Late May 2013 Update

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I found this recently and wanted to share it — it’s by Carl Gustav Jung:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 

Isn’t that the truth! And by god don’t we know it now from having lived it for these many Ascension months and years.

Polarity or Duality resolution does not happen by denying that the Dark exists (or has existed and has done so at unseen levels of frequency in other dimensions etc.). It disappears from one’s self, one’s environment, one’s space and one’s focus once one has discovered it and acknowledged that it even exists, then begins to work on integrating it, transmuting it, taking all the nasty, punch, sting and power out of it and return “it” back to a natural state of pure energy or energetic neutrality. Remember Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan teaching him about ‘Petty Tyrants’ ? That’s what all this level of personal and collective and other dimensional inner Dark stuff is; varying levels of developed ‘Petty Tyrants’.

The “Darkness/Negativity” can be some old emotional wound any of us received (or gave) that we haven’t as yet dealt with and so, it grows in power over the years or decades or lives, increasingly demanding that we finally see it, dealt with it, and eventually transmute that wee tiny inner Petty Tyrant. Or it can be a larger, more well-developed chunk of personal inner stuff and junk that we haven’t dealt with yet. Or, it can be much larger, more well-developed energetic situation(s) in a family member(s) or other loved ones or friends or neighbors or co-workers etc. and it’s actually their stuff and junk but it’s partly your problem too because of the multiple leveled connections. Or, it could be a big honkin’ huge external being like a negative Reptilian or Draconian or demon or numerous other nonphysical beings and/or entities. Doesn’t matter really — they’re all just ‘Petty Tyrants’ of varying levels of development and potency and at this point does it even matter if it’s “yours” or not? It doesn’t matter to me and hasn’t for the past difficult but highly transformative and empowering fourteen Ascension years. It’s either a baby Petty Tyrant, or a mid-sized Petty Tyrant, or a full-blown, giant-sized monster from the freakin’ astral pit of hell Petty Tyrant, but in the end it’s all just unresolved stuff and junk that’s gotta go if one truly wants to continue evolving and utilizing these potent cosmic and galactic energies to do exactly that.

Moving right along…

So here we all are, halfway through the glorious extension period called the Nine Months — from 12-21-12 Winter Solstice and Great Expiration Date, through to the September 2013 Equinox. How many personal and/or bloodline and/or other people’s and/or other dimensional ‘Petty Tyrants’ have you transmuted just since 12-21-12? For those of us (Ascension-related Lightworkers) who excel at transmuting the collective septic tank stuff and junk for humanity in general, it’s been fairly interesting since 12-21-12. All kinds of homeless, displaced and very hungry astral critters floating around looking for either an escape route away from all this LIGHT or some lower frequency human to latch on to again to use parasitically to feed off energetically. And on top of all this continuing multidimensional shifting around business, we’ve been incrementally embodying increasing amounts of our higher frequency Selves into these physical bodies and personalities and awareness. I want to say something either brilliant or funny right here but I’m just as stunned by all this high magnificence and lowly misery and BS as the rest of you! Whatever… let’s just keep moving forward my friends and fellow Ascension journey-ers.

I sense the coming start of the Third Trimester — beginning on the June 2013 Solstice and running through to the September 2013 Equinox — will bring in with it some more very important “tools” for each of us in this amazing Process. Tools such as further embodying, which naturally gives us more and more Higher Awareness of things and from multiple perspectives or as I’ve called this in the past, Spherical Consciousness or Awareness. Or tools such as increased clairvoyance and other higher awareness tools of perception. And/or tools such as slipping out of linear time more and more until it feels “normal” to you. Or any number of other exciting new tools of perception and being. Due to those Stair Steps, which of these new “tools” you receive or have been receiving depends upon which Stair Step your currently on. What you’re experiencing and aware of today won’t be the same next week or next month because you are evolving and changing that quickly now so expect new and different tools to continue coming to you as you progress up those energy and consciousness Stair Steps.

Because it’s been a while since I last wrote anything, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m still around and breathing, haven’t been thrown in jail for anything, am not existing on Pluto,  nor have I died! It’s just been really hard for me for multiple reasons since April 1st, 2013 (which I’ll explain about more in another article) but as of May 16th, 2013, the higher Energies have anchored into this physical dimension (in a very positive way I mean) and there are lots of great things unfolding that are just out of sight for a while longer but will be fully visible within this dimension very soon now. Promise.


May 20, 2013

copyright greenCopyright © Denise Le Fay and TRANSITIONS, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

56 thoughts on “Late May 2013 Update

  1. Thanks for this article! For some reason some points of it really hit me and triggered me to understand more fully the concept of what was going on during healing and ascending energies (along with what light-workers are doing). I understood that you and other people high up in the evolution process (energy masters/healers) have energy bodies capable of not only transmuting their own inner darkness up into a more harmonized energy, but it’s possible to absorb negative energy blockages (on the physical, emotional, mental levels) and literally transmute them into light.

    It’s like an energy power plant which locates darkness, blocked or corrupt energy, sucks it in and converts it back to it’s origin (unity light).
    It reminds me of a powerful message I got months ago which hinted that I had some role to play (maybe a small role) in transmuting peoples energies. I’m certainly working on my own inner darkness! This has to be done first.

    What you mentioned about as we get higher we need different ‘tools’ also applies to me too, some of my old methods have been dropped, intuition has kicked in and is clearly guiding me towards ‘whatever I need’ to progress (which is promising).
    I can’t wait till the future when I eventually get a high-heart opening!

  2. Hello everyone. Love to you all!

    I have not been commenting much myself, but I have been coming here very frequently to refresh and rejuvenate through reading Denise’s posts and comments. I also drop in to ensure there are good energies incoming to this space! 🙂

    I, too, am feeling the Energy Amplification — a perfect term for it as I have been feeling it. It is impacted not only by the astrological motions and alignments and events, but also by the space weather, which has been pretty wild (and also NOT as earth-facing flares are quieted). It is interesting to me how this electric energy goes so far as to influence our weather in the lower realms as we saw yesterday in Oklahoma. Peace be with those families who have lost much.

    There are some unique circumstances that have been opening for me since April 15, and with each new energy influx, there is more and more that seems to come to the forefront to deal with. I’m tired, like everyone who has been doing this for any amount of time, but things have also sped up so much that the resolution comes faster and faster, too. And oh yes, great positives and strange and dark negatives! Finding center is a chore.

    I am most ready for a little peace and quiet. It’s going to be a while before that occurs, I do think. Meanwhile, I just keep holding on to my hat, bringing out my defenses against the dark arts ninja skills (lol), and proceeding forthwith, trying to stay centered and calm as much as possible. Easier said than done some days, but at least I am becoming an old pro at trying. 😉

    It was my birthday on the 19th, too, and a year from some of the most major events of this process for me. Can’t believe a year has passed… But here we are. End of May, 2013.


    With love,

  3. Oh, I’m lovin this, here come the Lions again 🐆 …………. I just luv this place, it’s so full of synchronicity, even the pyjamas 😆😆😆

  4. Hi Christine,
    I am so there with your sharing in the beginning section of your response. I live with a roommate and a cat and their constant anxiety seem to be sending my energy thru the roof at this time. I have dealt with this fine in the past but at this time, as Denise stated in response to you, duality is so amplified. The last 24 hours have felt unbearable in a very different way then the usual unbearable. lol I live in the northeast of the U.S. and today it is a summer like day and I find that typical summer “fire energy” unbearable as I have not acclimated to it as it has been a really cool Spring. Once again, that typical extreme of polarity. I removed myself to a private area of the house today just to give the energy a chance to hopefully pass. As you stated, just trying my hardest to maintain some mental balance, is that even possible anymore???? What is Balance these days! A good stiff drink or 10 would have worked in the distant past, but not Thanks for sharing Christine as I could so relate and I so hope those souls you were shown are soon coming in to walk amongst us, we sure could use some fresh recruits! Hoping that those Souls bring some magic with them when they arrive as it is so needed by everyone!

  5. Stephanie,

    You may find this old article interesting if you hadn’t already discovered it. The Lion Beings are old, old friends and distant relatives to me and many, many of us.

    I too have many times seen/heard/felt some of my Unseen, higher dimensional kinsfolk ‘throw a party’ when I made another important step forward. They’d get so happy, so relieved that I’d gotten their message and/or made some connection etc. because we DO alter the “Matrix” and the timeline and much more every time we take a few more big Stair Steps in this Process. 🙂

    Also, understand that as you/me/each of us grows spiritually and consciously and energetically etc., the “tools” that used to work for us (tools like old Guides, old energy tools like gemstones, meditations, prayers or whatever it may be), we outgrow and must let go of as we move up those Stair Steps. New, more appropriate and better matching frequency tools and “guides” etc. will come in — if we still need them that is — to help us continue growing towards the point where we don’t need them at all. 🙂 But, until then, we’ve all got to be ready and willing to release our old and much loved “guides” and other spiritual and metaphysical tools as we outgrow them and evolve to new levels of learning.

    The Lion Beings are super, super, super ancient Elder Beings which makes sense that they’d not take a pinch of shit (see how evolved I can be when needed? 😆 ) from Team Dark at this point. They, and others like them but in different forms/bodies, know VERY well what’s going on now and how hard we’ve worked down here to help anchor the Ascension Process in physicality and unseat this world from the Negatives. Because of all this and more no doubt, the Lion Beings don’t mind escorting these Negative idiots right out of here and elsewhere where we no longer have to suffer them. Lion hugs of High Heart Gratitude! ♥

    I knew when I first read that article by James Gilliland that I HAD to quote it because it was so good and so accurate and undistorted. So I’m very glad that you and anyone else has benefited from his great article. This is 5D networking at it’s best. 🙂 ♥

    Lion Heart Hugs,

  6. “…Its almost as if there is this unseen war going on around us between light and dark. I clearly sense these forces daily now and they are very strong at the moment. So my days have been spent at home quietly trying to just stay focused and mentally intact…”

    Christine & All,

    This is exactly what’s been happening! The old totally Negative world of Duality is amplifying, right along with the manifesting NEW world of Duality that’s balanced but with Positive running the planetary show… and many others too. One of the many things that the current Nine Months extension period is doing is amplifying both polarities–Negative and Positive. I said that wrong. It’s Energy amplification that’s happening, but at this level where Duality is for those who want or need or desire to experience living in it, it’s amplifying the energies to where the Duality is more extreme than it was prior to the Ascension Process! This is building and we’re all feeling the pressures of this process and eventually all this will manifest as the Separation of Worlds where many, many new worlds will exist within different timelines and even dimensions than this current transitional one we’re all mixed together in now. Hence why there will be (already are) the NEW Planet A/B where Duality still exists but is balanced and leaning towards the Positive; and Planet B that is all Negative for those who want to experience even more extreme negativity etc.; and Planet A which will is fifth dimensional and duality/polarity doesn’t exist there for those who’ve integrated and resolved polarity/duality within themselves.

    Hang in there with your family members that don’t understand what’s happening and keep your Heart up High. 😉 ♥


  7. SOS- That has been my experience for that past few weeks. I am a part of a triality. Me – my hubby- 20 daughter. I have been so seasick with the fluctuations between the two of them. If it’s not him constantly telling me “why do you have to be so far out” Or my child, draining my bank account with repetative mistakes.. My body feels indifferent, & forbodding/ forlorn ? Yet my Heart feels Joy- But it has to be held quiet, because if you tell – Nobody wants to hear it.. I feel like there is NO fight/ will/ drive for the only 2 people around me. If I change- Maybe we change! WTF- I am hoping for some grace in June- But realize I will be spitting nails and inners until the end. Love to ALL

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