Late May 2013 Update

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I found this recently and wanted to share it — it’s by Carl Gustav Jung:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 

Isn’t that the truth! And by god don’t we know it now from having lived it for these many Ascension months and years.

Polarity or Duality resolution does not happen by denying that the Dark exists (or has existed and has done so at unseen levels of frequency in other dimensions etc.). It disappears from one’s self, one’s environment, one’s space and one’s focus once one has discovered it and acknowledged that it even exists, then begins to work on integrating it, transmuting it, taking all the nasty, punch, sting and power out of it and return “it” back to a natural state of pure energy or energetic neutrality. Remember Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan teaching him about ‘Petty Tyrants’ ? That’s what all this level of personal and collective and other dimensional inner Dark stuff is; varying levels of developed ‘Petty Tyrants’.

The “Darkness/Negativity” can be some old emotional wound any of us received (or gave) that we haven’t as yet dealt with and so, it grows in power over the years or decades or lives, increasingly demanding that we finally see it, dealt with it, and eventually transmute that wee tiny inner Petty Tyrant. Or it can be a larger, more well-developed chunk of personal inner stuff and junk that we haven’t dealt with yet. Or, it can be much larger, more well-developed energetic situation(s) in a family member(s) or other loved ones or friends or neighbors or co-workers etc. and it’s actually their stuff and junk but it’s partly your problem too because of the multiple leveled connections. Or, it could be a big honkin’ huge external being like a negative Reptilian or Draconian or demon or numerous other nonphysical beings and/or entities. Doesn’t matter really — they’re all just ‘Petty Tyrants’ of varying levels of development and potency and at this point does it even matter if it’s “yours” or not? It doesn’t matter to me and hasn’t for the past difficult but highly transformative and empowering fourteen Ascension years. It’s either a baby Petty Tyrant, or a mid-sized Petty Tyrant, or a full-blown, giant-sized monster from the freakin’ astral pit of hell Petty Tyrant, but in the end it’s all just unresolved stuff and junk that’s gotta go if one truly wants to continue evolving and utilizing these potent cosmic and galactic energies to do exactly that.

Moving right along…

So here we all are, halfway through the glorious extension period called the Nine Months — from 12-21-12 Winter Solstice and Great Expiration Date, through to the September 2013 Equinox. How many personal and/or bloodline and/or other people’s and/or other dimensional ‘Petty Tyrants’ have you transmuted just since 12-21-12? For those of us (Ascension-related Lightworkers) who excel at transmuting the collective septic tank stuff and junk for humanity in general, it’s been fairly interesting since 12-21-12. All kinds of homeless, displaced and very hungry astral critters floating around looking for either an escape route away from all this LIGHT or some lower frequency human to latch on to again to use parasitically to feed off energetically. And on top of all this continuing multidimensional shifting around business, we’ve been incrementally embodying increasing amounts of our higher frequency Selves into these physical bodies and personalities and awareness. I want to say something either brilliant or funny right here but I’m just as stunned by all this high magnificence and lowly misery and BS as the rest of you! Whatever… let’s just keep moving forward my friends and fellow Ascension journey-ers.

I sense the coming start of the Third Trimester — beginning on the June 2013 Solstice and running through to the September 2013 Equinox — will bring in with it some more very important “tools” for each of us in this amazing Process. Tools such as further embodying, which naturally gives us more and more Higher Awareness of things and from multiple perspectives or as I’ve called this in the past, Spherical Consciousness or Awareness. Or tools such as increased clairvoyance and other higher awareness tools of perception. And/or tools such as slipping out of linear time more and more until it feels “normal” to you. Or any number of other exciting new tools of perception and being. Due to those Stair Steps, which of these new “tools” you receive or have been receiving depends upon which Stair Step your currently on. What you’re experiencing and aware of today won’t be the same next week or next month because you are evolving and changing that quickly now so expect new and different tools to continue coming to you as you progress up those energy and consciousness Stair Steps.

Because it’s been a while since I last wrote anything, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m still around and breathing, haven’t been thrown in jail for anything, am not existing on Pluto,  nor have I died! It’s just been really hard for me for multiple reasons since April 1st, 2013 (which I’ll explain about more in another article) but as of May 16th, 2013, the higher Energies have anchored into this physical dimension (in a very positive way I mean) and there are lots of great things unfolding that are just out of sight for a while longer but will be fully visible within this dimension very soon now. Promise.


May 20, 2013

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56 thoughts on “Late May 2013 Update

  1. Dearest Denise,

    I’m certainly no stranger of the dark. I’ve had to face it head on over and over for almost 2 decades. In past times running from it first, whereas now I stand my ground face it and ask it for tea 😀 Just this morning on my way to acupuncture, there was an Angry man at the bus stop. He was rightfully angry about a lot of things, however he was over-the-edge Angry. And cross what he said just one iota (because he was Right), then he’d turn his Anger on you. At first I was a “nice” lady, then I “obviously didn’t ride the bus and therefore didn’t know what I was talking about b/c…. blah blah blah”. Well, this was the first time I put up a shield, didn’t even think about it just did it, and blessed him with Light. He didn’t need to ruin my day. The ankle biters didn’t need to be pushing him over the edge. So soft waves of Light shined upon him until he left my sight and my mind and my space.

    Things really felt strange out there today! The sky for once had no trace of chem trails (they’ve been streaking everywhere almost everyday lately), beautiful puffy real clouds; a huge brightly colored butterfly flew past me; and then here’s this Angry man. Not to mention I’ve been losing track lately. I missed my bus stop last week, but luckily it was stopping for someone to get ON so I could hop off. Like you said though, things are developing rather quickly. I was amazed that I wasn’t drained by my encounter, that I knew somehow to raise a shield (and actually do it on the fly), and to calmly send Light to highlight the darkness and then go in to my appt. But then my appt was uncomfortable…. the chair, the music was too loud, I was too cold LOL! It helped relieve the rest of the Ascension Flu that hit me over the weekend though which was great.

    I know you’ve been extremely busy, and dealing with the up/down energies as well. I appreciate all that you do, and then come here and reach out to us at Transitions through it all! By the way, I love all the new background changes that you make! They seem to come at just the right “time”.

    Sending you Heart Hugs, Light and Love,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  2. thank you for your comments it helps me deal with some the challenges higher lightworkers deal with daily for the love of humanity, blessings, Jollean

  3. Hello, Denise and everyone,

    This has been a really amazing last little while for me. I have been feeling steadily more and more uplifted spattered with some intense ascension symptoms. For example, last week, I had massive, volcanic headaches that eventually made me throw up massively– volcanically? Ew. Then, two days later, I had the most peaceful day– I did a little shopping and met some very nice, helpful people and had some good chats– not so common here– and missed my bus so sat on a bench for half an hour in the sunshine and there were no motorcycles or loud music on that busy street in that time and I met the most wonderful beagle that just came up to me to be totally and completely LOVED! I love that dog. She didn’t want to leave. And I’m having such amazing interactions with the birds around my place– the crow babies from last year keep their distance but let me know they’re around, I had an amazing interaction for several days with a robin, singing back and forth, and magpies sit and look at me when I talk to them or come walking up to me. So cool. I’ve always been good with animals, but this is just beyond anything I’ve known. And there are more birds here this year than last– I feel like the birds have been talking about me amongst themselves! lol

    Back to the volcano– I’ve been taking Denise’s advice and have started to transmute some very heavy stuff from my family. This is very different from my previous role of being a victim or just avoiding them entirely. It’s delving into the muck (and there is some real muck there) and it’s time to do it, because of upcoming and previous deaths that aren’t being dealt with at all. It’s very empowering because, instead of letting them whollop me with hate and negativity, I’m taking a stance and a role in alleviating the pain. And they’ll never know I did it. My father, who died several years ago, was a very powerful spirit and made his presence known after his death with a great sense of humor, so I’m a little wary of my mother’s upcoming death (she’s the heart of the negativity in the family), but, on the other hand, I know I can handle it if she comes a-calling. This situation is feeling very good now.

    Ah, yes, and integration of ourselves… I’ve been feeling this gradually happen over several years. I see things spacially and several years ago, my higher self was way up above me in the distance, a small Boddhisattva in a golden frame. Over the years, s/he has come down (and I have risen up) to meet somewhere in the middle and, although I don’t interact with my Higher Self in words, I can feel him/her approaching and becoming part of me. Also, other aspects of me which are different than that one, a winged one and another one and other incarnations of my human self have come closer and closer to me as well. It’s an amazing process to experience. On a side note, I often have discernment through my wings– they start to flutter when something resonates. Very cool.

    Well, I’m glad I have something other than the same old, same old to report. I do feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with this process this last while. I can’t wait until we meet consciously on the astral or in person.

    Love to all,

  4. Dear Denise you may have missed your calling. I want to know when you are going to hang your shingle outside your door and start excepting clients. I want the first seat on your couch at the group psych meeting. 😉 You explain everything so well and blunt and to the point. Thanks for your cheerleading here. I am sure we all can use it after going through all this muck and transmuting of our own stuff and others. It has been hell as you so well know.
    I have been looking forward to your writings on the new energies. I had received some info from a dream regarding energy from Alcion being used to transmute the dead energy layers still here in places. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to living on a planet that is filled with light from within and that shines from everything living on it! Much gratitude to you! And much love to everyone!

  5. Thank you Denise….I am giving a workshop for gay men tonight and tomorrow and your post has come as a great blessing especially the quote from Jung…..thank you again

  6. Can’t wait for all the shit to clear out … and faster. I didn’t know about the event on the 16th, though, although I have been feeling remarkably better and more upbeat since then. Like a giant ass weight just got lifted from my shoulders. Ahhhhh. I hope this sensation stays with me “-)

  7. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I love the perspective Denise brings to the changes we are all experiencing! Like the ancient Druids who kept rulers in line by mocking the awful (and the stupid) Denise always manages to poke great big humorous holes in the Dark Scary facade of Team Dark (like by calling them that 😉 and all their tools and tricks. It is really difficult to be scared and amused at the same time, so being able to laugh at monsters, horrors and all the suffering they try to foist on us is a truly beautiful tool.

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