The Hard Transition of Taking Back our Power & Mastering Responsibility

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One of the highly important spiritual and energetic lessons many of us have been or currently are having to master is that of individually taking back our power and being aware that we are responsible. For the past few thousand years, humanity has been deliberately and profoundly dis-empowered through different sources, systems and global beliefs; religious beliefs, beliefs about our physical bodies and our health, beliefs about what we eat and drink, beliefs about war, killing, fighting, violence, beliefs about whose got “god” and/or “right” on their side and who doesn’t etc. It’s all rather clever crap when you honestly look at how humanity has been so effectively screwed with, controlled, directed and turned into parasitic vampires feeding off each other and unaware, unconscious zombies. Ever wonder why those story lines and others about ETs only being negative are force-fed continuously to the masses through movies and TV shows? It’s to get global humanity to believe and accept that living parasitically off of others, and not thinking or feeling anything is normal. Nothing of course could be farther from the truth.

My friend Stu mentioned in an email a couple of weeks ago that these latest Zombie Apocalypse movies are further attempts to herd more people’s consciousness towards ‘Planet B’ and I could not agree with him more. The Dark Ones–both nonhuman and human–continue pushing hard to get as many people as they can mentally and emotionally fixated on and acclimated towards growing planetary negativity, fear, chaos, danger, victim-hood and therefore the supposed need for total lock-down over humanity by the “Powers That Were”. I say were because “they” are separating from the earth world and timeline I live in, I should say, that the earth world and timeline I’m living in are separating from them, those Powers That Were. They will however continue to be available in another earth world and timeline for the people/souls who either still want that type of negative controlled reality and energies or who got suckered, hooked, manipulated, brainwashed, derailed and intentionally herded into that world and timeline. Same old tactics used on mass humanity, but now it’s to herd them directly into Earth B and as far away from the other earth worlds and timelines that are Ascending (‘Earth A/B’ and others).

After thousands of years of humanity being deliberately pulled apart through their beliefs about everything, including so thoroughly separated internally and externally that they can’t do anything for themselves which was Team Dark’s end goal with all this, now in 2013 humanity is being pushed to evolve out of that old negativity and dis-empowerment and lack of personal and collective responsibility and into growing “unity” instead of growing “separation”. Or not… hence why there are multiple worlds and timelines for all and the unfolding Separation of Worlds & Timelines. There’s never been only one “Schoolroom” and there never will be. Source/God/Us All are far more creative and complex than that.

Many people have experienced the rude awakening of having one or more humans lie and con them, but also of having nonhuman, nonphysical Negative beings or entities also lie and con them too. Before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle with its blueprints and all, it was more difficult for most people to discern when humans and nonhuman, nonphysical beings where lying to them, using them to harm others, feeding them lies to harm themselves and as many other people as possible. But since the shift into 2013, more people are finally sensing, seeing, feeling and consciously realizing that some of the messages being whispered in their own inner ears, and in many other people’s, are not the “good guys” after all but are Team Dark claiming to be Team Light. Astral beings/entities can claim to be anyone, any group or anything but that sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

The situation underneath all this now is that more people are having to learn how to discern for themselves how different energies and beings/entities sound, communicate, what they say, how they say it, feel and how it all makes you feel and so on. In other words, individual discernment is a prerequisite to continued Ascension/Evolution. The other aspect of this situation is that, after one learns how to discern Duality energies and beings (Positive and Negative) for themselves and for themselves is key, the next step in this Ascension related Process is to gradually evolve into re-learning how to Consciously Create for oneself.

After thousands of years of humanity being intentionally dis-empowered and taught (brainwashed, controlled, directed, limited etc.) to not take any responsibility for anything, this evolutionary turnaround is going to be much more difficult for some people, whereas for others it will be a breeze to slide back into what is normal and natural. Nonetheless, this is one entree on the current Spiritual Menu for humanity so more people are having to deal with mastering both personally being able to discern all things/beings/people/situations/information/channeled material/locations etc. for themselves, and simultaneously re-learn how to Consciously Create for themselves. Said another way, those of us who want to evolve/ascend now are having to take back our personal power, be fully responsible consciously, and re-learn how to Consciously Create and be the incredible Creator Beings we actually are underneath all the old negative layers of Team Dark poison, lies, distortions and vast BS the human collective bought into long ago.

What I really want everyone to grasp now is that we’ve reached that point within the Ascension Process (the Third Trimester and beyond) where many of us Forerunners are currently having to Consciously Create what we individually want, need or desire because 1) it’s time that we re-learned how to do this individually and 2) because it’s simply the next step in our ongoing Ascension educations and 3) because we’re on such NEW, clean ground now in mid-2013, that if we don’t Consciously Create, intend and visualize from our High Hearts what we want it ain’t gonna manifest! Seriously, who else is there that’s going to do it for us at this point? And more importantly, is someone or something else supposed to create it for us now or are we supposed to evolve, ascend into individual empowerment and conscious creativity now?

I know you already know the answers to these questions and like me, you too just need to get the hang of it once again. Don’t wait for or expect someone else to do it for you because we’re so far beyond that point now it’s laughable. Be the Creator Being you really are; step back into your natural individual Empowerment you had before you incarnated here and had to lay it down for a while. Be responsible for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, emotions, ideas, actions, words, creativity etc. because doing so only further empowers you to be the Conscious Creator that you and I need to become now.


June 25, 2013

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62 thoughts on “The Hard Transition of Taking Back our Power & Mastering Responsibility

  1. Thank you Denise for the encouragement and advice. Boy, do I know about this. My “Life” was sailing along smoothly until April this year and then “the changing of the guard” started in full swing with me. This manifested as changes in staff at work and a new manager whom knows little about his new job or about managing staff or recruiting staff. I will have had 5 new people, one after the other & concurrently, to train & assist this year, too many what with the amount and type of work we have.

    Luckily I realised from your energy alerts a while ago that I can’t be passive and that I have to consciously create and to be responsible for my thoughts and feelings, not always easy though, as lately I have waves of “anger” / also felt depressed & demoralised – but trying my best to seek what lies deep beneath all of it – to find some astonishing and interesting self revelations, like I want people including myself to value & respect me & each other, and lately, there have been too many “dents in my spiritual armour” which is the best way I can describe it ( and I keep forgetting to put up a white light shield around me / work ). I think that I am a very patient and kind person but still human and lately there have been one too many perceived “assaults” on my personal being, if you know what I mean. Good thing that I have grasped what you have been saying, and realise what is happening, and can take measures to consciously build myself up – or to create what I want, e.g. set up a protective light shield and do something to take my mind of trivial occurrences at work which otherwise upset me.

    It is hard to balance things because at the same time we don’t want to be treated like “door mats”. Discernment is so important for Light Workers these days as you describe, and sometimes I would get really worried that I was slipping downward into an “ugly” world or timeline, but then I would say to myself “Hey Celine, you are doing your best and you know you want that beautiful and peaceful positive world for ALL, and you are TRYING to take charge of your own manifestation and to learn and apply how to interact well with others. Maybe you WILL go to the New World”.

    Thanks again, as you definitely have helped me to continue, as it has definitely been a “struggle” of sorts for me, even though I now also realise that the “New World” is already actually here, in terms of it is a different simultaneous dimension, which we just haven’t quite matched its vibrations with. Sometimes, too, I think that I am doomed to die in this Fourth Mayan Age and it will be a future reincarnation of me that will take its body to the Fith Age, but I would like it to be ME in this incarnation now, to do that !! 🙂

  2. Hi Denise,

    Great information once again. I’m with you on being able to discern the energy and the real truth of the people/beings/situations/energy around us. I’m very sensitive now and find myself immediately leaving any situation I walk into where the energy is definitely negative and wants to pull you down. At the same time, I need some serious help with being a Conscious Creator. I’m living in a developing country and have been trying to do some work on the prevention of child sex abuse for a few years now.

    I say trying because I have hit every single ridiculous obstacle that you can imagine, including having my script for a radio soap opera on the subject stolen by a local group of actors (with whom I WAS going to work) a few months ago. My university teaching jobs (I teach journalism courses online), which is how I support myself, have been dwindling to almost nothing and there doesn’t seem to be anything coming in right away. The project I was working on came from my heart and from hearing from the astounding number of people who have direct personal experience with child sex abuse, so I was doing it in my free time.

    Now I find myself watching my bank account go down to zero, something that has happened about 3 times in the past nine months, wondering what to do next and knowing that these are not the right places or circumstances in which to do my project or to be living. There’s too much racism and stereotyping against me and too much anger and resentment for what the local residents think I represent (Anglo Saxon = imperialistic U.S. American, women = must take care of everyone around her without receiving any support or help in return, single = easy, rich, spoiled, and loner = available to anyone who wants a free shoulder to cry on). It’s been tough!

    What I’d like to figure out is how to get back in the flow. The continuous money problems have been a lifelong issue, sometimes really bad, sometimes okay, never great. Being an empath that many can sense and from whom so many want help and support without offering anything in return (and leaving me totally drained in the past — before I figured out how to set boundaries and maintain them) has not helped, in my opinion. Many readers and spiritual people have told me that I am a natural teacher. And it’s true — people around me EXPECT me to teach them whatever it is that I know that they want to know for free, but the paid teaching positions are both underpaid and also in educational systems that are more focused on churning out conformists than fostering critical thinking, and trying to get into a coaching business has not worked. It’s like they all want what I have (spiritually, mentally, intellectually), but they don’t want to pay for it. And then they get totally angry with me for not giving it to them. I’m angry with the takers. Yes, it’s true. And it’s not an energy conducive to creating more prosperity in my life.

    At the same time, I hear a lot about being of service to others. How can we be of service and still make a living? We do still have to pay the rent, buy food, pay for our basics. I’m tired of living in poverty and I’m tired of finding myself in cesspools of narcissists and energy vampires. What can I do?

    Seriously perplexed,

  3. Nicely said! Thank you Denise. I’m going back to my early days of making a fun “Wish/ manifestation Box” again. Fill it with pictures and magazine cuts out of things I want in my life….a beautiful home near peaceful forest with a lake, a flower garden, zero calorie chocolate fudge browies! I used to write encourageing notes to myself and sometimes I’d cut a heart out from some lovely paper and toss it in the box as well. Time to get creative one again and manifest whatever out hearts desire.

    But be warned……the old saying of “Be careful what you wish for, you may get it”. Still holds true.
    So please chose only the things that you truly desire, because you will get it!
    Wishing you ALL Oooooodles of Light!

  4. Denise,
    Once again you “hit the nail on the head” with what I have been dealing with over the past few days. Previously my higher self would step in to rescue and remove dark representatives with authority and love/light. Two nights ago I found myself face to face with a demon type who was viciously mutilating beautiful iridescent, feathered, flying creatures. As I watched from behind a pillar sending love and God’s blessings to the fallen, that evil came around the pillar mimicking and mocking my prayers. I was shocked awake with fear too quickly to remember that love/light was the only protection that works in those situations. Once awake I realized it was time to take responsibility and use my God given power. I hope to be up to the next challenge no matter the dimension. Cay

  5. This lesson of self-empowerment and accepting responsibility is definitely happening to me.

    I’ve been guided towards looking at deprogramming/reprogramming my unconscious and removing ‘limiting belief structures’ which exist within me.

    I feel like I want to work towards freedom and feel irritation at the control and manipulation structures within societies elite.

    To say it simply – I notice there are three main roles for people to play – role one is the victim role, which means someone believes they have little responsibility and little control…so they submit to the bully, the bully type is the same as the predatory type who controls the victim by manipulation, fear and control. The third type is the ‘harmony’ type, this type functions from ‘outside’ of the madness and works towards one overall plan of the divine.

    This is what I wished for 3 or 4 years ago. I felt inside that there was something fundamentally ‘wrong’ with the way the planet worked. We can’t all be happy because some are always taking too much from others!
    I no longer wanted to be abused as a victim, but I also didn’t want to be a predator because I didn’t want to hurt anybody else and put THEM into a victim role. The only choice left for me was to ‘get out’ of this madness. To work towards unity and harmony. I long to get out.

    I believe this is what I’m doing and trying to do with my spiritual path.

    despite me feeling all of the above – I STILL worry that I will get swamped into a negative timeline/duality zone. Is this normal to be concerned? To be so silently desperate to break free from the control structure?

    ‘The situation underneath all this now is that more people are having to learn how to discern for themselves how different energies and beings/entities sound, communicate, what they say, how they say it, and how it makes you feel and so on. In other words, individual discernment is a prerequisite to continued Ascension/Evolution. The other aspect of this situation is that, after one learns how to discern Duality energies and beings (Positive and Negative) for themselves, and for themselves is key, the next step in this Ascension related Process is to gradually evolve into re-learning how to Consciously Create for oneself.’

    Yeah – this fits with me, over the past months I’ve started to really ‘feel’ the energies of people online, from the messages they type. I noticed a couple of people who shine forth such bright, radiating light that it’s unmistakable 🙂

    I’ve noticed at least a couple of people whose writings were bathed in such darkness it repulsed me! Even if their words were pretty. I actually think they were being controlled by the dark in order to get at me…but it didn’t work very well because I immediately picked up the dark/creepy energy signature on the text and was repulsed/mistrusting. I suppose this ability to detect the energy is protecting and empowering me.

    Most people give our ordinary aura’s which are like a unique smell/scent which is THEM, neither directly dark nor light. Sometimes after just seeing a post or so I immediately feel an ‘energy signature’ which lets me know what a person is ‘like’, overall, what sort of person they are. Most people aren’t bad at all, they’re just still lost/unaware.

    My own energy has transformed lately, my crown opened up more and a ‘cool energy’ flowed up my spine and out of the head. Then my entire energy turned very bright, soft and gentle 🙂 this only happened a few days ago.

    I’m not sure how it feels right now to Denise or others reading (my energy), diet affects the energy and fasting is better…I want to be able to live without food.

    My brain heat’s up a lot with burning fire which I think is activating the glands of the brain to evolve them.

    ‘the next step in this Ascension related Process is to gradually evolve into re-learning how to Consciously Create for oneself.’

    I got guided at least three times to different sources telling me how to start reprogramming my unconscious belief systems and how to start to manifest what was needed in my life through clear intent and visualization.

    When I look at what I’ve just typed – It fit’s so clearly to Denise’s latest post up above. So that has to be a good sign right?

    Hope everyone else is doing Okay, I’ll be back to check the comments 🙂

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