. The heart cannot be hidden.

    Sorry this was so long. These were things I had to say right now.

    Love to you all,

  7. Thank God you posted this message which is the one bright spot in my day. Seriously I hope this life gets better soon, the pain and anguish is too great.

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