Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

Just a quick note about a few things—

800x480 blurred heartlight

1) Is that today–June 18, 2013–while carrying my trash outside to my trash barrels in my carport (the poor man’s garage), I couldn’t help but notice that the Light coming through the Sun has amplified yet again. I’ve watched this Process unfolding with the Sun for many years now and every time I see the brilliant higher frequency, star-like silver-white Light illuminating everything more than it had been the day before, I know we’re in the midst of another substantial shift up a few more energetic Stair-steps. This of course is wonderful news despite the fact that these higher frequency Light Energies typically make us feel like utter crap for a while. Whatever… who cares… just get a Divine Cosmic Photon Light Soul sunburn for a few hours or days. We’ve been doing it for over a decade already and look at how we’re radiating Light now!

Seriously, I find the timing of this latest Light increase coming through our Sun and then to and through us to be another indicator of what the Third Trimester (June 20, 2013 Solstice through to September 22, 2013 Equinox) will bring; a whole lot more higher frequency Light Energies! Why? Probably because the “baby” does so much very fast growing during the Third Trimester. As both the pregnant “mommy” and as the developing “baby”, are YOU ready for a whole lot of even faster growth during the last part of June, all of July and August, and the first half of September 2013 individually internally and externally? Of course you are, even when you think you aren’t you are. ❤  We all are. The great news is that we’re finally going to start actually seeing, recognizing larger positive changes in ourselves and our consciousness and abilities.

Many of us have been experiencing some new advanced Consciousness Tools manifesting within us during the Second Trimester. This will continue but increase and speed-up throughout the Third Trimester so be ready for plenty more changes within yourself, your “reality”, your consciousness, and your methods of perception and creativity. And also more anomalies or phenomena because of these changes. This is us starting to consciously embody more of the “baby” during the last trimester. How you’ve perceived time, power, other dimensions, other Beings, ETs, Angelic Beings etc. and much more will expand to new levels so be prepared to let go of whatever you may need to during these summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere) so that more of the NEW higher can come in and replace the old lower Consciousness Tools. Some of these changes you’ll expect–others will surprise you which will be fun and exciting.

316x380 stair steps

2) Is the old Stair-steps business. The Divine Cosmic Photonic Light and Sunlight shines on everyone–everyone standing on the Stair-step they’re currently standing on. How about making an effort to show some respect to all of the others standing on different Stair Steps both above and below where you are today? How about we all do this for ourselves and for each other? I bet we’ll each individually shine a lot brighter if we all collectively do this, especially during this important time of the June 2013 Solstice and entrance into the final Third Trimester. The profound changes that just doing that will cause and also assist everyone, is more than most can comprehend.

I’m very well-aware of how hard it’s been throughout the entire spring months (the Second Trimester) but this is us coming down to the wire people. Grin and bear it, go into your Heart, push through and please, lets all give each other some room and respect because we’re all standing on different Stair-steps trying to do this incomprehensible evolutionary thing in our individual ways and levels of development and awareness.


3) Some people are having one hell of a difficult time at this point because they’re trying to maintain their old familiar ways of doing/thinking/feeling/believing/working etc. but the higher frequency Light Energies are so much larger, faster vibrating, and more complex that it’s nearly shattering them mentally and/or emotionally. Do your best to stay out of their way if they meltdown, and hope you don’t have to interact much with them because it’s nearly impossible because of the growing gap. This too is part of the Ascension Process and ongoing energetic and everything else changes and some handle it better than others is all.

Again, make room for and have respect for everyone else going through what they’re going through… gracefully or otherwise! I remember Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians great term of ‘Fly or fry’. Some are flying and some are frying. Stand clear of the frying chaos and insanity as much as you can and radiate from your flying High Heart while keeping your heart consciousness on the high end results. Don’t worry about or focus too much on the September 2013 Equinox as we’re still in the game and the clocks running. We’ll talk more about the September 2013 Equinox and beyond in the coming weeks but for now, honestly and quickly deal with whatever it is that’s presenting itself to you in this important transitional Now Moment.


June 18, 2013

gold hammered copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

49 thoughts on “Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

  1. Denise I’ve been attacked by team dark through people at work doing dark magic for years against me for years. At my current place if employment I have a great boss who is such a good man who is also under attack but is clueless of what is really happening. This may sound stupid but I am struggling to find out why so I can heal or transmute this. Is this karma for a past life? Is the reason I feel I’m supposed to be there because I’m a light placeholder or am I just fearful to move on and deluded? Any advice is welcome. I admire Denise for her bluntness and telling it like it is so please don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I just want to get on the other side of this. Thx!

  2. Thanks Hon. I’m a cyclist.. so this bugs me. What I found is it’s always good to drink a lot of water and many other healthy alternatives (teas, etc) and I went out walking by my favorite forest preserve and lake. I feel better right now… I’m very grateful for this site and everyone here.

    And some people here went horse back riding? 🙂 !!! beautiful. Kind regards. Chandra Leigh

  3. Hi Denise,

    Wonderful post, thank you! Yes, I’ve noticed the increasing brightness of the Sun, too, and Happy Solstice everyone! Aretha Franklin’s song, R-E-S-P-E-C-T comes to mind, not only to “find out what it means to me”, but to find out what it means to others, too! I’m in a playful frame of mind and it is such a relief after weeks of ascension flu and complete confusion as to where I am on the staircase and why —- when, quite unexpectedly, I woke up this morning feeling, well, lighter! That all is well, on schedule, and it’s okay to go ‘out there’ and shine on! Feels like a new and improved timeline is happening, though of course I’m not oblivious to the desperation of Team Dark, and my heart goes out to those who are finding themselves in situations of fly or fry. Does this mean I’ve finally ‘got it’? Very, very doubtful, as you say, there’s more coming to deal with, but for now this feels good and I’m very glad of the respite. Thanks, again, Denise, for all you do and for keeping TRANSITIONS open and loving. This site remains my home away from home. B.

  4. Wounded Owl,

    Please, start a blog and/or write a book(s) because you are a natural writer. I can so easily and clearly SEE what you describe every time you write, which is not near enough in my opinion. No pressure, but you should get a free WordPress blog going where you can share your natural gift of painting extraordinary pictures through your use of words.

    From one old horse and hawk lover to another ♥

  5. On Monday June 17th, I went horseback riding up to Deb’s Park, a small mountainous area between downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena. To get there, we leave the old antiquated barn under the York Street bridge, travel along the Arroyo, and through a city trash dump along the trail. The steep mountain is on one side of the Arroyo horse trail and Pasadena Freeway runs along the other side. Charming combination.

    Maybe you’ll remember me. When Denise posted a topic about seeing a white animal, I had seen a while owl in an avocado orchard at sunset, again, while riding a horse. Another time, I had seen a shaft of sunlight come into the old barn and knew that Denise would understand that the shaft of sunlight was like the new 5D reality, and the old dusty barn was like the 3D reality.

    As we traveled through the area near the dump, the first rider called out that there was a hawk in the trees. This was no ordinary hawk. It was large, ornate and handsome. A true spectacle. He was at the same level as my shoulder and not much more than an arms length away.

    I could barely look at him. This particular bird is one of my totem animals, so there was an auspicious feeling. He was large, majestic and showed no fear of me being so close, it must have been the horses. We looked in each other’s eyes. I was overjoyed, yet apprehensive: the money’s run out, there are no job prospects, and everything that once was my reality, no longer seems to be part of my life. Yet here I was, in better health, on the back of a great magnificent horse, riding with close family members who needed an extra rider for their adventure.

    I knew Denise would have a posting.

    We quickly rode up the mountain. The horses love the exercise and canter quickly at what is a 45 degree slope. Above the Arroyo, the landscape opens up and there is a particular view of the Southwest Museum and the Yoganandya Center, both in Mount Washington, that you can’t see from any other location. The house where I live is located in-between those two architectural monuments.

    There is a vortex there. From this view, you can clearly see why. Ancient artifacts, ancient knowledge, quietly resting in a forgotten area, while the banking industry verges on the insane.

    We had stopped near the top of the mountain. The other rider called out, “What did the hawk catch?”

    I looked up to see the same hawk circling in the updraft, dangling a small ground squirrel, the type of scavenger that over-infests the dump area. As the hawk circled, he flew in front of the sun several times. I kept watching and noticed that the sun was having a peculiar effect on the inside of my eyeball. An awakening of the pituitary, is what came to me.

    I don’t recommend staring into the sun. I was a little blinded by the episode, which made riding down the mountain precarious.

    But I knew Denise would have a story about it. So here is mine.

    Wounded Owl

  6. “Hi Chandra_Leigh

    The weight issue seems to be common in lightworkers, and I am sorry to say that I am now spherical, this being said, the sphere is the only geometric shape that I am comfortable with 😊 🔵. The sphere is very feminine, no hard jarring edges, with a very ‘fluid’ shape that is continuous ……. the womb also becomes very spherical when full to capacity with new life.

    Yes, I would love to be a petite size 12 again (english size), but after 12 years of inactivity due to ‘physical nightmare’ symptoms, I have grown at all levels of my being, and it SHOWS 😡😡😡

    Perhaps the weight will drop once the ‘baby’ is delivered 💕

    Hope you find a way to manage the ‘weighty’ issue, cos I sure haven’t.

    In Lak’esh”


    😆 Oh that was brilliantly funny and accurate, thanks for the belly laugh! ♥ Yes, we’re all ascending into Light radiating Spheres! 😆

    Giggle Hugs,

  7. Thankyou for this conversation ❤ It really helped me find a solution for my problem… Which is loved ones NOT wanting to deal with step 2! Blessings to you both

  8. Hi Chandra_Leigh

    The weight issue seems to be common in lightworkers, and I am sorry to say that I am now spherical, this being said, the sphere is the only geometric shape that I am comfortable with 😊 🔵. The sphere is very feminine, no hard jarring edges, with a very ‘fluid’ shape that is continuous ……. the womb also becomes very spherical when full to capacity with new life.

    Yes, I would love to be a petite size 12 again (english size), but after 12 years of inactivity due to ‘physical nightmare’ symptoms, I have grown at all levels of my being, and it SHOWS 😡😡😡

    Perhaps the weight will drop once the ‘baby’ is delivered 💕

    Hope you find a way to manage the ‘weighty’ issue, cos I sure haven’t.

    In Lak’esh

  9. Hi Denise. I sure appreciate the validation. The other thing is that when I was writing about the face book story I felt sort of silly in sharing it and was never quite sure it was an issue that was “on topic” one the one hand. On the other hand I strongly felt that I was suppose to share it for the sake of others more than for my own sake Yet I doubted my feelings which is why I indicated I was unsure if you would post it at all! But I didn’t let it stop me. 🙂

    Thank you for this forum that allows feedback and exploration on so many levels.

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