The Second Trimester Recap

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SECOND TRIMESTER: March 20, 2013 Vernal Equinox to June 20, 2013 Summer Solstice—Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

Where to start…

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This 2013 spring quarter–the Second Trimester of the Nine Month period–has been very intense, extremely difficult at times, not to mention physically and emotionally exhausting. The other day I was trying to remember 2012 and amazingly couldn’t other than the Three Days of 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12. So many of us thought, believed, expected that 2012 was the big year and it’s turned out to be 2013.

I intentionally began to work on revising my book The Temple of Master Hotei a couple of days after the March 20, 2013 spring Equinox. I knew back then that I did not want that project to carryover into the Third Trimester at all (June 20th through September 22, 2013) because it’s going to be more of what we’ve had since March 21, 2013, but even more amplified. No fear my friends. So, I’ve been working on it throughout the Second Trimester while simultaneously dealing with all sorts of unexpected issues that manifested throughout the spring months. It has not been an easy three months at all, plus I’ve had more time during the Second Trimester where I could hardly focus mentally, which I obviously needed very much to do to get the book revision and new cover done!

This increased lack of mental focus, profound exhaustion, and other symptoms including plenty of deliberate interference from the Negatives in whatever ways, forms, and people they could affect. And let us not forget to mention the all around amplified “craziness” and imbalances from pretty much everyone have all been 2013 Second Trimester Ascension symptoms and reactions to those symptoms. I’ll list some of them but remember that, as always, your individual mileage may vary. We each experience the Ascension symptoms slightly differently and at slightly different times and this is normal because of those many Stair Steps.

  • the return of Hot Flashes–milder than earlier years and shorter lived but back nonetheless
  • profound exhaustion any time of the day or night or constantly– no amount of sleep, rest, or complete immobility improves it
  • difficulty mentally focusing
  • family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, book publishers, strangers going through their issues & imbalances that oftentimes trigger some of your issues & imbalances
  • greater numbers of people suddenly dying–you considering your own physical death
  • more potent than usual waves of nausea
  • purging bouts of diarrhea
  • periods of pain in certain areas of the spine–lower back, upper neck into base of skull and jaw line, mid-back behind the heart–energies moving other energies in there
  • inability to eat much of anything, severe upper belly bloating
  • inability to sleep enough or stay asleep at night
  • falling asleep during the day–having to get out-of-body during potent solar activities in daytime hours (solar impacts at night too of course)
  • all solar activity effecting you much more intensely now than ever before–common solar symptoms are “Ascension Flu” with chills, body & bone/joint aches, profound exhaustion, increased inner heat and pressures, muscle weakness, mental mush, in some people varying degrees of mental & emotional instabilities, amplified emotional sensitivities
  • seeing and/or feeling new anomalies, lights, geometric patterns of lights, seeing subtle shapes of higher dimensional Beings moving about in your house & elsewhere
  • feeling the world that we all incarnated into literally slipping away more and more and faster and faster now
  • Team Dark ‘Smash & Grab’ attempts on both the physical dimension through other people, and the astral through hijacked dreams intentionally distorted into nightmares by them
  • unusual but insightful dreams–your interactions & relationship with 4D rapidly changing, evolving because YOU are
  • continued head pains, pressures in head that move, evolutionary changes in the Crown & Brow chakras and corresponding physical glands in those areas
  • continual inner ear ringing, buzzing, humming, pressures etc. caused by ongoing changes both internally & externally
  • increasing Spherical Consciousness–linear awareness, time,  & reality increasingly disappearing & being replaced with growing quantum, Spherical High Heart Consciousness
  • increasing conscious communications and interactions with your Higher Self & with Divine Consciousness

Another thing I’ve been experiencing, feeling, and seeing in certain people now too has to do with a rather large chunk of negativity having been stirred up and released and is now flying about wildly. (No fear as this Process has been happening for many years already.) That’s not what’s important really–it’s the why that’s important, and why now at the end of the Second Trimester. I mentioned a month or so ago that I was sensing many were starting to have some NEW Tools activating within themselves in the second half of the Second Trimester, and much more so throughout the Third Trimester. But, before higher, very positive NEW Tools can take-hold in us, we’ve got to release, purge some very ancient negativity and negative tools that Team Dark manufactured to keep humanity stupid, weak, and not evolving etc.

Also, remember I mentioned that I saw and felt Divine Consciousness arriving in this physical dimension back on May 16, 2013. (It was May 15th and 16th, but I saw and participated in what I did on May 16th.) I knew then that some very magnificent, very elevated positive energies had finally arrived in this dimension in a way and to a degree that has never been able to happen before. As wonderful as that was and still is today, I also knew the arrival of Divine Consciousness within this dimension would naturally cause some side-effects from Team Dark and all of their many Old Negative Tools. It’s those side-effects that many of us have been feeling and dealing with in ourselves and in other people in a much greater way just since mid-May 2013.

I had an interesting dream recently of a huge, dark-colored, enormous alligator-sized monitor lizard or sea iguana type creature that had been living on the roof of someones house. It saw me and the unknown person with me in this dream and started uncontrollably sliding off the roof and fell to the ground. This creature did not live on the ground, but up above, on the roof of. It was shocked that it fell off the roof and I was worried about what it would do now that it was ground-level with me and this other person. It turned out however this huge Reptilian lizard creature was totally ineffectual on the ground and I was easily able to do away with it.That was polite code for kill the damned thing!

Remember Cosmic Awareness saying in late 2012 I believe it was that, and I’m paraphrasing here, the Reptilian brain in humanity was going dormant? Well, that’s what my recent dream was all about; a huge dark lizard creature that lived on the rooftops of people’s houses–humanity’s consciousness–have uncontrollably fallen off the roofs and are now laying dead on the ground. Ya gotta love how information is oftentimes expressed in our dreams. I’ve called 12-21-2012 the Expiration Date for years and this is one of many reasons why; huge Reptilian lizards are finally falling off much of humanity’s “rooftops” and dying because their time and influences have expired.

So it’s out with the old and in with the new time which is to be expected at the six month point of the 2013 Nine Months period. But, the arrival of Divine Consciousness and the spectacular NEW energies and tools has temporarily riled-up Team Dark’s old negative tools and many people are dealing with this transition in their own ways and at their own speed. Everybody is and will deal slightly differently with having the huge old dark Reptilian lizard creature falling off of their rooftops!


Now just imagine what the Third Trimester is going to be like! No fear… We are and will continue during the Third Trimester–the 2013 summer quarter in the Norther Hemisphere/winter in the Southern Hemisphere–to have New Tools of Higher Consciousness, of expanding awareness suddenly functioning, and, of continued direct support and interactions with Divine Consciousness in this dimension like never before.

Amidst the global chaos, escalating insanity and violence, personal pains of all types, utter exhaustion, growing frustrations, periods of sickness, people dying, other people coming unglued, reality coming unglued, there is believe it or not a NEW, vastly higher and far better order and set of energetic blueprints for us individually and collectively coming online internally and externally as we speak. We’re still deep in transition and will continue to be for a while longer, but know that the Separation of Worlds can actually be seen and felt now more easily than ever before. This is why it’s so very important now to be mindful of your mind; be aware of your awareness; be conscious of your consciousness because what you now mentally and emotionally focus on is exactly where you will find yourself so take responsibility and think about what you’re thinking about and focusing on! It matters a lot now as the Separation of Worlds builds.


June 10, 2013

teal copyrightCopyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may share this article so long as you don’t alter it in any way, the content remains complete, credit is given to the author and this URL and Copyright Notice is included. 

82 thoughts on “The Second Trimester Recap

  1. Hi Denise and everybody. I am going thru things lightly but I am a big baby when I do go thru something and am not sure why! I went thru a light form of insomnia following dropping wheat and meat from my diet for the most part. I was so unfocused and tired from the lack of sleep and now for my days off all I can do and want to do is sleep. I was aware of feeling pressure around my forehead. Still is there. So I feel comforted by some of the comments 🙂

  2. It has been quite the ride the past few years, but the past few months have been incredibly crazy and weird. It’s like being on a perpetual rollercoaster ride, one made out of pure energy with all of its peaks and plunges. I read somewhere that things are supposed to be getting a little calmer starting in September and I certainly hope that’s true. Thanks for your great work sharing this information with us!

  3. Thanks for the update Denise. Sick and tired here…sick and tired of being sick and tired. For me, it just goes on and on and on and I get very depressed but I don’t give up, always trying to find ways to ease the symptoms and live a fuller life. Dreams are always intense, some terrifying and violent (mass deaths) with characters unknown and even I am someone else sometimes….other dreams intensely in love with a celebrity figure (latest is…yum…says the 39 year old woman!!)…so beautiful but intense passionate love that when you awaken leaves you feeling empty and craving that love once again. I even wake up mid-dream sometimes and think “nooooo” take me back and try desperately to get back into it! In my readings (I know this is frowned upon but the support from other intuitives has been immense for me, until I can access my own..) has been, has always been.. Emotional clearing…detoxing…purging…and also ‘sensitive to the energies’ – I am getting stronger physically in some areas but then new things pop up and it’s like ‘oh for fuck’s sake….SERIOUSLY?’. Sorry, but sometimes only the ‘f’ word will do.
    I am also told that I will come out of this better than ever…eyes brighter…mind clearer..and I quote “going through hell so you can help others”…I will apparently do some sort if work that will assist others – when my own nightmare is over. This information is what keeps me going…even if it’s hard to imagine at times.
    Interestingly I am told I am ‘close’ to being done. We have lived in a very dense energy place for 8 years – there is much sadness in this place and some very heavy indigenous old energy…I have wanted to leave for a long time but the universe has other ideas…well finally, a door opened for my husband and he has applied for a job in another state, which I am fairly certain he will get….if so, we leave in September this year….which of course is the end of the end as you speak of. I have been told that when we move, things are going to get sooooo much better, so yeah it all ties in very nicely with the end of the trimesters.

    I honestly feel I have been stripped bare – though I have had my family (divine little kids), I personally have been stripped of the simple pleasure of just ‘being’ or sitting in comfort. Even REST has been uncomfortable as I am constantly bombarded with various pains and discomforts – I’ve had my dignity taken away, I’ve been forced to accept help, I’ve been unable to be a proper mother to my kids, sometimes too sick to attend school functions or even take them to school for a long period – yeah, I feel sorry for myself!! It’s been evil times and when it’s over I will be so grateful that there won’t be room for resentment!!

  4. Denise: you have captured this brilliantly and everything you wrote I relate to in my own personal mini world. Well done indeed. Abundant blessings for strength, clarity and Purity. xx Libby

  5. “…Even Lee Harris, that does a lovely energy forecast each month, alluded this month to dark energies pushing their agenda and that its going to get a bit more hectic in the next few months – for this guy to say that is like finding your granny working as an exotic dancer – I can’t remember him ever making such a statement. He looked pained to even deliver the information…”


    😆 Thanks for the giggles 😆 , you have no idea how badly I needed them today!

    Yeah, most of the other Ascension Teachers don’t want to talk about the other half of polarity resolution! 😉 It just goes with the spiritual territory we’re ALL having to traverse however.

    Gratitude ♥ Hug,

  6. It never fails..when I read your symptoms, I can always relate to most of them & I feel that relieve of fear, KNOWING for sure then that what I am doing/experiencing is strangely OK. Thank you once again.

  7. I am sorry your hurting Aryana. You will get through this. Surely we all came here at this time to do just that. May your challenges be light.

  8. Dearest Aryana, please do keep going with your benzo detox, I promise that once you are free of them, you will never look back. As you are probably all too aware, we all need to really FEEL what is happening to us right now, and benzo’s are going to mask what we have to acknowledge, and seriously delay or even prevent the clearing and transmuting required. Your joy will return. There are many alternative health articles on the net that can support and guide you with how to cope, and how to ensure the withdrawal be as smooth as possible, including the use of certain herbs (e.g valerian, passionflower, hops). There are many forums which you may want to read also, obviously it’s up to you whether you interact on them or just read through other people’s strategies and experiences. Please Google to find various protocols to help you come off them safely. You do not have to experience your important decision to clear yourself from the benzo’s as some kind of protracted horror, especially as you seem to be in an environment where other people are not being helpful towards you. I hope this helps in some way.

    Sending much love to you and everyone, and thank you for this article, Denise.

  9. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    As always Denise brings the amorphous changes into sharper focus for us all, with a good dose of humour to lighten the fact that a lot of the effects can indeed be less than pleasant! I have been noticing, along with the team dark antics both personal and societal, that there is indeed a bright thread weaving its beautiful way thru this often dark cloth as well. People everywhere are starting to be more and more obviously awakening. Average “mainstream” people I encounter randomly are saying things and doing things I would expect from members of my spiritual group. People are being kind in small ways that for a long while have not seemed common. It appears people are making the effort to act from the heart, to act with compassion, to be caring in every day simple ways that make such a difference to the experience of living life. These bright spots shine ever more noticeably amidst the ongoing escalation of polarity increase. From the bizarre theme of nastiness in America toward anyone not white enough ( the idea of complaining about a Hispanic kid singing the national anthem at a sports event is utterly bizarre to me!) to wars and support for the Orwellian surveillance state the reactionary front is certainly active of late ;-/ But the counterpoint, tho quieter and maybe easier to miss if you aren’t paying attention, is imho a stronger indication of the future on Earth. Change for the most part does not come as tornadoes and earthquakes on the human societal scale. More often it comes the same way the seasons change, small gradual almost imperceptible differences then suddenly they come together and become amazingly obvious. From where I sit, the season of humanity has some crocus peeking thru the snow, a redbird singing at dawn and afternoons in the sun where jackets are too much….. 😉

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