Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

Just a quick note about a few things—

800x480 blurred heartlight

1) Is that today–June 18, 2013–while carrying my trash outside to my trash barrels in my carport (the poor man’s garage), I couldn’t help but notice that the Light coming through the Sun has amplified yet again. I’ve watched this Process unfolding with the Sun for many years now and every time I see the brilliant higher frequency, star-like silver-white Light illuminating everything more than it had been the day before, I know we’re in the midst of another substantial shift up a few more energetic Stair-steps. This of course is wonderful news despite the fact that these higher frequency Light Energies typically make us feel like utter crap for a while. Whatever… who cares… just get a Divine Cosmic Photon Light Soul sunburn for a few hours or days. We’ve been doing it for over a decade already and look at how we’re radiating Light now!

Seriously, I find the timing of this latest Light increase coming through our Sun and then to and through us to be another indicator of what the Third Trimester (June 20, 2013 Solstice through to September 22, 2013 Equinox) will bring; a whole lot more higher frequency Light Energies! Why? Probably because the “baby” does so much very fast growing during the Third Trimester. As both the pregnant “mommy” and as the developing “baby”, are YOU ready for a whole lot of even faster growth during the last part of June, all of July and August, and the first half of September 2013 individually internally and externally? Of course you are, even when you think you aren’t you are. ❤  We all are. The great news is that we’re finally going to start actually seeing, recognizing larger positive changes in ourselves and our consciousness and abilities.

Many of us have been experiencing some new advanced Consciousness Tools manifesting within us during the Second Trimester. This will continue but increase and speed-up throughout the Third Trimester so be ready for plenty more changes within yourself, your “reality”, your consciousness, and your methods of perception and creativity. And also more anomalies or phenomena because of these changes. This is us starting to consciously embody more of the “baby” during the last trimester. How you’ve perceived time, power, other dimensions, other Beings, ETs, Angelic Beings etc. and much more will expand to new levels so be prepared to let go of whatever you may need to during these summer months (in the Northern Hemisphere) so that more of the NEW higher can come in and replace the old lower Consciousness Tools. Some of these changes you’ll expect–others will surprise you which will be fun and exciting.

316x380 stair steps

2) Is the old Stair-steps business. The Divine Cosmic Photonic Light and Sunlight shines on everyone–everyone standing on the Stair-step they’re currently standing on. How about making an effort to show some respect to all of the others standing on different Stair Steps both above and below where you are today? How about we all do this for ourselves and for each other? I bet we’ll each individually shine a lot brighter if we all collectively do this, especially during this important time of the June 2013 Solstice and entrance into the final Third Trimester. The profound changes that just doing that will cause and also assist everyone, is more than most can comprehend.

I’m very well-aware of how hard it’s been throughout the entire spring months (the Second Trimester) but this is us coming down to the wire people. Grin and bear it, go into your Heart, push through and please, lets all give each other some room and respect because we’re all standing on different Stair-steps trying to do this incomprehensible evolutionary thing in our individual ways and levels of development and awareness.


3) Some people are having one hell of a difficult time at this point because they’re trying to maintain their old familiar ways of doing/thinking/feeling/believing/working etc. but the higher frequency Light Energies are so much larger, faster vibrating, and more complex that it’s nearly shattering them mentally and/or emotionally. Do your best to stay out of their way if they meltdown, and hope you don’t have to interact much with them because it’s nearly impossible because of the growing gap. This too is part of the Ascension Process and ongoing energetic and everything else changes and some handle it better than others is all.

Again, make room for and have respect for everyone else going through what they’re going through… gracefully or otherwise! I remember Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians great term of ‘Fly or fry’. Some are flying and some are frying. Stand clear of the frying chaos and insanity as much as you can and radiate from your flying High Heart while keeping your heart consciousness on the high end results. Don’t worry about or focus too much on the September 2013 Equinox as we’re still in the game and the clocks running. We’ll talk more about the September 2013 Equinox and beyond in the coming weeks but for now, honestly and quickly deal with whatever it is that’s presenting itself to you in this important transitional Now Moment.


June 18, 2013

gold hammered copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

49 thoughts on “Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

  1. Dear Denise, Around supper time, an enormous dark sky surrounded us overhead, and suddenly it was gone and the most brilliant, white light radiated from the sun an hour before sunset. It was such a contrast. How grateful I am for the outstanding work of the Solar Lords and Ladies that shine such brilliance our way as a tangible sign, soon the darkness will be over.

  2. Dearest Denise and Edith,

    Thank you for sharing and commenting on this situation. It is truly insightful and helpful:

    “Typically when we experience these types of mental looping… when we discover ourselves mentally and/or emotionally obsessing or fixated etc. on someone or some event etc., it’s because we’re literally energetically connected to that person or event or situation.”

    I have experienced this as recent as today. It’s happened more than once in a few situations. Basically it boils down to I am emotionally and mentally prepared to go somewhere/do something but I can’t because… someone is late or not calling me back or…

    Sitting here thinking/viewing it I’m realizing many things. These people (usually) don’t know how I go through preparing myself (physically, emotionally, etc) to do something and don’t know it takes energy for me to do this. It is not intentional on their part. However, it is ok for me to experience anger about it. Regardless, it is Not ok for them to waste my time if they knew this about me or not. Another thing is that while some prep is important, maybe I need to let go a bit more than I have. I feel better when I know I’m ready and not rushed. If I’m rushed, I tend to lose focus and am experiencing exhaustion. Something I need to look at more.

    And finally, a big part of it may be the energetic links. I need to be more conscious of these links to others, to realize there don’t need to be links to pick up stuff. Linking is “old” stuff, not part of the new paradigm. As always, I am grateful for the sharing and opportunity to learn from people’s honest sharing of situations in their lives. Thank you.

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  3. Hi Denise,

    Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I really appreciate your insights and the time you take to interact with your readers.

    Love, light and a lot more positive energy in every way!

  4. “Calm day” greetings everyone,

    Does anyone have any suggestions about not putting on more weight during this process? I’m down for the count; hardly moving at all. I can’t stand the idea of gaining weight.

    I really appreciate this blog, it’s to the tee right now. The past 3 days I’ve had the flu so maybe that’s one reason why I’m so tired. I went out walking earlier but came back home and will try it again tomorrow.

    blessings. Chandra

  5. Hi Akasha,

    I’ve found that doing the things that you love will get you where you want to go – in the most surprising ways!

    Love and blessings to you, too

  6. Dear Denise having read Edith’s post and your response – it triggered me to comment as I had a similar experience on Facebook. No feeling of being psychically connected to anyone in particular (I only had a small number of friends mostly family) but found that I had totally lost my peace of mind, also felt very stressed. After thinking about it one night decided to deactivate Facebook. I might add I was only on Facebook for about a fortnight but in that time I totally lost my balance and harmony. For a few days even after deactivating Facebook still felt unbalanced but now completely at ease and peace again with myself so for me your response was also very important. Maureen.

  7. Akasha,

    Very wise words you, thank you for sharing them here. ♥

    I too have had some Ascension related PTSD due to the severe negativity I’ve had to deal with (transmute) over the years. First we have to deal with and transmute that, then we have to deal with and transmute the wounds/trauma/hate/anger/sadness or whatever we incurred from dealing with the negativity in the first place! 🙄

    What I’ve had to do with my own old Lightwarrior wounds from transmuting negativity small and large, this dimension and others, my own and other people’s, was to first acknowledge that I even had it. You’ve done that which is SO great. Next step is to allow yourself to be pissed, be wounded, be hurt, be heartbroken over whatever it was that’s happened. After you’ve allowed yourself to wallow around in the crap of it all and honestly feel it, then the next step is to start letting go of it all. This phase is easier than it sounds once you’ve allowed yourself to see it, admit to it, acknowledge it, and then FEEL it without any guilt or suppression or excuse making etc. When we allow ourselves to FEEL whatever it is we need to, it’s vastly easier and faster then to “heal” it which is really about releasing it because you’ve neutralized it through the other steps. 😉 As long as we keep our stuff and junk and wounds etc. at emotional and mental arms length — they remain at arms length where we can’t do much about them! Dive in and get all icky and cry and rant for as long as you need to until there’s no more Duality energies in IT because you’ve transmuted it. Then let it go and keep moving forward. 🙂

    You’ve done really well so far and this is some high-level stuff mopping up after the Main Battles so give yourself some credit and rest time. ♥


  8. Edith,

    VERY well done you!♥ My gosh there are so many things in your Comment that are very important.

    “… But I did notice that I had a hard time in NOT thinking about her. In the group I felt intense thoughts about her and her helper friend. I would ask myself WHY am I feeling and thinking these things, disturbing feelings. Why could I not focus, release, etc…?”

    Typically when we experience these types of mental looping over someone or something negative, we’re in trouble! No guilt Edith as this is more common that you’d guess! Point is that when we discover ourselves mentally and/or emotionally obsessing or fixated etc. on someone or some event etc., it’s because we’re literally energetically connected to that person or event or situation. There is a psychic, etheric, energetic connection that’s been made from one person to the other intentionally or unintentionally, and this is what you’ve been feeling and also been affected by negatively. Psychic etheric connections like this are common but recognizing them and then what to do about them is another story for most people. But you’re using the symbolism from the Man of Steel movie was great…because it worked for you. It was a higher Consciousness Tool that you chose to use to protect yourself and also to break the energetic connection between you and that one woman in particular. VERY well done you! ♥

    “…The other day I unfriended her and blocked her from my FB after hearing about some rude unthinking behavior to people in our group. I had asked myself why do I allow this woman in my face book…”

    This was you no longer enabling her to continue doing, saying, thinking, feeling etc. what she had been towards you. It was also you stopping yourself from getting energetically, emotionally, mentally, psychically pulled into this psychic attack any further and trapped or derailed there. This is super important for it actually freed you from this situation energetically, but your actions also provide her with a way out of it too even though she knows nothing about what you’ve done energetically and through Consciously Creating and Intending.

    “…Being me I even poked at it to “test” my new found peace my taking a moment to think about her and all that had transpired GONE. DONE. NO MORE. And when I went back to my group though I have not encountered her yet, I felt more at ease than I have felt in months! So there must have been a pathway between us enabled by the FB link in my opinion. I don’t even know if what I had been feeling was myself or her!”

    It was both you and her. This is one of the hardest things to master with being sensitive, empathic, psychic etc. We must learn to honestly be able to tell if what we’re picking up, what we’re perceiving, what we’re feeling and being affected by is coming from ourselves or from someone else (or any number of other living people). To master this takes lots of practice, honesty, self-reflection, discernment, and knowing how YOU think and feel so that you can honestly compare it against other “foreign” or “intruding” feelings, thoughts, emotions, impressions etc. that you’re also perceiving. You started to do this Edith with this experience (mild psychic attack) from this woman so don’t forget how this all felt to you, how your mind worked during the whole thing, how you emotionally and physically felt during it all, and how you weren’t able to mentally focus on what you wanted to, which is classic derailment via negative energies — ours or another persons.

    This whole experience is a very important learning for you on multiple levels Edith. I hope you realize this and give yourself a hug for how you handled it and also utilize every speck of hard-earned wisdom from it all. 🙂 You did great.


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